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Uhaul Calling My Contacts
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Rating: 2/51

I am writing to say Uhaul's policy for calling one of my contacts is wrong!!!! It's was embarrassing, time-consuming, and it sucked for me and everyone ahead of me while I was waiting for the representative to verify their contact. At first, I gave the representative my contacts numbers and he tried to call, but no one picked up. I wonder why. After the second no answer I said, "I don't think this is right, you guys have never done this before." "It's new, we won't release the truck unless we talk to someone."

After the second no answer, I called my mom first and thank god she picked up, and then even though she was on speaker, I had to hang up so the representative could put the number once again in their system then call mom. Moreover, the representative entered all of the names and numbers of my contacts we attempted to call in their computer system. Uhaul now has 3 more people who never agreed to give you their name and numbers.

I don't know why they want to call one of my contact. I don't think it's to verify who I am, because they have my drivers license, address, phone number, and credit card. It can't be for an emergency if there was an accident, and something happened the cops would call, not a 22 year old customer service representative from UHAUL notifying my family that I had been in an accident. WTF! I looked up their privacy policies.

Their corporate website says they share the information they collect with their business partners, that literally could be anyone. The people you supply gloves, or tape, their insurance company, literally anyone. I realized some of their stores are dealers or affiliates, not even a corporate store. How can they guarantee the affiliates, don't sell the information under the table. Did they call their contacts to verify them, I bet not... My family has been a customer with Uhaul for over 40 years. We have never used anyone else. We have rented countless trucks, trailers, storage units, bought all of our moving supplies for 6 of our moves, and referred many people as well.

Next time, which will be soon, I will attempt to do my business with the other guys Budget, Penske, Enterprise or Ryder, and when I need a storage facility, I will look somewhere else as well. My friends and family would vouch for me of course if called, but they don't need to, because I am a man of my word. If I say I agree to their terms and conditions then, that is all they should ask for. I am vehemently opposed to Uhaul calling my contacts as a condition to rent their equipment.

Fake Pricing
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- U-Haul does not own up to their mistakes. The CSR over the phone confirmed the wrong price for a trailer I rented and they want me to pay for the difference. The CSR confirmed a price of $189 when the real price was $489. I put in a complaint for the recording and it was confirmed that the CSR did confirm the wrong price. I am waiting on a resolution. It has been two weeks and still nothing from them.

I have had to call and be consistent and reopen my complaint since they keep closing it out without contacting me. What kind of business is that? I just might have to go elsewhere with my business, if this doesn't get handled properly. And I might have to put another review up informing people to not do business with them to avoid issues like this. Companies that take advantage of their customers are not companies you want to give your business to. They don't appreciate you. All I want is U-Haul to own up to their mistake and we can move forward. We shall see... I will be back with the results.

Horrific (Messed Up Contract and Tacking on Extra Money)
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Rating: 1/51

HUDSON, FLORIDA -- Horrific! Agree! I had a good experience from Monterey CA to oceanside & back but from CA to Florida the vehicle broke down 3 times, extra hotels, food & time spent and my furniture (new, some got wet with a leak in the U-Haul) no compensation! From Florida supposed to have been Phoenix but they demanded a drop-off address so I had to give my old one and with witnesses I made it clear I had no home and Arizona (Phoenix) was where I was going.

On trip, got a call over 1000.00 tacked on if I drop it off there because of wrong drop off and money for the trailer, vehicle and insurance added. Bull! I made it clear phoenix and Monterey I had no home. Looking for a home in Phoenix and tons of money spent on hotels, food, gas & I have sle lupus & was so sick with stress. I get calls back for homes and no, I lost them because I was forced to drive sick back to Monterey after all the money and time I spent looking for a home. So I cried and cried and had two extensions should have only been tops 400 even though I was told 40 a day. They have these recordings. Listen to them.

I am homeless in Monterey, money gone and I had to wait 7 extra days because the manager in Florida was supposed to call me and the only one who could fix it. It was a Friday and no calls all weekend with me constantly calling. Then this happen again. I have witnesses. I got so sick with my lupus. I was scared enough not knowing where I was going to get a home in Phoenix then after talking to 9-14 U-Haul people I could take no more. The manager in Florida said "you made the reservation over the phone so we need their recording." I said "no I did not. Me and a man came in directly and made the reservation."

