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Time Warner lies! Do not believe anything they tell you!
By -

Surf 'N View bundled package - Just like the other review I just read on this site about Time Warner, I too, was lied to about what services I was getting, and how much it was actually going to cost. Again, the service lady who originally took my order was sweet and nice, and promised me that there was no installation fee, that all equipment was included, etc. I also was very specific about the fact that I had 2 TV's that needed a box, and one desktop pc, and one wireless laptop that would both need internet access. She promised me that both TV's would be included, and that my laptop could access the modem wirelessly, no problem.

Well, when the tech showed up (an hour later than the 3-hour time frame they originally scheduled, by the way), he said that only one TV box was included, and that the laptop would not be able to work from that modem, and that we needed to pay for a wireless router, even though I had specifically asked if those two things were included. In addition to that, he said we would have to pay for the install of the second TV box, and additional monthly fee for the equipment. One of these two people, either the lady taking the order (most likely), or this tech were completely bold-face lied to me! Very frustrating.

So I just told the tech to cancel the order and not to do anything. In addition, after I cancelled the order, I checked my bank account (since I needed to give my credit card info to them at time of order) and saw that they went ahead and billed my card for services anyway. So I called the next day to have them reverse the charges on my card, and the first thing the service lady said was that they would mail out a refund check, and that I should get it in 3 to 4 weeks!! WTF?! I said "Hell no! That's B.S.! I'm not waiting a month to get my money back!"

So then she puts me on hold, comes back, and says she made a mistake, and that she would reverse the charge on the card, and would take 24-48 hours to process and be put back in my account. So I said fine, even though I know that credit card charges can be reversed immediately, since I have done it for past clients of mine that wanted refunds, so I know that's crap that it takes that long. So I wait, and 4 DAYS go by and still no refund. So I call again, and ask to speak to a supervisor, who goes on to tell me that the reversal has been issued, but that it takes 5-7 business days to process! Complete B.S. again! LIES LIES LIES!! Everyone there is full of crap!

Even when I threatened to report them for fraudulent practices, the guy just shrugged and said that that was company policy. What a horrible bunch of cheats they are! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TIME WARNER CABLE, unless you like being lied to and taken advantage of.

Time Warner Have No Code of Ethics!
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Rating: 1/51

MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- TWC is the worst cable company I ever dealt with. I have gone without Internet service for 3 days now but cannot spend another 2 hours on the phone trying to get it fixed. I pay for service that I do not receive, this in addition to my cable service interruptions. It first started when I signed up for Time Warner 1.5 years ago, I was advised by the TWC account representative for my apartment complex, due to me moving from DirecTV to cable, I qualified for 2-year contract at a set price. Well, after the 1st year, the bill hiked 45%. After many hours, disconnection and no one able to help me with TWC Customer Service, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office.

I was contacted by the escalation department, who credit my account and extended my promotional free movie channels. After another month due to scheduling conflicts, I had a technician come to my home to figure out the Internet and cable service interruptions. I was told the box used for HD (Cisco) always loses the HD IP Address and this is something that cannot be fixed until TWC changes companies who issue the boxes. And to add, my bill is always incorrect and have to call the lady whom I spoke within escalations at least once a month so she can properly correct my bill. Normally it takes about 10 messages before I get a return call.

TWC wants to be paid on time, but do not want to provide the service. Long story short, here we are 5 months later from my first complaint and 5 technicians later to still have service interruptions 2 to 3 times per week. The technicians were very professional and friendly, but TWC will not admit they cannot fix these service interruptions. Therefore, I finally asked the tech manager if I could just receive a fair permanent credit rather than a 6th person come out to my home. He stated he would escalate the matter.

When I asked for them to get back to me the following day, he responded he could not guarantee a response that quickly and the matter was escalated. I asked for an expected time frame, that was 15 days ago and yet to get a courtesy response. So, this even gets better... I received a certified letter that Time Warner is elected to cancel my service due to my unreasonable demands! Are you kidding me? Unreasonable? I pay for service I do not receive and was asking for a fair credit and I was going to PUT UP with the service interruptions. Fair to me would be $5 per month. TWC does not care about customers.

