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Poor Baggage Customer Service - Lies, Misinformation
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Me and my wife's vacation was largely ruined by the aggravation and inconvenience, the lack of true customer service United Airlines caused on a planned trip to Burlington Vermont. The flights were overbooked to start as we received notice the night before when doing on-line check in. We checked our bags at the counter at MCO. Unproblematic flight. The nightmare begins in Newark. We get a text message to contact an agent when we disembark from the plane as UA4894 was canceled by air traffic control.

Problem is, no one was there to deal with passengers, the few agents manning the whole terminal were facing long lines and many many counters were simply empty. Telling folks to contact an agent but not having nearly enough agents is just the start of this saga. The next text we get is to tell us we are rebooked for Saturday morning leaving at 930 am which is two days later. My wife gets in line at what seems to be a “service counter” which has 5 or 6 stations but only two agents, and in excess of 50 people in line which is not moving at all.

I call UA while my wife is in line and it is virtually impossible to get a person. This is part of the grand design, as this theme will repeat over and over again. My wife never does get through the line, but after 49 minutes per my cell phone records, I got through the endless wait time for an agent on the phone and started considering an alternate flight with a partner that would have put us in BTV around 1130 pm after flying via Washington D.C. No help form the automated kiosk for rerouting which is only telling us the Saturday flight is our only option.

However, in the meanwhile due to nearly 30 passengers being in line, my wife and I learn UA agent is offering a bus to transport to BTV (6 hour ride) but it would get us to BTV by around 800 pm. Several individuals including us asked about the baggage (my medication unfortunately was in my checked baggage).

The agents actually refused to release our baggage, offering some assurances or promises that while there was no room for us on a 500 pm flight (still not sure why our flight could not just take off later as other planes were leaving all day long), but there was room for our baggage and it would be there before our bus would arrive and we would just have to claim it. That would be the first of multiple lies. To be fair, it seems different things were told to different people at different times, with some being told they had no idea when baggage would arrive and it could well be Saturday or Sunday.

We were in the group that was refused luggage release and assured the bags would be there. This was important to me due to my medication. Well, if things went according to promises there would be no letter. We would just lose the half day and suffer the fatigue of the bus trip. Evidently the gate agents there at BTV had no idea nearly thirty people would be showing up, betraying poor organization and communication and a careless disregard for traveling passengers. They had no idea what promises were or were not made about the baggage and there were some unhappy campers arriving late and tired at BTV. We were given claim forms to file.

Our two bags got put under my wife's name and given a file number (see above). The folks at BTV could provide no information or estimate on bag arrival. We were told by the UA agent/employee/representative to contact the baggage resolution center, but to do this as soon as we could get Houston and “before the phones get turned over to India”. What an ominous warning and admission of the deliberately negligent and insufficient service delivered by UA. No such luck for us. It was immediately apparent we had India.

After multiple repetitions of the issues and even 4 or 5 tries with the file number with someone who could not understand English I requested a supervisor... lots of resistance to that, told they did not know when or if our luggage would arrive, or where it was despite my explaining this was critical to me due to the medication. Put on hold for a supervisor... 11 minutes on hold then the call was disconnected, I redialed, tried again placed on hold again for supervisor, this time 14 minutes on hold with no supervisor – exhausted, I tried calling the Houston number which is provided as a second number on the file form… no luck, obviously India again.

Sent online forms using UA system for baggage problems and due to my concern about being without meds also the personal injury claim online... so, that system is nothing but a mirage. The only thing worse than not providing customer service is making pretend you do. My vacation is now running into day two trying to get a guess of when I can get my clothes supplies and medicine. We already miss one dinner, and I spend 38 minutes Friday morning finally getting a supervisor.

Supervisor seems more understanding of the urgency of getting an answer on luggage delivery but cannot explain the initial lie, or why a second bus could not have taken the luggage, or the same bus could not have made a second trip to Vermont with a fresh driver. Supervisor tries to call Newark to find out if sending a bus with the luggage is possible, but (scroll back to how many people are actually there to make pretend customer service is important)... cant get anyone in Newark despite a long hold. We get authorization to buy some clothes, I ask for at least $150 each which he “approves”.

