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Wells Fargo Will Not Release My Insurance Money
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Rating: 1/51

My family and I were involved in a fire in January 2013... Our home was destroyed and we lost everything including our family dog. We had to jump from a second floor window to save our four children. The community was quick to respond and letters and donations were quick to come in. A modification was suggested to us as we were still paying a $1500 mortgage for a home we weren't living in and my husband had been laid off the month before. We gratefully went this route as we were trying to replace everything that had been lost.

After negotiations between our adjuster and the insurance adjuster were completed, a check was sent to cover the cost to rebuild our home. This was two months since the fire. In that time we had been living with my in-laws because our policy didn't cover temporary housing. Finally rebuilding was supposed to start. Not so.

The insurance company sent a check for the agreed upon amount but Wells Fargo was reporting almost $25000 less than the agreed upon settlement. My adjuster was angry needless to say and started asking questions. Wells Fargo had received the money and said they were holding back that amount in case of over costs. No one was very happy over this but it was a small detail and we were anxious to get the work started. Again not so.

We were told because we were in the middle of a modification that they weren't releasing the money until it was settled. One month we were told. Since we were told this, we have gone through a long process of never ending paperwork. We are told to fax this and send that. We do not receive a response to anything unless we call, and when we do we are told that we need yet another piece of information that we weren't told about two weeks prior.

We are now at the end of June 2013 and days from July and told that we needed yet another piece of information. (Please remember the fire happened in January.) This is the same piece of information that my HR at work has written a letter about on at least two other occasions. But now I have had to send to the Chicago home office to get the Head of Human Resources to write about. This piece of information? My job donated money to the family to help us after the fire and is on my pay stub. My HR has written two letters and I sent a signed affidavit stating that this was a one time gift. Not good enough.

In the meantime, my family is still living with my in-laws in two rooms. My children have lost their dog and home. They ask when are we going home. How do I explain to them that Wells Fargo has our money but won't release it and the modification that was supposed to help us is actually holding us back?

No Alert
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO -- My husband banked with Wachovia and of course they were purchased by Wells Fargo in 09. They told him to use his card (Wachovia) until it expired which was 2013. That was last August. Last week he gets a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo. They sent him a new debit card! They never called to tell him one was being sent out.

When he looked at the letter enclosed it read, "€œIn fulfilling our commitment to detect fraud on our customers'€™ debit cards, Wells Fargo regularly reviews cardholder activity to identify unusual purchase and ATM transaction patterns. As part of this review process, your debit card number and/or Personal Identification Number (PIN) were identified as being at risk for unauthorized transactions. As a precautionary measure, we will be closing your current card and issuing you a new debit card with a different card number and expiration date."

They just sent a card in the mail without his knowledge. He was so shocked to get that. Being that he didn't know it was coming, the fraud department opened him up to fraud. They never called and asked him about the charges at all. He had not used his card in any places that he had never used it and the charges were the normal, books, groceries and other small purchases at places that he had used his card at for more than two years each. Notice that after saying he may be open to fraud that they didn't call him and suspend his account. Therefore, if there was fraud, he would have been wiped out before he got the card they sent without telling him.

The worst part was that the letter stated that they would shut off his old card this week (about two weeks after the letter was received). What if we were out of town as we take a lot of trips during the summer? His card would have been shut down when we actually needed it without any explanation from the bank.

Also, it could have gotten misdelivered (our USPS has misdelivered a number of things within the last year). Not that it could have been activated without other banking information but, it would have left him without a card because without the letter, he didn't know his card was going to be shut down. Plus, if it were delivered to the wrong person they had a lot of his information, i.e., name, address and who he banks with.

He went to a local branch near our home to complain and the lady who was helping him started playing the blame game. She started with, "We sent the new card because we changed your account (also without notification, it was included in the letter with the card) to a different kind of checking." He says "Yeah, if I don'€™t keep my balance up then I would have to pay", she says, "No, you have a free account because you were grand fathered in." He tells her that the letter said they would start charging him $5 a month if he didn't keep his balance higher than $1,500.

