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What They Won't Tell You
By -

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I spent $2,779.00 at Western Appliance. For the Duet Washer/Dryer - Pedestals - Extended Warranty - Hook Ups - Delivery - and tax. I was not able to be home on the delivery date. The next day I was able to do my first load of wash. So far, so good. When I decided to check out the drawer/pedestals. One drawer opens partially, the other nothing. That are both blocked by the door jamb in the laundry closet. My God, the delivery guys don't even question this??

So, I called Fremont Western Appliance. The sales manager there said, "OK, just bring them back and you will get a store credit. The pedestals are $199.95 each. They had a $100.00 dollar rebate. I told him, "I already bought a Kitchenaide dishwasher from them. I have new appliances. What am I going to do with a store credit for 400 bucks? Plus, I won't get the 100 dollar rebate. So, I'm out another $100."

He would not budge. I asked for a regional supervisor. He gave me the Customer Service Manager in San Jose. I told her my story. She says, "Hold" - click. I wait. She finally returns and says, "OK, call them back. But you will have to pay a restocking fee because you don't have the original packaging." I reminded her the delivery guys took that packaging.

I called the first manager I talked to in Fremont. He said, "Yep, just bring them back and you get your refund. If you need help getting the machines off of them, it will be $50 bucks for our guys to come out and do that." and "call us to make an appointment and WE will see when it is convenient for US." This on top of the $38 dollar restocking fee.

I hung up pissed. The great salesman that convinced me these machines were so great and got me to spend almost $3,000. He forgot to tell me about their "return policy". The guy I was talking to on the phone says, "Oh, it's on the back of the receipt." This is the receipt the conveniently staple to all the other paperwork. To add insult to injury. I looked around and nope, no 7 cases of bottled water as they promoted. I called the woman in San Jose again. (Her name mentioned on a previous post.) She said, "Oh, Yeah, Well, you need to come and pick that up." "OKAYYY, thanks for calling." - Click.

What big company doesn't have a 30 day return policy. You can spend $5,000 dollars at Best Buy and return for a full refund at the 29th day!! Costco, no questions asked. Fry's not a problem. Western Appliance has a NO REFUND POLICY. Not even after 1 day. And, they couldn't care less. Good luck trying to find someone in that organization that is above manager. Apparently, they are the top tier. I should have stuck with Sears. I will never shop at Western Appliance again.

Physically aggressive delivery person
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I have just had a terrifying experience with Western Appliance of San Jose's delivery people. We bought a fridge this weekend, and had it delivered today during the week. They called my wife, who was the only one at home, saying they would be there within 45 minutes. They were late, but in the meanwhile my wife had emptied the old freezer and fridge, trying to save our food. Since they were so late, she had to put the food back in the fridge until they got there. When the delivery men arrived, they were upset because the food was in the fridge, and they wanted to just drop off the unit so they could make up for lost time.

My wife had to convince them to allow her to again remove the food from the fridge. When the old fridge had been removed, my wife started cleaning the floor underneath, again the delivery men were angry because they felt my wife was delaying their schedule. That's when I got home- to the scene of two strange men yelling at my wife in my home. I cannot tell you how upset I was that these customer service personnel would slather such verbally abusive treatment on my wife while she was home alone.

When I walked in the room, the delivery man came up to my face to yell at me, to which I responded in kind, letting him know that in my house there will be silence, or I would kick him out of it. He continued to yell, and complain about traffic, and how other customers were waiting. I told him to either do his job in silence, or he could just leave.

They ended up waiting for my wife and I to scrub the crust off the floor in silence, and they finished their installation and left. Great we got a nice refrigerator from a company we formerly held in the utmost regard. But it's not great that we feel violated not only by the delivery man for his aggressive behavior, but by Western Appliance for not screening more carefully their delivery personnel.

Salesperson's demeanor
By -

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA -- I visited Western Appliance store located in Davis St San Leandro, CA on 11/20/07 and a sales person in there was sitting near the check out counter, despite the fact that he saw me as a customer walking in to look around; he did not made any attempt to approach me and see if I needed any assistance. After about 5 minutes that I was running around inside, he decided to say "Have a look around" but still sitting down and did not offer any assistance. I saw two items that interested me and proceeded to ask the sales person. I asked him regarding the price and replied minimal and he stated "that's the last one" as he walks away. (No customer service skill at all).

There was another item that was on sale and I followed up on a better deal on the item and to my surprise, he started to laugh and commented "we are a corporation, we are not a flea market". Is that something that a sales person supposed to comment on a customer, I don't think so. I am a repeat customer of the store but after that experience I would take my business somewhere else. Key things:

  1. Sales person is lazy in offering assistance. 2. Sales person has no customer service skills. 3. Sales person was unprofessional. Now I wonder if Western appliance company is training their employees with the right attitude in customer service because certainly, this experience has lost my appetite in doing business with them.
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