She admits to remembering me saying I had no home so Phoenix would be where I would most likely look and she said just call in and give the drop off so no extra charges. Really, they were taking on money anywhere they could and stalling. She the manager in Florida said this "I called my supervisors and can get nowhere and I can only say drop it off."

I refuse to pay the extra after the 1829.00 I paid up front. No way. They owe me for time, lost homes, my health, a vehicle we found out after tons of cars beeping at me because the lights stopped working. We look and the wires are broke but I was told to hurry up and drop it off so I kept going. So to Florida and back has been a nightmare and I am in a abusive situation because U-Haul workers could not do their job and customer service would not right things. I will not pay more. I have witnesses, receipts and my Dr to take to court if they wish. I am so aggravated, depressed and scared. I am stuck in this place sick. Great job U-Haul for messing my life up now.

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Rating: 1/51

HAZELWOOD, ARKANSAS -- Unfortunately, I have no photos or images concerning my contract but my experience is unbelievable. On May 30th 2014, I was on a website concerning getting prices for a one way move from Hazelwood Missouri to Little Rock Arkansas.. As a customer, I have experience conducting business with UHaul in Little Rock always with satisfactory results, until this last horrible experience. I have rented a van just local in Little Rock Arkansas with satisfactory results.

On August of 2013, I Have rented a 14 foot truck with a tow dolly one way move to Hazelwood from Little Rock wasn't nearly as expensive as I had to spend getting back. I am very much aware of cost of living. It's more about tactics and deliberate attempts meant to discourage and manipulate. Now back to May 30th 2014. I realize the demand was higher than supply so prices for a 14 foot truck with a tow dolly was well over 750 dollars plus taxes so the 30th of May was Friday. On Saturday as I talked to a customer service representative, the prices were basically still same because there was still a high demand.

I finalized my reservations with customer service representative on May 1st, early Sunday morning a set price of $523 plus tax which included a tow dolly and 14 foot rental truck. Later on that Sunday morning, I went to the closest UHaul facility which happen to be in Hazelwood Missouri. I wanted to make sure the price that was finalized over phone matched what the UHaul Hazelwood location had at that particular time it was. But then supposedly there was no tow dolly in supply so I had no other choice but to accept a car transport which is more expensive and supports a vehicle without any tires rolling.

As you travel, the tow dolly on the other hand travels with rental truck but with rear tires in motion and is less expensive compared to auto transport so the employee by the name of ** says, "Since no tow dolly was available I will have to accept the optional which was the car transport but I would be priced the same as if I had tow dolly 59.00 plus tax. That was reasonable it seems, but not when it comes to gas mileage and the weight of the thing, not to mention that 14 foot truck gives you 10 miles per gallon which has a 40 gallon tank .

Now **, the employee, tells me that it should be rental truck available last 2 hours of the business day this particular Sunday. So mind you, UHaul Hazelwood closes at 5 p.m I get a phone call right at 5 from ** the employee who states to me that truck will be available Monday at 7 a.m but he would not be in at this time but his general manager by the name of ** who will be present when I come pick up truck.

The price was still set at 513.00 plus taxes which includes 14 foot truck plus the car transport. I appear at the Hazelwood location and I am talking to general manager. I talk to ** the general manager about me picking up truck that was scheduled. He told me I will have to wait until p.m. because they have to go pick up the truck but asked me if I wanted to go pick it up even though I am the customer.

This was before for whatever reason they have me picking up truck for Tuesday. I told him no, I was supposed to pick up the truck Monday and pick up the car transport Tuesday. Talk about frustration and mental anguish and I am not being irrational or raising my voice so, we managed to come to a solution that I will come back and come get truck by 2 p.m.

I got there and now ** the employee, is present. We went over what was gone over numerous times. A 14 foot rental truck with car transport. Now my total at this point was 503.00. So, I presented my bank card and I have only 305.00 on my card but I have the rest needed to complete transaction with cash. At this point it makes things difficult. Easy, quickest, less expensive solution is to go to bank and deposit what is needed to finally complete transaction. So, I went back and paid the transaction, got the truck, went home and I decided to go back to UHaul to purchase 2 large UHaul boxes.

