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Western Digital Hard Drives - BEWARE!!!!!
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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- At end-June, 2012, I bought two 1TB Hard Drives, to replace failed units. The two drives were placed in a RAID1 array: the contents of one drive are mirrored on the second drive. A few days ago, one of the drives failed. The computer still works, but there is no mirroring: the contents of one drive are not instantly copied to the second drive. I called Western Digital, as these drives have a two-year warranty. Western Digital said they'd send me two replacement drives, as it is not clear that a RAID1 array is self-repairing. I appreciated that helpful approach.

However, Western Digital sent me one 500GB drive and one 1TB drive. To be used in a RAID array, the drives have to have the same capacity. Thus, these two drives were mismatched, and so useless. Further, the 500GB drive was factory-fresh, while the 1TB drive was "re-certified". "Re-certified" means the drive had been tested, after having been returned to WD for some reason.

I called WD to ask that two factory-fresh 1 TB drives be sent. I do not want to trust my data to a "re-certified drive". Bear in mind, the failed drive was less than six months old!! No luck. I simply could not find intelligent life at WD. One Customer Service Representative tried to convince me that a "recertified drive" was fine. I resent having my time wasted. At length, I concluded the warranty was worthless. I ordered two new 1TB drives, made by a different maker.

I finally found a Western Digital customer service rep, who had brains. I asked that I be sent two return labels, and that WD cancel the charge to my credit card. I was told these things would be done. I also asked that so soon as these things had been done, that WD wipe out all records relating to me. I will not again use WD products. Their products fail. That isn't the end of the world. But WD's inability to honor their warranty is very, very disappointing.

Western DIgital Warranty
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I recently bought a Western Digital SATA hard drive from Circuit City and there was an offer to "extend your warranty to 3 years" for $15 in the box. I went to the Western Digital website to enter the serial number and found out the warranty started the date that the device was manufactured and not the date of sale. In my case the hard drive was manufactured 6 months ago so I lost 6 months of warranty before buying the hard drive. Talking with supervisor "Scott" somewhere in Canada, (refused to give me any identifying info or location) was no help.

In short, I'm surprised that a company of Western Digital's reputation has started using these tactics. I think it's a sign of a company's downfall. Don't they realize that they lose customers that have been loyal to their products for years. I'll complain to Circuit City and try to find the number of Western Digital in the USA but I swear that is the last WD product that I'll ever buy.

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