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Harassing Unethical
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTERSVILLE NC -- I don't often complain, but their treatment of other human beings is downright pitiful, and borders on harassment and shows no morals. We did all the company they represented money - and didn't know why did their actions influence us paying them or not paying them. They were simply the middleman meant to harass us like a mob boss. Companies that use Vericore will lose business if they continue to employ such Horrendous collection agencies.

I dealt with WF and our first phone call lasted nearly an hour as he berated me, and put down myself and my business. Even after an agreement, he continued his practice of contacting anybody he could get his hands on, including my staff, to drag me through the mud.

The bottom line is, I always was going to pay, but I can't pull money from a stone. I needed the money to come into my account, and I knew it would, but the harassment of everyone around me wouldn't stop. No appreciation for any human condition, any business situation, or any flexibility. Constantly sent me Internal emails so that I could see fake communication between him and every department in the company. Of course that was all BS and for show, and truly did not influence what I was doing. Scam artists, if you need something collected, go a different route.

Fraudulent Tactics & Harassment
By -

HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Our receptionist was freaking out telling me someone was coming to take photos of our offices and whatever was inside. When I got on the phone and asked the gentleman, who gave me such a bogus name he could not even spell it himself, who he was and who was sending him. He said he was from MCS and was a private investigator hired by a Mr.** from VeriCore. I asked for his number and he told me to contact Mr. ** who had his "cell" number.

He also said he was going to go to all our suppliers and vendors and Banks to do an "Asset & Liability" investigation. I thought the call was weird and immediately called Mr. ** who asked for my email (I should have never given it out) to send the "contract" by the vendor giving him custody of the debt. He gave me a figure of almost double what we owe this vendor. I said we had a payment plan and we had been sending $$$ every month. He said it obviously was not enough and now the account was in his hands and the Vendor would not speak to us.

Then at the evening hours I get my email on my Blackberry where he sends a bogus letter, no letterhead, and an attachment, a credit card authorization form!!! I sent him a formal request for all documents including his letter of engagement by the Vendor and the name of the "investigator" and his employer so we can file a complaint with the Federal Agencies regulating their business. I specified by USPS, nothing other than that would be accepted. Of course this never came.

Instead, I got another email again in the evening as a copy of a letter to the Department of Revenue requesting specific information on our Corporation. Huhhh??? You can go on the internet and find each State's Corporation filings at a minute's time. All he is doing is pretending you are an idiot and they are the smart ones...

Sadly, a lot of people are not savvy on these matters and do get intimidated. I just Googled North Carolina and found their Corporation, a Foreign LLC formed in Louisiana a few years back that got a license to do business in NC in 2004... Then I looked for complaints and to my surprise I found over 10 sites like this one with handfuls of complaints. They are being investigated by the FTC and other Federal Agencies...


Vericore is a joke! Don't talk to these guys!!!!
By -

HUNTERSVILLE -- Vericore. It's too bad I can't say anything good about them! After doing business with a foreign company for about four years, and being their number one customer to boot I admit that I fell behind paying them at the beginning of this year when the economy was not very good. I was almost at 180 days which wasn't like us at all.

The day before we were getting ready to wire the balance due (about 16K) DP called and started to harass me, yell at the top of his lungs at me, which I responded by being vulgar right back. Where this scum of the earth crawled out from I have no idea. My vendor hadn't yet hired them so I called them to arrange payment. I sent 10K when he promise that they would not report this to any credit bureau, and I would sign a contract to buy 30K from them in the next year, about a fourth of what I bought before.

Of course after sending them 10K they reneged on the documentation so we sent them no more money yet. We won't send them anything until the scumbags from Vericore stop harassing us, and making threats. If they show up at my door to slash my tires as I've heard them tell other people I'd highly suggest they don't even think about it.

I had no problem paying for what I owed minus about 3K of product that was produced with very noticeable manufacturing defects. It's clothes which makes it very hard to sell when it's a noticeable defect. If it was on the inside of the garment it would have been possible. This was agreed upon with the vendor. Now they have lost about 100K per year in orders, and as much as I can possibly do to let other people know that they used Vericore instead of receiving their money. Not real smart in my book.

Unfortuately it's obvious Vericore harassed my old vendor. This guy will never see one red cent from me. I'll still pay for what I owe the vendor, and if they choose to wire money to the jerk that's their business. I guess number one customers are easy to find in other countries!! My advice is just to report these guys to the Better Business Bureau which is what I plan on doing tomorrow. Do not, I repeat, do not talk to them on the phone as mister congeniality told me that all calls are recorded.

Unprofessional And Pushy
By -

I have found this collection company to be pushy and rude and they use scare tactics to try to threaten you to remit payment. They claim to be "private investigators" which they are not, they are simply a bunch of losers at a collection agency. Rude and pushy, not a good way to do business.

Thugs Is Not The Word
By -

First of all the employee claimed they were a member of the Better Business Bureau which they are not because they have too many complaints against them. Second, I have been paying on the account that I owe. Third, they called two of my banks claiming to represent the company that I owe trying to get personal info which they did not get. Fourth, they claimed they were going to shot the tires out of all of my company vehicles before the sun sets. Fifth, they have continued to call and harass my employees here in my office. Sixth, I have continued to make payments on the indebtedness.

Last but not least, the Federal Trade Commission is launching an investigation out of Atlanta, Ga. because of the enormous complaints they have had with this company.

Vericore collections and their services
By -

For the record, the only people who have any type of problem with this company are the DEADBEATS who don't pay their bills!! I use this fantastic collection service when people I extend credit to try to take me for a ride!! THEY WORK!! All of these people who are hating on this company are probably deadbeats who NEED TO PAY THEIR BILLS!! I highly recommend this company and give them many kudos for what they do! They are tops in their field! They are aggressive, but effective, and have collected almost everything my company has sent them! I hope they are around for a very long time!!

Vericore Collection Agency
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Surprised they are still in business, although they may be brand new. Severe harassment style collection agency. They use the threats of asset investigation, lawsuit, bankruptcy, site visits to frighten people.

If you are confronted by them either in person or on the phone do the following:
1. Do not give them any personal information. 2. Tell them to send you documentation. 3. Report them to, Better Business Bureau and any other consumer advocacy group you can find. 4. Contact an attorney.

Vericore breaks the laws of consumer protection in their desire to make money for themselves. Scary bunch, but don't be intimidated. Let's put them out of business.

Harassment and illegal threats
By -

VENICE, FLORIDA -- We received calls from this company today regarding a disputed bill with a vendor.They not only threatened to contact any vendor we do business with, but our financial institutions as well, none of which can be done without our permission. In addition they are threatening to send an"investigator" to our property again illegally to take photos etc. If this is the type of company our vendors want to deal with then we don't want them as a vendor.

By -

ARKANSAS -- This company absolutely violated the law regarding debt collection. They are frightening and had the audacity to send somebody to threaten me in person. I will do whatever I have to to bring this company down.

Unlawful practice
By -

This company is the scum of scum. They use illegal tactics to collect a debt. Do not be intimidated by them. Call the police if they show up at your business.

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