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Stay Clear Of This On-Line Hoax!
By -

I am a consumer who has, in the past, helped young couples who want to become engaged, find rings that they can't afford in the stores. I have had some great luck in the past and have saved some really sweet "almost broke" couples a lot of money. They haven't always been the greatest quality rings, but I spend a lot of time searching many hours just to find the right ring. That is until I found I found a ring that looked amazing and the specifications were decent; not fantastic, but decent. I thought "what a great deal for this couple who can only afford this much and wants to get engaged by New Years."

I did my homework - uBid had some good reviews, but also some not so great, which is true for almost all these sites. But they had a 100% money back guarantee - no questions ask policy, so I bid and won. It came in a halfway timely fashion, but when I opened the box, I almost cried. The diamond in the center had a big crack and a big black spot. This was supposed to be a SI1-2 in clarity, which means under 10x magnification you will have "slight inclusions." This was a joke. The diamond was junk.

This ring could have never been sold in any store anywhere, even by a bottom-end wholesaler, it was terrible. It wasn't even an I3 (which means you can see inclusions with the naked eye) which really isn't acceptable by anyone.

I called immediately and got the return label and had it in the mail the next day for a full return so I could find another ring for my couple. However, for the next 20 days uBid decided they wanted to hold the ring "in dispute" which means they were deciding if the ring was "returned with all its parts" as I was told on the phone.(WHICH WAS NEVER MENTIONED ON THEIR WEB SITE) Exactly how many parts does a ring have? I asked.

I called 5 different times trying to get my money back and they kept giving my excuses. I wrote a letter to uBid explaining the ring was not what they advertised and then saw the same ring being sold again with the same specifications after I returned it before I received my money and called and told them so. They tried to tell me it was probably a different ring, but it was the exact picture and the exact specifications, and now since that time I've seen the ring come up for sale at least 3 or 4 times so the scam is to sell the ring.

They collect too much postage. It's returned again for postage and sometimes a restocking fee if you don't get it returned within 15 days and they just keep reselling it to make money knowing no one will keep this piece of junk. I finally got my money back after 30 some days from purchase but not in time to get another ring for the New Year's engagement. Thanks Ubid - you guys are big scam artists. DON'T GO NEAR THIS SITE!!!

Company Response 04/25/2011:

We do screen all of our vendors before they are allowed to post any products up on our website. We also have dedicated Account Managers who work very closely with each of the accounts to make sure there are no issues. Also, at the end of every month each of our vendors is reviewed via our "vendor score card" to see if we want to continue to business with them and vice versa. I apologize for the issues that you had with this order, but we did make it right in providing a full refund. Unfortunatley we are unable to approve every listing before they go live and then our Customer Service has to deal with you, the customer, once they receive the product to make sure it meets your (and our) standards. Again, I sincerely apologize that you had so many issues with the product. Our customer service is available Monday - Friday to assist with issues via phone at 866-946-8243 as well as 24/7 via our webform.

UBid = UBetter AVOID!!!
By -

ITASCA, ILLINOIS -- ***** BUYER BEWARE ***** UBid is one of those shady companies. They attempt (and sorry to say succeeded) to sell you products at cheaper prices than their competitors. These so called deals are nothing more than a scam. I called UBid, only to be on hold for over 48 minutes before a representative answered the phone. When I explained the situation: Purchased a Toshiba Camileo S30: Box looked as if it had been opened before and resealed. Tried to charge the Camcorder battery, but the model was broke. The screen/camcorder would on turn on with the A/C cord attached.

After I had explained this to the representative, he told me to hold on. After another 5 minutes of wait time, he came back and gave me the number to Groupon. He told me that since I bought the offer through Groupon, they were one's responsible for refunding my money. Since I couldn't remember if I had purchased a Groupon for UBid, I accepted the number after expressing my disappointment with UBid's products that they sell. He had told me "Sir, don't go there!" as if he was the one who had purchased a product and received a broken one. I called Groupon, only to find out that I didn't purchase a UBid Groupon, and they didn't have any history of selling any UBid Groupons in the past.

I had to spend another 1+ hour of time on hold to get back in touch with UBid Customer Service. Once on the phone with them again, I asked to return the product I purchased and was put on hold again. After finally coming back to the phone, the representative told me that they didn't have any batteries in stock for that camcorder. I told him I didn't want a new battery, just to return the item. He finally sent me a RMA number which I printed out and returned. Hopefully I will receive a full refund shortly.

In short, I would highly recommend NOT buying anything from UBid, their customer service is absolutely horrible and you will not get the product that you actually bought.

