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Bad Service Cellular And Customer And Tech Support
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- Verizon offered me a real "deal." They gave me a new phone and took my old one. The service alleged to be the best was the WORST! I could not make or receive calls inside my house. Tech support asked me to go into the yard, first the front, then the back. Within one day I had spent an hour on the phone with Tech support, was offered a $250 signal booster to plug into my wireless router to boost the signal. No thanks. It just happened to be Thanksgiving weekend, and a busy time for a hairdresser not to be getting her calls. I was back at the store ASAP only to find out I was one day over the allotted time to get credit.

I could cancel the CONTRACT (that I never received, as it is tucked away nicely on the website) and I tried my best to resolve the issue many times. Now my sixty dollars (reduced from over 80) has been sent to collections. Now that you have already screwed up my credit over this, why should I pay you a single penny??? I wanted to pay a fair amount, even though I lost money by not being able to get calls on a holiday weekend... I owe you!? What about what I lost with your crappy service and deceptive selling practices???

Verizon Is Regret
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- We are with Verizon for about 6 months now after US Cellular has moved out of Illinois. One of our cell phone stopped working. I went to local store for help. They can't, and the worst is VERIZON DON'T GIVE LOANER PHONES, and VERIZON will mail you replacement phone and you will be lucky if you get replacement within a week.

I talked to customer services representative (I have her name and ID #) and asked for replacement and I understood that my phone will reach me in 5 days by regular mail or I can expedite it by paying $7. And for sure I opted and agreed to pay $7. Two days after received an email that I will receive my phone in next 5 days. I got upset and called customer service again. Of course, got connected to new person. And after describing the whole situation, she said “VERIZON DON'T EXPEDITE LOANER PHONES”. I couldn't figure out who was lying, and she kept asking me “is there anything else I could do" to help me.

If you are with Verizon and something happen to your phone, you are in mess. You will be out of phone for whole week if you are lucky. And if it is your work phone just imagine like mine, I started looking for other options already. Verizon is Regret.

Worst Customer Service In Any Industry
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I'm not sure where to start. I bought a Droid Incredible and broke it in the first month. I tried to add the insurance through Verizon Customer Service. They told me they would process a claim and call me back within 7 days. So after about 10 days, and not hearing from them, I called back and the new customer representative said in the notes of my account it says they would call me back within 30 days. And I said they told me 7 days and she was very rude and said "It's 30 days". So I hung up and waited another 20+ days and, not to my surprise, they never called.

So I assumed my claim wasn't accepted and I continued to use my phone (very little) as it still worked; just the screen was shattered (which is another story on the lack of durability of that phone). But after about 3 months, I decided it wasn't worth it to keep it as I couldn't really travel with it or take it anywhere. So I decided to cancel my service. This is about 5 months after signing the contract. So I cancelled and told the customer representative that I tried to work with Verizon, but no one seemed to care what my problem was, so now I'm cancelling and will get the new iPhone from AT&T.

So after about a week, someone from the "win you back" team called me and THEY CALLED ME to Win me back. She said "What if I can get you a new Droid Incredible for free, a free month of service and waive the early termination fee (ETF), would you be interested in coming back to Verizon?" And I said, "Well for that offer, sure I would consider it". So she put me on hold for a while then came back to the phone and said "I'm sorry, but I can't do that"... ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She called me and offered me a deal and then TOOK IT BACK!

I was speechless and she revised the offer based on the fact that it had been less than 6 months on my contract (which she should have known when SHE CALLED ME), and I said "NO, THANK YOU". To have someone working in your Win You Back team who makes an offer they can't give is ridiculous and terrible service in my opinion. But based on my Verizon experience, this was really no surprise. So a month later, I get the $349 early termination fee ($49 of the total was taxes), and I went on Verizon's website once again to see what I can do and saw that Verizon now has the iPad, which I wanted.

So I called and finally this girl was incredibly helpful (they're always helpful when you're buying something) and she signed me up for a MIFI contract for 2 years and waived the ETF and it's only $20/month. So in the long run a much better deal than the $349 ETF for nothing and I can actually use the MIFI. So then she gave me another number to call to order the iPad which was a bundle offer with the MIFI and a free case. So the next morning I called Verizon to order the iPad through the telephone sales department.