As a prior business owner, I understand we all need to make money to stay afloat but this is just plain taking advantage of consumers. This monster of a company should be stopped. I feel bullied because I filed a complaint. They need to be held legally responsible for treating customers this way with legitimate complaints. I spoke with the person who sent me the disgusting letter and they stated due to a total credit of $1000 to my account and me demanding a time frame to respond to my escalation, they felt it necessary that we end the contract.

Seriously, the credit you nitwits are referring to is the $29.99 per month for the free promotional movie channels, the credit to bring my bill back to the PROMISED promotional price I was given for 1 more year. There is no other credit! The person I spoke to couldn't care less. I find it hard to understand a company can disregard the truth and get away with it. I am glad to be returning to DirecTV, I should have done it months ago. Service may interrupt during storms, but at least my bill was always correct! FCC needs to take a closer look at TWC.

TRY working for them - they are just as bad as the complaints I'm reading
By -

The company in my area has gone through a lot of new changes and not for the good - new management, new technology and new rates. None of it has beneficial to either customer nor employee. I read so many complaints about how the representative never called back regarding an issue and/or an issue never got resolved and the mistake still going on. Most the employees at this time are worried to lose their job. A lot of them are threatened on a daily basis - there is a lot of fear. First all they are not encouraged to call anyone back - it is an inbound call center.

Yes the packages and products get messed up and no in a lot of cases it doesn't get corrected. It gets passed on to next chain of command and then forgotten most of the time. I'm sure that most of the reps you talk to would love to help you and try to get you the best package possible but right now they don't have any. Gone is the day of 99$ rate and the 2-yr contract is really just full price but they took cost of DVR off if you do contract vs. non-contract. There still are a few cheaters. Most times these are the pets due to higher sales made so they don't monitor them as often as the rest. These people slam customers so much.

They lie about what the rate really is and then the rest of the call center has to field the complaints and try to keep you. Those people are the real agents but so many agents are concerned about their job. TWC is cleaning house yet again right now and reps lose there job if they discount you in any way and/or try to help you. There are no tools to help the customer now. People have lost their job transferring you to the right dept. Even though you get an agent it doesn't mean they are fully trained or have the resources the correct department can give you and as far as getting you a better rate now even if you threaten to cancel you still won't get that great rate anymore.

Most all of the seasoned agents are gone - ones who actually cared about you the customer. And yes a lot of agents are too afraid to help you because if the do they will lose their job and fear is not very customer friendly. We get the service ourselves. We know how much it really does suck. The system they work on is not very easy and the training is not very good. They also do not update or teach the employees well about the services. Any good training would take them off the phone too long and TWC can't afford an agent to be off the phone - they are restricted to how many times they can go to the bathroom.

The new system now monitors everything they do on the computer. It's past micromanagement - it's worse than the fbi checks or big brother watching you. Now the new agents tained in what is available now, they don't care to negotiate to keep you and yes if you threaten to cancel they don't work with you. If they do it's bare minimum. Someone should really go undercover and find all the old scandals that changed the new office management. Employees are not empowered to help and to damn scared to try.

Also an employee has no one to turn to, no one to protect them from the harshness or harassment from the job and when you complain because you have rights it secretly passed on and you get treated even worse and then when you think you can trust a human resource department to have your back they terminate you. I know 20 people at this time scorned by this company and almost all of them were illegally and wrongfully terminated. They lost their job merely helping you out. And yes it's for stupid things like transferring you to the right department so they can help you better.

Who would you want to help you: someone who barely does the job you're asking or speaking to someone who actually handles that same thing all day every day, or agents are losing their job for understanding your services were messed up and the company's in the wrong and they give you an offer that it by standards there for cust and yet they lose their job due to a code on that item?

This company advertises for new representative they put in there ad that you must be able to work in an environment that changes rules and policies all the time. But they didn't say they could change from minute to minute and even if you do what your supervisor asks you to do if you're on the hit list you will lose your job due to ever changing policy and they fit it to match what they want.

