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Rating: 1/51

YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- They will never get your house sold and will make you the laughing stock of the neighborhood. The agents talk to you in a condescending way and trick you and imprison you in a 1-year contract, which there is no escape from regardless of what happens. They hold your house hostage and will wait until you are in foreclosure and your house goes to auction before they finally get it through their thick heads that the house won't sell. Stay away from Weichert if you need your house sold quick!

Thievery and Vandalism by Realtors Themselves
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Rating: 1/51

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- REALTORS - THE PERFECT CRIMINALS. For anyone who puts their home on the market also opens up a whole new world of treachery. Be careful what realty and agent you choose and make sure you check out their reputation and do a thorough check on the agent before doing business with them! What a perfect career for those who have other intentions, other than selling homes and making an honest living...double earnings by gaining easy entry into homes and being able to go through all the homeowner's belongings!

Think this farfetched or a bit harsh? Think again...because stealing and vandalism has become more apparent through realty. It's happened to us and to many thousands of other homeowners who have entrusted their homes to real estate brokers who will lie, cheat, and do whatever they need to in order to recruit homeowners to sign contracts...that you CAN'T get out of, and if you do want "out" will have to sign a waiver that gives the realtor months or even a year to collect their 6% fee if you sell through another realty or by yourself! This has become a "cut-throat" just have to be sure it's not YOURS!

It seems thievery and vandalism isn't exempt from any defined realty or realtor broker, so it's very important to know what to expect beforehand and feel more confident signing a contract. Ours was Weichert Realty and we thought they were a more classy and upscale type realty...but they proved us wrong. Many others have filed complaints online about them, so we aren't singling them out.

We had our home on the market only 30 days before having to pull it off and take down the "For Sale" sign. Our agent insisted on 3 Open Houses, which we were totally against because of all the things we've read about them online, but she convinced us otherwise. She promised that ALL the Open Houses would be supervised by herself and 2 other agents, and that didn't happen on any showing.

A Weichert realtor from the same branch kicked our packed belongings in the corner of the basement and another Weichert realtor got in our face, while holding our little dog, who was very well behaved, and said that people of "Indian decent" HATE dogs and to get rid of her! Talk about rude and nasty?

Our realtor insisted on serving food and we told her NO (because of the mess involved in cleaning up, etc.) and she served "hard candy" instead. In 2 rooms, candy was smashed on the newly-cleaned carpets and kicked under both beds! Our advertisement and the realtor said there was hardwoods under the carpeting...but yet another realtor tore up the carpet at our office entrance just to make sure! The kitchen's wallpaper was peeled back and ripped.

We have a "Jack and Jill" bathroom and when people were walking through...someone hit our toilet with such force, it broke the toilet casing which holds the toilet securely, so now that needed to be fixed asap because it started leaking! The last Open House was for realtors ONLY and not open to the public. Not only did our agent serve food...but used our dishes, glasses, utensils and appliances to sponsor this event! Totally against what she claimed as supplying ALL the things necessary for this showing and not having to be concerned about anyone going into our closets or cabinets and using our personal things!

But it seems this agent knew our closets and cabinets well...because the "Salad Spinner" that was stored away in another section of the house was used and put away with bits of moist lettuce still intact, and a good portion of our utensils were obviously stolen or thrown out! We drove by an hour earlier from the deadline of the Open House (as we were told to vacate the premises, with dog in tow) and saw that the agent was already packing up her car. We waited a half hour then decided to go back home.

Food was smashed all over the floors and we noticed all the food was being served in all our personal things. As the agent was emptying her food into containers...she mentioned that she heard a very loud noise and banging coming from the basement and didn't go down to check on it. We went down to check and found big chunks of wood scattered on the newly painted floor and looked up to see a main beam damaged in 3 sections!!! A realtor who took it upon themselves to hammer 3 nails forcefully into the beam, splitting it and damaged it!

This was obviously done by someone who was obviously mad or had some pent up energies because the head of the hammer used is still imprinted in the beam! Now why did this realtor do this??? We have NO clue. A few days went by...finding various things missing. $500 worth of brand new clothes, still in the shipping packages from the day before the Open House, both Breast Prosthetic (not worn that day because of holding the dog) and in their boxed molds in the bedroom closet, were stolen. What a low blow!

Also, religious items that were removed from view and put away were also stolen out the closets. This was NOT the public doing was the REALTORS themselves! Shame on all of you who are suppose to have respect and protect the homeowners you and the realty you represent! Whatever happened to the Real Estate Ethnic Code? #1 - to respect and protect homeowners?

