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Lied to by Salesman
By -

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- I went to Westchester Toyota on October 4, 2008, to look at the Scion. The first question I asked the salesman was did the car come with Daytime Running Lights, which is a very important safety feature on a car. I told the salesman that if the car didn't, it would be a deal-breaker and I wouldn't waste his time. I was assured that the car did, and since the Scion met my needs, I purchased the car.

Between the radio, alarm and tax, the car came to roughly $21,000. I was very specific about the type of alarm I wanted and was told it was available. When I picked up the car on October 7, 2008, I found out that not only was alarm not what I requested not available, another alarm was installed without even consulting me. After a lengthy back and forth between the finance manager, the Scion manager and the salesman, I was given a year's free service to pacify me. Since my experience with the service department with the Matrix was less than stellar, I told the managers and salesman that it would not make up for the price of the incorrect alarm.

When I left the dealership on October 7, 2008, it was evening and it wasn't until that Saturday, October 11, 2008, that I realized the car didn't come with the promised Daytime Running Lights. I called Westchester Toyota, spoke to the Scion manager and was told to bring the car back for him to look at. He flipped on the lights, told me to keep them on low and that was Daytime Running Lights. I told him those were not Daytime Running Lights because they don't automatically came on when the car was started. When we sat down to talk, I told him since I was flat out lied to, I wanted to return the car for a full refund.

I wanted my money back or I wanted to be compensated for the lies (roughly $2,000). With $2,000 in compensation, I could take the Scion, go to another manufacturer and even if I was offered roughly the same amount that I was offered from Scion, I would have few thousand dollars more to compensate for the loss.

I was told if I returned the car, I would take a huge loss because once the car leaves the lot, it is considered used and I told him this was unacceptable because I would not have bought the car if the salesman hadn't lied to me about the lights. I was told to come back on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 to speak with the Scion Manager as well as the Toyota Dealership Manager.

On October 14, 2008, I spoke with both managers and told them my complaints (the alarm was minor but the Daytime Running Lights was the main problem and would have been the deal breaker) and told them I wanted to return the car for full price or else be compensated in some way for all the lies I was told. The response I received was since the Daytime Running Lights and specific alarm were not on the bill of sale, I really had no case. I told him the bill of sale also didn't mention four tires and a steering wheel, yet they came with the car. I told him I wouldn't be going through all this aggravation if I hadn't been very direct about what I wanted.

I was told me he would get to me in a few days and on October 17, 2008, I was told the answer was no to both returning the car and being compensated for the lies I was told. I informed him I no choice but to make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and any other consumer complaint agency I could find online. After making the complaint, I informed the Toyota Manager that the complaint was made and if he wanted me to drop the complaint, Westchester Toyota had to take the car back. He came back to me with a price of $15,000, $6,000 less than I paid for the car.

By this time, the car was three weeks old, less than 500 miles and he wanted me to take a $6,000 loss. He also kept telling me he couldn't do anything until I got the title, which he said took 45 days; I told him that when I got the title, the car would be older with a few more miles on it. He offered to do a "trade-in" but there was no other Toyota car that met my needs.

I told him I would drop the complaints if they refunded my money. I also told the Toyota Manager I was willing to meet him halfway -$21,000 for the new car, $15,000 was what he offered and I would take $18,000, just to get rid of a car that makes me sick to drive due to the untruthfulness/fraud of Westchester Toyota. I want nothing more to do with Westchester Toyota and would take some loss to end my dealings with them. I gave Westchester Toyota the courtesy of letting them know I had also made a complaint against them with Consumer Affairs.

The Manager said he would see what he could do once again and when I called him back, I informed him that I would continue making complaints against Westchester Toyota until this matter was settled to my satisfaction. Not only am I trying to get the satisfaction I deserve, I would hate to see other potential customer have to go through the same aggravation that I have.

After that conversation, each time I called to speak with the manager, he was either in a meeting or with a customer. I left my name and number numerous times and not once did the manager return my calls. I also spoke to the Customer Service Agent, and she said she would see what she could do.