As soon as I appeared in store, ** the employee, tells me that I didn't purchase the use of the car transport for Tuesday, this is still Monday. I told him "How can this be", that it wasn't paid and we have been planning everything since Sunday. He said there must be a glitch in computer. Its a glitch yes, its a glitch. The glitch came when I tried to complete the transaction my first attempt. When I did not have the 500 plus on card. When I left, something sinister has happened. So ** told me he can check my phone records and go through all my conversations with the customer representatives past 2 days to see if I am accurate. More mental anguish.

I called customer service and I talked to one that told me what I'm complaining about is in fact actual in my favor. However she is unable to do anything about this problem. So she connected me with the traffic or inquiry and she told me I have to take it up with the general manager because he seen me Sunday going over the final price. ** told me it takes 2 days to go over my phone conversations, unbelievable.

Onto Tuesday morning. I went to UHaul to pick up the car transport and the general manager is adamant that I still have to pay for the car transport. So, I have no other choice but to pay 503.00 plus an additional 69.00 now. Since I am paying cash, I have to pay 139.00 because I'm paying cash.

I got a phone call, ** the general manager, asked me if I have any money on my bank card. I said yes and he deducts a dollar off my debit card but I still paid 69.00 but not 139.00. This supposedly is a break but this is the deal breaker. My trip is set for 412 miles Hazelwood to Little Rock.

Every 30 miles, I'm stopping to keep truck full and now I'm 75 miles from Little Rock I have to use bathroom but I'm stressed because I'm going to go over my mileage rate. I called customer service and they direct me back to inquiry and its the lady I talked to the day before that tells me whatever problem I have from Monday, to take it up with general manager. I tell her my mileage dilemma and she claims she will give me additional miles but before I know exactly how many additional miles, we lose reception. Wow unbelievable!

Also, I forgot to add, the general manager gave me a completely different location to drop off the car transport completely out of the opposite direction where I am supposed to drop off the truck. I called him and he told me to disregard and take the car transport where I am dropping the truck off. I am getting headache all over again. I get to Little Rock and no problems. Gave me courtesy miles and reasonable time bring truck rental back. I gave no reason whatsoever to be treated as I was out of 800 plus dollars for a one way trip from Hazelwood Missouri to Little Rock Arkansas with mental anguish.

U-Haul Crates vs. Pods
By -

LEONARDTOWN, MD -- My husband and I move a lot and we just got our Uhaul containers delivered today. This is the first time we are doing it without a truck and with containers. My experience is as follows so far. The Negatives: I have a paved large circular driveway I asked them to be placed on. I am guessing it is slightly uneven in parts (like most pavement). Due to this the delivery guy wedged shims with a sledge hammer after delivering them. After putting in my lawnmower, however the door no longer closes.

This is a big issue because since it is a large wooden box basically, if you set weight in them the door no longer closes or latches since the weight settled the wooden box making the latches shift. The other issue is that I am only 5'5". I had to get a pole to push up the tarp cover to even close the door and I can't pull the tarp down enough to close it all the way (especially on the one where the door won't shut). It is currently raining and sleeting outside and although I only have my outdoor lawn stuff in the aforementioned box I am still worried something is getting ruined as we speak. (I suggest packing a step up stool and or ladder last)

There is a small step to get into the box so lawnmowers and stuff, you have to have a board to wheel them up into the box. I luckily had a few boards lying around. There are only tie strap latches on 1 of my boxes. They aren't as big as you think and can only haul 2000 pounds each. I have no way of knowing how much weight is in each which presents the problem of shifting if you don't pack them tight enough (boxes aren't an issue but furniture and lawn equipment is).

They make a limited size and aren't really wide enough. To give you an idea I had about 6 inches to spare width wise and maybe 3 or 4 feet length wise after putting in my 40 inch riding lawnmower (sm to med size ridding lawnmower). We had to fight to get the quoted price they tried to charge us twice as much during the confirmation call.

The positives: The truck is the cheapest option for all of our moves so far (we have used Uhaul in the past). What appealed to us was the time we would have to load and unload hopefully making it a lot less stressful of a move after doing the past moves in a day or two (unless you pay for more says with a truck but still you don't get it for a full month). They take up less than a parking space. I have 4 in a row in a space to park 2 cars comfortably. They would be better for longer distance moves. The drop off was great ( deliver I am sure will be the same). It was quick and all I had to do was tell them where and sign on a digital device similar to UPS.

