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Made Promises for Internet Service That Were Lies
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Rating: 1/51

FREEVILLE, NEW YORK -- When I moved into my newly built home, I called Time Warner to get internet service since this was the provider on my street & my next door neighbor had it. They told me they could definitely get me internet services & they set up a date. However they did not show up at that time. They failed to notify me that if a home has not previously had Time Warner, they must do an initial survey to see if it's possible to have internet services; they found out my home was not serviceable & they would need to do construction to make it serviceable.

After talking with numerous other internet providers & them telling me they could not provide me with service, I figured I needed Internet and called Time Warner back. They said that they would have a builder come out to my location to see the cost of construction, but it should be a max of $1,000 to me. Expensive but again, I needed internet & this was suppose be cheap on a monthly basis & extremely fast. After 2 weeks, when they told me it would take 5-7 days, they told me the cost of construction would be $36,500 & they could not pay for any of that; it was my responsibility if I wanted internet.

Time Warner is awful!!! You have to remind them constantly of what they promised & they will never come through. First making an appointment when they shouldn't have, then not notifying me that it wasn't serviceable & lying to me about the cost. Ridiculous! I wouldn't use them if it was available.

HORRIBLE Service - Cable, Internet and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was forewarned by both friends and co-workers that I should not get TWC. Unfortunately, I had no choice since my new neighborhood has no other service for cable. My first issue was convincing TWC that they had already run lines to my neighborhood and could provide me with service. I phoned at least 3 times, getting increasingly frustrated each time because no one was calling me back. I live in a new townhome and my neighbor, as in we share a wall, had TWC.

One day they were having service issues with their Internet. I ran outside and spoke to the tech who finally got me a phone number where someone at TWC realized I could have service. When trying to get service, the salesperson "qualifies" the caller. They questioned me regarding what is my favorite channel, what do I like to watch, do I watch movies on my computer, do I play games. All of this to determine what service is best for me.

A few days after I ordered the service, I received a call from a salesperson, clearly trying to "upsell". She told me that for $5 more I could get faster-than-the speed-of-light Internet. I asked her, "exactly how slow is the service that I ordered?" I was trying to get her to compare it to Fios, which I recently had in Bmore. She couldn't relate the two. She scared me into thinking that I was going to be waiting for pages to load and so I allowed myself to be suckered into the next step up in Internet service.

Three days after I had cable service connected, it went belly up. No cable. I looked up the number on the Internet to call TWC and noticed that there was such a thing as a "Triple Play" which included phone, Internet and Cable for $15 less than I was paying for Internet and cable. Hmph. New issue. In addition to trying to get service to repair my cable, I also attempted to discuss why I wasn't offered that deal. I was told it was because I said that I didn't want phone service.

I asked to have my service changed to the Triple Play, again this is three days after my service was connected, and I was told that it was only available to NEW customers. I spoke with a supervisor and was told that same spiel. Instead of trying to determine for me what is best, maybe they should have told me the special offers and let me decide. In the last two months that I have had Time Warner, I have lost service AT LEAST five times and had to wait at home three times for the not-so-customer-friendly 3-4 hr time frame they provide for repair. Additionally, the call hold time each time that I have called is almost laughable.

For the last three days I had been repeatedly dropping my Internet signal on my laptop. I thought that the problem was with my laptop until tonight when I tried to use my notebook. I called TWC and they "simply" had to reset my wireless modem remotely. But WHY? Again, I've been frustrated for three days and it turns out that the equipment they supplied is the cause. What kind of service will I have in six months if it's this bad now?

As soon as another company provides service to my area (I'm told ATT&T is on the way) I will be moving on. In my experience, I would absolutely rank TWC as the worst company, as a whole, product and service, that I have encountered. The cable service sucks and the customer service is no better.

Time Warner Cable & Customer Dis-Service!!
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I have been fighting with TWC for the last few days and I'm ready to lose my mind!!! I had an unfortunate issue with money being stolen out of my checking account, which caused me to have a returned payment on my TWC account. When I called to explain my situation, I was told that since I was now past due and had a returned payment that they required me to make my payments in cash for a time (which given the situation, was fine by me).

