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Fraudulent Charges
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Rating: 1/51

ALABAMA -- Well, I made and paid for a reservation for a 10ft truck for 4 hours. I was then told that there would not be any trucks available at that location until the next day. So I called around and located a representative in a nearby town that stayed that she was driving several trucks back from Florida, but she would meet me after hrs when she returned. For that, I'm thankful.

However, her desk was in chaos with misplaced keys and papers from Uhaul and her other business. When she finally found my reservation, it had errors, such as a bigger truck for 16 hours. I still was able to rent the 10ft truck, but was charged another $85 on site. I was told to just return the truck after we finished or before 9 am, because she was closing, that the $85 was a hold and I would not be charged the full amount, if I did not overuse the hours/mileage.

We returned it before 9 am. The next day I realized when my account was overdrawn and the check I paid my home deposit and rent with was returned because there were two charges from Uhaul for $291 and $205. We were not prepared for fraudulent, bogus charges.

When I spoke to Uhaul, I was told that we used 140 miles. We stayed in the local area, and used 51 miles. I was told that they could file a dispute that will take 3-5 days or more. Meanwhile, my account is now overdrawn and I cannot even afford to get groceries because of this error that they seem to only want to make excuses for. Now, I am worrying myself sick over this, literally. I suffer from migraines, due to a benign mass. My BP is up, as well as the migraine.

Truck Just Never Arrived. Wouldn't Help Us Find Another One, Still Charged Us, Info Used to Charge Other Places
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Rating: 1/51

WINNIE, TEXAS -- A month before the move, arranged movers, rented truck. We got a BIG discount for doing it online. A week before the move, they called to offer us a larger truck, same money. Good, right? We call the night before to reassure ourselves that the truck will be there. Well, they said "oh, nobody called you?". The truck was in Oklahoma and would not be there until 4 pm, then 8 pm, then the next day. 4 hours later on the phone, we were told they could not help us get a truck in another neighboring city. We called the next city over and got Tyrell on the phone. He found us a truck on someone else's lot, took our credit card info and put us on hold and there we sat for another hour.

Called location #3, got another person on the phone and we got a truck for $1600.00. Our original truck was $700. Kept the movers waiting for 12 hours, and somehow we were charged for the first truck, and our credit card information (which was used for Tyrell) got used in Houston in five places. We could track it back to that transaction. This whole situation has been a nightmare.

Tack on Extra Money Maliciously
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS -- DO NOT RENT WITH THIS COMPANY or be prepared for additional charges tacked onto your account after the return. I recently rented a vehicle from U-Haul and returned it according to schedule. Charge should have been $19.99 x2 days... I look at my credit card statement and sure enough, U-Haul has charged me $196!!! No explanation, just a huge charge. I called and spoke with the RUDEST Asst Manager you'll ever find, who told me I'd damaged a fuel door on a vehicle.

I pressed the issue of how absurd that was then she told me the door was completely missing!!! WTH? She said in the rudest voice, "I'll play the footage to tell you what was there when you pulled off the lot"... I told her how ignorant that sounded, knowing the setup of that place, there is no camera where the van was parked, nor where I parked when I got back to the facility to return it. She then asks, "Look do you want me to view the footage or not"... WOW!!!

Needless to stay, they stuck with their guns and I simply called my bank to dispute the erroneous charge. My bank stated, "Oh, we get a lot of disputes for this company". Hmmmm!!! Guys, there is a reason that the rates are so cheap, they are certainly making money in other ways. Be careful, and find another avenue. This place is a huge fraud!

I Got Charge Twice
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Rating: 1/51

SE 92ND ,PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have to say that I'm not complaining of U-Haul in general. This is for specific location in SE 92nd in Portland Oregon. When I went to pick up the truck the guy that was in the front desk didn't say hello or anything, he left then come back ask me some questions, he gave me the paper on how to turn in the truck. And hand me the key, he told me that the truck was park across the street, didn't even bother to say thanks or anything. I found the truck. It was very hard to take it out from where was park. I drove the truck then I have to come back because the back was open and we couldn't close it.

