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Crime at Turtle Bay Resort
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NORTH SHORE OAHU, HAWAII -- I have stayed at Turtle Bay Resort and Hotel in Kahuku, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii. My room has been burglarized in the afternoon hours and my valuable possessions worth around $10,000.00 have been stolen. It was "clean entry - clean exit" type of situation. Rooms have electronic key locks. Maid and towel boy were the only two people in my room in my absence.

Hotel took no responsibility at all for the crime. I was unable to talk to anybody, including hotel manager and vice-manager. Everybody was "unavailable". Incompetent Head of Hotel security ** dismissed the crime that occurred under his supervision by stating that "...I misplaced my own possessions and now I am trying to blame it on his Hotel..." In fact, he never visited scene of the crime nor did he process the crime scene just like any other Law Enforcement Officer would.

He submitted same lies to the Honolulu Police Department and to the Hotel's insurance Agent. As result, nobody takes my claim seriously. Hotel's Insurance agent told me that " should not bring so much stuff with you to the Hotel..." Now, nobody will do ANYTHING about my case. My stuff is gone and that is it. When leaving Turtle Bay Resort there was a violent crime committed against a woman attended by two police squad cars and 3 officers. After I posted my complaint on the Net I am receiving emails from people who were victims of crime at Turtle Bay Resort and Hotel, too.

I have filed BBB claim in Hawaii. The claim requires response from the Hotel. Hotel never responded. So much for "professionalism" of Hotel's management... Learn from negative experiences of other victims of crime. If I were you I would highly reconsider against staying at Turtle Bay Resort & Hotel - the place, that subjects its guests to serious crimes. Don't be a fool. Don't allow yourself to be treated like in a Third World country. If Turtle Bay Resort & Hotel cannot provide you and your family with secure place of stay - than they should not be awarded with your business!!

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