And I wait anxiously for my new iPad and MIFI (which by the way isn't really the optimum way to get 3G, but worked for me because of the ETF I owed). So my iPad and MIFI come in the mail, but no case. So I called Verizon only to get the run around ONCE AGAIN. The customer representative and I spent another hour on the phone arguing about whether or not I had bought the "bundle" and whether or not I deserved the $20 iPad case and the $4 MIFI case. I mean $4 case and that's retail.... So once again I'M SPEECHLESS.

He called in the telephone sales department in Pittsburgh as that is where he can see I purchased the iPad from and she said "No, that was ordered from West Coast" and gave him another number to call. So he called that number and he said "No, that was Midwest". And so I said (as I'm conferenced in the call) that "This is unbelievable. We just called the Midwest and they sent us to you", and he got mad and asked my representative to put me on hold and he refused to speak to me. Oh, and by the way, I asked several times to speak to a supervisor and he refused to let me speak to a supervisor.... SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

So after over an hour of the run around, I had to get off the phone and this customer representative was supposed to keep working the issue and call me back. AND GUESS WHAT..... HE NEVER CALLED BACK. So I went online and bought myself a case (not from Verizon). And I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH VERIZON AGAIN.

How many customer service departments does Verizon have? Why can't you call Verizon and talk to someone who can sell you a MIFI and an iPad (and the case)? Why can't you talk to one person who has the authority to "win you back"? Very complicated customer service organization. When their own employees can't navigate their organization, it's over complicated.

Verizon Wireless - They Never Work for You
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Each time when you call Verizon wireless, it welcomes you by the logo "We never stop working for you". However, this is a shameless lie. In fact, it is very willing to apologize to you but will never solve any issues you were trapped in. Here is my story.

I was charmed by Verizon Wireless' advertisement of their coverage area when I was to travel coast-to-coast this summer, and bought a national plan. The trouble was started from the first day I own it and never stopped and get solved through their customer service. I was a loyal customer at the beginning but now I am thinking of getting rid of it even with the cost of more than $200 penalty.

A. "free phone" with extraordinary high tax
I was supposed to be given two "FREE" phones however the shop charged me more than $40 of taxes under the claim that the tax was counted by the retail value of the phones, which they labelled about $250 each. However, next day I found that the original price of this kind of phones was only about $60 each. The tax must have been swallowed by the unfaith dealer.

B. Battery life as low as 30% announced and was certified "normal"
The manual book of the cell phones said that the battery could last 200 hours stand-by and could talk up to 240 minutes. However, the second day I found that the battery was exhausted and I actually talked no more than 20 minutes.

I returned to the store and asked for an replacement but they just told me that this was normal because the theoretical maximum last time was measured under a Verizon tower! And the actual battery life was typically 40% or less because most of the areas was only 2-3 stars. Why can't they just tell the average lifetime of batteries? Who would only use cell phones under a wireless tower?

C. Charger only charge under your supervision
Then the very next week we noticed that the charger was hard to get a trustful contact with the cell phone and I asked for replacement. They replaced it but the problem remained. But those were only the start of the troubles.

D. Dead spots in urban Atlanta and they don't care
We then moved to the other coast. And to be our astonishment, in Great Atlanta, the cell phone could not receive strong enough signal in my apartment community! Verizon wireless' customer service just told me that my area should have been well covered by a Verizon tower 3 miles away and refused to do any in-situ evolution. Thus my dream of using cell phone as home phone was broken and I had to swallow the cost of more than $30 a month for another home phone line, in a "well covered" area!

E. The plan design is used as excuse of refusing improve service under unusual situation
Then the real trouble comes. Since the main purpose of the cellphone was for keeping contact with my wife, we purchased a "family shared plan". And we had never need more than 400 peak minutes for calling others. However, since the cellphone did not work in the Atlanta apartment, I have to call the
home phone for talking with my wife, which was always done through cell phones priorly, and got charged air time.

This input nearly 300 minutes of extra peak air time penalty into the family plan, and greatly limited the availability of the cellphone for talking with friends in other states. I tried to negotiate with Verizon wireless about including my home phone number into the free-to-call list, even with a fee. However, they coldly refused by "cannot create a unique plan for you"! Even, as a computer software specialist, I am very clear how easy can this be, just add my home phone number into their cell phone number database. The only thing they'd like to do was to tease me into a more expensive plan.