So remember it's not always that person is just bad at customer service - I get that because I have experienced poor customer service but in most cases here it fear and in this economy no one wants to lose their job and their just trying to keep up with the hourly rule change. All in all this is a company (well in this area). They do not care about the customer - they are "all about the numbers".

Horrible service
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- We have had nothing but trouble with Time Warner since day one but the last six months were ridiculous! Cable, internet, phone ALWAYS down. When we call to report problems, we always have to wait and then get transferred several times and things never get resolved. We finally switched companies after we could take no more. We first had a problem with our bill. I had paid it monthly on the internet forever and then one month it had locked me out. We tried numerous times to change passwords and get help and my bill became late. We finally spoke to someone who helped us get back online and paid the bill.

After that, they called constantly month after month threatening because we were behind. We finally had to get copies of the past 12 months of our bill being debited from our bank to get it straightend out. Soon after that, our internet was out for about 10 days, which resulted in no landline and our picture was all scrambled and some channels were out for about a week. The help desk had us bring the controller to the facility to replace it but that didn't solve the issue so they told us to bring in the modem cable only to be told that they needed to send a technician out and the first available was four days later.

While in the facility, a representative asked us what was going on and after explaining the situation, he promised that someone would call within 24 hours to resolve everything and that we would receive credit for all of the lost service. Of course no one ever called and after two service calls several days later, everything was fixed but still would mess up once or twice a week and then come back on. I finally decided to change companies and when I called to cancel Time Warner I was told I would be charged for service until equipment was turned in and the first available time for them to pick it up was in THREE weeks... whatever.

So we drove the equipment to the Arlington facility the next day and turned everything in. At that time we were told that we would receive a final bill in approximately six weeks. After about that time I still hadn't received a bill but they began calling my husband's cell phone constantly. He would stay on the line to be connected but would always end up getting disconnected. We tried to pay online but our account was closed. A few days later on June 29th I received a final bill for $54.30. I wrote a check that day and took it to the post office and it was postmarked June 29th, the SAME day I got the bill.

A week later, I received a bill from a COLLECTION agency saying we had been turned in, long after Time Warner had cashed my check. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was so mad I couldn't see straight. Had to spend another half hour of my time straightening that out. After the horrible service and the empty promises of credit we were supposed to receive for no service, they have the nerve to turn us in to a collection agency. I will NEVER do business with them again and will tell everyone I know about my horrible experience. The funny thing is everyone I mention it to, already knows and has or plans on switching.

A disgrace
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I wish I could say I was a satisfied customer of TWC, but at this point I am not even a customer... Let me preface this story by telling you that I work nights and don't get home till 6 am. After a wait of 9 days for an installation appointment, a rookie tech showed up after calling and asking directions since he couldn't get his GPS to work. I guess that should have been my first sign. After 3 and a half hours of fumbling, drilling a hole through the wall (did I mention I rent?) removing all the wall plates and creating wire octopi using splitters and coax, he decided that both HD boxes he had with him were "broken" and he needed a new one.

So he left, leaving the mess, the remote and power cable for the box and saying he'd be back after he picked up a new box at the office. Seven hours later, still no tech. So I call, and the extremely unhelpful Help Desk tells me that he went home and that the best they could do for me is to schedule me an appointment for the following Saturday (a week in the future) or I could call back tomorrow.

Sunday Call 1 - 10:30 am - Apologies from the operator, and she will call Dispatch and get someone right out and call me right back. Sunday Call 2 - 2 pm - Apologies from another operator and she will put a "request to call" in to her supervisor. I will be receiving a call within the hour. Sunday Call 3 - 4:30 pm - Apologies from the operator and informed that Supervisors did not in fact come in on the weekends and that I will be getting the call instead on Monday, and that for my trouble he would do me the huge favor of waiving my $19.95 installation fee. Really, wow, a whole $20!!!