She disputes this again and then looks at his account (never read it before but she was trying to explain to him that he was wrong) and says, "Well, you don'™t have to worry about that, your account is within the parameters and you have a platinum card now (I guess she thought that was supposed to make it OK)."

He goes on to ask, "Why did you all send a card without my knowledge?" She says it was the back of the house. He asks why they sent a card without his knowledge that would make his old card null and void within a two-week period. She says she doesn't know. He asked if that was their normal policy, she says she doesn't know what the back of the house policies are.

He transfers most of his money and tells her to close his account. She, as she's taught, tries to get him to stay. He tells her that he doesn't want a bank that would send a card in the mail without notifying him opening him up for fraud, a bank that calls at least every two weeks trying to get him to purchase life insurance that is through a third party (a Wells Fargo associate calls and says that if you want the product she will put you through to the company that sells it) or one that charges him if his checking account dips below $1,500.

After that she did not say another word to him. I guess she just gave up and finished closing his account. Beware if you have Wells Fargo they may send you a debit card that cancels your current card without telling you. In the end I believe they were just changing his account and they lied about why they sent him a new card. However, if they would have just said that to begin with, he may still be a customer. I just don'™t get why these companies think it's better if they be sneaky and lie rather than be upfront.

** Update** I just got an automated call from Wells Fargo (not 20 minutes after I wrote this review). The message said that Wells Fargo is sending a new card because my husband's card is "at risk for fraudulent charges." Aren't all cards at risk for fraudulent charges?

As a bank they should have things in place to minimize that risk. Instead they send a card without his knowledge. This call came almost two weeks after he received the card in the mail and almost a week after he closed his account.

Seniors and Small Depositors not welcome
By -

I initially opened an account with Wachovia after leaving Chase, which has always been a forerunner in customer dissatisfaction. The account that I opened was designed for seniors with no fees, free checks, free bill pay and an automatic savings. Wells Fargo took over Wachovia a few months later, which Wachovia was very well aware of when they opened my account. To its credit Wells Fargo kept my senior account going for a few months when my daughter and I went in to see about an account for her. She is a student and works for a large charitable organization.

The Wells Fargo "Personal Banker" signed my daughter up for the top of the line account because she worked for the charitable organization. The account included no fees as long as there was a direct deposit and an automatic transfer to the linked savings account monthly. It included interest checking, free checks, free bill pay, free cashiers checks, free travelers checks, free notary service etc etc etc. At the same time she talked me into the account next down on the premium list that included virtually the same things with no fees as long as a direct deposit was made and automatic transfer to savings was made.

We were told that the bank would pay 3% on the first $500 of savings for 11 months for opening the accounts. Two months later we received a change notification that in order to avoid fees on these premium accounts we would have to have a MINIMUM automatic deposit of $750, a minimum balance of $5,000, or have three linked Wells Fargo accounts including credit lines such as a mortgage with a total of $5,000. This would be in addition to the automatic transfer to a linked savings account. AND in my case, because I had already had a Wachovia account with an introductory rate, I would not be getting the 3% from Wells Fargo.

My daughter had to go down to the bank and change her account to a Student account because her automatic deposit would not meet the minimum requirements and she certainly doesn't have $5,000 floating around. Fortunately for her, there was one available. HOWEVER there is none of the perks promised with the original account that she opened just two months prior.

I went in to talk to my "Personal Banker" (who seems to have aged substantially; probably because of the flack she is taking because of corporate decisions). I was told that I could take an account that has a lower fee but I would have to maintain an automatic deposit and an automatic transfer to savings in order to avoid fees.

Their least expensive account does not include free bill pay. They no longer have accounts for seniors. But then neither do any of the other major banks in the state of California. I was also told this was a pilot program and they were going to see how it works out (how many depositors they lose). The next move will be to charge fees for use of ATM cards. I personally have decided to go to an online banking account with a highly rated online bank where everything is free and the customer service is good. They offer free checks, free bills and ATM transactions.