F. Cheating dealer is not cared by the company and they just like to make money through the cheated customers
For the same reason, we for the first time called over 400 minutes peak time while we was made in believe that our limit was 400 minute EACH LINE, which I double checked with the California dealer before we bought
the plan. I was told a lie.

This cost me $40 and Verizon wireless refused any option of reducing my cost, no matter taking the excuse or temporarily treat me as a 500 minute customer for the particular month or rollover the extra minutes into the next month. The very second day I noticed an advertisement saying that minutes rollover plan was now an option offer by another cellphone service provider.

G. "Easy move" made me uneasy and costed me $16 in the dark
Mean time, I called their "Easy move" department for getting my phones local numbers. They did it in a couple of minutes. I thought it was a great job. However, I was totally wrong. I got my money stolen again. In the next billing circle I realized the bill was separated into "California part" and "Georgia part". And my California last month statement was missing and nobody told me how was my 1-month-in-advance payment was used.

Then I called Verizon wireless again and they just coldly told me that they had no way to combine my Georgia billing circle with the California one, and I had no option but apply by myself to their California branch for a refund! I did this and after nearly three month (!) and get a $18 check from their Califronia branch. How curious! My California billing circle started from the 4th, and the "easy moving" happened on the 19th.

I only used half of the California month and 70% of my pre-payment was gone. Where was my another $14? Without a California last statement, I can only guess that they also cut my free air time in the middle of the month and charged the extra! What a trick of making money! Be sure to use their "Easy move" at the last day of your origin!

H. Hardware repair is not available for most dealers
And the troubles kept going. The plug of the ear set I bought with the phones broke in the jack without any reason. And none of the retail stores we visited in the last month had a way to extract it. One of our phones was disabled in vehicle plus a $20 loss of the ear set. No warranty since we cannot go back to the retail store we bought the phones.

I. Rapid dial steals your air time and overhear your activity
Over all of these one-time troubles, I often got suspicious nonsense voice mails in my box and suspicious call-out minutes on my bill. The Verizon wireless customer service got no idea about what was happening until I occasionally noticed that it automatically assign a fast-dial code for every saved numbers. And those code got activated if the phone got compressed in my pocket or bag. How stupid! I disabled all fast-dial and stopped the dirty trick. Thanks to myself but not useless Verizon wireless' no-oriented customer service specialists.

The very yesterday I heard from my colleague that he got a national plan from another provider with 4 times more peak minutes and all others the same, with $10 more than my plan. It seems that the time is coming for me to get rid of Verizon wireless and let them enjoy the 3 months stop-contract fee. I am going to say good-bye to Verizon wireless and hope the trash company goes to hell sooner or later.

Screwed Up My Order - Twice!!
By -

I was eligible for a new phone on a Friday. I placed the order for my new phone because I was told I could have Saturday delivery - I never would have ordered over the phone if that wasn't an option. I would have gone from store to store to find the phone I want in stock if necessary because I wanted the weekend to figure it out. No, I was assured repeatedly (because I kept asking for verification) that I would have my phone delivered on Saturday (who knew Saturday delivery existed?) Yay! Or so I thought.

Received the email confirmation on the order, clicked on the tracking link and found out it was scheduled to be delivered on Monday by 10:30am. NOT what I was promised, not what I ordered. Called customer service again, explained the situation and was given apologies, but told nothing could be done at that point... Would take 48-72 hours to cancel that order because it had already begun the shipping process. I told them that wasn't acceptable and since I already had been charged for the phone on my credit card, they needed to fix it.

I gave them 3 options: 1 - to cancel that order and initiate a new one, with Saturday shipping (because I was again assured that it was possible and that the first customer service agent entered the wrong shipping code); 2 - to refund my money NOW so I could go into a store to buy one; or 3 - to allow me to go into a store to buy one and bill it to my Verizon account so I wouldn't have to pay again. I was promised the phone would be in my hands on Saturday and that is what I expected them to do.

