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Great monthly Plans, decent internet service, Mediocre/sub par customer service
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Rating: 3/51

PLAINFIELD, INDIANA -- Hi everyone, hopefully my review can help anyone thinking about purchasing a phone through Virgin Mobile. I am ACTUALLY currently *returning* one of my phones (iPhone 5S 16GB) so I will have to update this review once the process is complete.

I will make this short & simple. First, my brother who is more "phone savvy" than I recommended Virgin because of their LOW monthly payments (30$ a month for lowest plan when you add a credit card for automatic payments online, and that is with UNLIMITED DATA). I'm 26 and I'm a power user/internet/video/music guy. So unlimited data or a lot of data is VERY important to me (hence why I returned the 16GB for the 64GB).

  1. Ordering the phone online was very simple. You can use PayPal, credit card or debit card. It gives you an option for an additional $12.00 for next day delivery. The only "negative" is that you pay the full price of the phone upfront, which may make some people weary, but in the end you save ~$1000 vs. other 2 year contract from Sprint, or Verizon, or AT&T.

*It should be noted that I purchased the same iPhone 5s 16gb from BestBuy with a Sprint plan, that was 80$/month with unlimited data (I forgot the amount of minutes it included), but I ended canceling the order after deciding to bite the bullet and spend the $$$ upfront on the Virgin mobile phone, knowing that I would save $$$ in the long-run.

  1. The internet service can be dodgy at times. It fluctuates from LTE or 3G or to losing connection. There's been times when the internet literally stops responding. I don't know how common that is on other providers, but, I read some articles about Virgin "throttling" their data for users (setting a "limit" or "cap" on the upload and download speeds). 75% of the time however, the internet is GREAT and works really fast (paired with the fast CPU of the iPhone). Honestly, for 30$ a month does a good job though I will update this as I use the phone further.

  2. OK, here is the bad part in my opinion. In the process of *attempting* to return my iPhone under the "14-day" money back guarantee, I found the customer service is REALLY abysmal. No, I didn't get into any arguments with anyone (though I could have, but I used to work in a pharmacy so I tend to be empathetic and realize they may be having a bad day or maybe improperly trained), but, some of the reps are literally LITERALLY clueless.

One representative advised me that I could "NOT" return the phone and that I could only do the "buy back option". I tried to explain to her I was still under the 14-day-policy but she didn't understand (Most are Asian too and their English is really atrocious). I had another woman telling me I had to contact the Apple store. Finally after a few more phone calls, I got a really great representative who proceeded to process my RMA and transfer me to the technical department.

The girl in the technical department was GREAT, honestly. Amazing girl, I believe her name was ** (as she pronounced it). I had an issue trying to get my phone order # for the return and needed to hang up. I was so frustrated that I was going to have to start all over again but she offered to call me back, and guess what, within 10 minutes she called me back. She processed my return and helped me a lot. So honestly, it's "HIT OR MISS".

I will update once I get my new phone and see how long the return takes to put the funds/$$ back into my account. I heard horror stories about Virgin denying it or it taking months to get back your money, I really hope that doesn't happen to me, but I will update and I hope this helps anyone out.

Truth About Virgin Mobile
By -

I agree, as I have been a CS representative for Virgin Mobile, however don't blame the CS reps. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT! You want to place the blame, do it with Virgin Mobile, it's their policies they follow in order for them to keep their jobs. Virgin Mobile's policies are set up to screw the customer anyway they can, and the reps have no choice as they are limited in their options.

Also there are several tiers of service for VM, when you call you start at the bottom of the tier and based on your call and problem you are directed to the right tier. The tiers are as follows: Customer Service Rep, Assists (helps customer service), Supervisors, and Saves (try to stop customers from leaving VM) (Note: when calling to disconnect your service, Saves will intervene and try to make you an offer, it sounds good but nothing special as most of the time it's stuff you can readily get from VM anyway, but they try to hype it up like it's a gift from Virgin Mobile......crock of crap!)

Also VM has screwed the employees they do have, how you ask? Virgin mobile was paying the reps around $10 to $12 and hours and now are paying a measly 7.50 and if your real lucky on a few days for a few hours you may get $8.50... how the hell can you live on that? Now as I said I haven't worked for these scammers for a while, but I still know people who do and they just sent me the most recent results from the customer service survey... here it is:

The customer's comments: "I have been woefully and financially been misled by Virgin, since purchase of phone. I was told that when I did not pay for the phone service, I just could not use it for that month and if I did not use it or pay for use for two months, I would have to be reinstated if I wanted to continue with Virgin. I did not want to continue and did not want to pay, but someone has been charging my credit card for use of the phone. This is not authorized at all.

