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Predatory Lending?
By -

MOUNT PLEASANT, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We bought a truck through a local dealership and were financed through Wachovia Dealership services. We made our payments faithfully until I was injured at work and had to go out on disability. We then got behind. After 2 months behind we worried about losing the vehicle and decided to look at buying a much cheaper car and trading the truck in. We were very honest with the dealer and he said he would work with us. He asked that we call Wachovia and get the payoff.

When I called, the person with the payoff information became belligerent demanding to know why I needed the information. I told her the situation and she finally gave me the payoff number (which I realized later was inflated). When I tried to end the call the woman asked to speak to the dealer. When she got on the phone with him the first thing she said was that the truck was only worth half of what I owed and told him that it was about to be repo'd and unless he could wire them money by tomorrow it would be.

The dealer stated that their money was good and that if a deal was struck that they would receive their money. When he got off of the phone with her he looked at us and said that she was ridiculous and very rude. He then told us he would be back with us in a couple of hours (never to be heard from again).

The calls from Wachovia started again the following day. I told the woman that we were trying to make good on our loan and that she had given false information to the dealer concerning the value of the truck. I told her that the truck was 8 months old with 5000 miles on it. I asked how it could have possibly lost 16000 in value (it was a Toyota Tundra). She said that it was actually worth about 23000.

I asked to speak to her supervisor and told him what she had done. I also asked him how they financed the truck for 32,000 if it was never worth that. He said that your application stated that you made 100.000 a year. I about fell through the floor. I told him that I made under 50,000 and that my boyfriend who had financed the car only made 10,000 last year because we were building our own house. I also asked him why we would finance a loan with a finance charge of 19% if we made that kind of money. He said that they had called the next day to verify the income.

He said that my boyfriend had answered and verified 100,000 a year and said that I wasn't available because I was sleeping. I told him that this wasn't true and asked him what phone number he called. He read off my number. I told him that everyone is on their own cell phone in this house and that we only answer our own phones so he couldn't have verified income or talked to my boyfriend on my phone. I asked for a tape of the conversation and no, he couldn't produce one.

I told him that this lending process was truly predatory as the truck price was inflated and our income of 100,000 wasn't verified with any documentation. He stated that they went by a previous car loan that had perfect credit. This wasn't true either as we had gotten behind on that one several times too. I finally had enough and asked him where I could turn the truck over. He dodged this and asked when we could make a payment. I said that it wouldn't be until the next month.

He said that they'd work with us because they didn't want the truck. I told him that we didn't want the truck if we were paying 10,000 more than it was worth. He said he would see what he could do. 2 days later they came and took the truck and charged us to transport it. I now have received a notice that it was sold and we owe 16,000!!! When will all of us that have been abused by this institution be heard? Who will advocate for us?

After posting this I received the comment that the bank did nothing wrong by financing a truck for 32,000 that was only worth 23,000. Let me clarify that Wachovia Dealership Services will only work directly with dealerships so... if the bank doesn't check the value before financing a vehicle there is a problem and one might think that there is some sort of relationship between the dealership and the bank where they both win. i.e... The bank finances a grandiose amount of money which with the interest rate serves to make them an obscene amount of money and the dealership also makes an obscene amount of money.

In all of the transactions I have made in my life... almost a half of century... a bank won't finance above what they can get back... that is why the loan is secured. This is why mortgages are in default... inflated home values that can't be sold for the price financed, sky high interest rates and risky loans without the money to back them up. When a bank agrees to finance, the consumer (us) feels as though the price is fair.

The other part of the comment states that my "bf" must have lied on the application about his income... first of all an unverified income of 100,000 just doesn't sit right... can anyone go to a dealership, lie on an application and be funded? I think not... unless there is a master plan to dupe the consumer so that both the dealership and the bank stand to make an "obscene" amount of money. I also brought tax records to substantiate the 10,000 a year my "bf" made. The assumption that we lied is the "ass"umption that lying is OK... nope! We both sleep very well at night!

Wachovia Is Unprofessional Regarding Their Business Tactics With Nasty Rude Representatives. They Also Are Car Thieves!
By -

WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND -- In October of 2005, I purchased a 2006 Tiburon financed trough Wachovia dealer services. My husband co-signed for me. In May of 2008, I leave my job to find my car gone. I called the police to report that it was stolen, when they told me it was re-possessed by Wachovia, I couldn't believe it!