After being placed on hold several times and asking that a supervisor get involved, I was finally told they would be able to cancel the first order and have it shipped back to them at which time I would be refunded the original charge. They created a new order and "waived the Saturday delivery fee, due to the miscommunication..." This phone would be billed to my account. And I would receive the phone on Saturday as originally ordered.

But when I received the tracking/confirmation order for the 2nd order and went to FedEx's site - I was told there was an estimated delivery date/time of 3pm on Monday. AGAIN?! No, it can't be. There must me some mistake. Call customer service yet again - 3rd time in 24hours - to find out the situation. Yep, the morons operating the phone lines for Verizon screwed up my order again. The second order created entirely to fix the shipping error made the first time around had the EXACT SAME MISTAKE.

Two ** who can't perform the basic functions of their job? Well again I told the supervisor involved (the second supervisor, the third phone call) to fix it. Cancel the order. I was going to one of the Verizon stores to get my phone today and I was going to be allowed to bill it to my account because I've already paid you $300 & I'll be damned if I'm spending one more cent. Nope, not an option. Why? Because the second phone was billed to my account to fix the error from the first order.

So you guys have royally screwed me over. I just have to wait until Monday, I got nothing that I was promised, and I am seriously debating shipping the phone back once it does come to me and cancelling my service. It's not worth it to belong to "the Verizon community" when you can't trust the ** manning the controls. Do you even require GEDs to work in one of the call centers? Are former graduates of special education programs transitioned into customer service roles with Verizon? Why is it so hard to just deliver on what you promise? Twice?!

Technical Support Fiasco
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We live in a rural area and have had cellphone service since our local phone company put up cell towers, over 10 years ago. All the towers around us were owned by Midwest Wireless, who sold out to Alltel, who sold out to Verizon last year. We had great coverage in our area even though it is quite hilly. Before Verizon took over, if we had any problems we would call customer service and everything would be fixed within hours. We were happy consumers. Not anymore!

In April of this year, we went from having 3 to 5 bars of service at home to 0 to 2 bars. Calls were garbled, dropped, or unable to be made or received. Conversations were impossible for more than 10 seconds. We conduct some of our business from our home, and using our cellphones became impossible. I called Verizon's technical support and was directed to try reprogramming our phones.

When that didn't change anything, I was told that we might be needing a network extender, which they would supply for free and that the "Can you hear me now" person would be coming to our home within 72 hours to check our signal. This was assuming that they found nothing wrong with the towers in the area.

Things did improve slightly. Some cell conversations were not too garbled, but we still had no service (my husband's phone keeps telling him that he's leaving the service area, while he's sitting in the house!) and had 0-2 bars of coverage. We were very busy, so I waited until the beginning of June before calling again since I knew that it would be another hour plus phone call. I have now called a total of 7 times, with no call being under an hour.

We still have no service most of the time. We cannot receive nor make calls reliably. We have tried calling each other at home and some of the calls never even register as missed calls...nothing! I have talked to at least 14 people at Verizon, since you never get connected to tech support first, even if you punch the correct buttons in the phone maze. You always end up talking to customer service, who, when pushed, will eventually connect you to tech support.

I have been told that the field tech "could not find the address" multiple times, even though I supplied, not only the address, but the GPS coordinates, the nearest major intersection, and the driving directions from a major city. My tickets have been escalated at least twice and closed out without my being contacted multiple times. I was told that I didn't have enough dropped calls for anyone to bother checking our service (well, when you have NO SERVICE you won't have many dropped calls!).

The latest ticket has supposedly not been resolved and was opened more than 2 weeks ago. I was told that I would get a call back a week ago Wednesday. Instead, a text message was sent to my husband, saying that the issue was still open and to expect the call a week ago Friday. When no one had called by last Friday, I called again. I was told that the ticket was still open and nothing could be done until it was closed. The representative could not tell when that would be.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told that there were none available, but that I would be contacted by the supervisor within 48 hours. I left my cell phone number, my home telephone number, and my email address. Guess what? That deadline came and went a few hours ago with no call or email.

I have now been told that I need a network extender. But they won't send me one until they verify my signal. But they can't verify my signal if they don't come out to my house. But they won't come out to my house since they don't know where I live since they obviously don't know how to use directions, maps, or GPSs.