Also I order a appliance dolly, which wasn't in the truck. When I came back I ask for the dolly. He didn't said anything. After all this I notices that I got charged twice. I send email to the company and someone Name Willie respond. He said he will take care the problem. After that he never respond my emails and never got my money back.

Disatisfactory Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I made a reservation two days ahead of time for a pick-up truck and was told there would be one available at the location the reservation was made for. Upon arriving to pick up said vehicle, I was told that the reservation was "pending" & they did not have a truck available as I was promised upon making the reservation. They instructed me to call the corporate office. I did so and was told to go to a different location & that I would lose 30 minutes on the rental time due to travel time.

When I arrived at the second location I was then informed that a customer had the one truck available reserved for four weeks and that customer would not be bumped. I was then referred to yet another location. When I got there, the truck was available, but was not informed that I would need extra documents for the rental. This has been a major inconvenience to not only myself but my driver as well. I, personally would not recommend using U-haul rental services.

Worst Experience Ever Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE HAVASU, ARIZONA -- We reserved a 20 ft truck for Saturday Aug 5th on Wednesday for pick up at 8 am. We then realized that was not going to be enough time so we called and changed the reservation for 4:45 on Friday Aug 4, we were told to pick up the truck on Lake Havasu Avenue at 4:45. When we got there the associate said we were not on his list and to go to another location.

When I called and talked with a U-Haul representative they told us to go to Acoma Blvd... Great but they were already closed at 4. But our reservation was for 4:45, so we called again, talked with someone else who put in for a 50$ guarantee that the truck be at our location and to have us talk with a customer service specialist.

The specialist told us that there basically was nothing they could do for us but to give us 25$ off and give us an extra day, we didn't need an extra day added on, I have to start work on Monday, we need to move everything now tomorrow. What good is a reservation if your company isn't going to honor it? I will never go with U-Haul again. They had the audacity to ask if we were mad. Well in fact we are. Time is more precious than money since we have to move out-of-state. I will make sure everyone I know will learn from my mistake of going with U-Haul.

False Advertising
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- False advertising, bait and switch: U-Haul website advertises a 15' truck at my nearest location, which I reserve. I get a call shortly after confirming me for a 10' truck and they'll get back to me on if a 15' or 17' becomes available in the area. I then found out (online) that the 10' truck doesn't have the ramp I need for heavy items. I went back on the website the following day and find another nearby location that says in large bold lettering above the location that a 15' truck is "currently" available there. Great. I booked it, then got a call that it doesn't have a 15' truck, but I can get a 10' truck.

Observing a pattern at this point, I voice my frustration at the sloppy advertising. I am rudely informed that the fine print says trucks might not be available at the location where they are booked. I reiterate that the less-fine, large, bold print atop the online booking for the location said it was currently available at that location.

Also, don't be fooled by the $50 guarantee. U-Haul gets around this by calling both your online reservation and subsequent phone confirmation "reservations." Only the latter phone confirmation triggers their guarantee. So, even though you "reserved" the truck online, that isn't the "reservation" U-Haul guarantees. I cancelled my reservations. I have used U-Haul in the past and been satisfied, but doubt I will be using U-Haul again.

Incompetent and disrespectful
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Rating: 1/51

EDMONTON -- Complaint about a Canadian U-Haul at Edmonton (9521-51st avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E4W8 Canada). Complete dissatisfaction with the unprofessional services and disrespect demonstrated by several staff members. The experience has left us with the impression that U-Haul's advertising is completely false and we will not be recommending your business to anyone in the near future.

We booked a 26' truck at U-Haul online more than 3 weeks in advance for our planned household move. We were supposed to have it at 9 am. My husband arrived at the pick up location on time but was told to wait. The staff members did not have the courtesy to give a word of explanation as to the status of the rental despite my husband having asked several times.

