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Moving Difficulties
By -

Like the others who wrote here, we chose Uniworld not because of price, but because they seemed knowledgeable and friendly. Things started going badly at pick-up. First, they never offered to do a walk-through, so the estimated amount was done our inventory we provided them. That would cause problems later. We scheduled for two since we were both shipping and putting things in storage. About two weeks before, Uniworld called to change the pick-up date to later, but we explained we had given them the latest possible date. So they claimed they could complete the packing and pick-up in one day.

Well they arrived over 2 hours late and came unprepared. We had a baby grand piano and they did not have a piano board. The inventory sheets were not completed on top, they claimed that they would do it back at the warehouse. (That never happened.) The movers couldn't even spell storage correctly. We wanted two inventories, one for shipping and one for storage, but they said "no we'll just mark those items going to storage." At 10 that night, they still weren't finished and had no more room in the truck. I told them to stop when they threw my gas grill on the back of the truck. It came missing parts.

They wanted to do the same to our 3 racing bikes, but I wouldn't let them. They promised they would return with bike boxes. I had to make arrangements to have them come back 4 days later to finish. The same driver returned without any packing material. Several hours late again. Luckily they had left some packing material because it wouldn't fit on the truck the first trip. I refused to let them take the bikes, since they didn't have the promised bike boxes.

At destination, the container arrived at port, but couldn't get released because Uniworld hadn't paid the shipping company. I had to complain about that so it sat in port for a week. Next the movers here had not yet been paid to deliver and unpack so it waited again. The movers on delivery were very nice and couldn't believe the condition of the inventory. (Their copy was partially illegible and missing 3 pages.)

When they unpacked the container, we ended up with 15 items that were supposed to go to storage and didn't receive 6 items we wanted. I got a table top and two legs but not the stabilization boards to allow it to stand up. Who knows where they are. We have filed a claim on damage due to some poor packaging.

We contacted Uniworld to seek some reimbursement for the inconvenience they caused us. I now have a lot of stuff with nowhere to store it. I also have the storage list that includes the 15 boxes they sent, so I should be getting some money back on storage costs. We specifically asked for weight tickets on both the shipment and storage to get reimbursement from our employer. They provided neither. We sent a formal complaint letter and it came back refused.

Finally, we got hold of someone by phone and they talk about the good service they provided and honest mistakes. They can't be held accountable for our decision not to trust their packers with our bikes. While they seem nice upfront, I'd never use them again.

Uniworld Cargo was one of the worst nightmares of my life!!
By -

I contracted with Uniworld Cargo to move me from California to southern Spain. A woman named Helen called me to set everything up. That was to be the last time I'd ever be able to speak with Helen, as she would never again accept a phone call from me. Helen quoted me a figure and told me that my shipment would arrive within 2 to 4 weeks in Spain.

Uniworld contracted a company called California Relocation to pick up my shipment. That company was extremely efficient, helpful and professional. I would HIGHLY recommend California Relocation. I left for Spain and never again heard from Uniworld Cargo. When a month went by I contacted them to ask the status of my shipment. They said they would check on it and call me back. I never heard back from them.

Another week went by and I called again. They still couldn't tell me anything. Then I got a bill from them. It was over 2 times what they had quoted, and I had no choice but to pay it, as they were then holding my belongings as ransom. In addition to the payment, they also charged me an additional 5% for paying with a credit card, something that they had not mentioned upfront (even when I asked about paying by credit card). And when I made the initial payment before the pick-up, they did not charge the 5% at that time.

From then on I spent week after stressful week not knowing if I would ever see my belongings again, and nobody could tell me anything. The people at Uniworld Cargo were the rudest, nastiest and most unprofessional people I had ever dealt with. I was in Spain and having to call New Jersey twice a week, just to be treated rudely and spoken down to as if I were a second class citizen. At no time did they ever show any concern for my situation.

The 2 to 4 week delivery that I was quoted, ended up taking nearly 5 months!! My belongings left my home in California the end of January and arrived in Spain the end of June, and never once did I get any explanation. I called California Relocation, who were very courteous. They told me that my belongings sat in their warehouse for nearly 2 months before ever leaving California, something they felt was very strange. They also said that Uniworld had not paid them despite numerous attempts to collect the money.

The shipment arrived in England, and then was transported to Spain by truck. I was given no advance notice whatsoever of the arrival, and the day it arrived I was in another city 70 miles away. I got a call on my mobile telephone telling me that they were at my door. The driver told me that I needed to get there as soon as possible because he had a deadline to meet in Portugal and that he would leave with my shipment.

I nearly broke the sound barrier trying to get back to the city where I lived so that my belongings would not disappear once again. When I got there, the arrogant driver told me that his truck would not fit down my street and that I would need to unload the truck myself. This was after waiting nearly 5 months and paying more than twice what I was quoted.

Uniworld Cargo was extremely deceitful and used sneaky and underhanded tactics to get my business. They are the most disreputable people I have ever dealt with. They make a lot of promises upfront, and the minute that they have your belongings in their possession, they no longer will talk to you, other than to demand payment if you want your belongings.

