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Deliver What You Sell
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- US Remodelers Inc is an authorized service provider of Home Depot. This company provides services for refacing kitchen cabinets. While shopping at Home Depot you might be approached by someone who asks if you would like to get a free estimate for refacing cabinets. I was in the process of getting bids to finish a basement not my kitchen, but I have wondered what refacing might cost so I said yes. I can't say that this was the biggest mistake of my life because the end product does look nice. It is just the miscommunication and confusion of expectations through the whole process beginning with the salesman through the installer. Neither one of them have ever talked to each other. So how does the installer know what was sold to the customer? The salesman is good and promises you the sky with a moon. The price was not bad. He hooked me and I gave up on finishing the basement.

  1. The salesman promised that the material would never warp or chip and the grandkids can ram their cars/toys against it all that they want and it will not mare the material. 2. He said that the doors and drawers would close quietly and if you want them adjusted even more that you should ask the installer. 3. He said that all of the edges would be smooth. 4. He said that it would take three days and they would move all of the appliances and 5. put up plastic to keep the dust in and most importantly 6. they will keep the area clean every day. 7. He said the installers were great to work with and would work with you if you needed anything extra. He even told stories about installers putting up ceiling lights for customers or helping them with other small projects. Just tip them a little or buy them a lunch. They will do it for you. It sounded like a great group to work with. It's always nice to know that installers will work with you. I thought this would be easy so I signed up.

Now the guy with the measuring tape shows up and measures all of your cabinets. 1. He says that this should only take two days because it is a small kitchen. 2. The appliances will not have to be removed. 3. The installers will keep the area clean and 4. I will have access to the kitchen at any time that I need to. He said the installers are only allowed to do what is in the contract, contrary to the salesman. I kept thinking a little bribe should still work because I did have an extra project pertaining to the kitchen.

It was almost 9:30 am when I called to see when the installers would arrive. I was told they were still cutting pieces for the job and would be out within 45 minutes. One very young installer shows up. Where is the kitchen? He did not walk through what he would be doing and what I should expect over the next few days. At this point I am only relying on what the salesman said and the guy who measured the area. The installer removes all appliances except for the dishwasher. He masks the kitchen off and begins work.

After the first day, he left the kitchen a mess - did not sweep the sawdust or small pieces of wood. I was unable to use any appliances except for the refrig as they were all removed to another room. The dust was just sifting throughout the house even with the plastic up. It is such a fine dust.

The next day I asked the installer if it were possible to sand and stain the counter edge as this was all wood (oak) and would not match with the cabinets when the work was completed. This was my small project that I thought I could ask for. The first thing out of his mouth was an adamant "no". He was not allowed to do that. He could only do the refacing. End of conversation.

I then asked if I paid him some extra plus cost of materials if he would do it. He still resisted. Then he said that he would have to call his supervisor to get approval. At the end of day two he did sweep up the particles on the floor but again the dust just sifted throughout the house. The attached room to the kitchen had sawdust all over the backwall and on furniture. A hole was in the plastic and sawdust sifted into the living room and dining room and upstairs. I left windows open but it just blew the dust around.

The next day he then said that he would do the countertop edging and charged me extra which was OK. I had ordered extra refacing material because of another project I wanted to do. When I asked if he had the end piece he said that he would have to pick it up at the shop. I told him I would be glad to pick it up for him so that he could finish. He was adamant about me not picking it up - excuse was they were not open yet. When they opened he would call and ask someone to bring it out.

At noon I asked again about it and if someone was bringing it out. He said he did not call but would bring it out some other time and asked why I needed the piece right now. I was planning on buying new wood flooring and it would have been useful to use the piece to match up with the cabinets. Plus the fact that I paid for it and should have it. He finally got upset with me and called his supervisor to bring it out. I finally found out that they had shorted him material and that extra piece was already used in the process. By the third day I was getting really irritated with his attitude and wanting to make decisions for me.

