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There's a Sucker Born Every Minute
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I've used this service once previously and they did a good job. They sent a three-person crew that worked hard, tried to accommodate special requests and was very professional. I was happy to tip them generously. Not so, the second time I hired them. This time, they sent a guy with no initiative and no apparent housekeeping skills and a girl, maybe his daughter, who blew through my kitchen in five minutes flat and then stood around texting on her phone. They did NOTHING well.

They barely swept or vacuumed the floors; if any maneuvering around minor obstacles (extension cords, etc) was required they skipped it (again, unlike the first crew, which was impressively diligent about moving things aside to get underneath, etc.) They didn't dust the window sills or the vertical blinds, door frames, molding, bookcases or TV stand. They didn't even clean all the kitchen counters. As far as I can tell, all these two bozos did was wipe down the bathroom mirror, sink and toilet (cursorily) and LINE UP MY SHOES in the bedroom. Gee, that makes all the difference!

This company will never again get my business or recommendation. I was trying to figure out how "We Clean Out Your Wallets" stays in business with such poor quality control, but I guess they just send out so many of those little fliers there's always another mark waiting to be taken in. Their slogan should be "There's a sucker born every minute."

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Rating: 1/51

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- OK these people are a joke. Just check them out on the Better Business Bureau's website. Their rating is F and they have 16 complaints in the last 3 years with 2 complaints closed in the last 1 year. I think that is enough for anyone to make a decision if they want to work with this company. Completely incompetent, horrible service and horrible customer service. If there was negative rating that is what I would give them. They do not even deserve 1 star.

I hired the company and they made me prepay and sign a contract before the ladies started cleaning. They did not clean anything at all and after 2 hours of pretend work they left and the house was still dirty and they broke a cup and hid it in the dishwasher. When I called to complain the representatives were extremely rude and did not want to do anything about it. Please do not waste your time with this company. Not sure if it's a real company at all. They might be running it out of someone's backyard.

We Clean America Steals Jewelry And Won't Replace It
By -

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- We Clean America, 15335 Morrison Street, Suite 117, Oaks, CA 91403, 818.783.7200, Fax 8187280605.

We Clean America is the maid service I have been using. On Sunday October 3, their maids cleaned my house. After they left, I realized the maids had stolen my ruby/diamond necklace. I closed the account I wrote their check on and told them when they replaced my $395 necklace, I would pay them their $60, but I wouldn't pay them $60 to steal my jewelry. ** said "I'll ask the maids and get back to you." Today they called and said they weren't responsible for their maids stealing my jewelry and I still owed them $60. They claimed they aren't insured and their employees aren't bonded.

I WANT THEM TO REPLACE MY NECKLACE. The necklace itself has great spiritual value to me and the gold chain was a gift from a friend who has since died of breast cancer is its value is far beyond dollar value. THEY NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES' ACTIONS OR THEY SHOULDN'T BE IN BUSINESS. I thought they were apparently a reputable cleaning service. The one in North Hollywood was. Apparently they are instead a bad of thieves. SHAME ON THEM!

We Don't Clean America
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I answered a mailer coupon from We Clean America service. The first time a team of three - a couple and an elderly woman - arrived. They did a superficial job and got through speedily. I appreciated the speed part. Next time only a different couple came. Again they did not do a thorough job but the result was acceptable. I asked to have them again. The next time a different couple showed up. Their appearance was slovenly and their work shoddy. I requested others but the same couple returned the following week.

When I objected I was told by the office that they would send a different crew. On the day they were due to come, the office called saying their team could not find my building. They had gone to a city many miles away. I gave them directions... and they never showed up. I did not call this service again, nor did they try to call me. If you care about efficiency in your home, Stay away!

A Dirty Mess!
By -

LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA -- We Clean America pats themselves on their back for no reason. Admittedly, locating a reliable house cleaning service company is not an easy task, but when I contacted "We Clean America", the early warning signs should have been the red flag for me.

For 3 months, I had gotten various forms of ads where I had seen "WCA" listed, posted, and discounts for service given. Finally, after deciding to see how their services compared to my current house cleaners, I rang them. According to their advertisements, they move, lift and fold virtually everything. Dusting behind, underneath whatever stands in their way. They also claimed they included up to 4 loads of laundry and will pick up your dry cleaning. All included in their service price. All this, with the convenience of an 800# for customer service which boasts it is open 7 days a week! I was impressed.