I was to call in month to month if I wanted to renew the service for the month. When I called Customer Care, I had the wrong pin numbers (missing first two from recall) and was dismissed. I changed my credit card numbers to attempt to convey that I do not want this Virgin service at this time, nor in January, and not likely in February or ever again." "If I didn't already purchase the phones I would probably use another service."

"The areas that were impacted: Advisor displayed a friendly and upbeat attitude - DISSATISFIED. Advisor displayed a genuine concern for resolving my issue -DISSATISFIED. Advisor offered a clear explanation of options and/or solutions - NEITHER SATISFIED OR DISSATISFIED. Advisor was easy to understand (could speak and be understood easily) - NEITHER SATISFIED OR DISSATISFIED.

During the course of your contact were you placed on hold while the Advisor researched information? Yes. Based on the reason for your call, please rate your satisfaction with the frequency by which you were placed on hold and amount of time you spent on hold? - HIGHLY DISSATISFIED. Overall, how satisfied were you with the performance of the Customer Care Advisor who handled your call? If you talked to more than one Advisor, please score only the last one you spoke with. - DISSATISFIED.

Was the reason for your call resolved after your contact with Customer Care? NO. How satisfied are you with Virgin Mobile USA Overall? - DISSATISFIED. How likely are you to recommend Virgin Mobile USA to a friend? - probably will not."

As you can see, VM IS NOT on anybody's nice list. Folks to be honest with you, I would go with Net10, why you ask? Let me tell it's $30 for the phone and 300 minutes (Walmart and Target), no bullcrap to deal with and they now have a unlimited plan that definitely beats VM any day. Also with Net10 service is guaranteed just about anywhere, you can go to your settings and jump to another network if the network you are on isn't getting a signal.

Cricket is a nice service, however the available service is very limited (if you have service in your area and not planning to travel, grab Cricket otherwise.....) Also let it be known, Cricket uses the same call centers as VM so your talking to the same reps with different policies! If you dare to venture into VM territory I wish you luck, but my advice to everyone is to STAY AWAY FROM VM!!! Thanks For Reading.

Injustice To A Disable Client On Unjust Disconnection
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Rating: 1/51

CATASAUQUA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a disable person that is a client of Virgin Mobile, that had always pay on time and around June last year 5 members of my family bought the new android phone that came out, Motorola Triumph 3g, for which we all had had problems from the get go.

This new phone has a value of $300 plus new and all we had had is headaches and to top it all off the company had the policy of sending refurbish phones to replace the malfunctioning phone with, when we are within the year warranty and for which other cell companies like Verizon, AT&T and others, do replace for new ones when they are on the year warranty. My phone was replace like 4-5 times by December 2011 and this last one I have was malfunctioning again and they refuse to send me a new one. To top it all off, my phone got disconnected, because they say I never send the old one, when I did, but they say they never receive it.

The system they have to send back the phone, is just an envelope for which is send back to the regular post office way and no receipt to proof it was sent. They supposedly have the tracking number for the post office system, but is only my word, that I send it. If anything, the post office should be responsible for the lost, but they should put insurance to protect me and themselves. Now they accuse me without any proof and suspend my malfunctioning phone.

I am disable and have 3 children and one of them is also disable. I was waiting for them to send me a new phone and now they also told me that they send me another phone before my account was suspended, and that phone never arrived either, but they send this one through FEDEX and they did not request a signature for and expensive phone and again no insurance. This phone is also lost. What kind of responsible company is this for which the parent company is SPRINT? That discriminate against Latin people and disable people, like me, my Mom and my Stepdad, Veteran of IRAQI FREEDOM AND RETIRED from the Army after 27 years.

The phone has been disconnected for the past 2 weeks and gave them about 3 warnings of 24-48 hours to do something about it and they refused, unless I pay them for the phone that I send and never arrive. What about the money they owe me for the time all the other phones and the one I have have not work?

I told them I will hire a lawyer and start a lawsuit for discrimination against a Latin person, a woman and a disable person and a mother of disable son. It is the only phone that I have in case of an emergency. The phone that I send has a serial # of; **; the one disconnected serial # is, **. The other phone the supposedly send to replace my disconnected phone is on accounted for or MIA.