He was finally told at 10:15 am that there was no truck available and that he could register on a waiting list in case a vehicle suddenly became available. My husband was very dissatisfied as he had waited for so long for nothing, and also considering that he had asked for a day off at work and that several people were also waiting at home to help us move. This created a huge loss of time for several people.

My husband decided that U-Haul had wasted enough of our time and decided to leave and asked for a refund as per the slogan you so proudly display on your website as €œ$50 back if we can€™t provide you with the vehicle you booked€. Not only did the staff member tell him it was not possible to give him this refund because he had changed his reservation (and please note SHE had changed the reservation by putting him on a waiting list) but in addition, if he left, he would be charged for not picking up the vehicle without a 24 h notice.

This was completely inappropriate as you not only failed to meet your commitments in the first place, you then expect your customers to pay for multiple mistakes due to mismanagement and poor organization. My husband, who does not speak fluent English, as we arrived from France last year, asked for better explanations. Other customers present had supported him, saying it was ridiculous to take so many online reservations without checking the availability. He was then referred to your on-site manager. She was obviously not happy to deal with the situation.

Several times while my husband was trying to find his words in English, the on-site manager interrupted him and prevented him from speaking by talking louder and louder without listening to him. My husband finally lost his temper and demanded that she let him speak.

Suddenly, she portrayed herself as a victim, claiming she would not tolerate his attitude and that she was calling the police. For what? For having not been able to do her job respectfully and properly? For having taken advantage of someone who could not communicate as easily as she could? For choosing to ignore a problem she was supposed to deal with as a manager and for which U-Haul is completely responsible for? This is a much more serious problem than mere incompetence or unprofessional customer service.

Her attitude, mixing bad faith and dishonesty, is an intolerable lack of respect for my husband, as a customer first, but as a person above all, that should not be tolerated from anyone.

It is a shame for a company such as yours, internationally recognized, claiming to be the largest moving operator, to offer such poor quality service (incompetent and disrespectful) as your agents and manager displayed. After reviewing the many bad customer reviews on your website, it can be clearly seen that I am not inventing or dramatizing the situation. There are many similar disrespectful situations presented there. For the reasons discussed above, I have sent this letter to you and I intend to forward this complaint to anyone dedicated to these kinds of issues.

False Charges Not Settled - U-Haul Brooklyn New Utrecht and Park Slope
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I sent this email to the CEO Joe Schoen:

"I've run into a sticky situation with your U-Haul's of Brooklyn NY. I think you would be interested to know that there are some poor practices going on in that area. I scheduled myself to pick up a truck at the New Utrecht location at 10 am ((718) 232-1400). I'm not complaining about the service at this location, although I should. I counted 25 people in line on a Sunday morning at 10 am and we were all there for an hour or more in line. It just didn't move. I did get my truck, having arrived early, received it at 10:30 am (my pickup time was 10). No biggie, right? OK.

My scheduled drop off time was 10 pm, same location (contract number **). When I arrived at 10 pm the location was closed with a big fence locked around the place. There was no drop box for keys, as my contract indicated there would be. Perplexed, I called U-Haul Customer Service (1-800-GO-U-Haul) and spoke with two fine ladies, ** and **, who both told me to take it to the nearest location with a drop box. I didn't like this solution, but I had no other option, I live in the city without a car and it's a decent-sized headache to get to these U-Haul locations.

So off I go to the closest U-Haul with a drop box, 88 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (718) 788-3370. This location is so awful, it should be immediately stripped of any right to the name of U-Haul. There is a chained dog which greets the visitors with vicious barking. There is a non-English speaking employee handling the drop-offs. He made me move the van 3 times before I gave up and handed him the keys. He refused the keys so I put them in the drop box myself, and left. I walked under a dark bridge to the nearest subway station in Brooklyn at night thanks to the unclear policies of the New Utrecht U-Haul. But wait, there's more.