We cancel plans for the rest of the morning (it is now Friday around 1100 pm) and are now in the second long day in our clothing (all my clothes were in my bag along with some of my wife's as I was carrying business papers a laptop and photography equipment in my carry-ons). My wife had no carry-ons either as she does not want to lug anything. Her things are split between her checked bag and mine.

Both of us are in light casual Florida summer wear and we head off to get replace Vermont rainy cold weather clothes and shoes / some supplies we had packed in our baggage which still has no known time for delivery (We were told there were no Newark Flights to VT till Saturday) but no assurance it would be on that flight. Also told we were misinformed that Houston handles any baggage claim service, and that they (India) are the only providers or people to talk to.

I had my doubts since the small flights had been overbooked and there was no apparent room on the 500 pm flight 6/12/14. My faith and belief of anything emanating out of UA is fading and my wife complaining she would never fly UA again. Not a great start to vacation.

At the hotel lobby we get some info on where to get some clothing and told that the same thing happened to the hotel clerk and this apparently happened to a number of her friends – getting bused and no luggage sent with them. We call relatives in the area and one took a taxi on a return trip from Houston and her husband delayed for 10 hours on return from California. This was just the beginning of countless UA BTV nightmares we collected.

Get to the mall to get at least some clothes. We are now soaked in our 2 day Florida clothes. I am not a big clothes shopper, but it becomes quickly clear to me shoes suitable for the planned activities, dinner clothes, and other items are going to be a lot more than $150 each, never mind women's clothes, shoes and wife's needs. Search the UA baggage claim thing on the internet for the phone number and baggage policy limit which is $3500. I try to call Baggage claim, obviously India again. Have real trouble communicating.

I told her we were coming from Newark to BTV, then she would ask where were you coming from. Either not listening or not comprehending. She refuses to speak with me or help me, claiming she cannot find my file without my file number (a lie) and that without the file number she cannot let me talk to a supervisor (another lie, and not impossible, its either a policy or wanton obstruction).

Cannot tell me what baggage claim rights I have, a number of someone at UA to complain to, a legal department number, a complaint department number, or confirm that the baggage claim limit listed on the baggage claim website is accurate or pertains. Thus the baggage claim department cannot state or confirm baggage claim rights, rules or responsibilities.

I am continuing to be upset now since there is nothing but poor baggage claim service and deliberate obstruction in trying to get to superiors who might be able to understand English or are empowered to do anything, Its now well into Friday afternoon and we are not starting any of our “vacation”. The mall does not have anything my size (I am 2xl to 3xl) but my wife finds a few things, so we head downtown to see if we can find shoes/sneakers other needs and eventually pick up what we need before making a final stop to get some toiletries before heading to the hotel to change. We get a call on the way to the hotel that someone is delivering our baggage.

Would have been nice to know that before we spent the day running around for clothes and supplies, but I think at least don't have to stop at a pharmacy to see if I can get meds before my doctors office closes on Friday. Wrong. Wife's bag is there, but only has some of her stuff, as the rest is in my bag, and worse for me, my meds are in my bag. There is no way to call UA in BTV, in fact I learn there are no phone numbers on the internet for any UA local gates – it all goes to the 1800 system.

In short to ask if my bag got left behind in BTV while my wife's was delivered, I have to call, gulp, India again???, And India seems to have no more luck getting a hold of any UA agents at the airports than I do. This time I desperately try to get an agent and make it through to someone in the U.S. Express my gratitude for that and she seems to understand why I refuse to let her transfer me back to baggage claim in India.

She learns my bag is still in Newark and that in fact an error was made at MCO where my bag claim number was assigned to my wife's bag and her bag claim number to mine (a homeland security issue when you can't even get the bags to match up right with the passengers – careless at least) and that my bag as of Friday night when we got back to the hotel was still in Newark. She could find out exactly where it was by calling the million miles phone line. Evidently that can be done, but not by the terribly useless baggage claim service which after lots of time could tell me nothing. She could not tell me when it would be delivered.

Saturday morning still no luck with getting answers from India baggage claim “service”. Supervisor unavailable. They can't confirm the information I was provided the prior night. After holding for supervisor, told again no supervisor available. They promise supervisor will call me back, take all my contact numbers. That was another lie, NEVER got a call from a supervisor.