So on Wed Nov 4th, I made arrangements to get the account caught up and pay half the balance on the account in cash by the 10th of Nov and the rest within 2 weeks (my next pay date) while I was sorting out my issues with my bank. At that point, I was satisfied that we had reached an agreement and went about my day. Much to my surprise the following day (Nov 5th), my services were disconnected at the pole!!! I immediately called the customer service number and was told that due to my past due account and the returned check that I was scheduled to be disconnected and someone had moved that date from the 11/10 to 11/5.

When I argued that I had JUST SPOKE TO SOMEONE the day before about it, she told me that she didn't know why the other representative had made arrangements with me, also that there were notes about my bank account being hacked, but no payment agreement was listed in the notes... I was furious!! I then demanded that they pull the call from the previous day and verify what I was told, the representative placed me on "hold" and after about 5-10 minutes I was disconnected!! I called back, this time I was ready to rip someone a new $$ and I went off on the first person who answered the phone!!

This representative told me that since service was disconnected that I had to pay all charges on my acct, PLUS a reconnect fee and the full next month of service!! I told her that she was out of her mind and that I had just made arrangements the day before and that TWC should honor that commitment. At that point the woman told me that I could take my cash payment to the local office the next day and discuss it with them. So the next day, I made the effort to take time off work to get to the local office with my CASH payment.

When I arrived, the lovely woman, **, who by the way is one of the ONLY TWC employees that seems to give a damn about customers, pulled up my account and said that it was "locked" by a supervisor and that she couldn't take my payment. She advised me to call the 800 number while I stood there in the office to get this cleared up. I called and spoke to a billing representative ** whom I relayed the WHOLE story to once more. She then said that I could speak to her supervisor **.

** had to be briefed on the situation AGAIN and once I had her up to speed, she immediately said that she could request that the call be pulled and that someone would get back to me in a day or so. She told me to make the payment, and I explained that TWC had not done much to earn my trust in this matter so I would hold on to my money until the issue could be addressed and once I was assured that my service was being restored. She said under the circumstances that she would do the same thing and took my callback number, assuring that someone would call me back as soon as the call was reviewed.

Today I came into work and waited until 11 am for someone to call me back. When no call came to EITHER numbers that I'd left for contact, I decided to call them again and check on the progress of this issue. I was not really surprised that when I FINALLY got through to a "supervisor" I was told that ** was not, in fact, a supervisor, but ** was and she informed me that they would not be restoring services as promised by the previous reps.

Suffice it to say I totally blew a gasket at that point!! I told ** that I wanted BOTH calls pulled and reviewed, the one from Wed making the agreement, and the one from Friday that assured me that they would back up that agreement. She said that she would do that and call me back within the hour. To my shock, she actually did call me back and said that she pulled both calls and that I was correct in everything that I was saying, however due to the returned check issue that they would not restore service unless I paid everything in cash.

Once again, reneging on the previous reps assurances that the original request would be honored once they proved what the first girl told me!! I flipped out and requested ** supervisors name and phone number and told her that I wanted the calls forwarded to her boss and I will be calling to follow up on Monday. I also have acquired the number for the office of the President of TWC (203-328-0600 for anyone interested) and the BBB and I plan on calling both on Monday as well to try to get this matter resolved. TWC seems to think that they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it!!

While I have repeatedly admitted my fault in this matter (which was getting behind in the first place), I also expect any company that I do business with to uphold any verbal agreements (especially when it's being recorded) and I will fight this matter until it is resolved to MY satisfaction. I hope that someone from TWC monitors sites like these and decides to resolve this problem before it gets any worse.

Time Warner Drops The Ball and Doesn't Pick It Back Up
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I live in L. A. and recently my girlfriend and I moved from Sycamore Avenue, 3 miles up the road to Fairfax Ave. We rent a small one-bedroom unit. When changing our Time Warner Cable and Internet Service (which we had been subscribing to for the past 2 years) the customer service representative suggested we close out the old subscription and start a new service because it would be cheaper than a transfer. We said "sure". Who would not want to save a buck or two in this economy? They said to have the old cable box ready as well as 100.00 dollars and they would mail us the old bill which was around 100.00 to the new apartment.

