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Do NOT get a Visa RushCard, customer service very rude!
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Well a month ago I checked this card out and thought I was signing up for a prepaid card (I should've read all the instructions to this. I realize there's a fee blah blah blah but I never gave them access to my social security disability info. How they decided to just up and take it out of my social security and NOT add it to my card is beyond me. Now my 700 dollars is in cyberspace. I called an agent to talk to them and said they cannot do anything about it, their system is not working.)

Well, I will be going to my state office and reversing my ssdi direct deposit back to my old banking. They took it on themselves to help themselves, not sure how they got my info without me typing it in. Perhaps when I agreed, they authorized it without really going into detail. Hopefully RushCard will send the money back to state and state can help me get those funds back. I admit, I didn't read all the fine print or how they would use my social security info. I just thought, "Hey prepaid card, I need it right now because I lost my debit card". That was my error.

HOWEVER, how the agent talked to me was just downright rude, would not help me, yelled at me, and pretty much laughed in my face saying that I wasn't listening to her she could not get into the system and that she could not help. Some customer service. When I asked if I could cancel, she could not help. I had to wait a half hour and it was horrible. My aunt is luckily going to help me cover the 700 bucks they took out. Now I have to go to state so my checks do not overdraft, but they took my money and didn't even add it to my card. THAT'S WHERE I'M MAD.

I can go to state and change my direct deposit info, not a problem but now this company knows my information and that was stupid on my part. I was naive, thinking it was not direct deposit. This card is a rip-off. I read all the terms now, after I got my card, and it's like 24 bucks a month to keep it activated. It's pathetic! I knew there was a fee but not that much. IF the funds were on there, I would not be so mad, but since my state sent the funds to the card, I called them and they confirmed this, I have a reason to be angry.

Please do NOT make the same mistake as I did. I admit I was wrong. I thought I was signing up for a prepaid, not direct deposit. So warning if people think it's just an easy card to get, NOT SO. It will take your direct deposit immediately after you agree with signing up for a card. Do not trust this site with your social security info.

Resolution Update 01/03/2012:

Well i contacted them and they are going to return money to state within 3-5 days, i will check back then and see if they make promise of it. So far, still going to be investigated. I hope nobody ever signs up for these things without reading more of the fine print or double checking if you clicked something (or opted into something), that you do not want to be apart of. I swear i did not opt in but maybe there was a box i accidently clicked, i dont remember it but either way they got my social and used it to their advantage!

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