I could understand all of this if we had never had cell phone service at this location, but we had great coverage for years. The only difference that I can see is that we now have a company that can't seem to fix cell tower problems or really cares about customer service.

Verizon Fraudulent Billing Practices
By -

CRANBERRY TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- Verizon Wireless is using fraudulent billing methods on cell phones. Once my phone bill went form $160.82 to $342.46 in one month. I called Verizon Wireless and asked for the details of the cell phone bill. I had already gone over the Verizon Wireless bill line by line. In the Verizon cell phone bill for the cell service for my family was a data charge of $183.64 for my service period from April 14 to May 13, 2010. I have no data service, and all my phones of my family we asked Verizon to be data blocked when we got phones that can do data.

On May 2 one of our cell phones ran up thirteen hours of data usage. It belongs to my daughter, she is 26, and she knows what she did on the day in question May 2, 2010. She knows she ran no data on her phone. She is a college graduate, and an M.D. My daughter says other than calling me and my other daughter, her phone log then shows this thirteen hour hook up for data she didn't ask for, nor approve any hook up to anything for data on her phone on the day the phone company Verizon bill rang up the fraudulent charges.

The phone hooked up after one of her phone calls is all we can figure and ran for thirteen hours. Her phone, and all our phones that can do data were requested when we got them from Verizon to be data blocked. Her phone is over a year old and was purchase pre the Verizon Wireless new contract data plan requirements for PDA or smart phones. Yet here is her phone hooking up and running for thirteen hours to who knows what while it lay on her kitchen counter.

The Verizon representatives said they did not know what the phone did but the charge was valid and we owed $183.64 in total for data, of which 181.66 was charged to my daughter's phone when she thought the phone was off. The other 1.99 of the Verizon fraudulent billing for data was charged to my wife's phone which is so old it can not do any data. They removed that their mistake, you think. My daughter's phone was off and laying on a kitchen counter and also blocked from the internet on May 2, 2010 we thought. Verizon was contacted over and over. Verizon lowered the charge to half of the $181.66 data charge.

Verizon said they issued something they call a Diamond ticket to see what the phone did. Watch out for representative ** at Verizon. She is a crook in on this fraudulent billing scheme. They, Verizon Wireless, never got back to me to tell me what the phone did. I guess Diamond ticket means buying representative ** a Diamond ring. Get this - the very first Verizon representative I called said my $181.66 data charge was nothing. The representative from Verizon said she had just got off the phone with a customer that their cell phone ran up over a seven hundred dollar data charge in the same Verizon billing period.

Oh by the way they say the fee is 1/2 cent per kilobyte downloaded or used. Ha Ha on us dumb sucker Verizon customers is the way the representative sounded with their attitudes. Well I called them Verizon again the day before the Verizon bill was due. The IP address ( given to me for the data hook up shows up only as a Verizon IP address. Oh the Diamond ticket never did give me anything. Verizon never said what they found. Right from **'s mouth "it is a valid charge" with no answer to the Diamond ticket she issued weeks earlier, and "basically you owe what ever the phone rang up". Too bad.

So after like calling for three weeks we were held up and robbed by Verizon Wireless for a service charge of data for something that was supposed to be blocked in the first place. Verizon now assures me the cell phones are blocked for data. Again liars. I don't trust them one bit. If someone is out there suing Verizon for fraud count me in and call me ** or **. We paid our fraudulent Verizon Wireless phone bill. We have superior credit and want to keep it that way. Please any lawyers out there starting a class action lawsuit on Verizon Wireless call me, or email me **.

VIP Customer
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This is mostly to vent. I was treated so badly by Verizon Wireless that I wanted to discontinue my account but I have family members on this network so I need to stay on it. I upgraded to a new cell phone since I'm a "VIP" customer. I admit that I didn't activate it in a timely fashion, & I didn't read the fine print on my contract which states that you only have 30 days to do so or you're charged for the full cost of the new phone. It's not an excuse but my husband suffered a stroke on 10-1-08 so I really put this activation aside for a brighter day (or month).