The cable was installed on a Thursday. On Monday, we got home from work and noticed the service was interrupted. We called customer service and spoke with a very rude uncaring agent who said they had sent our old bill to their internal collections and that our new service would not be turned back on until we called the collections department and paid the debt in full. We were very confused by this as we were instructed step by step how to proceed with the changeover by Time Warner themselves and followed precisely as asked. I asked how this could be as in two years we were never late or interrupted and never had a problem making payments.

Also, they were JUST IN the new address installing the box 3 days prior!! Nothing delinquent here. They obviously made an error, either with paperwork, instructions to us or a glitch. Alright, I can understand that this is not a perfect world but when I asked the first agent I spoke with for help, not only was he rude but he was not trying to understand what happened and said we had to pay first and call collections between 9-5 the FOLLOWING DAY! We just worked 12 hours and want to relax in our new place after moving all week. He did not even listen.

Annoying, but HERE IS THE REASON I AM WRITING THIS... I called back and asked for a supervisor immediately and got one named **. When I explained the situation he said sorry there was nothing he could do. He said he cannot or will not make any customer exceptions. He did not offer any type of compensation or even a kind word. When all I wanted was for him to at least admit that it was an error on their part and not fair he said "it is a matter of opinion"!!!! Being in customer service for years I was shocked that someone with no empathy or people skills could be put in a position such as that.

I also asked for a manager and he said it would take 24-48 hours for a call back. I said that if a manager calls me and apologizes for this inconvenience and accepts responsibility for their mistake I would not write any bad reviews and move on. Well... I paid up my bill in full so they got their money but I never heard back from a manager. Extremely unsatisfactory customer service from ** and Time Warner. Sorry ** I gave you a chance.

Time Warner Cable 3 services for $99 Internet switching scam
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DESERT HOT SPRINGS,CA, CALIFORNIA -- I call to set up an installation for new service, and was holding in my hand a coupon for the package deal Internet/phone/cable for $99. I asked for that deal and was told that they do not honor other branch offers or coupons. Funny though it said nothing on the coupon about any branch listing or limitations to where the coupon could be used. OH well just hook it up then, so it cost me a total of $124.99 a month for what they said would cost $99 a month. They came 4 days later to do the install, great To get the cable on now. The install guy dropped off the cable box, and modem, but did not activate my Internet service.

I turn on my computer and see the RoadRunner service page that walks me through the activation process just to find out that I do not have the RR service that I signed up for, and instead I have Earthlink Internet service. I called TWC to ask why, and was told that that is what I ordered.

I did not ask for Earthlink service as I have had them in the past and they really suck as an ISP. Then I was told that they could switch me over to the RR service, but would have to charge me even more per month. Even though the info packet that was dropped off by the installer ONLY list RR and says nothing about Earthlink, and that all they advertise for internet service is the Road Runner ISP. After 2 hours on the phone trying to get things straight I was told that I myself would have to call Earthlink and cancel my service with them, as they could not do it for me.

After an hour on the phone with Earthlink, and being told that they needed a secret password that was set up with my service in order to cancel Earthlink, I was unable to cancel the service because I DID NOT SET IT UP AND WAS NOT GIVEN ANY SUCH SECRET PASSWORD. I am stuck with the Earthlink service that is 12MB per second slower than the RR ISP. They baited me with the 3 for 99 dollars and then switched my ISP with a cheaper service, and charged me 25 dollars more a month for doing it. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, AND WILL TELL YOU MANY LIES JUST TO COVER THEIR **. They tell you one thing then do the opposite.

They are the only cable company here, and have a monopoly on this. I thought that I lived in the USA where monopolies were against the law, and when you broke the law you had a price to pay, but I was wrong. If you are a big enough company you can do whatever you like and get away with it. Just like our wonderful government corruption is the new law of the land, and all the small people that actually made this country get screwed in the end (and not the fun screwed). Welcome too America - land of the screwed.