I went home to call Wachovia, they stated they did not receive a payment from me in three months. I told them I make my payments online with my bank and I have never been late. I asked them to look at my payment history for the last three years, and the payments were never late. The representative laughed at me stating, "Yeah Yeah Yeah, that's what everybody says." I asked for a supervisor who was just as arrogant as she was.

I also waited ten minutes for her to get on the phone. I received her fax number after telling her that I was in the process of faxing documentation that these payments were made. My husband and I faxed to Wachovia proof from the bank that these payments were made. I called her back to see if she received the fax and she stated, "Well I still didn't get these payments, so I hope that you can find them." She laughed and then hung up the phone.

I called back and asked the representative, "If the payments were late why didn't anyone call us or send a registered letter to us." I was told that letters were sent just not registered ones. I was also told that the repo guys had been to my house several times. Well they must be ghosts because no one has ever seen them and there are six people living in my house.

I also work around the corner from my house, and I asked why didn't they come to my job to ask me about it like you say they did at my house. Why wasn't a registered letter sent for something as serious as a repo. Why was the co-signer not notified. I was told,"I don't know, maybe I can find somebody to help you." After holding for twenty minutes the representative came back stating, "I can't find anybody, but they will call you back in 24 hours." Needless to say that phone call never came.

A week later I receive a call from Wachovia Student Loan Department stating that they have my car payments. I asked them why did they have my car payments and the representative stated that she didn't know and maybe I had the wrong account number. I read her the car loan account number, she stated it was correct, and she didn't know why the payments came to the wrong department. She was actually tolerable and stated she would send me back these bank generated checks made out to Wachovia with the correct account number for my car loan. When I received these checks I faxed them to Wachovia Dealer Services.

When I called them to ask them if they received the fax, I was told that I must have sent them to the wrong address. Once again I faxed to them proof from my bank that this was sent to the correct address and the correct account number was on the payments. Once again I called Wachovia back and was told, "Well you did something wrong." And then the representative hung the phone up. In the same week I received a letter from Wachovia stating that the car was going to be auctioned off. I sent all the proof I had to them that these payments were made certified and NEVER hearing anything from them again!

I also was told that if I wanted the car back that I needed to pay over 16,000 dollars when I had already paid 19,000 dollars in the last three years. They stated I needed to pay the full amount. Since I filed a chapter seven bankruptcy in December of 2007. Wachovia was not involved, this is illegal per my attorney. Not having sixteen thousand dollars or the money to hire an attorney I purchased another car and sent a formal complaint to Wachovia.

In November, I received a bill for over eight thousand dollars stating that it was the balance left for us to pay. They also had a nerve to put it on our credit report as a charge off, this of course bringing our credit rating down significantly. Someone has to do something about these hundreds of complaints about Wachovia Dealer Services. They are literally stealing back cars they have already sold, and ripping off their consumers.

Wachovia Does Not Help Themselves at All! They Hurt Everyone Including Their Own Shareholders!
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I'm not going to drool on and on about how pitiful my situation is. I'm late with the payment, in process of a chapter 7 filing. I have a reasonably good reason but it doesn't matter, I collect money for a living too and I have heard them all before... some true, some lies.

I was trying to work something out with Wachovia Dealer Services (on their terms this time) and now after reading all of these comments, not only from people who have not paid their bills but from people who did pay them and never got clear title, bad credit reporting and other awful things I'm scared to send them any more money. Yes, I owe them and I actually want to pay.

My chapter 7 should be filed any day now after months of collecting information and submitting to my attorney along with payments for the same. I am filing BK because of a failed business, not because of personal debts. I do not want to include Wachovia in the BK and would gladly reestablish or reinstate this loan but now I'm afraid to send them anything.

If they repossess my car, they will lose money at the sale, it's guaranteed. The car has 70,000 miles and was damaged in the amount of 8500 in February (and fixed.. but still it's about half the value of the car.. shows up on Carfax etc). I'm willing to pay them the principal in full in exchange for reduction of interest rate/payment modifications but they will not hear of it.