Monday Call 1 - I am finally given to a supervisor and he assures me that he can get dispatch a tech that same day and should be hearing from them shortly. Monday Call 2 - Supervisor #2 - no one is available to come out today, the best he could do is Tuesday morning at 10 am. Fine. Whatever.

Tuesday 8:12 am - Time Warner's automated appointment confirmation service wakes me after 2 hours of sleep, and I confirm my 10-12 appointment. Tuesday 10:45 - call from unknown/blocked number rings twice and hangs up.... no message. Just in case I go out front to see if anyone is there. Nothing. Building manager is in her office 10 feet from the door buzzer and no one has come by. Tuesday Noon - Call to Time Warner, request supervisor, get the extremely snotty ** who informs me that the tech was at the building at 10:45 and that no one answered. I told him that that was impossible as both the Manager and I were available.

He then changed his story and said the tech made "contact" via cell phone and when there was no answer didn't come to the scheduled appointment. When I asked if he understood the word contact, and informed him that calling and making contact were not the same I was warned that if I wasn't polite he would "force" me to terminate my service... I think he meant he would be forced to terminate my service, but either way, a pretty ridiculous threat. Since, as you can see if you have been paying attention, there is no "service", hence my anger.

It should be noted that every person that I spoke with lied to me at least once, and that every call took over an hour to complete with less than 5 minutes of actual talk time. So here I sit, waiting for the tech... again. I now have an "All day appointment" with no guarantee that they will show up and I am wondering if it wouldn't just be easier to move.
If you have the option - go satellite, because Time Warner has got to be the worst company of all time.

They're so cheap
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Rating: 3/51

PORTLAND, MAINE -- We have no cable complaints. We feel that the cost is reasonable. No outages. BUT the business model for internet is simply stupid, built to enrage folks like us. Time Warner, you haven't been bad to us, but we still resent you.

OK so now TW has outsourced its chat line to India
By -

WOW where do I start? The area in which I live does not have 24/7 phone support for billing/bill reduction. However there is a billing chat line available 24/7. When finally an "analyst " enters the chat room his name is **. I am assuming that he has all my info from the form I filled out at the start of the chat. He proceeds to ask for the information all over again. Mind you there is a place on the form to asking if you would like a copy of the chat transcript via email which I checked and never received, which leads me to believe that the chat was never logged.

After about 5 minutes of reconfirming my account, apologizing and asking for my patience when I finally asked if he could lower my bill he states he is a billing tech. Well that's what I am inquiring about. He states that he will have to transfer me to another queue. OK fine, the next "rep" states his name is ** (sorry I forgot the last name). Again he asks me to confirm all the info I have already given 3 times so far. A little frustrated I ask "you cannot read the notes??" Again he apologizes and asks for my patience. I copy and paste the notes from the beginning. About this time I have no patience and couldn't care less about their apologies. All I want to do is lower my bill.

The length of time between responses was getting longer and longer and finally I asked where their call center was located and was told it is in India. GREAT, MORE JOBS BEING OUTSOURCED TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. The representative then asked what services I had and I am wondering to myself, no access to my account info so what is the use? Time Warner has figured out a way to discourage customers who have paid their bill on time every month for over 3 years to actively seek another provider. Great job. I also received a postcard in the mail thanking me for being a "valued customer". It was to inform me of rate increases.

I wish I had a way of informing them that they do not make me feel valued and maybe instead of providing all employees with free cable, internet and phone services, they might consider charging their full time employees a nominal monthly fee so that they wouldn't have to raise consumer pricing plans. I am researching now and have found that by using 2 different services I can save $100 a month. Bye bye Time Warner and thanks for outsourcing all those jobs to India.

Bad customer service
By -

TEXAS -- I used to be with DirecTV and was always very happy with their customer service but changed to AT&T U-verse as I no longer wanted a dish as we lost signal every time there was bad weather. I was also very happy with the customer service I got from AT&T U-verse and still have internet service with them. I have just changed to Time Warner Cable as my husband watches Rugby which we get on the Fox soccer plus channel and AT&T does not have this channel. The salesperson gave me incorrect info and even argued with me when I said I would need 3 boxes as I have 3 TVs. He insisted I only need one. When the technician arrived he agreed I need 3 boxes.