You can get as many as you want and for me, they were so much cheaper then PODS. PODS wanted to charge me $1400 for a cross county move in MD where after fighting to get a quoted price, the Uhaul containers were a little over $600 (a 26 ft truck would have only been $200 though but would have been more rushed).

Advice: Watch out for hidden fees. Pack your ladder last. Make sure the spot is really level to avoid shifting after added weight.

Serious Issues with U-Haul Lewisville TX
By -

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I am writing this review to expose some very serious issues. I recently rented a U-Haul trailer (my first experience with U-Haul) and was given a rate of $29.00 for the trailer. Everything went smoothly and I was told to return the U-Haul by 6 P.M. There were no specifications to what location the U-Haul must be returned but that it simply must be returned by 6 P.M. The next day I noticed an unauthorized pending charge of $73.75 and called to find out what the charge was for. I was told that it was simply a hold in accordance to U-Haul policy and it would disappear within 3-5 business days. Satisfied with this answer I did not further investigate.

However, on 11/3/2010 the additional $73.75 charge had gone through and had created an overdraft in my account and I was charged an additional fee of $34.00. I am never overdrawn and am very cautious with my money so I was very frustrated at this point. I called the Lewisville store located on 525 North Stemmons Freeway (College Pkwy) Lewisville TX 75067 and spoke with the general manager there. It was the most unprofessional and inappropriate call I have ever experienced and merely exacerbated the stressful situation.

The manager told me, “It's not our fault you didn't return the U-Haul here”, and “You should have known”, and “If you tell me you will bring my U-Haul back here then I will just believe that's true.” (Please note on the last quote that I had never spoken to him before and I was neither informed that the U-Haul must be returned to that location and I never told anyone at the store that I would be bringing it back to that specific location either). He also continued to cut me off in mid-sentence saying, “Listen to me, listen to, hey, listen to me.”

He was argumentative and offered no apology for the miscommunication between his staff and I; he offered only blame and false scenarios. Toward the end of our exchange he told me, “Hey there's nothing I can do anyway because the other store charged you! So you're not helping by being mad at me!” I responded in frustration, “You should have informed me of that at the beginning of this conversation and apologized for the inconvenience and given me the number to call the other location instead of being argumentative and inappropriate. I cannot understand how you became manager with this level of customer service.”

His response was merely, “Well, ma'am, thanks for that suggestion and now I'm going to let you go so you can call them.” I proceeded to call the other store and spoke with the manager there. I relayed all that had happened and he did everything in his power to help for which I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, the corporate office instructed him to call the other manager to ask that the extra charges be dropped, of course, the other manager refused saying, “We told her to bring it back here and she didn't so we will not refund anything.” As I stated above I had never spoken to him and was never informed of this policy or I would have adhered to it.

This is my last option and I am pleading that someone take care of this matter. The Lewisville manager will be able to continue on with his week unaffected by this matter while I attempt to recover from the damages. I expected only to pay $29.00 for the U-Haul but instead (including the NSF fees) have spent approximately $150.00 dollars and counting if other transactions are processed. This is bad enough in of itself, but the real tragedy for me is the money I am spending to recover from this is the money for my wedding dress I have been saving for my wedding in early December this year.

Because of this incident, I have no way of purchasing my dress and I am devastated by this ordeal. I truly hope someone will read this and rectify this needless situation. I can be contacted via email at ** by any U-Haul personnel that can assist me.

U-Box Break-In, Items Stolen From U-Haul Property.
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Rating: 1/51

JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Worst business experience ever! Wouldn't let me have my U-boxes for over a week because they were "too busy". When I finally was able to able to pick up my box, it had been opened, and many things were missing. Legal action pending.

Took to Much Money for Storage
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Rating: 1/51

COEUR D ALENE, IDAHO -- So I got a U-haul. The first month is free and my payment was due on June 30th. Well I decided to make my payment for the $79.99 storage unit 3 days early. Somehow it went to $84.98 is what they said. Okay no big deal, tax right? So everything went good with the payment until my bank account balance automatically text me anytime anything is spent on my account. It said the charges were for $97 and 69 cents.

