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Horrible Experience, Unprofessional Staff, Damaged Items, Illegal Eviction
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ALLEN, TEXAS -- I have rented storage units here for 10 years when it was Lone Star Storage. The Uncle Bob's took over and the nightmares started. First, my very large and full unit's roof leaked. It took them a while to repair it then they decided to install an electrical sign on the side of the unit which leaked massive amounts of water into the unit. They provided ZERO support or help. We had to spend months relocating to 3 new units and sorting through damaged items.

I'm still not done. If you do rent here, since Allen has limited storage facilities, pass on their Bader Insurance policies. They are overpriced and offer terrible coverage from what I read. They get a commission off of the premium of 25%. Eventually they terminated our leases for no cause and told us to move out in 10 days. We were paid in FULL. They locked a PAID unit. Avoid this company at all costs.

Uncle Bob's Self Storage @ Euless, TX - Rodent Infestation
By -

EULESS, TEXAS -- Before I post this review I'd just like to acknowledge that Uncle Bob's Self Storage has done nothing illegal to me or anyone somehow mentioned in this writeup, and that everything I mention below is contractually my liability. I suppose my complaint lies more along the lines of business ethics and service quality.

Short and sweet: My unit had my furniture in it. My expensive, Cantoni furniture. One of these items was an area rug. I periodically check my unit. Things were okay until a couple months ago until I came back and realized there were a total of 6 dead mice (4 adults, 2 babies) embedded into my rug. This is disgusting. I had no food or drink items stored in the unit. The regulations specifically state not to place any kind of food or drink item in the unit anyway. I've stored in the past with 3-4 other facilities and never had this problem.

Putting mouse traps in the unit is out of the question because it would just draw rodents either from the bait scent or from the rotten stench of carcass that rodents become even more attracted to. Bottom line: I have a $1400 modern rug that top tier companies like Chem-Dry and Dalworth have not been willing to guarantee anything after an initial inspection. Chances are I'll pay the $250 (possibly more) in cleaning fees and still remain dissatisfied with the results. Contractually, I'm at fault. And at any other facility, I would probably be at fault as well.

I understand the idea of insuring possessions within a storage unit, but this is a significant expense and I don't think we as customers should have to pay added fees for the basic right to a clean, sealed, secure establishment as I received in the past. I shelled out $135/mo for several months to this company. Many people pay much more. Is it out of line to demand this? I'd at least like to see a month's rent refunded but this was never offered to me at the desk upon report of the problem.

Theft At Uncle Bob's Self Storage
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had a very secure, climate controlled self-storage unit with Lock n Key at 8726 Long Point in Houston, TX. While I was doing some long-term traveling during the summer of 2008, Uncle Bob's bought out Lock n Key and changed the management and staff. Uncle Bob's then disabled a key alarm system that had been one of the primary reasons why I stored my belongings at that facility.

When I returned from my trip and discovered the change of ownership, I checked on my belongings--they were all there - and began to look around for another storage site. When I returned approx. two weeks later, I found that someone had unlocked my unit, stolen an expensive bicycle, and then re-locked my unit. This facility uses flush-mount, cylindrical locks with round keys. Since there were only two keys, one in my pocket and one on file in the manager's office, it made sense that an employee of Uncle Bob's had taken my bicycle.

The manager denied the possibility and referred me to the area manager, who never returned my calls. After almost two weeks, I reached the vice president of Uncle Bob's who insisted that someone I knew took the bike. I let him know that this was not possible, that if something like this occurred in my business I would want to investigate to be sure I didn't have a bad employee. I have never heard back from Uncle Bob's nor have I been able to get through by telephone.

There are really only two possibilities: an Uncle Bob's employee entered my unit with the manager's key or a tenant at Uncle Bob's has learned how to pick these special locks. Either way, Uncle Bob's was unconcerned about the incident and has not followed up. Lock n Key was a top-notch organization but these Uncle Bob's people, from their site manager all the way to their vice president, are unprofessional and unethical.

Subterranean termites
By -

COCOA, FLORIDA -- While removing my items out of our air conditioned starage unit we noticed boxes with bugs. After looking closer we noticed they were termites. we lost over 25 VCR movies, which they got into, and several family photos. After talking to the manager he just apologized!!! I asked for a months refund and he refused. I am very upset and am extremely concerned for the other units and their belongings!! I sure hope the other units read this and check their belongings.

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