Worst Customer Service of My Life
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I had the worst customer service experience I have EVER had several days ago, when I called Time Warner. I had just moved from an address in Cleveland, Ohio and had called approximately a week before I moved to cancel my cable/internet and get the information of the office that I would drop of my DVR and roadrunner cable modem. The representative gave me the wrong address (added an East to a road that wasn't there) and told me I could drop it off on Jan. 2nd (which was a Saturday). I had to drive out of town that day. When I went to drop it off, I couldn't find the address.

I had to call Time Warner AGAIN, and you know how it is virtually impossible to get a real person on the phone, but finally got the right address, and found out the office was closed. There was nothing I could do at that point, so I took the DVR and roadrunner modem with me and figured I could drop it off in an office in North Carolina, where I was moving. When I called Time Warner to tell them what had happened, and ask if I could speak to a manager (I felt like I had wasted a lot of time due to misinformation -- even though that customer representative was at least really nice and respectful).

I was blown out on the phone by a representative I wish I could have recorded that conversation, and I would have posted it all over youtube. It was so bad. He literally was yelling at me, saying "Ma'am! It was your responsibility, it is your fault! not ours! Ma'am! You cannot talk to a manager, I decide if it is appropriate if you talk to a manager, and this is not an acceptable reason!" He literally was yelling, and I was literally crying at the end of the conversation. I told him, that an apology would be nice instead of bullying me, which was exactly what he was doing. He gave me a sarcastic apology. I have NEVER, EVER been treated so badly.

I told him that I thought they should make an exception and let me return it in NC, they refused. He told me I had to mail it to Ohio. I told him that they should have to chip in. He told me that wasn't even an option, that we would talk when it was returned. Here's the dilemma, I NEVER want to call them again. I still can't believe how rude this guy was, and that Time Warner allows their reps to yell at their customers, and not allow them to speak to managers. I would be fired from my job as a nurse immediately if I spoke to a patient/customer like that! It doesn't take a genius to know how to give good customer service.

If they had allowed me to talk to a manager, then apologized (without me asking for an apology, and were sincere about it), I wouldn't have been upset, just a little irritated to be inconvenienced. They have no idea how to give customer service. I wish you guys could have heard the conversation. Unbelievable! I figured I would share too other examples of poor service I received from Time Warner as well: Several years ago when I paid a bill, they credited someone else's account with my check, were telling me I was overdue, when I faxed them a copy of the cashed check to them (by them!), and asked if they would knock off some money for my inconvenience.

They told me they would knock off the late fees only. The late fees that didn't apply to me, b/c my check was cashed by them on time... the idiots just credited the wrong account! When I ordered my internet at this last apartment, I have a laptop, so I asked for wireless. I was informed, "Well, ma'am all our internet is wireless," which it isn't and of course the guy showed up at my apartment and hooked my computer up to non-wireless internet.

The woman was so busy trying to sell me more services (i.e. get this service and we can fix anything in your house), that she didn't even listen to what I was ordering. My question is, what do you do when Time Warner is a monopoly?!?

Time Warner wants to charge me more for this?!?! Come on!
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I just wanted to let you know I will be cancelling my cable service as soon as I can get a satellite dish on my roof! I just saw your rate increases for 2010 and I could not believe my eyes! As a customer I feel abused and taken advantage of because of our limited choices in NYC. Just so you know, this was enough to encourage me to check out my options and to my surprise, I CAN get a direcTV signal. So now, I have another option! And I can't wait to tell everyone in my building. In fact, I might put signs up around my block so my neighbors know they have choices, when they see how much higher their TWC bills are next month!

On top of this, TWC is loudly complaining about having to pay higher rebroadcast fees to networks? Come on... that's the cost of doing business for you. DirecTV and Dish can handle it without crying to customers for help and support and threatening even higher rates. Also, you should know your service and equipment is horrible and your telephone support staff are not knowledgeable at all! (They are, however, very nice on the phone, which is refreshing, but that doesn't make up for the fact that they cannot solve basic problems without sending people out to my apt).

And that brings me to my next point... Multiple times, I've had to wait several days for a tech to come out after phone support can't restart my service when out of nowhere a screen would come up saying my box is not registered for access. After more than an hour on the phone they schedule a tech and I'd wait and wait, only to have the tech get on the phone with someone else to fix it when he go to my home. Imagine how frustrated I was when after all that wasted time, they fixed it on phone! Twice! Incredible! Your techs are frustrated workers.

