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I Have Read the Reviews on Wells Fargo on This Website and I Could Not Agree More
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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA -- My son bought a truck and Wells Fargo gave him the loan (with me as co-signer). He made his car payments regularly. Then, he was laid off and found a job making less money. He was behind a payment, so we called and made arrangements to catch it up. Then the harassment started! We continually made payments, some were late, but nothing to get excited over. I was getting phone calls before the payment was due for the month. Not only did they call my house repeatedly, but my cell phone and my work phone as well.

We began to get a little suspicious that things weren't right with our account. We were making payments. I wanted to look at the history and verify all of the payments we made. I went to sign on to the website and it would not let me sign in. I called and spoke to a supervisor. I questioned why couldn't I have internet access to my own loan. I was told "so people don't make a partial payment". Are you kidding me? Isn't a partial payment better than no payment? Anyway, I asked the supervisor to please send a history of our account. I ended up asking her four times to send me a history and finally it came in the mail.

The history was not straightforward. There would be a charge added for say $702.00 but no explanation as to what this charge was on our history and of course, no decent answers from Wells Fargo. And, payments that we made would be backed out for no reason (verified that the payment cleared my bank). I believe it was purposely designed to cause confusion. I would suggest that if you are having problems with Wells Fargo along these lines, get a history of your account and go over it very carefully.

I did extensive research on payments made by us and the goofy charges that appeared on our account. We were making payments! And then a representative would call and tell us we were two months behind. Anyways, turns out we were not behind at all. We were right where we were supposed to be. So I called in and requested that we sit down with someone and go over our history with a fine tooth comb. The response "we do not provide that service".

Finally, it wasn't worth the hassle, and we turned the truck in. Now, here comes the irony: Wells Fargo owes me money! I got a letter in the mail showing the charges, etc. on September 21, 2014. One month later, no check! And, I have called the number on the letter 7 times today plus any other number I could find. And, gee, no one can help me.

Capital One was sued in a class action lawsuit regarding harassing phone calls to customers. I think Wells Fargo should be sued next. It's the least that they deserve (I have been on hold this entire time climbing to thirty minutes). I will never ever do any business with Wells Fargo again!

Where Do You Turn When the Government Won't Help
By -

LAS VEGAS, NORTH DAKOTA -- I feel as though I am sinking. My American Dream is slipping away. As with millions of Americans, I believed the banks and the people working there. I have struggled for three years giving the bank (Wells Fargo) every penny to pay my ‘interest only' Adjustable Rate Mortgage at 8.25%. I did what I was instructed to in order to get my mortgage refinanced at the end of the three years as was advised. I paid my bills on time so my credit would be okay once I was able to refinance.

Some things happen beyond my control, like my mother passing without insurance. Taking out a loan to help family members. But, when the time came the economy went bad and so did the option of getting my home refinanced. Since my home is not worth the loan I am paying on, I waited for the government to bail ‘Me' out like he did the major corporations. After all I pay taxes.

I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel when they passed the Making Homes Affordable Plan, only to be told I've done everything right so this won't help me. It's only for people that gave up the struggle. Now, on the other hand if I stop trying and give up hope and all I've worked to have. Let my credit go, that I've been working so hard to maintain. I can get help. When did this become the American Way? Who's out there to help me, and the people like me? We pay our taxes. I work hard but now the struggle is trying to consume me and I don't know where to turn.

My ARM is ready for adjustment. I've contacted the bank. They've denied my Loan Modification. ** put in for a re-finance loan and lied on the app. Saving my condo is worth 20K more than its value. I actually was applying for a Loan Modification. Who is here to watch over these people do what they want to the consumer?

If the bank I've been paying for three years won't help me then where do I turn for help? I am not asking for a hand out from anyone. I pay my bills. I just need my bills to be more affordable so that I don't have to decide whether I eat, live in darkness or have a roof over my head. I am desperate because If my ARM loan goes up, I will not be able to make my loan payments, car payment, pay bills, or taxes on my home, wasn't included in the original loan. They have the nerve to continue to try to get me to apply for other loans and won't even re-finance me. Thanks Wells Fargo

Refinance Delays and Taking a Very Long Time.
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STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I started the refinance on Feb 9th with Wells Fargo Financial. I received a call from Wells Fargo explaining that my current Wells Fargo mortgage could get a much lower rate. I agreed and we started the process. I faxed everything they need to them and then my wife and I went in on the 10th of Feb 2009 and signed all of the paperwork. We were told it would take 30 to 60 days.

We were approved about 10 days later and then the waiting begins. It is now July 30th!! What is that, 165 days!!! We have been hearing excuse after excuse on why they can't seem to get anything going on their end. Yesterday we were told that we are in the final stages and shouldn't be more than a week or two. Haha. Every week they would say that when I inquired on the status.

I know it isn't just me. My father started 1 week after I did. They haven't even gotten to his home appraisal yet!! So for him it's been 150 days plus and they haven't even gotten to appraising his house. He lives in MD, I am in NC. Now I do have to say, it seems as if the Wells Fargo employees at the branch have their hands tied on this whole process. If I call the branch they answer every time and don't ignore the calls. I was told in March that Wells hired 500 new employees to assist with the refinances. The other day I was told that they needed training. I asked why it took 4 months to be trained...