Worst Cell Company In Canada
By -

Hello people! Well they did it again screwed another fairly long term user! So...... takes two months to get a LG bliss phone in for me! When they do of course the rebates "disappear" and even worse the cost of the phone actually goes up! So now instead of the 149.00 cad. that I signed up for and took two months to get the darn thing, turns into "oh well that was then not now"! (Uh nope not taking that for an answer.)

So not letting that go I keep calling diligently to get this remedied, seems easy right, I mean I ordered it when it was happening right, so why should I be punished because they are incompetent? Well after the two months of waiting for the phone to come in and a week of waiting for customer service to "OK" what was supposed to be mine anyway (the 50.00 online activation credit). I do actually get the credit, or rather we will see, they have "promised" to anyway, course they are not exactly trustworthy, as you know by now I'm sure!

So OK fine I go to the kiosk in the mall to purchase the phone that took two months to get! WELL WELL now the phone has gone up in price instead of the 149.00 cad. I contracted to purchase it, "now" has no online activation credit OK I dealt with that, but now the phone has gained in price as well now going for 179.00.

So again back to customer service and another almost week to get back to me!!! FINALLY they get back to me "woooo" I feel so lucky (NOT)! They leave a message that they will credit the 50 as per previously mentioned and they will honor the 30 over charge and let me have it for the 149.00 I signed up for 2 months ago! I am thinking wow OK this almost has a end yay! LOL LOL LOL Ya right again NOT!

So I go to get the phone which is a few cities over, yep a total pain been commuting back and forth and back and......... so I get there again and find out oh no you don't get it for the price you contracted to buy it for, even though you fought customer service and won, you buy it for 179.00 and we will credit that 30 back to you! Ohhh I see you want a interest free loan on demand in other words! (hmmm does this seem fair where I do I demand one of these, would they do it for me LMAO) CLOWNS!!!

So called customer service again and they will probably call sometime this week I assume who knows, in the meantime this is costing a wad driving around, I broke down and just bought it and I will bite the 30. I guess just want it to be over right! So OK I am now "OK'd" to receive the $80 back when I activate it online! (so customer service says!) So I buy it anyway and activate it, and call 611 when I do get it and activated online as per the instructions given! WELL WELL SCREWED OVER AGAIN!!!! Oh they can't just do it, that will be another week for them to get back to me, to give me my credit of $80 now!!!

The girl has the nerve to tell me "oh not to worry just buy a card and that will make it happen faster"!!! So now the $80 you screwed me for isn't enough you want more huh??? WELL tell you what, I am writing on the net, and calling BBB whoever will listen, and "WARNING ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OF VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA".

BE AWARE! They WILL and in my case have....... lied, been ignorant, attempted to outright steal from their customers!!! They do not care at all, hands down the absolute positively worst cell company I have EVER dealt with! SHAME ON YOU VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA!!! Their biggest mistake was messing with me. I will not let this go! I have all the proof of their incompetence to date and am looking to take some of there money now!!! IE: POTENTIAL VICTIMS/CUSTOMERS!!

If anyone has any ideas of how to get a band of us together and fight this crooked company (in my opinion) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!!! Thanks for your time to read this! I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP or suggestions regarding this matter!

Excessive Cell Phone Billings
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Rating: 1/51

WINDSOR,ON -- I visited a Virgin Mobile cell phone outlet in Windsor, Ontario. I advised the sales person that I had just completed a horrific cell phone cancellation ordeal with Roger's Telephone and I wanted a simple cell phone with no contract and roaming charges had to be suppressed for five us area codes. The salesman a Mr. ** stated Virgin Mobile could accommodate all of my requests. He demonstrated a simple cell phone which I felt would meet my needs. The U.S.A. Area codes that I requested suppression of roaming charges were: 326, 210, 504, 248 and 356.

When I got home and opened the cell phone package, I found it was not the cell phone demonstrated to me. This cell phone was complex had GPS and all other sorts of programs. I called my salesperson and advised him of my finding. He said, "you are a lucky person, in error we gave you a deluxe phone for the limited price we discussed. Stop by the store and I will suppress all the programs you don't desire." I visited the outlet and all programs I did not want were removed, however they re-appeared 45 days later.

I found the keypad was ultra sensitive and I had difficulty keying in correct data. I was told I would get used to the ultra sensitive screen. I never have. Unfortunately, my brother passed away in New Orleans, LA. I had to make numerous telephone calls to relative and spend three consecutive weeks in new Orleans handling final arrangements for my brother. When I received my next billing, it was for over $500:00 mostly for roaming charges for the area codes I requested suppression of.