It's the stuff Saturday Night Live parodies are made of: Hang ups while on hold for supervisors, endless holds for supervisors, lies that supervisors will call back, internet forms to fill out that are never answered, no phone numbers for local airport UA, computer phone menus that only send you back to India, refusals of requests to speak to a department in the US or a department that can handle customer complaints, and lies about what your system can and can't tell you (such as actually knowing where the bag is; being able to look up my account without the file number), and lies that there is even another bag claim service in the US.

Without my medication I really had to limit my food intake and activities we spent the day Saturday hiking, and attending commitments since at least now we had clothes and apparel appropriate for activities. I again don't have my claim number with me but anxious about my medications and trying to determine if I need to go to a local ER or physician for an emergency supply of meds I call the dreaded baggage claim line. Surprise!!! It's Houston! Houston baggage claim!!!

Evidently the wonderful folks in India had posted an early obituary on their American competition and frankly lied to me I could not call or deal with Houston. Lying and misinformation at this level is not just one misinformed trainee – this is systematic obstruction and delay. Still no response from the on-line inquiries. Houston seems a bit confused as the system (consistent with what I could see on the computerized system) stating it was out for delivery and only noting one bag (evidently the system did not clear that my wife's bag made it). They seemed reassuring anyway that somehow it was on its way, but could not tell me where it way.

Before returning to the hotel, since we did not get a call like we did the day before, raising my anxiety, I tried calling baggage claim again. Lightning did not strike twice, I did not get Houston again. I was patient and fortunate to have a little better service from India this time. She could inform me it was my black bag that was going to be delivered and that it would “go out for delivery” at 1130 pm, and I would get a call (as we did on Friday) while it was en route to the hotel. We never got the call and as we returned late a bit exhausted from the day's activities and the endless calls and dealings with your system very much discouraged there was no call.

Fortunately the nice people at the Marriott hotel, all sympathetic as they all seem to have had personal UA nightmares or knew people who had, were exemplary in terms of great customer service. On sight, without our asking they announced my bag had arrived. So we got to enjoy Sunday without headaches of calls to your customer “service” before being cramped on return flights and having my right knee knocked by a flight attendant with a cart since though I am barely outside of normal height I cannot put my legs fully behind the seat with hyperextending my knee and suffering cramps.

So now though I had a busy day at the office after my not so restful or healthy vacation, I am spending hours filling in your claim forms, getting copies of what you require and writing this letter before I will spend some more time making copies and faxing the claim to whatever customer “service” handles these claims.

Now, the 1800 fax number for claims gives me a no signal message. Call... India again! They repeat that is the number. After getting irate at repeated attempts to make the operator understand I am not an idiot and can understand fax error messages, I ask for supervisor. No supervisor, but did get a different baggage claim fax number. My fax to them asked for them to acknowledge receipt of the fax when it arrived... nearly 12 hours later, no response. Emailed UA counsel, president and other officials last night and 3x today. No reply.

Beware - Cheap Price = Bait = Cheap Service
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER AIRPORT, COLORADO -- BEWARE! BEWARE! UNITED AIRLINE. Cheap price = Cheap service. In recent economy of America. I am an American to support America. I used UA for my vacation. But I disappointed completely after used them. Their cheap price = Cheap service = Bait. When you start at airport you will start to pay more for their service for luggage, drinking water, etc. After all of those = Expensive price = Terrible service.

I had booked a flight from John Wayne. (SNA-CA) airport to Orlando International (MCO-FL) airport with one connection at Denver (DEN-CO). On December, 19. 2012. On December, 19. 2012 I had come SNA-CA at 10.00 am to check in ready by schedule. On flight UA431 depart at 1.51 pm to Denver (DEN, CO) at 5.10 pm. At that time weather in SNA-CA was good day with clear sky and temperature was 53 F. But my flight delayed 1 hour by UA operate (They delayed my flight for get more guests go to Tampa-Fl. Had come in late that day) Then flight could leave SNA at 2.50 pm (1 hour late).

UA4314 had come DEN-CO at 5.50 pm late 40 minutes by schedule and I missed my connection Flight UA353 by schedule departed 5.40 pm. After few hour waiting I feel badly by cool weather at DEN-CO airport that day (Cool-Snow & Rain) I had contacted UA customer service for a support they gave to me a phone number of their partner hotel in Denver, I tried to call them but their price was unacceptable.