Around mid-November I received my statement with the charges for the new phone. I immediately called Verizon to see if I could rectify the situation & have the charges credited. The representative was kind of rude but he did say that he would have to send me a manual paper contract in the US mail & I would then sign it & go into any Verizon store & they would process the contract. Once that step was done, the charges would be credited.

The representative took a long time & at the end of the call I had to remind him that I still needed to activate my new phone to avoid further problems. He admitted he had forgotten that part but he did help me activate my phone right then. I was told it would take up to 10 days to receive the contract. Well about 3 weeks went by & I received no contract so I called back. The representative said all she could do for me was sent a message to the original representative so he could rectify the problem (?).

I never heard back so I called back & I had to start all over again with another representative who said the same thing he would have to send me a paper contract by US mail & I could take it to any Verizon store bla bla bla. He set a follow up for 10 days to call me to see if I received it.

This 3rd representative never called me back nor did I receive the contract in the mail. By this time, I had gone to the Verizon store with my daughter regarding her phone & a battery situation. Her line is also on my account. Before they could help her the representative questioned me about my bill because I had an unpaid balance. I explained the entire situation & the representative never offered another alternative. He said just to wait to receive the contract by mail & bring it back bla bla bla. My daughter was helped with her phone & we left.

I called again & spoke to representative #4 & explained the story all over again & she did reinforce that she would send a new contract by US mail & she would set another follow up to make sure I received it. If not, she would talk with her supervisor as to how to proceed next, since now the December & January 09 bills had come out, still showing the unpaid balance. I also received numerous collection calls on my cell phone & collection letters in the mail.

One tiny question: how is it that Verizon can send me collection letters with no problems but cannot manage to send me my contract whatsoever? A couple of days later, my daughter called me frantically that her cell phone was turned off for non-payment. I was able to call my follow up representative because I had begged her for her number & she had given it to me. I explained my service was cut off for non-payment & she did help me restore it in a couple of hours. However, I again stated that I'd never received the contract by mail & she said she would talk with her supervisor & would call me the next day.

I asked if she could FedEx the contract & I would pay for it but she said "no, the contract can only be mailed". This representative did call me the next day & she very nonchalantly & casually said "why don't you just go to any Verizon store & sign the contract there?" WHAT? You mean all this trial & tribulation for something this simple? (And I did go the very next day & signed the contract electronically).

You mean on call #1 I could have been directed to any Verizon store, I would have gone the next day, & all of this struggle & strife would have been avoided? Not to mention 3 months worth of late fees to boot? I cannot believe it. Finally I received the new bill this week, again with the unpaid charges owing (did I forget to mention that I paid my bill in full every month minus the equipment charges since I was told they would be credited?).

So I received another collection call this week but they transferred me to customer service. There I spoke with a wonderful representative who read the notes & FINALLY did credit my account & I hope & pray that this fiasco never happens again. I feel I was treated badly. While Verizon sent me a VIP card which entitles me to more frequent phone upgrades, but, after this experience, I'm afraid to use them. Whew! What a ride from such a large corporation! The reps aren't properly trained & I don't really blame them, it's a corporate issue. Thank you for listening.

Simple Upgrade... Yeah, Right
By -

NEW JERSEY -- Very simple. I got a job that required that I have email access on my phone that allowed me to open pdf files. It was time for an upgrade anyway so I went to my Verizon Wireless store and picked out a Blackberry. Turns out that the rollerball (or whatever you call it) was faulty so I brought it back. The salesperson told me that all the Blackberries were like that, meaning the rollerballs would stick, and that I should upgrade to the Palm Treo. Okay. Fine.

Got the Treo and it worked fine for a couple of weeks. Then I noticed that the screen would freeze occasionally and it would take time to start up. I let it go for a while thinking that the phone just wasn't charged enough. By the time I realized there was a real problem, my 30 days were up so I couldn't break the contract. I brought it back to the store and the tech people saw the problem and ordered me a new phone from Palm which they said would arrive in 2 days. Phone arrived but they sent me the older model. Brought it back to the store where the manager gave me a new phone off the shelf.

Phone worked fine for a couple of weeks and then the same problem happened. Brought the phone back. After the tech tried to "fix" it, the phone ended up in a continuous loop where it kept trying to reboot and never actually turned on. New phone was ordered and I was told that it would arrive in 2 days (Wednesday) but possibly Tuesday.