When I called Virgin Mobile regarding these excessive charges, they said they had no record of my request for suppression. When I tried to contact Mr. **, he would never return my call. I am a retired person living on fixed income. This and subsequent charges from Virgin Mobile exceeded my level of mortgage payments.

I have written Virgin Mobile @ and never received a reply. I asked for immediate cancellation of this account and credit for the excessive roaming charges. I also called Virgin Mobile's toll free numbers and left messages for cancellation to no avail. I filed a complaint with the Ottawa telecommunications cell phone division and received no response.

I don't use this phone and continue to get billed $36.00 plus every month. My credit card company advise they must honor monthly billings until a formal cancellation is processed. How can I get formal cancellation when the phone company can ignore my requests and continue to bill me and get paid every month for providing no service?
My cell phone number with Virgin Mobile is **. I need help to terminate this awful relationship for which I receive no benefit. Your assistance is appreciated. I estimate $2,500 in over-billings and unjustified billings.

Worst Experience With a Business Ever.
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Rating: 1/51

I thought AT&T was bad. This is the worst experience I've ever had trying to make a purchase. I tried to place an order online but their policy - which I've never seen on any other web site - that the shipping and billing address have to be the same. I have a PO Box for my credit card for my security.

Most online stores allow entering both billing and shipping addresses, even if customers want to ship something to their work address, instead of home. I tried chatting with the online technician who kept sending me boilerplate messages before finally saying I'd need to call a number for help.

The phone system is the stupidest I have ever encountered. It is set up for existing customers with NO menu item for making a purchase or checking on an existing order. I had to go through every menu item before this was clear and only by continually pressing ####### could I get the system to finally connect to a human being - one who barely speaks English and is only reading a script complete with boilerplate greetings and assurances that he's there to help me.

The person I get is a technical support person who can't help me and then has to transfer me to someone to take my order. 36 hours after placing the order I see my credit card has not been charged, so I go online to track my order.

The website has no record of my order so I go through the whole ridiculous phone system again and after being put on hold 3 times the script-reader has no information at all on my order and I'm told to call back in a few hours. I ask for the number I'm supposed to call to get directly to someone who can with an order, and I was told I'd have to go through the support menu again. Unbelievable! How do they stay in business? When I was called back after they found my order I cancelled it, was given a cancellation number, but the phone was shipped anyway. It wasn't signed for so I couldn't refuse it at delivery.

It has been a nightmare trying to get the damn thing back and biggest insult is I have to pay for the shipping for a phone that wasn't supposed to be shipped to me anyway. Only masochists should even consider doing any business with Virgin Mobile.

"Theft" and Lies
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Rating: 1/51

INTERNET -- How do you spell theft in this electronic world? That would be VIRGINmobileUSA. My account was canceled on 6/13/2013. I received no notification of the cancellation via email, despite having received 3 emails in 2013 from them regarding a change in Terms and Conditions.

Two notifications of my changing the credit card associated with the account or postal mail. Below is the list of events. Please note I had used this service since 2004 so when I say their website is held together with chewing gum I mean it. IO lost track of how many times I could not access the site to change a credit card or other attempts at more mundane tasks.

  1. I was lied to when told it was being escalated - ** I believe her name was on 8/19/2013. Glad I didn't give them my grandson's phone number. They had said they were going to credit his account with my old balance. 2. Only form of attempting to let me know the account was to be canceled was text message. They know they do not cover the entire USA and 3. they sent me an email on 4/12 informing me of a change in the terms and conditions.

  2. They sent me an email on 2/6/2014 saying I had added a card to the account. 5. They sent me an email on 1/31/2013 saying I had added a credit card as well. Don't get me going about how impossible their website is to add a credit card.

  3. They say my account was not paid by 4/13/2013 and was canceled on 6/13/2013 supposedly. I spoke to a supervisor **, on 08/20/2013, who had called regarding my response to the support case I filed online prior to my call on the 19th. Silly me I thought they were actually calling back as. I was told on the 19th. they would be. She refused to pass me up the line so I said goodbye. I guess they are trained to really tick you off because she said "Thank-you for choosing Virgin Mobile" all I did was hang-up.