I contacted UA customer service again and explain my health situation that time with them and their answer was, I must stay in airport with that situation and they will reschedule my flight to earliest flight to MCO-FL in next day. If something happen, their insurance will take care all. Late in that day under that weather condition my blood pressure went up at airport and got an emergency service to University of Colorado Hospital that night. I came back airport at 6.00 am in early morning December 20, 2012 and got reschedule my flight on UA 850Y departed at 10.15 am and came MCO on 3.40 pm.

At MCO one more time I got trouble because my luggage did not came in with my flight. After an hour looking for my luggage I knew they came in another flight earlier my flight (this is a deceitful and deceive of United Air Line Customer Services). When I got home and received a bill from University of Colorado Hospital and Emergency Service was 15.000,00 (for about 3 hour service without any treatment) After my insurance paid a co pay is 150.00 us.

I had been contacted Mr. Jeff Smisek, Chairman of UA and Insurance department of UA to pay this Co pay. Then last their answer is, they do not guarantee flight times and reserves the right to adjust flight times as necessary.
This answer show out disrespect and unreliability of United Air Line with their customer even they was wrong of all. BEWARE & BE CAREFUL with United Air Line. The worst airline company. Get away with them when you see UA If you don't.

Mailed a Flat Rate Package From Virginia to California
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Mailed a flat rate package to my daughter using a flat rate box from VA to CA. Was supposed to arrive in 5 days. Never arrived!! I contacted service number after 3 days after no arrival and they had LOST my package. Couldn't track it after it made it to Sacramento. Told me I'd have to wait 30 days before I could file a claim for the insurance. I asked why they couldn't track it after Sacramento when it had been tracked all the way there. They had no explanation. Disaster service. I'll never mail priority again.

Robbed by UA!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- We first informed United Airlines via email on September 13th, several weeks before we were to embark on our journey with regards to changing one leg of our itinerary.

The nightmare began with a conversation I had with United Airlines customer services with regards to changing our Las Vegas to San Francisco leg of our first trip to the USA.

I asked to cancel the Las Vegas to San Francisco leg of our journey as I had mentioned earlier in an email, to be told I would have to PAY 85 Euros (US100) to do so. Apparently, these are terms and conditions that I had not been given, but I agreed to do so.

As the flight times differ from the flight I booked, we felt the transfer time was too tight for the international leg of our journey, so to be safe we decided to go to San Francisco a day earlier. We then did the following:

First, I emailed customer services with our intentions of cancelling the Las Vegas to San Francisco leg of our itinerary. I did receive a response, but no mention of a fee! However, the last email I received did suggest I speak to customer services before our flight date.

I called customer services and the person I spoke to started off quite politely until just after she mentioned the cancellation fee! When I asked why she just kept stating company policy in a very condescending manner. At this point I was quite outraged and she did not seem to care at all! However, she did confirm there would be an €85 fee.(US$100)

I spoke to UA customer services via Twitter! He confirmed that there is a charge of US100.

Arrived at San Francisco airport, lined up for an hour. They changed the flight. I offered to pay and their representative stated that there is no charge and no fee to pay.

On our arrival at the check in desk we were told that we must pay a US$640 penalty. Failure to pay meant we cannot board our ongoing flight! The US$100 was a lie! They waited for us to get to the airport and basically gave us no choice but to pay or be stranded in the US without our flight. To add insult to injury they offered a $10 refund for not flying from Vegas to San Francisco!

Then to add even further insult to injury our 1.45pm flight was delayed first of all because we were waiting for passengers from another flight. Secondly because the plane had errors, so we had to change aircraft. We eventually took off at 5,57pm!

We were basically lied to and what really amounts to being robbed in broad daylight in an international airport.

Scam Marketing Practices
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Rating: 1/51

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- I need to alert others to a fraudulent, devious marketing scam being conducted by United Marketing Group with headquarters in Schaumberg, Illinois. I received a very official looking postcard in the mail addressed to me with the following offer:

Front side: Final Notice James: An Unclaimed Reward worth up to $100 in Savings is being held for you at our main Distribution Center. To receive this REWARD, please call us now, toll free, at 1-866-991-5478. WARNING: Failure to call will result in an AUTOMATIC FORFEITURE of this REWARD. Please call at once for details. YOUR RELEASE CODE: 041861988

Back Side: "Dear James Our records indicate you have an unclaimed reward. We are holding $100.00 in Savings for you good at Wal-Mart, Target and more - in your name! Please call us toll free at 1-866-991-5478 to claim this reward!

