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Complaint: Tri-Star Computers
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TEMPE, ARKANSAS -- I purchased a dual processor computer from Tri-Star now nearly 4-1/2 years ago. I purchased the computer with a 3-year warranty and with the understanding that I could add a second processor and additional memory at any time. I actually upgraded the memory immediately after purchasing the computer to make sure that there was room to add additional memory in the future.

About 3-1/2 years ago (1 year into the 3-year warranty), I decided it was time to order the second processor and additional memory. This was apparently during the time the original Tri-Star was going out of business. Finally after making a number of complaints, I was contacted by Tri-Star International who sold me the second processor and additional memory. Upon installation of the parts, it was clear that the parts would not work with my computer. The Tri-Star technicians worked with me and finally sent another second processor and memory.

The best that I could do was to get the computer working with the second processor without the additional memory working. Having a second processor, I really need the additional memory. After the technicians and I could not make these parts work, Pat Maderia, the President of Tri-Star contacted me and suggested that I send the computer to Tri-Star for their installation and servicing. Mr. Maderia assured me that they would be able to make the computer work, once they were able to work on it directly.

Mr. Maderia said that Tri-Star would reimburse me for the shipping, get the computer working with the second processor and additional memory, make sure that my hardware and software configuration remained working and unaffected, and would ship the computer back out within a day of Tri-Star's receipt. After Tri-Star had the computer, I expected a phone call from the technician providing an update and asking any questions. Since I was not contacted, I called Tri-Star several times and left messages for Pat Maderia. I never received a return phone call or any explanation as to why the installation was taking so long.

After Tri-Star had the computer in-house for at least 16 days, I finally received it back without the additional purchased memory. My hard drives were remapped and all the configurations of the software had been lost. I have contacted Tri-Star by phone, e-mail, and by regular mail informing them that I received the computer back without the purchased memory.

Twenty-eight months have past without any resolution and still no response from Tri-Star. I have twice written Cadence and Cadalyst Magazines with no response. Tri-Star is a major advertiser in these magazines, so I should have expected that they wouldn't help. I contacted my credit card company, who was unable to assist me, since the time between purchasing the parts and finally finding out that Tri-Star couldn't make the parts work, exceeded the 60 day limit.

I also contacted the Arizona State Attorney General's Office who tried to assist. I was told that the AG's office spent quite a bit of time dealing with Tri-Star; but Tri-Star was unwilling to make an agreement with me or refund any money.

A total of $4,667 has been spent on a computer with a 36-month warranty. I had over 14 months of original warranty remaining when I purchased the second processor and additional memory for $404. I spent $22.30 on shipping the computer to Tri-Star without the promised reimbursement. Tri-Star appears to have stopped honoring the warranty when it was just over halfway complete. Tri-Star sold me parts and then took the parts back without refunding my money. Tri-Star refuses to return my phone calls or respond to my letters.

My resources are exhausted, but I thought that other computer users should know how Tri-Star treats its customers. Hopefully by posting my bad experience with Tri-Star, other consumers will be warned. I would like the following: 1) Apology from Tri-Star for not fixing the computer as was promised and warranted, taking paid for parts out of the computer, messing up the computer configuration, and keeping the computer for so long; 2) Refund on purchased memory that Tri-Star took out of computer; 3) Refund of shipping costs, as was promised. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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