The next day I have my $80 mandatory pre-payment from U-Haul on my card PLUS a $143.78 charge for dropping off the U-Haul truck at the wrong location. The location which U-Haul told me to drop it off at. And that's nothing to mention the gas I used and the miles I used (which I will have to get reimbursed for) to get to the new location. So now you see my $19.99 truck has cost $220. Not good.

The worst part was being shuffled around general customer service, the regional district, the New Utrecht store, and the non English speaking Park Slope address. I would particularly like to point out that ** at 718-522-4924 who is a reservation manager kept me on hold for no less than an hour and a half and a couple of times, pretended she hadn't already spoke with me, and rudely told me repeatedly that it was my fault, despite listening to my explanations.

My request is this: a full refund for the $80.00, plus any additional mileage or gasoline fees New Utrecht U-Haul might add on, plus a refund for the $143.78. I've had an awful experience and I would appreciate your support at this time. I have used U-Haul before and had a very positive experience, I hope we can resolve this matter in a manner that benefits both of us. Thank you for your time."

U-Haul and Safety Storage Has Left Me Penniless and Homeless!!!
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PLEASANT VALLEY, MISSOURI -- This is perhaps more on safety storage: 7101 Stewart Rd, Pleasant Valley - (816) 781-0007. I made reservation # ** on 11/06/09 for a truck and tow dolly. The safety storage lady called me back as U-Haul promised right at 6 pm on Friday night (thought that was latest time they would, not actual time).

The clerk, a woman, called and repeatedly asked for me, I repeated phrases like "speaking", "this is him", "you're talking to him" before the incompetent could comprehend that they were actually talking to me. All the while being extremely irritating by not disclosing who they were or the nature of the call. I believe with the name repeating and what not, it may well have been 3 minutes before she even would say who and what she wanted. Not a good start.

I arrived this morning to pick up the equipment, and was surprised to see the equipment I ordered was not even on the lot. I entered the store, gave ID, CC, etc. to learn my order had been changed from a car dolly to a trailer. I asked if there was a cost difference and she replied she did not know and it should not be much if so. This made me fee uncomfortable yet I played along, trying to get to the bottom line what's it really going to cost me.

I expressed my fears of a cost difference and my hesitations on the difference between my internet order and what I was actually receiving and the possible cost difference. It was at this point the woman picked up the papers I had already signed and told me to forget it then. I asked her what she meant and she flew off in some tirade about me belching in her face (???) and told me to get the hell out of there.....

WTF!??? Not only do I have no reflection of belching or passing any other bodily gasses, just some poor stiff trying to move. Long story short, my card was charged $292.19 for equipment that I did not receive or use with a promise of a refund some 7-10 days from now. The best part is that I have this weekend to evacuate this house and move or be homeless. I now have no money to rent a truck or trailer from anyone and no other way to move my belongings some 200 miles.

Was on the telephone the rest of this morning trying to get a refund receipt number to expedite the refund and after 3 hours, that was not forthcoming either, so here I sit with packed belongings, no truck and no cash left to rent one. Most are happy to rush in a cashless society, remember this story well before you hand your card out to anyone you could be on the street and penniless too.

Thanks U-Haul for nothing, you are all a bunch of crooks, mostly safety storage of the Kansas city area. Stay way away from these people. I notice they try to gloss over their incompetence here with replies. I spent my time this morning trying to get another truck or a direct refund. It was not forthcoming and will never be for any other either. They are crooks.

Company Response 12/02/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to apologize for the rude behavior and inconvenience you received from our U-Haul dealer. As you realize, this U-Haul dealer is an indepedent businessman. We do have a regular program for counseling with dealers to give them the benefit of our experience in successful U-Haul service. As independent businessmen, they are free to accept or reject our suggestions in accordance with their own independent judgement. Please be assured this matter will be addressed and corrective action will be taken as needed. I did verify that a full credit was issued back to the same credit card that was charged on the same day as the charge. The credit should post on your next credit card statement if not already. As we value you as a customer, I would like to send you some VIP Certificates for future use in the hopes you will allow U-Haul to redeem itself in the future. Please forward me your current mailing address or email to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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