When I called, the sales representative informed me I will receive a $100 Gift Card and a free $50 Dining Certificate good at many locations. All that is required is a $4.95 activation fee charged to a credit card, then I will be transferred to a Manager who will verify the info and give me an Activation Code needed to activate the rewards after receiving a mail packet. Merely answer each of the following questions with "okay" to complete the process.

This all sounds simple, right? What happens next is there are several other recorded offers presented, each with another $4.95 Activation Fee, a short 10-14 day trial period followed by a monthly fee charged to the credit card unless each is canceled prior to the end of the trial. If you say "no" to any of the offers, the whole deal is off, you get nothing, no activation code is received for the initial rewards, and they keep the initial $4.95 fee.

Their ploy is that you have to "Okay" and pay $4.95 to activate all/each of these offers, with the hope you will fail to cancel them before the monthly, non-refundable charges begin. Their whole marketing strategy is to force you to listen to and "okay" all of the offers to get the "rewards" and then continue with each after the trial period.

Cooperate policy
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Rating: 1/51

BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE -- I am employed by uhc, my mother dying she is 93 years old. Since I went bring her to live with in the 2nd week of September with Alzheimer's it has been nightmare. I ran out of PTO. On September 28, 2015 she fell and broke her arm. I took her to the emergency room and was wrote up, and give a occurrence. When I took to the orthopedic surgeon again was give another occurrence and another. I went home because I could not reach anyone. I told my supervisor I would work from home for the rest of the day, When I got home I found my husband laying on the floor called paramedics he was in a diabetic coma the paramedics said, I was given another occurrence. He was rush to the emergency room and put in the ICU for 4 days. Thanks to the lord he recovered, and I was again given another occurrence . Then my mother had a stroke and again I was given another occurrence, for going to the hospital with my mother.
Again I was written up when I came in late for setting up hospice care for her. Now I am at 5.5 occurrence's.

Once upon a time I was so happy to be working at this company. I guess I was a fool! Now I have requested a personal leave the physicians are saying she only has 7 to 10 days to live. I received a email from my manager saying the personal leave had not been approve and it is the companies expectation that I will be to work on time on Monday 11/30/2015.There is documentation for all these event but it does not matter does it ? My job is being threaten because mother is dying ! This is something I would have never believe of my beloved company. I guess I will now have to look for another job because I can not change the prognosis for my mother life expectancy.

Scam on Refunding Money
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- United in Uniform is a SCAM. BEWARE!!! I signed up for this unethical service 2/22/2012. The salesman, ** promised me that if I did NOT get any rentals, WHICH I DID NOT over the course of 10 months, that I could get a refund at any time. I asked him this question again before we got off the phone, and he again promised me that "If I don't get a rental, I can get a refund at any time of the year". No mention of needing to follow some instructions on their web site or some fine print.

It was a lie and when I called to try to get a refund at the end of 10 months, they informed me that I had to stay with the company a full year to give them a chance to get a rental, before I could get a refund. Again, NO mention of needing to follow some instructions on their web site. So I agreed to wait a year, and when I DID NOT get even a SINGLE RENTAL, I asked for a refund. I was then told by their refund department that I didn't follow the proper documented refund policy that was on their web site.

I informed the United In Uniform customer service team, **, that I was never notified by the sales man, or the first lady I talked to, ** on 11/2812 about a refund policy, or that I needed to read anything on the web page. ** was very mean and unsympathetic that no one had informed me about reading a refund policy on the web page. To me, this is nothing more than an advertising scam that needs to be shut down. They Lied to me, mislead me, never told me after countless phone calls (at least 5 calls!!) about this mysterious 'refund policy' on their web site.

Please let other potential consumers know not to fall for their untruthful, unprofessional service. They are truly a very un-customer friendly company, especially the way ** disregarded all the other phone calls and flatly said "You should have read our web site". Wrong, all you liars had to do was to tell me the truth up front about the policy when I asked. If you would have told me, I would have told you that it was unrealistic to do all of those things, and I would have never taken your pathetic service. The bottom line is I received no rentals, and received maybe 4 requests for rentals which is a terrible advertising investment.