Disgruntled Wells Fargo Customers Unite!
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DES MOINES, IOWA -- DISGRUNTLED WELLS FARGO CUSTOMERS UNITE! Edmund Burke once said,”All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” Burke also said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

I recently had a bad experience with Wells Fargo Financial. On May 5th I made a payment to my account in the amount of $3,500. Wells Fargo then also took a payment from my checking account in the amount of $668. On 13 June I received my billing statement which said, “Paid ahead — No payment due”. Wells Fargo took the payment from my account anyway. In early July I received my July statement which also stated, “Paid ahead —no payment due”. But I had learned my lesson by this time.

I called Wells Fargo and spoke to ** (employee # **). Before I hung up over an hour later, I was assured by ** that everything had been corrected and no more payments at all would be taken from my checking account. I would make payments at my desire. On July 16, I checked my checking account online and discovered that Wells Fargo had again taken a payment from my checking account for $668.

I then called Wells Fargo and spoke with ** (employee # **). After over an hour, I was told to fax proof of the $668 check being taken from my checking account. I called USAA bank on my cell phone while having Wells Fargo hold. Within 5 minutes USAA faxed the proof to 605-226-7940 Attn: **. ** told the supervisor that my refund check would be sent by OVERNIGHT UPS. I hung up and waited for UPS to bring me a check for $668 which I had earmarked for other use. This was on Thursday.

When I had still not received my refund check on Monday, I checked the tracking number and learned that ** had lied. My refund check was not sent OVERNIGHT, but 2nd day air. There IS a difference. That refund check slowly made its way to me via SEVEN stops between there and here!

I received my refund check on Tuesday, but I was at work, so still not able to use my own funds until Wednesday. I had asked that the funds simply be redeposited to my checking account via electronic transfer and was told, “That won't happen.” Thursday 17 July, I called and spoke to ** (employee # **). I wished an apology for the lies and a check sent to me for the week Wells Fargo held MY money at the same interest rate I pay on my loan. ** said, “That won't happen”.

I informed him of the power of disgruntled customers in large groups. ** then said, “We don't care”. I've since spoken with ** (employee # **). He also told me I would never receive compensation for my inconvenience and “We don't care” about disgruntled workers in large groups. Of course they don't care.

I am an individual, and they can deal with me easily. But, if all us disgruntled customers actually DO unite, Wells Fargo will soon have to CARE. I have decided to send Wells Fargo Financial a hard copy check via regular mail for the sum of .10 (TEN CENTS) to be posted to my account. I will also faithfully pay my Wells Fargo Financial bill. I will send the ten cents checks each 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each and every month. I will bend the envelope in such a way that a PERSON will have to open it for processing. In each envelope, along with the check I will place an explanation letter, telling that poor processor why he/she is having to do such a thing.

This will cost me a grand total of $3.06 each month (check plus stamp), which I consider a small price to pay to get them to CARE. Imagine what can happen if ONE MILLION of us disgruntled customers unite and do the same thing on the same dates!

A swamped mail room may get someone in Wells Fargo Financial hierarchy to CARE. Please join me in my endeavor. Wells Fargo can easily deal with all us individuals. But if we unite, we can make them listen and care. But I will not simply stop there. I will use every search engine I can find, type in WELLS FARGO + DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMERS, or Wells Fargo + complaints and post my complaint on as many as possible. Please do the same. Maybe YOU have a better idea in getting their attention. If so, please post it. Thanks.
"Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all" - Edmund Burke.

Wells Fargo
By -

Ahhh Wells Fargo, where do I start. I am trying to prove that I got a Proof Of Funds From Wells Fargo Bank - the account name, the account numbers are **, the officer/portfolio number: **, banker name **, bank MAC **. Yet even with all this information Wells Fargo refuses to step up and admit this is all fact. I am losing my home and all my bank accounts at BOA due to their lies!!

Credit Card Payment Options
By -

Wells Fargo Financial is NOT a customer friendly company. They do not offer the customers a repayment option. Moreover they charge a $10.00 fee if you pay over the phone. With the current economy, people are losing their jobs, unemployed or people that want to HONESTLY pay off their bills. The consumer needs a company that works with them and not against them. It makes someone who is unable to pay at the beginning of the month be indebted to them.

By -

HUNTINGTON BECH, CALIFORNIA -- My girlfriend and I went in separately to each get a loan. This store (offsite from a bank in Huntington Beach) helped us and knew we were together even though we were not there together; often referring to the loan they got her when I was there. The next day the mgr and associate ask my girlfriend out for drinks. She said they were hinting about a job while she was there and she thought they wanted to offer her a job. But WHO does this. How unprofessional and shady an operation is this.

I am sure Wells Fargo has a Human Resources department that should handle these types of things. Especially since they knew she was in a relationship. I am doing everything I cannot to go down there and confront these guys. I don't even believe it would be appropriate to ask a single girl out for drinks if their intention is to offer her a job or a man for that matter. I don't care if they mean to offer her a job.

There is a certain amount of professional and ethical protocol that is totally lacking in this offer and I am sure if I can find a way to complain to a regional mgr (which I have yet to find a contact email anywhere on their site) I will be sure to let him/her know!

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