Upon calling the 800# for We Clean America at 8:30 am, I had gotten a recording saying that they would return my call shortly. Three days passed, and no sign of a call either on my caller ID or my cell phone (both of which I had left on the message machine). I endure. Calling them again, I decided to retry until I spoke to a live person. After 4 more attempts over a 5 days' period, I finally reach a human. The operator assured me that I should have gotten a call, and that they must have called when I was not at home???

Basically, at this point, I began to become suspicious. Could it be that suddenly, my Caller ID was malfunctioning, only when "WCA" calls? Could they have that secret # that never comes up? I doubt it. The operator took my request and set me up with an appt for 3 weeks from the date I called (apparently their soonest availability). The day arrived and went when I was to receive my wonderful house cleaning. Never mind that I took the day off from work to assure the entry and observe the cleaning practices. However, I called to reschedule, and even after repeated begging, they still could not squeeze me in for another week.

One week later, the cleaning service arrives. Now, the only inconvenience with this so far was the fact that I took 2 days off in 2 weeks to have the service, so it's still tolerable (I'm a tolerant person). When they arrived, I see a woman and her husband (neither of which understand nor can speak English). I am okay with this, because I can make effective hand gestures. BUT - I do realize at the same time that this is very unprofessional for the company to NOT ask if I can speak a foreign language before they send out someone who cannot communicate with me.

After 1 hour of struggling with gestures and motions, I finally have them doing what needs to be done. In under two hours they complete the task of cleaning a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. I am amazed at the speed. I pay them, and they are on their way. Afterward, I venture around the house to inspect their work... Two hours was a long time to spend on a half-cleaned house. Here's a summary:

Cleaning AROUND everything. Not once picking up any objects to clean under. NO mirrors washed, no laundry folded, and no washing done. Vacuuming was half-hearted, and was done with a machine that must have had a belt that was going bad, because I later discovered bits of black rubber on my carpet the next afternoon. Lastly, my stovetop was not touched. There were still bits of food on the stovetop, and only a dull 'swipe' with an unclean dishrag went over it (as seen under the hood light later on).

My summary: This company will hire ANYONE who will work for them apparently. They do not regard experience, as do they find someone who is willing to work for them (probably for next-to-nothing). I would strongly recommend AGAINST using "We Clean America" for your cleaning services.

Do Not Use This House Cleaning Company
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I hired a cleaning company - We Clean America - because of their attractive ad (see enclosed). However, I was very dissatisfied about the quality of their work as follows:

  1. The work was done poorly and was incomplete. At exactly the end of two hours, they picked up their cleaning supplies and left. When I objected that they didn't finish, they said, "we'll clean it next time..." I argued that they could spend another five minutes to finish cleaning the window. They said no and left. I also had to go around the house and put things back on counters and shelves which they messily replaced after cleaning.

  2. I had a clearly marked bag of recyclables in my kitchen. They took it. They later claimed they thought it was trash, but when I looked inside my trash bin, all I saw was the trash they collected while cleaning. My feeling is they took it for themselves.

  3. One of the cleaners broke a ceramic jewelry dish (by designer Laurel Burch which cannot be replaced). I heard the 'crash' of ceramic on the wood floor. When confronted they said "it was already broken." I said that I heard the crashing sound it made and that I would not keep broken ceramic pieces - they would be thrown away. But they insisted it was already broken. I'm very angry at this. This was a blatant lie.

This company requires payment up front as you can read on the enclosed form. You get a discount if you buy two sessions which I did, again, based on their attractive ad.

Afterwards, I contacted ** who either owns or manages the business. During the many conversations we had, she absolutely refused to assist me in resolving any of the issues. I asked about the broken ceramic. She said all I could do was sue the house cleaners that they are contracted workers and she is not responsible for ANYTHING that they do. I said that since they worked for her company, she should be responsible for any complaints her customers would have.