I have seen many TV shows that showed realtors and their clients steal, vandalize and do some very disrespectful things in the homes they were showing! How can anyone trust a realtor to sell your home without surmising this happening? I'm out $4,000 or fix and replace most of the things before I can place my home on the market again!

Now that we're more aware of what can happen, we will be better prepared the next time. To put ALL tools away, put anything that could be used as a weapon...God forbid someone decides to take knives out of your knife block in your kitchen for any sick reason! PREPARE your home ahead of time, like you need to "babyproof" your house for the same thing for "adult proofing" it! Securely pack away all your valuables and all things that would be missed if it were stolen or damaged!

Not all realtors are given "Angel Awards" with their realtors licenses and it is the perfect setup for anyone with a devious multi-tasking mind! Never allow your realtor to convince you to do something against your will! Open Houses are an invitation to crime and most realtors are against them. Our realtor only did Open Houses and never showed our home to anyone, and the people who did call her with interest in seeing our home were told various excuses by her and she never brought anyone to see our home! Protect your property and belongings because realtors won't!

The Weichert Agent Was a Very Sneaky, Dishonest and Pushy
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Rating: 1/51

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT -- We have been looking for a house for a while. Every time we found something we liked she would call us the next day and tell us that they accepted another offer. We started to think something was up when she was pushing one particular house which we declined. I found a listing on Trulia, called her and asked her to show it to us. We did all the work going to town hall and getting the records etc. She said the sellers was not happy with what the inspection said and wanted to get a professionals opinion.

After we got people to go at the house she said they never said that. It went on like that until we had the contract. It was like this woman lived in another world. The sellers agent was also a Weichert agent and she would say she can't get in touch with her. Really? At the end the sellers said they told us that they were not giving any credits toward the house and this was told to the agent which was never told to us or our decision would have been to not bother with it.

I am out money from an inspection, house, sewer, well and termite. I feel like she should give us our money back since she lied to us during the whole process. Way to go (Weichert agent in Stamford). We thought you had a conscience. But we are happy to never have to deal with her lying, deceitful and vindictive personality again. We will never work with Weichert ever again. I guess we learned an expensive lesson.

Poor Customer Service
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Weichert promised a virtual tour, open house every weekend, weekly ads in the paper, and a stress-free experience where everything would be handled with expertise. None of these things happened as promised. Communication was poor and unprofessional. The realtor included my hot tub in the listing without my permission. This mistake cost me $3500. My home was left unlocked and lights/heat were left on. Personal items were taken. I was severely misguided about real estate throughout the listing.

The realtor cost me the first offer on the home because she did not show up to the inspection. She went to Las Vegas without transferring the listing to another realtor in her absence. The deal subsequently unraveled. She then gave me poor advice which locked me into a second offer while a third and higher offer was forthcoming. This cost me $5,000.

The manager at Weichert was not responsive. He took no responsibility for the poor service I had been receiving. I was shocked that someone in his position could be so aloof and unconcerned about customer service. He did not offer an apology for the problems I encountered. All he said was "well we sold your house so what do you care about the other stuff?" My response to that statement is this: I priced the house below market value so anyone who had the listing at the time would have gotten the sale. Despite having been the realtor at the time of the sale, the 6% commission was not earned. I asked for a reduction in the commission and he refused. So did the regional VP.

If I went to a restaurant for dinner and got horrible service, should the waiter be given a 20% tip? What if the waiter said "well, you ate so what do you care?" This is representative of the managers/VP's attitude. There was absolutely no accountability for the broken promises, mistakes made, poor communication, unprofessional conduct, and misguidance that I received.

Horrible Agents!
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NEVADA -- I am in the process of selling my home and after what has happened to us through Weichert Realtors, I would not give them a contract if they brought us an offer. We used to have a lockbox on our front door so that showings of our home could be conducted at any time. We had to remove it, thanks to a Weichert agent who came to show the home. He left our front door wide open and the property unattended. We were lucky not to have strangers enter our home while we weren't here, thanks to the agent's negligence.

When we called his office to complain, the manager would not return my calls. I ended up escalating it to the corporate offices in Morris Plains, NJ. They assured me my complaint would be addressed, after they were insistent that this agent was a "nice guy" and has been in the business for 25 years.

We had another showing scheduled at our home that we had to cancel due to our daughter becoming very ill. We were up all night with her and had to take her to the emergency room. We cancelled the showing well in advance of its scheduled time, but the Weichert agent showed up with her clients ANYWAY. The last thing we needed to see after being up all night long with a sick child was strangers wandering around our home.

I have complained to the manager of this agent's office, but I don't hold out much hope for resolution. If you're going to use a real estate agent, stay away from these people. They are rude, they have no regard for privacy or property, and don't seem to care that they are alienating customers.

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