When I spoke with the manager he said that with a bank with branches I could speak face to face with a customer service person (Personal Banker) but I couldn't online. I told him that I can yell just as well at an online CS representative as I can face to face with a Wells Fargo personal banker. He was just plain arrogant. I guess seniors and small depositors don't deserve respect and service from big banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, US Bank etc.

Wells Fargo is a BIG FRAUD! Don't bank there!!!
By -

I am so tired of dealing with this bank and although it is a hassle to move my personal and business banking I have had enough. This big fraud that calls itself a bank has ripped me off for the last time. Forget everything the nice, friendly, smiling and apparently concerned banker tells you when they are trying to get you to open an account, apply for a loan, credit card, mortgage or anything else they are pushing.

The bank is nothing more than a fee generating machine and they have geared all of the practices and policies to ways that will separate you from your money in as many different ways and as frequently as possible. I could give you a long list but here is one that is easy for everybody to understand:

I write a check to a supplier while doing business in another city, who banks with a different bank located several hundreds of miles away. Magically (with the wonders of electronic check verification) that check is debited against my account that very same night. No problem.

A week later I receive a check from a customer who banks just down the street from my bank. I deposit the check at an ATM in the morning, several hours BEFORE the afternoon cutoff for deposits. I write a few checks and incur a few more debit transactions the next day, counting on those funds being in my account. The checks/transactions were for approx the following amounts and order: $81, $33, $9, $47, $38, $14, $7, $59, $10, $22, $116, $2, $11, $16, $745.

Guess what? They put a 5 day hold on the check from the local bank (a client from whom I had deposited dozens of checks in the past with zero problems). Then they debited the very largest item first ($745). It was my very last check I wrote to a department store at the end of the day and the very first one they debited which overdrew my account -$4.51, as they had put the hold on my deposit from the day before at the ATM. Then they debited the rest of the 14 checks/debits from my account, adding an overdraft fee of $35.00 for each item, totaling nearly $500 in overdraft fees.

When I went into the bank the next day to scream my displeasure I was told by the smiling, friendly and helpful banker that it is Wells Fargo's policy to ALWAYS debit the largest items first. The still smiling banker assured me this was to PROTECT ME as large dollar items could be a house or car payment and they know I would want to make sure those items were paid first, of course.

I thanked the smiling, friendly and helpful Wells Fargo banker for being so concerned about my car and home and I then proceeded to tell them that my car is PAID FOR and I DON'T HAVE A HOUSE PAYMENT! Furthermore, even if I did I would never want to be dinged $500 just to have those items covered. I asked to speak to the manager (also smiling and friendly) who that he empathized with me but that paying the largest item first was the policy. When I asked if they could waive the fees for a long standing business and personal account customer I was told that it was their policy not to, less everybody would come in asking the same thing.

So the next time one of the Wells Fargo smiling, helpful and friendly bankers ask you to open an account, run don't walk from their bank. The really funny thing is we all just read in the news yesterday that Wells Fargo has been laundering money for the Mexican Drug Cartels. Really straight operation they run there. I wonder if they smile and act so helpful and friendly for the Narco's when they come in to transfer their drug money?

Wells Fargo is a criminal organization in my humble opinion and I will never do business with them again. Don't buy into their lie about how they want to "help you". The only thing they are interested in is helping you OUT OF YOUR MONEY!!!

Wells Fargo Is A Crook. They Won't Reimburse Me - Fraud
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I lost my debit card and Wells Fargo refused to reimburse me for over $800.00 in transactions. They REFUSED! Not to mention, three or four days after I reported the incident and REQUESTED THE CARD BE CLOSED and NOT TO ISSUE A NEW CARD, they allowed over $300.00 of additional transactions and put my account into a NEGATIVE. THEY ARE RUDE, INSULTING AND HORRIBLE. Can someone please help, it is the holidays.

