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I Did Not Quit
By -

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- I am or was an employee at Value Village. On Monday May 16th, myself and another employee were instructed by a supervisor to go clean the fitting rooms up because they were really bad. After a while of us being over there, another supervisor approached us and asked if we could go clean up some other areas of the store that were messy. We said to her that we were busy right then with the fitting rooms and if she could get someone else to clean those areas. She looked at us and said "if you're going to have an attitude, you guys can just leave..." We said to her "really??" and continued working.

We rolled our rack of clothes onto the floor and started to roll them...picking up the floor in between. I was then called over the intercom to the front of the store by the supervisor. She said "I thought I said if you were going to have an attitude you can leave...leave." So I walked to the back, gathered my belonging and clocked out.

I then heard the other employee Larunda being called to the front. As I walk through the front to leave, I could hear Larunda telling the supervisor she was not on a register because she was on floor for the day. The supervisor told her "you can leave too with that attitude". I was walking out the door and onto the parking lot when Larunda came out of the store and we left.

Today May 17, I am getting calls from current and past employees asking me why I quit or walked out on my shift. I DID NOT QUIT. If I was planning on quitting, I wouldn't be working, period or worrying about cleaning up anything. This is not the only incident with the supervisor either...she has told me to get my life together and she has made racial remarks towards our floor cleaner about he is so slow.

I want to follow him and kick his heels, saying "undelay, undelay..." then threatening my job by saying I didn't have privileges to call in or miss work, and she would hate to fire me over a little party which happened to be my sister's baby shower that I requested off about 2 months prior. Anyway if you stand with me and have had issues with Value Village located in Springfield, OR, please respond.

You lost a sale!!
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I visited your Ballard WA store today on my way to work. I found a piece of exercise equipment that I wanted to purchase. I found a salesperson a middle aged brunette woman (I didn't read her name tag) and explained to her that I wanted to purchase it. I was willing to pay for the piece today, but I explained that I needed to finagle a vehicle to pick it up and that I could get that arranged first thing in the morning. She didn't even consider my request, her response was, "We don't hold things on the floor."

I wasn't asking for the item to be "held", I was willing to pay for the piece initially and simply asked them to push it to the back until tomorrow morning. So I inquired about a delivery service with and offered to pay whatever necessary, and she flat out told me they didn't do that either. So I asked if there was a manager on duty, and she said "No, we don't HOLD anything here, so even if you pay for it now, it could be sold before you come and get it."

The elliptical trainer in question had a $199.00 price tag that I was more than prepared to pay, so I went outside and checked out my trunk, I decided with some cooperation I could make it fit so I went back inside to make the purchase. I stood in line and got to the register and told the cashier that I wanted to buy the elliptical trainer and she told me to go to furniture and a furniture person would give me a receipt to take back up to pay for it, so I went back and waited, and waited, and waited. Nobody showed. So I walked out and I'm glad that I did because I found a newer piece of equipment at the Goodwill and they more than accommodated my large purchase.

I have questioned your corporate motives in the past as there is far little value in your junk chest, I can buy the same clothes and appliances brand new at Ross for the same prices that you charge for stained, damaged, used goods. I will never shop at your store again, and I will encourage everyone I come in contact with to do the same.

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