I phoned customer service, got a rude person who told me I would have to pay another $40 for them to bring the 2 boxes or would have to pick them up myself, then when trying to transfer me to another person they cut me off. I phoned back and asked to cancel and suddenly they were happy to bring me 2 boxes at no charge and told me they would be there between 5-8 pm. No one arrived. I phoned after 9 pm and the person apologised and said he would get someone to phone me in the next few minutes with a new appointment. No one phoned.

I phoned back in the morning and got a very rude person who said I should just go get them myself and then when I got mad, refused to talk to me. I phoned again and was kept on the phone for ages and told the first ticket was never closed that is why no one came and now they could only send someone out in about a week. I told her I did not want to wait a week and she said she would phone me back. I am still waiting.

If it was not for that one channel, I would cancel now. If AT&T U-verse gets that channel I will definitely change back. In the 2 years I was with them I had no problems with their service or with their customer service. I have been with TWC for 2 days and already hate them.

Abysmal Service
By -

PORTLAND, MAINE -- I have been a subscriber to TW since May 2010. Virtually every contact has been dreadful and intensely frustrating. My first contact was online to subscribe and set up my account. I provide info and was contacted quickly by a TW representative (I thought: "pretty good and responsive service"). The representative took all the info and offered a special deal on the cable TV and internet package, and a free trial for a security service. The call took about 20 minutes but the representative was pleasant and efficient. I was told I would need to contact the local office for installation.

When I did the next day, the local office had no information on. I explained the call, gave confirmation #, etc. No luck. I had to go through the same procedure again. When finished, the price quoted was $20 more per month than quoted and no trial offer on the security service. I complained and was told that TW does not make special offers; this couldn't be the case. I was flabbergasted: this person was basically calling me a liar. I was transferred to a supervisor. She said she would look into it.

Next day, I was told that I spoke with an independent marketing firm that represented TW and they had no right to offer me special and TW did not offer security services. I explained that the person I spoke with represented herself as TW. Period. And TW should honor this verbal commitment. It shouldn't be my problem. Fast forward. A DVR 3-month trial came with the service.

Today I get a bill that shows a charge for DVR beginning next month. I call and say "No thanks; please delete from bill". I was told that in order to cancel the service, I would need to remove the set-top box and return it to the TW office in another town and get a new one. I didn't ask for it in the first place, and now I have to do their job. I HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH A MORE INEPT, CALLOUS, UNPROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION IN MY LIFE. It astounds me that they stay in business. And if it wasn't a monopoly (in my area), I am certain TW wouldn't last long.

Billing Due Date Change 3 times in 6 months
By -

What's caused me to come online is the complete lack of caring the company gave me about canceling my service. When I started service my first bill was due October 22nd. I was told that would be my billing due date for each month after. My next bill due date was changed to December 1st. No big deal. Each month after it was off by a day or 2. Once again no big deal but I don't understand why a company that obviously has a varying due date because it goes by a generated statement date doesn't just generate the statement at the 1st of every month so my bill won't vary from month to month.

I paid my bill on the 4th of March when it was due, then checked the web on April 2nd to pay my bill again only to find out my bill due date had been changed to the 27th of the month. Not April 27th but March 27th meaning I was supposed to pay 2 billing about 2 weeks apart. When I contacted customer service about this they kept going over the fact that I was paying for service I had received. I wasn't arguing that, what I was pointing out is they should adjust my bill to help me out since they had cause my account to have 2 bills due in 1 month, and to make me consider staying with a company that is so incompetent.

I was told by the supposed manager of the customer service/ billing/equipment service/everything department there was absolutely no way they could credit the account because I had already gotten the service. When I asked them to credit my next month for service I hadn't gotten, they just did the run around again and claimed if they requested the credit it would be denied. I can not understand how a company can stay in business when they won't even attempt to resolve issues with the customer. I was only a customer for 6 months. I don't ask for much, just my bill to be due roughly around the same time each month.

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