So naturally I call the local store. They said a supervisor would call me back. Well, I got no call back. Then I call corporate and was told they are working on it and would call me back, still no resolution for days later. I have called the store, spoken to many customer service representatives, and even corporate. I have been hung up on and they have sworn they only took that much money yet my statement says otherwise.

Trying to get this matter resolved is near impossible so I will be taking them to court for false advertisement because the advertisement was get a storage unit. Want first month free $79.99 a month, not 97 dollars in 69 cents a month. I have talked to an attorney and what they did is considered false advertisement and theft. I am in the middle of filing Better Business Bureau dispute. And before I got the storage unit, I rented one of their trucks and they told me the gas tank was full, it was not. I had to fill up the gas tank from half way and yet they would not result that matter with me also.

When I first got the storage unit they did not explain to me anything. "Where was that?" I had to ask other people where to go. This whole uHaul experiences been very stressful, very time consuming, and now has over ** my account costing me way more money than it should have. The resolution I am seeking in this is training for customer service representatives, new management at court Elaine, and all my money back for the uHaul truck for storage for my time, and a free month of storage. Because a true customer service department would have helped me get through this and the store would not keep ignoring me.

I have tried to go into the store and was told somebody is in my account working on this and yet nobody is. Because when I call corporate, they said they do not have any information on this and I will get a phone call within 24 hours. It has now been 5 days. This is not OK. They think that people have all this money when we don't. I live on a limited budget income for me, my wife, and my 5 kids. As is, we are already homeless living out of a hotel.

Don't Walk, RUN Away From UHaul Fast as You Can.
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Several months ago, I was planning a cross-country move and checked into UHaul's U-Box Pods system. I spent an entire day on the phone with them, because I kept getting "transferred" and cut off. I spoke with seven different people, and got seven different quotes for the exact same scenario. They refused to send me a quote in writing (ie. an email) until I'd paid them an amount ranging from $240 to $650, depending on who I was talking with. I asked to speak with a manager, and kept being transferred randomly to various non-managers. Not that it mattered, because when I did get someone who said he was a manager, he was as clueless as the rest of them.

I had such bad vibes about the company that I changed my entire plans for the move and did NOT use UHaul. Now my son has made a cross-country move, and he did use UHaul's U-Box pods. He's been in his new location for a month, and hasn't gotten anything except a runaround from UHaul. They didn't show up to pick up the boxes the day they said they would. They sent him an email stating they were going to charge him for storage, even though he doesn't want anything stored. They were supposed to have delivered the boxes within two weeks. It's a month - no boxes, and no one seems able to tell him where they are or when they'll be delivered.

He's been reduced to threatening them with legal action if they don't deliver. Carry your worldly goods on your back if you have to, but avoid UHaul like the plague. I've never dealt with a more inept, unprofessional, poorly run company in my life, and that includes spending endless hours on hold with AT&T's laughably named customer service. I did get to hear at great length about one UHaul rep's daughter, who's a long haul trucker, so if that's what you want from a moving company, then maybe they're right for you. Anyone who actually wants to move their possessions would be well advised to look elsewhere.

By -

I reserved the 17 foot truck and vehicle trailer for the 27th day of June 2010 and I was told at that time my pick up location would be West Edmonton, which I requested being that is the area that I lived in and much more convenient in every way. When I received the call on the 26th they had told me that my truck was available at west location and I could pick it up after nine am the next morning.

Upon arriving at the west location, it was really quite busy in the office which is understandable, but I waited in a line-up for over 45 minutes only to be told that the reservation was NOT there and that I would have to go to the North side to pick up truck. I will have you know that I had to drive another 45 minutes out of my way to be able to pick up, and drive back that amount of time. This was a very big inconvenience to me as of the traffic in Edmonton for one and the COST of Fuel, and extra kilometres that I had to put on the truck which would not be called for if the truck was in location that they told me it would have been.

As well, the reservation agent did not explain anything to me about having to pay for the truck in FULL before it left Edmonton. The only thing that was explained was that I needed 150.00 dollar deposit on said truck which I had with me. So that was the other things I had to deal with in order to pick up truck which I believe should be explained to everyone in full detail upon reserving. My biggest complaint is about the inconvenience and extra cost because of location pick up. Thank you.

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