Company Response 12/22/2011:

We're so sorry this customer has had a bad experience! Sometimes, but rarely, issues do arise with recertified or refurbished goods but we always try to provide customers with fair, fast resolution. This time of year, our call center sees very high call volumes and wait times, and it looks like this customer experienced both, and we do apologize for that. However, uBid is not a shady company by any means, we're a group of very dedicated people who have been providing great online deals to millions of members over the last 15 years. Based on this review, we don't have enough information to identify this customer specifically but we encourage him/her to contact directly so we can make it right. Thanks!
uBid Customer Care

Dealing with uBid, you have to hold their feet to the fire
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- This company can zap a customer's credit card immediately for a purchase: ship a DAMAGED product necessitating a return (it was supposed to be refurbished), incur a major undertaking on customer's part to get an RMA issued, and then in so many words tell the customer that it will take a massive technical operation to properly refund the customer's funds. Unfortunately, this has become a way of life in dealing with so many internet sales companies.

This company IS a member of the Better Business Bureau (don't laugh). According to the BBB, uBid has had 201 filed complaints over the past 36 months and 63 of those were closed over the last year. (They have still managed to maintain a satisfactory record with the BBB but of course those reports don't tell you how much time and trouble customers had to incur in order to receive rightful service.)

After some weeks of monkeying around with uBid (and getting the run-around), this customer finally got their attention by threatening to contact organizations including, but not limited to, the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's Office of customer's home state, the Attorney General's Office of Illinois (uBid's domicile), The Federal Trade Commission, and other regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over internet abusive sales practices.

It also helps to tell them you will file reports on them with various consumer complaint boards (such as this one) and report them in applicable trade journals warning others of their shenanigans. After convincing uBid it would be in their best interest to act on my return without further delay, they finally made due and proper refund. Of course the refund directly from uBid finally posted to my credit card account AFTER I had already officially disputed the charge directly with the credit card company. Then I had to go to the trouble of getting the credit card dispute reversed. Such a shame customers have to work this hard and go to this much trouble to receive due and proper service.

Watch out
By -

ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA -- The prices in the auction are very reasonable, and you truly get suckered into the process of bidding. The completion of the bidding is done so quickly you receive your gratification. Beware!!!!! The shipping charges are not revealed until after payment I paid 1500% on the item I won (ex. $1.00 winning bid, $14.95 shipping & handling, $1.99 Transaction fee = $17.94). The products I received was not quality as they lead you to believe. The genuine gem stones are of a poor grade - they are very cloudy. The other item was a simulated stone - it had no life to it. I never received one of my rings. I did receive the invoice and the ring box: it was empty.

I expect as much help from uBid as I have read other people have received. The consumer means nothing to uBid. Bottom line for me is: I will stay away from uBid.

As a final note. They have your credit card on file or you can't bid, uBid charges your account, even if you don't want to pay the shipping. That is not revealed until after you Win the bid, too bad for YOU. I have learn a very expense lesson. The return policy: 15% restocking fee and no refund on shipping & handling.

Bad avenue for sellers
By -

Pcchips UBid 1/5 posted Jul-05-2011. Seller and small business people: Be careful of this website. Do not sign up to sell with them. They drag you down and not pay you for the goods you post on their website. They've cheated us of more than $8,300 and refused to pay. They even pretended that they are not the same company now. We used to sell computers and electronics on their website for thousands of dollars. They stopped paying us and when we called over & over, they kept encouraging us to post more items and that they have a temporary problem but they'll pay us later. There was no later and we ended $8,300 in the hole. Scam and not worth any initial money you may make at the beginning.

Company Response 07/08/2011:

Unfortunately, due to the anonymous nature of this posting, uBid Holdings, Inc. f/k/a SunRise Bidders, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“we” or “us”), cannot effectively respond to the allegations in this complaint. However, it is a matter of public record that the online marketplace,, was formally owned and operated by Enable Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries. In September, 2010, various creditors of Enable Holdings, Inc., filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against Enable Holdings, Inc. We are an entirely separate company from Enable Holdings, Inc., and were, in fact, creditors of Enable Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries at the commencement of the bankruptcy proceeding (although we were not among the petitioning creditors). on October 8, 2010, we acquired the market place pursuant to a public foreclosure sale of Enable Holdings' assets, which was conducted with the authorization of the Bankruptcy Court and in accordance with the Illinois Uniform Commercial Code. As such, we did not own or operate the website prior to the foreclosure sale and are not responsible for Enable Holdings, Inc.'s actions. Furthermore, no third party seller has failed to receive payment from us.

