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Deceptive online Sales
By -

My girlfriend wanted to learn how to sell on eBay. She thought that the cd's offered by Video Professor would be great. She said that the TV ad said the videos were free. I told her I would order them for her. I ordered them. I thought I was paying for shipping only, approx. $3.65. I used my credit card to pay the shipping costs. About a month later I get my credit card bill and there were charges from Video Professor for $189.00 plus $.50 for American Red Cross, $.50 for some other charity plus charges from Video Professor for $1.00 and $1.00.

I called Video Professor to complain. They said that they sent the material requested and according to them when they did not hear from me they processed one of the cd's for the full amount. *I told them I never OK'd the $189.00 or any of the other charges. I told them to cancel me right then and there. They told me they already charged me another $189.00 for another set of cd's.

They said they would cancel that and all other orders. I went to my girlfriend to let her know what was happening and she informed me that she did not receive any materials from Video Professor. I CALLED my credit card company to formally complain. They told me that not only were there charges for the initial amount $189.00 but there was another charge for yet another $189.00. They have credited my account temp. until the investigation is complete. They said that they get this complaint about Video Professor a lot.

*I went back online to retrace my order with Video Professor. First of all they talk about free all over the place. To start the order there is an area to click on that says click here to order your free cd's. The next page has your order with a receipt for approx. $3.65 for shipping. So far there is nothing said about the $189.00 or any 10 day grace period. When you get ready to check out there are two small statements that require you to click on them. One is a statement about receiving additional specials from them. It is already clicked that you want this. The other statement is the agreement. Highlighted in blue so that you can click on it are the words how it works/the agreement.

I was busy when I first ordered the cd's so I agreed to have specials email to me and I then clicked the agreement statement. THIS was the big mistake I made. I assumed that I was agreeing to pay the Postage. I have asked a lot of people about reading the agreements when buying something online. Most that I asked said they don't have the time to read a long legalized document. Video Professor is gambling that you won't read the agreement. If you read THE AGREEMENT - YOU WOULD NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM VIDEO PROFESSOR. It is in the agreement that they talk to you about that additional cd in the package that is not free.

They know that when you receive the material you will not be aware of the 10 day trial. You don't know about it until you get your credit card bill and you start investigating the whole transaction and remember the 10 days are long over with. Lucky for me the materials never came. I still have to fight off the charges with the help of my credit card company. A suggestion: Never buy anything online until you do the following. Type in the words (Video Professor) then add the word (complaints). YOU WILL OFTEN BE SURPRISED.

When you look up Video Professor Complaints you find hundreds of complaints like mine. An old adage, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." When considering any purchase online add the word complaint and see what comes up.

Classic Bait and Switch - With a Twist (Beware!!!)
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- BAIT = On TV they tell you that the video is free, just pay shipping and handling. SWITCH = However, only the software they discussed on the TV would be free. They ask you what software package you want, and start talking on and on about various titles. Once they persuade you to select a title that was different from the FREE title, the FREE deal offered on TV is gone.

THE CATCH = Then they bill your credit card if you don't return them within 15 days. Oh, that's 15 days from the day THEY mailed the package, so you really only have about 5 to 7 days. Now instead of getting hit for only the $6.00 shipping and handling, they will hit your credit card for another $189.00.

Oh, and then they want to continue sending new titles every month. If you don't send the new titles back, it is another $189.00! They have a very poor attitude, and are not willing to help once they have your money. I called my credit card company, they seemed to be familiar with the practices of this company. They recommended closing the credit card and opening a new account to stop them once and for all.

That nice smile
By -

16324 STUEBNER RD, SPRING, TEXAS -- Remember this nice, smiling Video Professor on TV? Well, while having surgery which left me sitting for a while, I thought of getting this "shipping charge only free CD" from the Video Professor. I was surprised. It was a nice and clean package of 3 and instruction manual with lots of boxed in highlights. Very lively indeed. I played one of the CDS and thought the cues on the computer screen were just as good. Well, it only cost $8.

7 days later, my account was debited by $189 and really took my smile off my face. It said, in very tiny, tiny print on the first page of the instruction manual, on the bottom where footnotes usually are, that if not returned within 7 days... It took writing to BBB, Chamber of Commerce, Attorney General, Fox News, CNN News, personal letter to him and Senator McCain (for hiring him) to get my money back. What a waste of time, money and energy.

By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- You may have seen the commercials on TV: a kindly looking gentleman is talking about computers and how confusing they can be for certain people, but never fear he has a product that will help. Tutorials on how to use certain aspects or software programs for your computer for only $9.99 or your money back. BEWARE! The tutorial software products are NOT $9.99 - they are $79.95. The shipping and fees come to $9.99, and if you keep the product they charge your credit card the additional $79.99.

I went back to their website to see if I could locate pricing and it is simply not listed. They make you believe that it only cost $9.99. I was so upset by this when I found out that I didn't even bother trying out the software, I just sent it back (at my expense) for a refund of $79.99 minus the original $9.99 S/H fee. They kept that of course!

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