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Catalina Spa Buyer Beware
By -

PERRIS, CALIFORNIA -- Buyer beware. Dear consumer: If you are considering to buy a Catalina Spa I would like to give you some insight as to how we were treated after we purchased one and you can decide if you still want one!!! A little over two years ago my husband and I were looking for a spa to buy. We looked at several different types and finally decided on the xl2300 Catalina Spa. We had always in the past purchased the granite looking spa with the plastic casings around the jets, we were however convinced to purchase the acrylic looking one with stainless steel around the jets as it was the Cadillac of spas.

We were a bit skeptical because in the past we had an issue with the acrylic type and was worried about the stainless steel rusting. We were assured this would not happen and if it was even possible that the warranty was unbeatable. When it came in and we went to pay the balance on it they were right it was beautiful. As beautiful as it did look we had nothing but problems with it from day one. The radio never worked correctly and they did end up replacing it within one year but to date that radio does not work correctly.

The control on the top of the spa to control the radio and turbo jets never worked properly and they addressed that problem several times and to this date still does not work. Oh did I tell you what we paid by the time we had a deck to put it on (or a slab if you choose), hook up of electrical and the spa itself ($11,390.15). We had a total of approximately $13,000.00 into the purchase of a new spa. Well a little over a year ago we moved to Florida from North Carolina and paid to have the spa professional lifted from our deck and put on a flatbed truck to transport to Florida where it was professionally put into our backyard for a cost of $1,500.00.

We also had to pay $500.00 to have the electrical hooked up once again, $5,000.00 to fence the backyard for privacy and $2,500.00 for a new deck to put it on. After using it the first winter we were back we drained the spa completely, cleaned it, blew out all of the water for the summer as we have a pool to swim in as it gets very hot in Florida, put the cover on it. While the spa was drained it was checked on a monthly basis to make sure it was okay and for a while it was.

About a month ago my husband was checking it and noticed that all of the supposedly stainless steel jets had rusted and deteriorated on both the inside and out and the rust had run down the body of the spa and stained it. My husband spent over 20 hours using "clr" to try to clean the chrome parts and the spa without much luck. If you would like to see pictures of the Cadillac of spas you can e-mail us at **. We then thought "You know what we bought the Cadillac of spas backed by the best warranty possible. Let's get in touch with them." Well we were directed to our district person Rick ** and to no avail did not respond to any phone calls or e-mails.

We then got frustrated and call directly to the company in California and they turned us over to a guy named Boyd. He did respond promptly however, all he could say is he had never seen anything like that in his life. Could we please send him a couple of the jets. He was trying to tell my husband that it was the water however my husband already told him the spa was completely drained and with the high heat in the summer in Florida any water left in the piping would have evaporated just like our pool did a couple of inches every week!

So we packaged up a couple of jets (there are 90 in all), sent them to Boyd and he called my husband with a very bad attitude and told us it was definitely the water left in the pipes and that it was the consumer's responsibility and they were not going to do a thing about it. My husband once again tried to explain that there was no water in the spa and how did it even rust the screws under the sealed plastic pieces around the water fall and other areas where there would have not been any water at all. All my husband got in response was good ole' Boyd hanging up on him.

Well Boyd sent our jets back to us underlining a response in an e-mail to my husband that it was consumer responsibility and underlined a product to purchase to clean the jets. However even if the jets were cleaned they become very pitted. Not attractive for the thousands of dollars that we paid and they are just going to wash their hands of us. We now have a very expensive spa that we paid thousands of dollars for just over two years ago that is worth absolutely nothing.

My husband and I thought it was our responsibility to make any potential buyer know what happened to us. We appreciate and thank you for the time you took to read this. So you as a consumer must decide do you want to buy a Catalina Spa???

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