Currently, numerous third party sellers sell products through the marketplace on a regular basis and promptly receive sale proceeds from us as per the terms of our agreements with these sellers. Moreover, we have made numerous changes to the website and enacted specific policies designed to make the marketplace attractive to third party sellers and to ensure that sellers receive the payments they are entitled to. Among other things, all proceeds that are to be paid to third party sellers are segregated from our bank accounts and are not available to us in the operation of our business. These are substantial changes from the way that was previously operated and managed. We are working to make a vibrant and robust marketplace that sets the standard for our collective industry. We are very grateful for the many sellers that have and continue to sell goods on and look forward to welcoming new sellers in the future. Please visit our website and give us a call if you have any questions about selling through the marketplace and especially if you have any reservations of doing so based on any prior experiences.

Ubid A Company Without Morals
By -

Avoid U-bid like sin. Refurbished computers are apparently bottom of the barrel. Got one at average bid-price, died after 2 months. Won one with a low-bid, Ubid refused to send it. Seller apparently got "SELLER-REMORSE". Wasted a lot of my time! A company without morals.

Company Response 06/22/2011:

We are sorry that this buyer has had these two bad experiences. We hate hearing these types of comments because we work very hard to provide consistently great products and service, and have been for 15 years. Ju

Refurbished and recertified merchandise is generally very good product - it's typically been through a thorough inspection, has been re-built or re-conditioned, and packaged for sale. Warrantees are offered on most of these products through the manufacturers, although the timeframe may vary. This customer didn't say whether they called uBid on the first purchase, but that likely would have been under mfr warrantee. A large share of uBid's customers buy re-certified and refurbished products every day and are completely satisfied.

uBid's Circle of Trust is our pact with customers and sellers that we will provide a safe, protected, honest buying experience. There are times when unfortunate situations occur and we always work to make it right, starting with a 15 day no questions asked return policy. We have live phone customer service daily and 24/7 email monitoring should anyone need to contact us regarding their purchase.

$1 bids actually mean a lot more
By -

I placed a few (4) bids for $1 and was a happy grandma until I realized that the total was $41.96 (with Shipping being $37.96 of that). That, my friends, is totally insane. I've dealt with a lot of auctions and although each has its own little glitch that I could live without. This shipping amount just kills me. I won't ever bid here again and unless you are aware of the shipping charges, you shouldn't bid here either. Just a "heads up".

StarStarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 3/51

75.00 shipping charge for a few dollar bids, plus 11.00 for I have no idea. Stay away forever. I read reviews and thought I was dealing with E bids. There are many sites with similar names. They asked for cc upfront and later said they would tap my card if I won. I tried customer service - GET THIS, THEY WANTED MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. NEVER EVER EVER GIVE THAT UP. AND BEWARE OF UBIDS!!!!

Not worth the risk...
By -

If ANYTHING goes wrong with your purchase, it is simply not worth the hassle in trying to get it resolved. No response to emails. Hold times on the phone are 1 hour+.

Company Response 01/14/2011:

While we are short staffed we do take every issue presented very seriously. Sometimes the hold times can be a little excessive and we attempt to resolve all emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

False advertising
By - advertised an HP Media Center m7357c PentiumD 920 DC 2.8GHz 1.5GB 300GB DVD+- RW computer for sale. I bid and purchased this computer and what I received was not what was advertised. Not only did this computer not function correctly this computer only had 1.0GB of RAM not the 1.5GB that was advertised. UBid was contacted regarding the problems and told me that the computer had to go to HP for warranty repair. They ignored that fact regarding the missing RAM. When questioned again about the missing RAM they did not respond for twelve days. By then I had assumed that they were not going to do anything about this problem and sent the computer to HP for repair.

When UBid finally contacted me regarding the missing RAM, they said that I could return the computer but I had to pay for the shipping and a restocking fee. I did not feel that this was appropriate because that this computer was falsely advertised. UBid refused to do anything about it. UBid has a published "UBid's Promise of Trust for our Customers" which states "We will try to make things right, if you are not satisfied". BUT DON'T BELIEVE THIS FOR ONE MINUTE!

UBid finally got around to saying that they would pay for the return of the computer (didn't mention the restocking fee) but I had already invested four days of on-line troubleshooting with HP and then ten days without the computer, while at HP for repair, to just return the computer. Because of the problems with the computer I had to load and reload software, my programs and data several times during this adventure (takes many hours). I did not ask UBid for anything unreasonable.

As a solution to the problem, I asked for the missing RAM or a credit for the amount of money that it will cost me to replace it. They refused the solution. I have every email and letter sent to and received from UBid to demonstrate and document everything that has transpired regarding this issue, if anyone is Interested. My suggestion to anyone considering using UBid is "DON'T". It still bothers me that a company would falsely advertise a product and then refuse to make it right. And it further amazes me that the "Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services" allows companies to get away with this.

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