When he finally left, the house was a disaster with dust. The cabinets were filled with dust; the dishwasher was full of dust. Hand prints were on the wall. It was everywhere. The doors and drawers were not any quieter than my old ones. Now you might ask what does "clean" mean. Everyone has their own definition. You expect some dust but my furniture was covered with an 1/8 of an inch.

My dishes which were in boxes and covered with a sheet had sawdust in them. I had to wash each one. I was coughing for two days. So if the sales pitch was "clean"; atta boy attitude; quiet closing doors; non-destructible material, well they did not score very well. And my grandson has not been over to determining the destructibility. The supervisor of the company came out to inspect the work at my request. I left the dust for three days so that he could see. He thought it was clean - so oh well. What does clean mean.

The lazy susan cabinet door was installed backwards and the bottom hinge prevented the tray from turning. Glue remained on the cabinets and had to be removed. Small pieces of wood were left on top of the cabinets. Some of the cabinet edges were rough and could have created splinters if you wiped them down.

Gouges were made on the underside of the shelves in the cabinet made from the sanding tools. I really don't like the size of the hinges. They are huge and look like they could be used for a jail cell. Maybe they are. Sorry, I was not pleased. The supervisor said he would reorder the door and have someone come out to replace it and remove the glue, sand some of the edges and stain the gouges. As far as quiet doors, this does not exist. I was told that as long as they close flush that was all that they could do. I tried to get the salesman out only to show me what he was trying to sell. He never did show up as he tried to schedule a day that he knew I was unavailable.

I am sending a report to Home Depot scoring US Remodelers Inc on the quality, efficiency, promises, cleanliness, courtesy, and followup of repair work. Even if I had everything in writing from the salesman, it would not have made a difference because I was told that there were previous complaints from customers regarding the marketing of the product and promises made.

It was also my understanding that the installers have never met the marketing personnel so they do not know what the customer is expecting. I guess the extensive dust, unkempt promises, miscommunication from marketing through installation and some of the "I know better" attitude is what I disliked most.

I do like the look of the cabinets even though it encouraged me to redo the floors and add tile above the counters. It is all coming together and looks better everyday. Would I do it again? Only if I could nail the salesman to the wall for every lie he made in selling the product. I guess that is why they are in sales. I would not recommend this company unless you are dead set on refacing and living in dust for a while. The product appears to be good (test of time will tell) and the price appeared reasonable. I did not have any other quotes.

Resolution Update 06/21/2009:

US Remodelers did come out to fix the lazy susan door. It now opens properly and allows the turn tables to move. However they did not repair the shelves where they sanded too deeply and made gouges on the underside of the shelves. I would not use their service again. Just be ware of companies and get their promises in writing.

US Remodelers - Home Depot - Kensignton Windows (screwed customer)
By -

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- Well... NEVER EVER use US Remodelers to do ANY OF YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT JOBS!!! My husband got suckered by Home Depot to have Kensignton Windows installed as our house is in Texas and the house built 1986 had bad windows. So he decided on brown vinyl, well all windows are custom (Bud Bartley Home). US Remodelers had a contractor (sub probably #3) to install the windows. Well he did not install in the pre-drilled holes, use foam filler, a no-no. Within 1st year rain was actually pouring in through the windows. Well my husband left and I was caught in a $15,000 investment gone wrong.

I contacted US Remodelers, Kensignton Windows to show them the windows were improperly installed. WELL... IT TOOK A LAWYER to get these 2 companies at my home and they, US Remodelers and Kensignton, took the cost and reinstall everything with white vinly windows. BUT... US Remodelers had a subcontractor install my windows and I ACTUALLY SAW HIM SNIFF drugs in my front yard on his lunch break. Well, the windows are still OK after 7 years. I still have to recaulk outside and inside twice already. The contractor did not seal the brick sill on one window and now I have to seal the grout that is doing the step-crack thing.

NEVER EVER USE HOME DEPOT OR US REMODELERS. Kensignton has gone bankrupt so no lifetime warranty. I will start replacing these windows with PELLA directly and pay the extra $$$ for them to install as I would NEVER trust US Remodlers or any as they do not do background or drug testing on their subcontractors!

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