I happened to be off on Tuesday and took off Wednesday. No phone. I worked on Thursday and didn't get back to the store until Friday. Told them the story. They were able to see the order in their computer system but there was no tracking number associated with it. They called to find out what was happening but was told that they couldn't give any information because only my husband's name was on the account and it was for "his security" that no info was given out. Huh? They had no problem ordering a $350 phone without him being there (TWICE!!!) but yet security wouldn't allow them to tell me where it was? Fine.

I called my husband (who was away on business) and he gave the store manager the authorization to add my name to the account. Now my name is entered so the tech calls back and was now told that even though my name is showing up at the store, it would take 24 hours for their system to show the update. By this time I was fuming. So much so that the security guard was tailing me around the store (FYI I'm a 41 year old soccer mom. Completely harmless, but I do have a loud voice). So I leave, not very happy.

Husband comes homes from business trip that afternoon and we meet at the store. Now we're told that due to a "mishap" the phone was never ordered, but they can guarantee the phone will be delivered the next day (Saturday). No good. We're not home Saturday. I already stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday waiting for it and am not about to waste any more time. Just give me a phone off the shelf. They can't do that. They're out of stock. "Don't we have a neighbor that the phone can be delivered to?" "No, I'm not going to inconvenience my neighbors".

After some more back and forth between my husband and the manager, a new phone miraculously appears out of thin air. The manager tells me, with a very snotty attitude, that this is a "one-time deal" and the next time I'll have to wait for the phone to be mailed, as if the whole thing was my fault. Actually, if there's a problem with this phone I can break the contract since it will be my third issue.

BTW, I can't stand the phone. Everyone else I know who has the Blackberry has absolutely no problems with it. Apparently I just seem to attract faulty phones. And I'm not even going to go into the fact that I've been paying for email service for the last couple of months that I haven't been able to use since I've been using my "backup" phone. I did get a credit for that though. Just needed to vent.

Terrible Customer Service, Rip Off On Bills, Over Priced
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I have been with Verizon Wireless for only 3 months and have had nothing but problems. Now I am being sent to collections. My first month's bill was over $300 for one person, one phone. I called the company the girl who answered gave me attitude telling me it was the service I had requested. It was a low package plan. (I Clearly stated when I purchased my phone I was expecting on my plan unlimited text, night and weekend minutes, free calls and texts to all Verizon customers, 700 minutes, unlimited navigation and internet.

They said yes that is what I would be getting.) I told this to the representative and she said, "No ma'am, you are clearly mistaken look at your bill, ma'am it tells you your plan. You have chosen the basic package plan. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I was furious. I know exactly what I had signed up for! I told her I wanted my plan the way it was supposed to be and my bill to be lowered.

She apologized and said, "Look we cannot fix your mistake from the last bill but I can change it for next month." I just blew it off because I was tired of arguing. She changed the plan. A couple of weeks after I added two people onto my plan. My bill was $400 dollars same thing I was reassured I signed up for one thing and the representative I called to explain the bill said another. This time He changed the bill. I didn't argue just paid it and decided one more time I am done.

This past month one of my other lines was put on hold because his phone was stolen. I called and talked to someone they said OK the phone is now on hold you don't have to pay until it is turned on. Last bill came almost $700! I was absolutely furious! I called again this time a girl answered she was very nice the only person I had talked to that was actually respectful. She told me she was surprised to see the way my plan was and she changed it so it would be cheaper each month. She also added 500 extra minutes to go on each phone so we wouldn't go over minutes. She also really turned off the stolen phone. She was very helpful.

Well I looked over my bill that night and saw I was being overcharged for text messages and calls made to other Verizon users. I called back and luckily got the same girl. She looked over the bill with me and realized I was indeed over charged a little over $150! She corrected it. I recently got a letter stating I owe them over $600. Over $400 past due and 200 for the upcoming month. They shut my phone off the same day with no warning.

I called to reason things with them and the person I talked to talked to me like I was a complete idiot. She was very rude! She also basically told me I have to pay money to get the phones turned back on plus the money I owe from the bills they've screwed up on since day one and I also have to pay the $175 deactivation fee! This is absolutely ridiculous!!!

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