They admit to me it all depends on the phone representative you get when you call, because most of them "don't know what they are doing." The techs actually complain to me about how much of their time is wasted on pointless house calls like mine. (I have the same problems with TWC at work too FYI). Any other businesses run like this get crushed by competition. So here's my main gripe: you want me to pay 10-15% more for this next year? That's insulting! TWC you need to do a better job to earn my business.

No competition is no excuse for consistent poor quality and poor service. And I am not the only one who feels this way, everyone I know who has TWC agrees with me. I'm writing this, not just to get all my frustration out, but because I'm sure most customers don't give you an explanation when they cancel. So I hope you'll listen to what I have to say and take it to heart. And, I'm very interested in what your response is to my complaints. So please write back or call... and I'll be happy to give you more details if it will help you improve your service.

By -

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- Wow, where do I begin? Before I moved over a year ago, I had Time Warner for two years. Had no other choices so I was stuck. They sent a contractor to hook up my cable. I didn't realize how sick he was until I heard him coughing and saw him break in a sweat. I stayed away from him, he did what he was supposed to do and left. Later I found out that he dug holes in my doors, crown moldings and floor. I was a renter and didn't want to be responsible for the damage. I complained and they sent in his supervisor. He said too bad I should've inspected. I told him "the guy was sick". He said I shouldn't have let him come in the house.

I told him that he shouldn't have sent him to my house sick and I didn't realize how sick he was until a few minutes later. He said that he's not fixing it and I said "Fine let me call Time Warner's Office" and he then said OK that he'll fix it. He did and in the meantime, he broke my daughter's hinge on her closet and hid it up on the shelf.

Another time I called to have my email setup and the guy had me on the phone for at least an hour complaining about the car accident he was in, the pain he was in, how much he hated his job and at the end of the call, didn't know what he was doing as far as helping me setup a new email account and by then I just wanted to get off the phone with him. I had only a few minor problems after that which were worked out with continuous changing of my broken down cable boxes.

Last Sept I was moving because I bought a house. When I called to have my service moved, I was informed that I did not have to take my cable box to the office near me and to take it to my new home and if they needed to change it, the tech would take it with him. The tech came. He was there no more than 5 minutes and realized the work that needed to be done and started complaining that he can only stay for 15 minutes because that's all they give them in between jobs. I told him that I don't believe that all they give them is 15 minutes to do a job and then send them off on an hour drive to do another job.

This guy complained for 1/2 an hour. He started to do the work. He couldn't run a line from one of my room to hook up my internet to the other end because he was in a hurry and it's something he's not supposed to do because they didn't tell him he had to do that. So this idiot hooked up my internet in my closet. That's right folks, my computer was put in my closet. He told that he couldn't take the modem from the old apartment because if he loses it I'm still responsible and would have to pay $250.

He then told me that I have to call the office to schedule another appointment to transfer the computer from the closet to the spot I wanted it and that it shouldn't cost me anything for a return visit. Oh, he did hook up the cable. I called and got this ignorant representative, who happened to have a very heavy accent and I could barely understand him. He told me I had to pay $19.99 for the return visit and when I'd ask him why and explain, again, that I'm not supposed to, he would tell me a reason, but due to his accent I couldn't understand.

I explained that I was having a hard time with the accent and apologized and he said "you don't know to know why, all you need to know is that you owe $19.99." By that time I wasn't very pleasant with him and told him he better watch how he talks with me and that it's my money and I want to know what I'm being charged for. We made the appointment for the next tech visit. Finally 2 tech show up at my door. Come to find out, the initial tech didn't hook up my phone line. This idiot Mickey Moused it. He just put up the piece to make it look like I have a phone. Also, my internet wasn't working because he didn't hook it up right.