Looks Good on the Outside
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, PENNSYLVANIA -- Virgin Mobile as like Straight Talk offers low cost cell phone plans. The phones they offer are reasonable and fine. The difference however is the network that supports each of these companies. I had traveled to a small town in CA last Aug. for mother's memorial service. Absolutely NO service for 5 days there. Then In Sept, to New Orleans, LA. Sketchy service and absolutely NO service at any of the several different airports, including my local just minutes from my home in Portland, OR.

Final straw last week - stranded on the highway where my vehicle lost power just minutes after leaving my house. Sat in freezing cold car for 2 hours. Called roadside service but ultimately had to call for towing. This catastrophic short took out my engine's computer but also my new battery. I could not even operate emergency flashers. Fortunately it was daytime, I was not on my 74 mile round trip to or from work at night.

This phone; while fully charged dropped calls, gave me strange messages like '"does not support 3 way calls", not enough funds to make the call (I have auto deduct with them and was fully paid) etc, as I tried to make local calls and calls to the out of state call centers for the roadside assistance.

I struggled with this phone the entire time. I don't make a lot of calls. I had to make several that day however for help and family and arrangements regarding the towing. My feeling is I unknowingly put myself in danger by trusting and depending on a product that is unreliable and problematic.

Virgin Mobile is supported by the Sprint Network. For the years I had Straight Talk. Unfortunately Best Buy does not carry them. I traveled for my job out of state, locally and to remote small towns in Northern Washington regularly. Even daily I was in different local office buildings, high rises and rural areas and environments as well as airports. I went over the Çoast Range of mountains to the Oregon Coast, and had great reliable service, always. Even out of state on vacation. They were supported by VERIZON. It is all about the CARRIER! Really.

And it pays to investigate and see who supports a cell phone before signing up. I cannot wait to go back to Straight Talk or whomever has a RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE carrier. Someday - literally, your life may depend on it. My situation while not quite that dire, was the true and final test of this phone and the service. People need to know that they expect reasonable reliability in a cell phone company. This is my opinion.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service
By -

PLAINFIELD, INDIANA -- Customer Service is the worst (poor English spoken, and it takes a long time to get an attendant due to the voice reply instructions/service). There is no quick way to get a real person. Avoid! (if you want to stay sane and heart-attack free) I struggled to return this phone to Virgin Mobile.

Here are some facts that are difficult to obtain:
- Call and get an RMA number.
- Return address for phone VIRGIN MOBILE RETURNS CENTER, 501 AIRTECH PKWY PLAINFIELD, IN 46168-7408 Or Virgin Mobile returns c/o Brightpoint N America, 2675 Reeves Rd, suite 190 PLAINFIELD, IN 46168.
- The price of the phone should be credited to your credit card.
- Ask that the automatic monthly payments be suspended until you buy your new phone (from Amazon of course).
- How to reach a live person: Call 888-322-1122. Press 0 as soon as you hear "Alex", and keep pressing 0 for each request made for more information. You may get your plan changed to $35 per month instead of $25 per month. If this happens, e-mail them at: Demand a Beyond Talk plan for $25.
- If all this fails, cancel your account, and start from the beginning. Forget your old account.

Fraudulent Billing
By -

I got a mobile phone from Virgin. it seemed good at the time so I decided to stay with them. I moved and could not get good reception where I lived at so I had to change mobile services. My number was **. I called and told them to disconnect my services on 09/09. They said that it was fine, I assumed that they had done this. A month later I get another bill for the phone. I called them and they stated that I would have to disconnect them from the billing list on my end so I did that. I was using them earlier from a different account but had changed my payment methods. They went back to my old account on 01/06/10 and billed me from that account.

I then had them to refund my monies. They called this an adjustment of funds. So a month and a half later on 02/27/10 they billed me again for $58.84. This caused me to have an NSF on a check that was due that day. Now mind you this phone had been off for 4 months. I wrote them first and I called them on 03/01/10 and they said that it was not true until I provided proof from my bank statement that it was. They then stated that it would be resolved.

The email came back and said that it was not true and to call so I called. They stated that they had opened a case and that it was in process. That it would take a week. I waited to hear from them and received an email stating again that they did not owe me anything.

I called again on 03/05/10. They said that they had found it and that I would be refunded in a few days. I waited for a week and did not hear from them. So I called them again and they said that someone would be in touch with me. Now on 03/22/10 I call them and they tell me to email them. I told them that I had so they give me this website to write a complaint on. I have proof and I am seeking for $58.84 and $25 in NSF fees for the bounced check that was their fault.

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