Lack Of Communication & Proper Representation Along With Broken Promises From Loan Holder
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Rating: 1/51

LEHIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Me & my father purchased a home in 2004. The 30 year loan was provided by Wells Fargo bank. He was at the age of 68. 2 years later, in 2006, my father passed away. On the deed of the house both of our names were listed. I proceeded to the Allentown branch to distribute proper documentation of death certificate & I wanted the straight was already in place. I also wanted to make sure I handled things the right way going forward & they reassured me that no changes would be made except my name would be added to the loan. They told me no problem so I assumed things were all in place.

Five years later (2011), keep in mind I was making all the payments the best that I could some were late but paid, I was seriously hurt which I then couldn't continue to work. So I then contacted Wells Fargo to advise them of my unfortunate situation & they told me they couldn't talk to me because I wasn't the head executive of my dad's estate but I was on the deed since purchased year of 2004. So I explained that I was waiting for my tax refund to bring the loan current & mailed them the check of the amount due.

They held it for approximately 2 weeks, mailed it back to me & informed me to contact the bank's attorney to make arrangements with them. Which in my mind didn't make sense since they wouldn't talk to me but their attorney could.

I as well went to an attorney to find out what I could do and the bank's attorney refused to speak to the attorney representing me. After that, they informed me that I would have to bring a copy of death certificate to the bank, which I have already did back in 2004. I had misplaced the last copy I had so I had to obtain another copy which would take 6-8 weeks to get & my hearing was 4 weeks away.

I then went to my local congressman figuring he might be able to retrieve it sooner. He proceeded to help me obtain it & I received it was the day before my hearing. That same day I got it, I went straight to my local Wells Fargo branch to hand in the certificate & copy of the deed as requested to stop the court proceedings. Which they said they would if I provided them before the court day they would withdraw the proceedings.

I believed it was withdrawn & didn't appear in court the next day plus my son was starting school for the first time the same day. Long behold they never stopped the proceedings as they promised & I lost everything. I think I am entitled to something at this point & need some advice/help on what I can do

Wells Fargo Customer Service Is Deteriorating
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Rating: 3/51

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Wells Fargo customer for six years and have been noticing a gradual deterioration of service over the past year. Yesterday I finally learned why that is. Usually I do my banking online or at the ATM. This time I entered the bank. There were three people in line before me waiting for the only teller. There was one other employee working at the drive-in service window and a single bank manager in an office at the back. There were three groups of people waiting for the bank manager.

I waited in line for ten minutes before the teller finished with the person she had been working with when I first entered. Meanwhile two of the three people ahead of me in line got tired of waiting and had left the bank. The one remaining person ahead of me in line took less than five minutes but by that time there were four more people behind me.

When I got to the teller I casually mentioned that she seemed awfully busy and looked like she could use some help. She launched into an explanation of how tired, frustrated and exhausted she was because the bank wouldn't hire enough people and that she didn't even have time to visit the restroom. She was one of only two tellers and when the other teller was off (like the present time) there was simply too much for one person to handle.

She went on to state that sometimes new trainees were sent to the bank but as soon as they were trained they were always sent somewhere else. The bank manager had repeatedly requested additional help but his pleas were ignored because there was an overall shortage of qualified people throughout the company. The situation had been going on for about a year and she was completely exhausted and didn't know how much longer she could continue at that pace. I should mention that this Teller was very efficient and professional throughout the transaction and our brief conversation.

Lost Payment - Hitting Credit
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Wells Fargo Dealer Services is the WORST COMPANY I have ever had to deal with!!! I submitted a payoff for my auto loan (with a cashier's check from CitiBank) in person at a Wells Fargo Branch and it has been 14 days and they have not posted the payment to my account. In the meantime, I am racking up late fees and dings on my credit while they are trying to research my payment. I have been told, many different things like - "it takes 3 days to post to your account", then it was "it takes 5-7 business days" then it was "the cashier's check bounced and was returned!" NO! I have proof you cashed it!!!

