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Bullied, stolen from and treated horribly!
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In Trek America, as a earlier reviewer said they have that idea of being a family together! But for me, since I wasn't like them or part their idea of family I was bullied by the whole Trek America tour. They must have an idea if you don't belong, they bully and make your life hell! They destroyed me and crushed me by the time I got back from my trip. I was so crushed down from their abuse that I tried to commit suicide when I got back to Australia. Not that would have cared if I had died, as the trip they this. "No one would miss her." I did three tours from November last year to January in 2007. North East, The Southerner and the Western Wonder!

They stole money, clothes, food from me! They acted like my sprained ankle wasn't important and I did for attention! Which I didn't, they advised because their so called medical training to stop hobbling and walk normally. To take off my brace, because it wouldn't get any better if didn't walk on it normally and wear a shoe instead of a thong on my right foot! Now after coming and it never healed from their horrible advice, seeing two doctors, one x-ray and a CTC scan for why it hasn't healed! Looks like thanks to them I have muscle tendons that haven't healed and I need to see a chiropractor to heal them! I still have pain in my ankle to this day!

They also physically assaulted me, spat at me! I did not deserve that treatment just because I did fit into their family of who they like! Also their tour leader were involved all that bullying, they are too much the friend to everyone to care about being actual leader and be a responsible company tour guide! Since they also say at beginning of these tours, "Think of me not as other tour leaders, in other tour companies but as a friend. Who be here to be your friend not your tour leader. I'm here to have as much fun just as you are."

Which includes a lot of drinking with us and then driving at times dangerous and sometimes on purpose to get me since complained the dangerous drivers before! In those called anonymous forms on telling how your trip was, that management are supposed see only and do something but are not supposed tell who wrote it to their employees and their employees aren't supposed to see the forms as its supposed anonymous. One tour leader got so drunk he was and was cruel me as a drunk he was howling outside my tent pretending with other people to be a coyote and banging on my tent!

He howled all night at the campfire and somehow I managed to sleep waking up again and again to the howling and laughing. The tour people laughing at their friend the tour leaders treatment of me! When I went to the tour leaders about any problems they weren't helpful brushed it off and later went and laughed about it to the other people in the tour! The tour should not have this motto of we are your friends, not tour leaders! They should take a step back and proper tour leaders who are responsible for all the tour people and caring for all the people on the tour, to make sure everyone as a good time. Not just who they are friends with!

Buyer Beware
By -

KENMORE, NEW YORK -- Purchased a new bike with a Trek Credit program (no interest or payments for 12 months). Check the statement the first month to make sure that's what I got and it was fine. Checked it the second month and now they have charged me 3x for the same purchase and the fun begins. Call customer service, am told it will take 10 days to 2 weeks to resolve. Go to the bike shop where I purchased it and their system shows one purchase, submitted once.

Wait the two weeks call back, Now I'm told it will take 30-60 days to resolve. That I was sent a letter a week ago indicating the status of the dispute. I explain I never received the letter, I'm told give it another week (how freaking long does it take to send a letter). I ask to speak to a manager and am told no, ask to speak to the dispute department and am told no. Ask what happens when I don't get this supposed letter, am told, "We will send another one." Sorry this isn't worth the aggravation.

Update: Just for the heck of it I also e-mailed Trek directly with the above information and just mentioned that I thought they should know how the bank they choose is treating their customers... This is the response I got back, THE NEXT DAY!!...

"I apologize for any aggravation you may have experienced. The credit card company forwarded your dispute to the store where you made your purchase, and the extra charges to your account have been reversed this afternoon. You next statement from the credit card company will reflect the accurate balance on your account. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience." And it in fact it is now corrected, so BRAVO to TREK, and razzberries to WFNNB.

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