Their Charlotte representative ** has told so many lies to me, my bankruptcy attorney and apparently even his bosses that I absolutely refuse to talk to him again. Nonetheless today I was told by his supervisor I had until 5 tomorrow to settle this, and I found a way to do so late this evening. BUT at 2 am a tow truck showed up with notes from today... so how am I to settle?

They know they won't get paid from me because of the Bankruptcy if they take the car they LOSE 10K +/-. If they work with me, they get paid the full principal and reasonable interest. Seems like a no brainer! I Win (keep post bankruptcy credit), they Win (get all their $$$). But they seem hell bent on repossessing the car regardless of any version of common sense.

Sure there are irresponsible people out there who don't pay their bills. Many of the post I've read here and on other sites are ridiculous and I can understand why they lost the car, but a lot of them sound like they were working it out, paying it back, etc. Don't you think that some of the problem we have in the country is because of unfair credit collection practices?

Harassment and being treated this way is not the best way to get paid in full. No wonder this bank went out of business... unfortunately it did not take its employees with it. Of course I live and work in the very town where Wachovia is (was?) headquartered and losing jobs means I lose work so it's a double edged sword for me.

This is bad business, bad bad business. Temper practical business practices with common sense! Try to be firm but polite and fair, try to reasonably separate the people who will never pay from those who had a temporary bump in the road and will pay. I paid on time for 3.5 years before hitting a bump.

What is funny is that many of the same mean awful people who have given so many people grief on the phone are now losing their jobs, I can't wait until it's their turn. Maybe then they will see how it feels to be a person who wants to pay, but can't meet the demands of a rude/nasty/lying collection agent at the other end of the phone. Yes, you can afford to pay your bills today, but what if you lose your job and can't find one again for years. HELLO, WAKE UP... this is our world today! Help those who can be helped keep the car so they can in time pay off the full principal and a reasonable interest rate. Let the rest go, they won't fight you too hard anyway.

DON'T BOTHER CRITICIZING MY GRAMMAR AND SPELLING, it's 5 am after I was awoken by the tow driver. I am not spell checking or proofing this! My car is 1500 miles from here and Wachovia knows that.. I almost felt sorry for the tow truck driver. Look for the car at 2 am OK, I get it, but RING THE DOOR BELL AT 2 AM? Come on!!!

They Are Rude, Over Aggressive, Disrespectful and Blatantly Lie
By -

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- Never have I come into contact with a company this ridiculous! I am beyond pissed and frustrated. I have written Wachovia more times than I can count regarding their staff's behavior with no response even when letters are stapled to the payments; the payments get deposited but the accompanying letter never gets any response. They claim I do not return their phone calls but I have cellular phone records to prove I spoke with them. Their staff threatening to take the car away constantly sometimes when payment is only 2 days late. They fraudulently represent information order to get a payment in quicker.

Last month I spoke with staff I told her I needed to pay the car insurance before making another payment. She told me not to bother paying the car insurance because I won't have a car to insure if I do not make the payment that day by Western Union and it wasn't even late at that time.

I have insisting on only accepting written correspondence so their staff can be held accountable for what they say and do but they will not stop calling or give me or send anything in writing. I have requested an account statement outlining the last year's payments dates etc because what I have record of does not match what they are telling me. I have never received that even with four written requests and six phone requests. I assume this is not being provided because it too will prove they are lying.

They have called my family, friends, and my ex-employer and who knows who else leaving messages with and discussing my personal information in detail. When I told staff this was unacceptable she said it was unacceptable that she couldn't reach me and that she could call whoever she wanted and tell them whatever she wants to - I have no say. I voicemail messages from her at 4:15 p.m. demanding I return her call by 5 pm. I have received up to 15 calls from them during one day.

Wachovia is a predatory lender and make more money racking up excessive fees, late charges, interest and using illegal tactics to make additional money. When I told her I was going to find an attorney or file charges against them she said "How are you going to do that if you don't even have the money to make your payments on time." That's a great attitude if someone isn't loaded with money they can be treated like crap.

This company is unscrupulous. I suggest anyone thinking of doing business with them to think twice and run far far away unless you'¬ôre a masochist like getting abusive phone calls every day. They are worse than having a gold digging ex-wife just like a tick sucking you dry.

