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Little effort to deliver package
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VERNON, CONNECTICUT -- One of my friend's bands is on the start of a national tour at this current time. Last night they played in my city and I was going to go to the show. (Half the band lives in the midwest, the other half lives in Austria.) The day before they arrived, I got a phone call from the singer stating that they had an item that they *needed* for the show that night and that the bassist's girlfriend had overnighted the package to my apartment via the USPS and that it was to be on my door no later than noon.

Even though I took half a day off to hang out with them, I did have to go into work that afternoon. Just before noon, I went to see if my neighbor would keep an eye out for the package, as he works 2nd shift and the band was running late and was not going to be able to visit me before they had to load gear at the venue. When I walked outside, I spotted the tag stating the USPS had missed me. Since 7:30 am I had been checking the front door every 10-20 minutes as well as left my apartment door open so I could hear any knocking.

I was very upset as I had taken half a day off work and waited for this package. USPS did not come to my door, nor did they try and locate me to give this package to me, they just stuck the notice on the mailbox. The notice said I would be able to pick it up the next day at 8 am which was no help to me as the band would be in a different city 300+ miles away.

I then took the slip to the Post Office and calmly explained the situation. The clerk at the Post Office called the driver and told me that the package would be in back in the office no later than 4:30 pm. I then verified that either myself or the band would be able to pick up the package. He confirmed that as long as the person had the slip in their hand, they would be able to get it. He wrote down the phone number for their office so I could call and make sure the item was in their office and told me that they locked all doors at 6 pm. After work, I was able to go back in and get the package that they needed for that evening.

In the end, it did work out for the best, but I was very frustrated that there was no attempt to locate me. I hate to sound cranky, but there is a reason that things are overnighted. Usually because whatever is inside is NEEDED that day. I gave labeled this "informative" as there is no neutral on this site. And although my experience was very infuriating at the start, the customer service/clerk in the office was very helpful and understanding of the situation with the package.

Overnight Mail Missing Even With Tracking Number
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Rating: 1/51

NEWBURGH, NEW YORK -- Sent overnight mail from NY to FL Saturday morning 9:30 am. It is now Tuesday and the US post office has no idea where it is and they certainly do not care. Should have used another facility.

Both services stink
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I'm not one to complain, I try to give shipping companies the benefit of the doubt. This time however, I'm really annoyed at USPS, and UPS. I ordered an item on Monday, Dec 17, 2007, and paid for overnight delivery USPS. It was the only option the shipper offered. So I paid $25.00 dollars for Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007 delivery. No package, nothing. USPS due to the holiday, says it will take 7 days for my package. Why did I bother asking for overnight??

Then, I order the same item yesterday morning, for UPS Red, through another company, for overnight delivery, spend $28.00 dollars, for delivery today, this morning. And now find out, it won't be delivered until, Monday, Dec 24, 2007. Yes, I cut it close by ordering late, but I paid the extra money for my packages, and got bupkis on both.
Am I annoyed?? Yes, very. I didn't have the option for Federal Express, which I always use, and never have a problem. My items are out there somewhere, and hopefully, will arrive before 2007 is over.

Resolution Update 12/21/2007:

UPS came through. Its 8pm here, Friday Dec 21st, and they just delivered my package, after a couple of phone calls to customer support.

United Parcel Service issue has been resolved!

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I have tried to find my Express mail package with no luck. When I try to get through the automated menu to speak with a person I have actually been hung-up on. Not a cell phone dropped call but land line hung-up on...

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