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Versadebt Scammers
By -

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I was contacted by this so called company which should be named VersaSCAM not Versadebt. I fell for the scam and yes paid my 990.00. After I got the so called package which stated in the terms and conditions that they promise you nothing and can change the terms and conditions at anytime and not receiving in writing. Like I was told that my credit card rates would be set to a fixed rate of between 10% and as low as 5%.

I requested my money back and was told I would have it in around 3 days, that never happened and then I was told 7-10 business days. Then next was that by law they had up to 30 days! Well it's now been 41 days and nothing. They haven't spoke to me in weeks after I give my name. I am hung up on or put on hold and they never pick it back up. The billing inquiry number of 800-350-3046 is constantly busy cause they aren't going to listen to anyone with a complaint. The contact of customer service (haha) number 1-877-680-3328 half the time you get a recording that tells you to call during office hours although you are calling during office hours.

As for the post from VersaScammers I have personally spoken to and been hung up on miss Geraldine. So if you think she gives a hoot she doesn't. And why should she, I am sure she is living high off the hog on our money. Anyone with a complaint should make a report to the Better Business Bureau of GA and to the FTC and the Attorney General's Office.

We need to stop the thieves in their tracks. For more info on them Google Versadebt complaints, as well as Debtsafe, Debtsuite. Just look. They have so many names it will boggle your mind and confirm they are cheats!!! I never got anything for my money and consumers please protect yourself and don't deal with these people!

I Think I've Been Scammed
By -

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I was contacted by phone on 7/11/07 and was told I could save $3,000 to $5,000 and get an interest rate reduction to MAYBE 6.9% on my high interest credit cards. When I asked if I could think about it and call back I was told "NO". There were a lot of red flags I should have clued into but this guy was REALLY good. He told me there were no out of pocket expenses but $990.00 was charged to my Visa card by Debt Safe not Versa Debt. When I tried to call the number he gave me to call anytime with questions I received the "all circuits are busy" message. I have been sick for days... Beware of anyone calling from Versa Debt! I have a feeling I've been scammed in a big way!

By -

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- This company contacted me by phone promising they could get me out of debt 3 to 5 times faster and save me $3000 for a fee of $790. The phone number they gave me does not work. I faxed a letter requesting a refund, which was responded to by 2 different people with 2 different numbers (neither was the one given to me) telling me they cannot give me a refund, that I don't have a valid complaint. Beware of this company!!! I feel I have been ripped off!!!

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