Wachovia Dealer Services A Bunch Of Thieves
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Due to problems with my job. I fell behind about 2 months on a loan for my 2007 Camry. I was planning to pay and had called Wachovia Dealer Services to inform them. The next day my car gets repossessed from my driveway. (2 Months behind!). To get my car back they demanded $3,000 up front! Aside from paying 19% interest. I was unable to pay the 3k at the time. They auctioned the car and claimed I owed (May 2008) about $5,000.

This week they send me a letter saying I owe them near $8,000 and if I don't respond within 15 days they will sue me or send me to a collection agency. Aside from my credit being ruined from this company, they tell me that they have reviewed my financial situation and have determined I can pay off the balance. (What financial situation? I don't own any property/assets.) Our tax money is going to bail out banks who repo our cars and foreclose our homes?? With no intention to work with the consumers? Do not take out a loan with Wachovia - their phone support sucks, and they repo your car if you are 2 months behind!!!

Worst Customer Service
By -

REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- I had the account with this company for 2 years and my vehicle was totaled. I requested information to complete the claim and need assistance from WDS. It took 3 months to finally get the information. The customer service people would place you on hold forever, three different people would have three different information, rudeness like no other seen. The worst representatives on the face of the earth. I even requested high management (corp.) and received no information or was misguided.

The corp. office also were rude and even hostile. If you have a choice I would steer clear of this company. They are glad to take your money but when it comes for help, all you get are rudeness and unprofessionalism.

Customer Service Lies and Does Not Follow Through on What They Tell You Over the Phone
By -

CALIFORNIA -- At this point, I'm too exhausted to re-live this nightmare I've been living for 3 months now. I'm very frustrated and disappointed with Wachovia Dealer Services Customer Service, or the company's lack of simple Customer Service.

In June (it is now September), I had to sell my car, which I still owed $10,500 because I was moving to Japan with my fiance' to work for the government/military. Before I posted my car ad, I called Wachovia Customer Service and explained I would be leaving the country within the month and asked to be advised on title instructions. (I did not have my title, but it was my understanding that once the car was paid-off that Wachovia would send me the title). I explained that someone else was buying my car and would need the title to get the car registered.

We followed Wachovia's instructions and did a wire-transfer from his bank directly to Wachovia's Headquarter office in the full-pay-off amount. Wachovia's Customer Service representative instructed me to include a note on the bank transfer, in which we stated that the title needed to be sent to the new owner, along with his contact information.

Weeks passed, but the new owner said he did not have the title. I was on my way out of the country, but contacted Wachovia, who then instructed me to send via mail or fax a letter authorizing the title transfer, including contact info. I followed Wachovia's instructions, and they assured me they would RUSH the title to the new owner within 3-7 days of receiving my authorized request.

After I arrived in Japan, I received another email from the new owner, and he was still waiting for the title, stating that he was nearing his expiration date, and needed to get the car registered, but that the DMV persisted that they needed the title, but Wachovia did not follow through. What they sent him was a Pay-Off Note stating the car was paid off. However, the DMV needs the title, not the pay-off note.

Now that I am in Japan, it is not very feasible to connect to Wachovia, but at my own expense, I contacted Customer Service AGAIN and explained our dilemma. The CSR profusely apologized and stated that the notes in my file were very clear and assured me she would send the title to the new owner IN HIS NAME immediately! It is almost another month later, and I just received the following email from the poor, patient new owner:

"Wachovia did it again and sent a letter of pay off not the title. They even sent the letter to my house in your name. The registration is about to expire and I need to do something. When I call Wachovia to try to clear this up they won't talk to me without you faxing them permission to talk to me."

HELP! I am very frustrated. When I try to find a management contact name or physical address, I'm redirected to E-Services, which requires the consumer to input their message. I already went this route and didn't receive a valid response.

I would not advise anybody to go through Wachovia Dealer Services EVER, not for an auto loan, banking services, financial services. Do they not train their Customer Service Reps? They are a very unprofessional company, and do not care about the consumer, the customer... Their only concern is getting innocent consumers to commit to a large loan, then they treat you like dirt. Thanks for reading.

Customer Service Reps
By -

I have been on the phone and they are telling me, "We will take care of everything as soon as we see it on paper." Well I faxed them what they needed to see on paper and am still waiting for them to send me the nsf fees to get my account at the bank. Right. Thank god that Bank of America is a good bank and they disputed both of the transactions.

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