Please, PLEASE, HANG UP ON THESE JERKS and don't listen to them. They are nothing but a BIG SCAM.

United Airlines Lives Up to Its Rude, Uncaring Reputation. Awful
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- After my return flight to Dayton, OH via Chicago I went to unpack my checked bag. I noticed that my pair of dress shoes were missing from the bag. I remember packing these shoes in my checked bag as I am very fond of them and they were a rare splurge. I went online to find out how to remedy the problem. I was directed to the Baggage Resolution Service Center. When I called the number the woman who answered asked me to tell her what happened.

I began with the story of the return trip and went on to explain what happened when I went on to put things away at home. She was immediately combative and actually told me I hadn't contacted them in time before she even knew what date I'd returned home. I didn't catch this at first but as she became more and more rude and began to explain to me that United Airlines had no intention of helping me in any way I paid closer and closer attention to what she was saying. She was far more concerned with United Airlines liability risk and in informing me that this was my fault than anything else.

Now, all I wanted were my shoes back but she basically accused me of trying to defraud the airline. It's not important here to disclose what I paid for the shoes but they were something I don't go buy every weekend. She kept telling me I needed to be quiet and allow her to speak and didn't seem interested in my lost item at all. I asked her if they had cameras in the baggage handling area and she said that no, they have limited camera coverage of that area. She ended by giving me a website and a form # that I could up on my own to fill out.

I asked her who I could call about this and she told me there was no one I could call. I confirmed there is no one I can talk to about items stolen out of my luggage while I'm traveling... she said that was correct. I just hung up. I WILL NEVER FLY ON UNITED AIRLINES AGAIN. I would rather spend more money on a competent airline that cares about their customers than deal with the likes of this rude and arrogant woman.

Worst Travel Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- I've been flying on a semi-regular basis for the past 16 years, and I've never had an experience like the one I had yesterday on United Airlines. I flew Continental for a long time, because it was one of only two airlines in my hometown, where my parents still live. But after yesterday, I doubt if I will ever use United again. I originally had a 'red-eye' flight from Monterey, CA to New York City for Sunday night, with a connection at SFO. That flight was first delayed, then eventually cancelled due to fog. That, I can understand.

I was automatically re-booked onto the 5.30 am flight. I slept for four hours, woke up at 4 am, and was at the airport with plenty of time. We all got onto the airplane. Then, the gate agent came onto the plane to announce the plane was overweight. She offered any volunteers to leave the plane a $250 voucher. Since $250 won't get you very far these days, no one took the offer. Then she came back and read the last names of two passengers would have to get off the plane. I was one of those unlucky passengers.

I loudly refused to leave the plane. I explained I had a very important work event that I was already going to be three hours late to, and that I could not miss entirely without serious repercussions. Another passenger then tried to negotiate for a larger voucher amount, saying she would get off the plane for more than $250 so that I could stay on, but the gate agent said should could not offer more than $250. She said I had to leave as I was the last to check in for the flight - surely because I was automatically rebooked and wasn't supposed to even be on that flight in the first place.

I refused to leave. The gate agent left, then came back with security. I was forced to get off the plane like some kind of criminal when I done nothing wrong. They escorted me out of the airport and put me in a cab (which they paid for) to SFO. So I had to endure a two hour cab ride, and of course I missed the connection (only by a matter of minutes due to fog delays). They also gave me a $250 voucher which is worthless because I will never fly their lousy airline again or give them ANY money.

After I missed my connection, they tried to put me on a 1 pm flight, but I demanded they get me back to NYC sooner. They put me on hold for HALF AN HOUR and finally came back telling me they could get me on an 11 am Delta flight. I finally got home, bedraggled, at around 10 pm. I missed my work event entirely.

The Worst Health Insurance EVER!
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- It is unbelievable how unknowledgeable the customer service representatives are. Every representative provides you different information. I was following all the protocols indicated in the policy in order to get reimbursed for a medical material I paid for. Every time (about 5 or 6 times) I receive an email that indicates I need to supply them with some information, and once I do, I would still receive another email that indicates that I need to supply something else.

And, two of the representatives provided me with incorrect information about my claim. You are a WASTE of TIME. The time I wasted in your calls is worth more than the amount ($96.22) I am asking for. I strongly recommend avoiding this insurance company!!!

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