Once again, nothing was offered and calls were not returned. Dealerships that lie to customers to make a sale are committing fraud. And I'm now stuck with a car that I wouldn't have bought in the first place if I hadn't been lied to. As mentioned above, I'm willing to negotiate some sort of settlement with Westchester Toyota but due their lies, I shouldn't be forced to take a $6,000 loss.

I am hoping and praying that you can help me solve this problem with Westchester Toyota. I paid $21,000, including tax, for a car I would not have bought because that it didn't have Daytime Running Lights. I shouldn't have to take a $6,000 loss due to fraud, lies and dishonesty of Westchester Toyota.

Rip Off Alert
By -

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- On Sept. 1 2009 I went into Westchester Toyota to purchase a new Yaris. Within a few minutes of stepping into what seemed like a sleazy meet market as opposed to a car dealership, a condescending woman told me that I would have to wait a few minutes for someone to help me. About 30 minutes later a so called Sales Rep came up to me and asked me how he could help me. I told him what I was looking for and we went for a short road test in a used Yaris with bad brakes (he explained they don't keep many new Yaris on the lot and this was the only one that I could drive to get an idea of what they are like).

So after the ride I sat at his desk and told him the options that I was looking for. He then tried to tell me that many of the features that come standard on the Yaris model from Toyota were in fact extra cost items. After several minutes of convincing him otherwise, he agreed that they were in fact standard & no charge. He then said that they were unable to locate the car with the options that I wanted but that they could order one for me as long as I leave a %10 deposit.

He gave me a pretty decent price and reassured me that they would be able to get the car within 3-4 weeks. So I agreed & left my deposit. About 2 weeks after that I called up to get the Vin # for my insurance co & for the loan. I was then told for the 1st time that they did not actually order my car but they will do it that week. He then asked for me to give me them that additional week and to call them back at that time. So I did. Now 3 weeks into it, I call back and ask if they had ordered my car yet & if they had the Vin #. Once again they did not order it. So I gave them an ultimatum telling them that if I don't have a vin # with 1 week that I want my deposit back.

So finally I call back at the end of the 4th week (when I was originally supposed to have my car) and I was not only told that they did not order my car but that they will not be able to order it either. Basically if they don't have the car on their lot then they won't sell you anything. So after wasting a month waiting for a car that I never got, I wanted my deposit back. So the sales manager told me that it would take 1 day for my deposit to be redeposited into my account and that he would call me to ensure that it was in fact put back in my account.

So naturally after waiting TWO days not only did the manager NOT call me but I never got my money back either. So here I go off to small claims court to get my money back. Warning to anyone who is thinking of doing ANY business with Westchester Toyota DON'T DO IT!!! They don't do what they say and they don't deliver on what they promise, the only thing they do is take your money & don't give it back.

Westchester Toyota - Liars
By -

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Nissan Sentra-2007 from Westchester Toyota on June 31, 2009. I was promised that the car was checked thoroughly, no accidents, etc. in mint condition. In January of 2010 I could not start the car. All of the electrical systems shut down and the doors would not lock. After calling Westchester Toyota, they said it wasn't their problem and to take it to Nissan who said Westchester Toyota was responsible. However, Nissan fixed the problem which cost me $611.00.

** told me to come in and he would reimburse me only as a trap to get me to purchase a different car. I refused of course but he promised he would give me something back. He only promised me over the phone $50.00. I recommend that no one visit Westchester Toyota on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, NY.

Con Artists - Do Not Leave a Deposit Here
By -

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- This dealership is a poor representation of the Toyota Brand. As you walk through the door, the salespeople who approach you with smiles, let you know they are infamous for excellent customer service, etc.; however, be aware. I left a $500 deposit in order to run numbers with the finance department (because as **-salesperson stated "no one does anything for free").

When I decided to not purchase at their dealership, I was treated disrespectfully, told I would not get my deposit back and was not acknowledged over the phone or in person. This is what comes about when ghetto folks run an establishment. The $500 will not break my bank; however, I will dispute it legally if I have to based on principle. Westchester Toyota employees are a bunch of smooth talkers who will do anything for a sale. It's a shame.

Purchase New Vehicle
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- This is my second Toyota Venza lease from Westchester Toyota. Great service from salesman to the finance manager. Quick turnaround taking my old lease into my new lease. In a score from 1-10 with 10 being the best, I rate them a 10.

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