I brought up the fact that if I was as satisfied with the service, I would have hired them on a weekly basis and that I would certainly be happy to recommend them. Again she refused to do anything for me. Don't businesses want to establish a repeat clientèle? And what about the motto, "the customer is always right." I have my own business and this is how I run it - if any client is not satisfied, I will redo the work until the job is completed to their satisfaction.

** gave me the name and phone number of the cleaner, ** (323-496-5676). She said I would have to deal with him directly with any problems. I called him and told him how dissatisfied I was with the work but was even more upset that my ceramic was broken. I told him that ** suggest I sue him for the broken ceramic. He laughed and said go ahead! Any future attempts to contact him were met with an immediate hang-up. I checked with the Better Business Bureau and found that WE CLEAN AMERICA has an "F" rating. I have enclosed the BBB report. The BBB did all they could for me but since ** refused to work with them, nothing was resolved.

She eventually had the owner of the company contact me - a very angry and threatening man who told me in a loud and shouting manner that if I don't stop contacting them, they will get a restraining order against me, take me to court, etc. Whenever I tried to speak, he would speak over me and just repeat this same message. Here is a company with what I feel is a fraudulent advertisement that has an "F" rating from the BBB, and will not work with their clients to resolve any matters. Are there laws against this? Where does the work ethic come in? Why are companies allowed to get away with this sort of conduct?

I contacted many agencies, including the Department of Consumer Affairs. Unfortunately, nothing was done for me. It seems that this company is going to continue running its business this way and I know that clients will encounter the same type of service and behavior as I have. I contacted a law firm and as we spoke, we came up with the idea that companies should have a rating system similar to what the restaurants have - A, B, C ratings that are displayed in the front of the restaurant. These ratings should appear on these ads. I got this ad in a mailer. If I had checked with the BBB prior to hiring this company, I certainly would not have hired them.

Stay Away!
By -

SHERMAN OAKS -- Terrible agency, they don't screen or train their employees (to be exact - independent contractors) and are not responsible for their actions. So all damages and theft - not their responsibility. Might as well get someone from a street to clean your house and carry out stuff with no consequences... Manager ** is extremely rude and unprofessional - stay away from this company! I am surprised they are still in business...

Do NOT Use We Clean America
By -

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- Specifically requested English speaking/reading crew... no way! Ruined a marble shower costing more than $1,000 to repair. Broke items, hid them... the company does not stand behind cleaning crews. BEWARE!

Too Risky
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I used this company for over 10 years, basically decent work. When I came home to find the garbage disposal inoperative, they took the cleaners' word that they had done nothing. I can't afford substantial repairs caused by the cleaners so I canceled the service.

House Cleaning
By -

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- I have yet to read anything good about this company. But as their price and promise compared well to other companies in the same arena, I decided to try them out. A 3 bedroom/2 bath home for $60 the first visit and $70 subsequent visits (biweekly) sounded like a great deal, only because no one I know gets that price in a licensed company. I won't do the unlicensed route.

There was only one negative, in that my appointment time was indeed changed. I made an appointment for a Saturday at 9 a.m., and was called two days before, informed that it would have to be 11-12. That didn't work for our time, so I switched to the Monday after. They would have done it on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, etc. But I got to choose another good time for us. No whoop.

Unlike the other complainers, I've yet to have a problem with getting in contact with a human. Every time I've called, it has been picked up within 3 rings and I've spoken to a polite individual that was not rushed. In fact, two representatives called me in order to change my appointment, both apologized profusely, and were very polite in the exchange.

Based on speaking to the representative upon making my first appointment, and reading the fine print on the coupon, I'm aware that they do not do laundry for free, nor do they wash the inside and outside of every window in your home. Maybe due to the other complainers, they have removed that promise from their advertisement The couple that came was polite and understood English well. I had two areas of concern, and they addressed them perfectly. Items were moved and cleaned around. The only items not removed were the range guards on the stove, and I will simply inform them of this next time and it will be done.

I will continue to use this company, but I do understand the complaints. I don't have a conflict of interest with schedule, as I work from home. I'm also not the sort to expect perfection when I'm only paying $70 for a two-team force that comes for 2 hours to clean my own. It's a deal. And we need to be realistic in our expectations. Just wanted to balance out the other complaints, as the way I interpret it, you can't expect a $100 job from a $60 coupon, and it's unfair to.

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