A brand new $2000 mattress and box spring was delivered to me completely hanging out of the box and all stained and torn. I filed a complaint with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau, and that was as far as I was able to go since I no longer lived in the USA.

Uniworld Cargo is not only disreputable and EXTREMELY unprofessional, they are dishonest, deceitful, arrogant, rude, and downright sleazy of a company. They should be run right out of business. In their advertising they say that they understand how stressful a move can be, and therefore they will be able to help you at any given moment by telling you the status of your shipment. That is absolutely a lie and false advertising. At NO time were they able to tell me the status of my order.

And the additional 5% charge that I protested, since it had never been mentioned upfront, they told me I could either pay it or not receive my shipment. I have read other reviews about them from other unhappy customers, and I see that I am, by far, not the only one to have experienced such a nightmare. Uniworld Cargo are despicable people!!

Uniworld Cargo, a shipping nightmare
By -

NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY -- Three months ago I moved from New York to Lima, Peru. After a good deal of research I chose Uniworld Cargo. Not because of pricing but because they were extremely helpful and sounded very knowledgeable. I told them I would buy a whole set of new mayor appliances (fridge, washer, etc) and they told me the best way would be to have them sent to their warehouse, where they would put them together with my other belongings in the container where all my cargo would be shipped.

Since was going to do some traveling before reaching Peru, I asked them to ship my goods once I instructed them to do so. Pretty simple and straightforward. What happened afterwards was a total nightmare. First of all they decided on their own to ship my things with no instruction whatsoever, so they arrived before I was ready to pick them up. That forced me to rush into renting an apartment I didn't really want. Their accountants send me the invoice for the second 50% of their charges when the cargo was already arriving to port, and took their sweet time to send me the Bill of Lading that I required to pick the cargo up.

As a result I had to pay a lot of penalties to the shipping company, the local warehouse and the owners of the container (that's about $100 per day). When I opened my cargo I realized that the large appliances had not been loaded. I called them immediately and they suggested me to call the insurance company. "No way jose", I told them and they finally acknowledged their mistake and promised to send my goods asap.

Meanwhile, when we counted the boxes in the container, their number was not what the bill of lading said. Instead of 54 packages, there were 73. How could they miss a simple package count escapes my imagination. The problem is that the bill of lading had to be rectified, and that took a few more days of additional charges plus fines from the customs authorities who hate counting discrepancies in the cargo.

Once I picked up my things, I kept mailing and calling Uniworld Cargo about my missing pieces. After one month of mostly unanswered mails and vanishing personnel (most of the time I could only talk to the phone girl; everybody else seemed to be out of the office all the time) one of their executives had the gall to tell me that the delay was caused because they were searching for the most favorable rates. I had to point her that I had paid my shipping in full, and the rates were not my problem.

Finally, today my cargo arrived to port, but I can't pick it up, because Uniworld Cargo never sent me the required documentation, although for the past two weeks I have been requiring it in all possible ways. Moral of the story, if you ever think in Uniworld Cargo as a possible shipper, fuggedaboutit, beware, don't please even think in them. Unless you enjoy nightmares more than I do.

International Movers
By -

NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY -- I recently shipped some things from the US to Australia and had a very unsatisfactory experience with the shipping company, and would like to let other people know to avoid that company. While they did not do anything bad to my possessions or me, I found them very frustrating to deal with, and I felt I was deliberately misled on several points.

While the company was excellent prior to collecting my goods, I found it very difficult to get information out of them after my goods had been picked up as they did not respond to queries afterwards. They sent their invoice by e-mail, but I never received. Despite queries from me it took a month for them to resend that invoice, resulting in late payment and financial penalties on me.

I requested a receipt, which was also e-mailed, which was the invoice with “paid” written across the corner, and because payment was made in two installments (deposit and balance) the “receipt” reports the total as the invoiced final balance, not the total paid. Sounds like a nothing matter, but it has caused a lot of difficulty getting reimbursed for travel expenses by my employer, who.

Uniworld quoted a price for a particular volume, and the per cubic foot charge. The per cubic foot charge quoted was much cheaper than any other company, so I selected Uniworld even though they estimated my goods would take up a larger volume. I was then charged for the estimated volume, despite it saying on the contract and me being assured verbally and in writing that the final amount due would depend on the volume as assessed after my goods were picked up.

The Australian company shows I had 109 cubic feet; I was charged for 200 cubic feet, almost twice as much. Presumably 200 cubic feet is half a container, and they only sell by the half or full containers. At no point was I told that, I'm just making a guess as I haven't received a response from the company when I questioned it.

The service I paid for was supposed to include unpacking: reassembly of furniture and taking away packing materials. That did not happen. The Australian company that my goods were handled by told me that many of their other clients had also had trouble with this shipping company. They tried to contact Uniworld cargo to get answers to some of my questions, but were equally unsuccessful.

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