The cable kept going out... same reason. A supervisor comes in and calls in 3 more guys to help. They were there all day (well over 10 hours). The techs told me that I should be getting credit for 2 months for internet and phone. In the meantime, they broke my bed moving it, they drilled a hole in my wall and without my knowledge, went into my garage and took a metal piece to open the cover in my closet ceiling and left it on the floor, and since I didn't know about it, I cut my foot on it when I went barefoot into my closet. Oh and did I mention that they were supposed to take the old modem with them, but they didn't?

I called the office a few days later about my credit and they didn't want to give it to me. I asked for a supervisor and she was rude and told me that I should've called and complained about the internet and phone not working. I told her that I had an appointment and didn't see why I should have to wait on the phone for another hour wait time, only to get disconnected. She basically said that the techs didn't mention anything and I told her to ask them. She said that she will and will call me back. Of course, the liar never called me back. I had dealt with a few different customer reps.

One representative **, said that her supervisor ** is good at investigating and that she will give her a message and she guarantees a call back within a couple of days. That was months ago. I called continuously and six months later I get a representative to say that she's sorry but it's been six months and she can't give me credit. WOW talk about playing games and jerking your customers around. Now in between all that, I had a few more techs in and out of my house trying to fix the crappy job everyone else did. Each tech was amazed at the crappy work that was done by the ones before. Each one was supposed to fix the phone, the cable and the internet.

I constantly had to run up and down the stairs to reset the modem so my phone and internet would work. I was driving home one night (about 8 months after I moved from the apartment I was renting) I get a phone call from a collection agency only to tell me that they've been sending me letters to my old address to pay up for the cable modem box that I was supposed to return. I explained that I was told to take it with me and that the techs had failed to take it. I told her that I'm not paying for it and I"m not driving out of my way to the next town to drop it off because they were lazy, careless and incompetent.

She was trying to charge me a $17 surcharge fee for having to collect. I told her she better call Time Warner for that because I'm not paying. I called Time Warner and explained the situation. The woman set up a time for a tech to come and pick up the box and told me to make sure I get a receipt. She wanted me to call and deal with the collection agency as far as the $17 and I told her "No way, I'm not doing it because it wasn't my mistake and incompetence". So she said she would. I finally got tired of paying $155 a month and figured I can watch my programs online and the phone never worked so it was useless anyway.

I finally got rid of their cable and home phone and downgraded my internet. Of course even though they knew of all the issues they charged me $20 for installing or downgrading... even though the tech was there to shut off the other services. I have not had working internet since that day. I have called and complained. They still could help me. The last representative I spoke with couldn't help me troubleshoot so she told me she'll put me on hold and get another department on the line and will explain to them what I'm going through. Well, she just passed me because I got a tech and she acted as if she didn't know anything (what a surprise).

I was frustrated and told her that the other tech was supposed to put me on hold and let her know the story so I don't have to repeat it and she hung up on me. Today, I get a call from a tech saying that they're scheduled for a hard cut-off and if I want the service to call billing and pay the bill. They want me to pay for something that's not working. Are you kidding me? I called the billing department and the lady was rude and asked me if I was going to pay my bill. I said "No have it shut down" and told her that I've been having issues with Time Warner for over a year and she got even ruder.

I told her that I had already disconnected the box and to please ask the tech to knock on the door so he can collect the modem. She said no, that he won't knock on the door. I said "Why not? He's going to be here anyway." She said "I'll ask him but he won't. You can just take it to the office which is 20 minutes away." So what I did was move my vehicle on top of the box so he can't get into it and would have to come and knock on my door. He didn't. He either didn't come or just decided that he wasn't doing it. Fine by me, I'm sick as a dog and not going anywhere for a few days so they can keep driving by.

Last week I ended up buying a cell phone which allows me to use it as a modem. So, for $85 a month (including tax) I get unlimited phone, text and internet on a phone that I can use as a modem for my laptop, as well as my daughter being able to connect with her laptop and IPod. GOODBYE TIME WARNER. And I'll be damned if they're going to get the payment right away.

They can take me to court... that's if I don't take them to court and sue them for my time first, as I have all the phone calls, all the reps names, all the times and dates and what was said. I think that if we all start keeping track and taking them to court and suing them, then and only then will they start taking us seriously.