I only have an 800 number to call and get a different person each time I call and have to deal with the nasty - "your account is overdue" messages - uh, actually it isn't, you have the money! I got a copy of the cashed cashier's check from CitiBank (in less than 12 hours by the way) and submitted it to them without a promise or guarantee it will be taken care of in a timely matter.

I have taken many hours out of my work trying to fix this - with dealer services, and with the bank where I made the payment. They don't care if your credit is on the line (I can't imagine getting them to try to fix it because of their mess up) or that they basically STOLE MY $800 PAYMENT - it isn't their money so no sweat off of their back.

At this point I don't know what to do. I need a consumer advocate to help me get my account cleared, my pink slip sent and my credit fixed! I am sick to my stomach over all of this with no end in sight. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! IT WOULD BE WORTH PAYING HIGHER INTEREST!!

IRA Transfer To My Checking Account With Wells Fargo
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- On 10/2/2012 I decided to transfer my Wells Fargo IRA to my checking account, little did I know it would take weeks and then some. I requested the form which was E-mailed to me and that day 10/3/2012, I filled it out and submitted it by fax. On 10/10/2012, I called the 800 number and ask what was happening. They stated they never received it, the next week I tried faxing it from 3 different places and they still didn't receive it. I had some places fax it 4 times and called 3 hours later and still didn't receive it. Because I did it by pen not by computer they said it wasn't coming in and it was blank.

Going on a week and a half now, I submitted it again through my son's fax machine and it didn't have an account number where it said office use only. They had the number because they gave it to me, so I had the agent walk me through step by step to make sure they had everything they needed and I submitted it again.

I called again 3 hours later and they said they rejected it, due to no signature to compare it with. So now they needed my DMV faxed to them and I have talked to 5 agents, an agent adjuster who still failed to help me and connect me with a supervisor. I have spent over 6 hours talking from Mexico trying to transfer my money to my checking account for almost 3 weeks now and still haven't completed the transfer which I was told it would take only 3-4 days. My advice to everyone is take your money out of Wells Fargo brokerage IRA ASAP. You might spend months trying to get it if you're lucky to get it at all.

By -

REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- My rating - They don't warrant an 'Awful' star!! Where to begin! Don't go near this bank! Several years ago I ran the Christmas Kettle program for The Salvation Army. We were required to count the coins by hand and then roll them before the bank would take them. Writing The Salvation Army information on each wrapper! When I deposited the money in The Salvation Army account Wells Fargo CHARGED The Salvation Army $70.00 to deposit The Salvation Army's money into their own account!!! This latest Fiasco occurred late summer 2011. I took my father in law to Wells Fargo on Pine St. in Redding, CA because he is in a wheelchair and cannot drive.

I spoke up when my father in law went to withdraw some money from his accounts. It is procedure for Wells Fargo to ask customers why are they withdrawing their own money and what they are going to do with it! I gave my opinion because my father in law doesn't answer those questions to even his wife or children! I continued to share my opinions that what he did with his money was none of their business. I was informed that it was 'their' Fiduciary Responsibility. (I bet if a customer is robbed in the parking lot it won't be their 'Fiduciary Responsibility' to cover the loss!)

I was told by Assistant Manager ** not to enter the downtown Redding, CA. branch again or I'd be arrested. Then 2 days later Adult Protective Services shows up at the door to check on my in laws because they think I'm strong arming my in-laws. I guess because I was dressed in shorts and sandals I looked criminal.

After Protective Service was informed by my father in law that we would be moving them into a Care Home within a week she was satisfied there was nothing wrong. I gave up my income and lost out on $20,000 worth of construction supplies among other things to come to California and take care of my in-laws (without pay) and this is how they treated me. Mr. ** and cohort ** need to begin their training from the beginning or be fired. In my opinion Wells Fargo needs to dry up, close down and go out of business. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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