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Do Not Use Tropical Thatch!
By -

Avoid Tropical Thatch at all costs! This is a horribly managed company, who promise much and deliver very little, very slowly. The manager will call and harass you several times a day before the date when payment is due, but will not return calls, emails or enquiries when you want to get work done. Our story begins in July 2011 and three months later continues much to our dissatisfaction. While their contractors do their best, their manager will promise delivery dates, building dates and material availability which are false and never met.

After paying our 10% deposit, they came and dismantled our original verandah, dug 15 holes in our back yard and did not return for 3 weeks. If we didn't physically go back to their store repeatedly and plead for work to get done there would be no progress. After a further one day of work the manager asked for our second payment, which we paid in good faith. Again we were promised several work dates which did not avail and again we had to go to the store and plead for progress on works. We had a little more luck in late August but we had to leave our garage remote out for the builders because we didn't know which day they would come.

September has seen most of our work done. The three week lead time is now stretching to 3 months. It has taken 2 weeks for our deck staining to begin to dry because it was applied incorrectly. It is now uneven and riddled with watermarks, and thick tacky patches. There are marks where the stain was applied over paint spots. This now needs to be stripped back and reapplied. Facia boards are still only half painted. Some decking boards are loose and/or unevenly spaced!

When we approached the manager at Tropical Thatch with our concerns we were told there was no point in them coming out to see the deck, and we were given the stain manufacturer's phone number. When we outlined our concerns in an email, the manager sent us final invoice!!! Finally - and this was really the last straw - after two weeks of delays and false work dates we again tried to contact the manager at Tropical Thatch to request that work be completed and his response has been "the builder will deal with it, you talk to him." Do not use Tropical Thatch. I would not be driven to post this if I wasn't so frustrated with them!

Sub-Standard Materials - Thatched Hut
By -

I bought a thatched hut kit from Tropical Thatch, Melbourne Australia in August 2007. Half of it eventually turned up minus the posts on 24 December 2007 after numerous phone calls. A few more phone calls and emails (with no responses from TT) the poles turned up on 27 December but with the following issues: There are two carved poles with one carving and a third with a totally different one. The single pole is the one I ordered which leaves me with two poles with different carvings that I did not choose. Color is not uniform and all six posts are of different color tones.

There is mold in varying degrees on all of the posts. All the posts are damp and clearly have been so for some time given the advanced growth of mold. All of the posts were supposed to be stained however they are not (some are, some are not and some appear to be partially). No amount of phone calls or written correspondence has elicited any form of response from this company. DON'T ANYONE BUY FROM TROPICAL THATCH IN AUSTRALIA.

Tropical Thatch - Thatched hut - moldy Tropical Thatch - Thatched hut - Sub-standard materials

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2 reviews & complaints.
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Tropical Thatch
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