TXC - Terrible Worst Company - That's what it should be
By -

This is one of the worst companies in the country with an even worse customer service. I have been in PA, NJ, CT, CA and now NC. After having experienced them for 6 months here in NC, I have realized how professional and good Comcast is in comparison. Comcast is superb in that they don't try to cheat you and you can always resolve things on the phone both billing wise and technical. Try doing that with TWC? It tells me to key in my phone #, and then says my phone number is invalid. This after being here in Cary, NC for 6 months. so, I could never connect to call customer service ever since I started to get that message.

When I key in my phone number, it says 'invalid number' and to call your local TWC office - then cuts off. I have now moved to a new house in Cary and my internet rate went from $49 or so to 54 per month. What better way to rob a customer with the backing of corrupt politicians who write legislation to favor these crooks. Nothing can be further from the truth. How can and why should my internet fee go up when I am in the same city?

Why should the internet fee be so high in the first place? Secondly, why should I be charged startup costs when the housing community had it all cabled and ready to go? All they had to do was connect the cable sockets in the main box and the central box outside the house and switch it on to activate it from the main office. Is that rocket science fro me to pay them $19.95 when I was already a subscriber to TWC? Then they charged me another $20 bucks for the installation of basic TV. They call this one time charges.

They charged me a reconnection fee for my internet. Can you imagine that? I cannot wait to get AT&T and switch for $42.xx/month with the same speed. When I called customer service, they are so dumb and ignorant that they simply upgraded me to a higher grade and charge without my approval or request. I guess, when one has the mind of a criminal just like the policy makers of this company, then those people with a similar mindset get a job at TWC.

I am going to lodge a complaint against this company, their staff and their customer service with the FCC. There is no doubt in my mind that this company is being run by crooked, incompetent people at the top whose basic premise is to milk customers at any cost with the support of corrupt politicians. They discuss one thing on the phone and when the bill arrives, it is another story altogether. We know that people have to get paid but there are better ways of doing business than to rob Peter and pay Paul. And so long as people continue to vote these corrupt guys to Congress and the Senate, nothing is going to change.

F Time Warner
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AKRON, OHIO -- When I 1st had Time Warner hook up the cable it took them 5 weeks to hook it up to 2 other rooms (I ended up fixing it myself) Then the digital phone never worked just like the cable. The best feature was the caller ID on the TV. I had to call and cancel the phone because of our daughter and in case of an emergency. Well when I called to switch the phone for internet they quoted me various prices up to $120. Well when I finally found a smart and polite gentleman, He quoted Me $82 and a 2-year price lock guarantee.

Well when I had completed the contract we ended up getting another high bill over $100. When I called to complain The idiots said that I didn't complete the contract and asked if I had received the papers in the mail. Well NO I said and She said that I should have called right away and complained about not getting the papers.

That just goes to show how much they are never responsible for any wrong doings and blame Us Loyal Customers. That's when I got fed up and got tired of being nice. I cussed the dummy out. Then when I called back to ask a manager they never want to get a manager to handle any complaint. Its funny that they will say "let me ask my manager if I can give you that deal" whenever they try and make a sale.

Every time I have had an appointment the Tech wouldn't even call or show up 90% of the time. So when I called to complain they never wanted to give me any kind of discount or credit. They were fast to tell me that on there computer screen it shows that the Tech did try and call and even left a message. Well we have a caller ID and an answering machine with no new calls. Another funny thing is that they set an appointment for Father's Day and I told them to make it for Monday because I was going to be out of town early Sunday and the rest of that day.

Well I called that Tuesday to see why nobody again showed up Monday and the idiot said "Well Sir we are seeing that a Tech was there Father's Day and even left a message". I told her that I made the time and agreed for that Monday and not Sunday. Plus she read back my old cell phone number that I told them to delete from my account.

Haha that just goes to show that every time I've called Time Warner. They don't listen and never know what's going on. They have excuses for everything. They aren't on top of their game. Time Warner is a joke. They have brainless disrespectful idiots who run the phones and even Most of the Techs. I am tired of these people making more money than me and not even knowing how to do anything. Then on top of that the other companies want a credit card plus a contract which goes up $30 after the first year. Is there ANY good, decent, honest and respectful company out here?

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