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Shoddy Fence Installation (With Pictures)
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ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA -- It all started with my neighbor wanting to have a new fence installed between our properties. We advised her we could not afford to build one this year but maybe next year. She decided to pay for the fence herself and gave me the contact info of the fence company "western fence" if I had any questions. She also gave me some pictures of what it would look like. I decided to call western fence and ask about the fence type and looks. I asked about any spaces being left under the fence, I was told by western fence owner Joe that there would not be any spaces below the fence.

I stated that I did not see why there wouldn't be any spaces as the panels being installed were square and the ground was on a slope. Then he said if there were any it would only be an inch or two and that they would place boards below it. I asked him to notify me when they would come out to install the fence. I went out of town for a few days to help my father with a medical problem and my wife calls and says the fence guys showed up and started. He did not provide us with any notice. The shoddy fence was completed in one day. There were spaces under the fence up to 6 inches or more. This allowed our dog to walk under the fence.

Western fence piled up lots of dirt to cover some spots. The boards at the bottom were unleveled, high off the ground and not how Joe described to me or as the photos he supplied showed. Also the decorative caps on the fence in the picture were not installed but instead every 4x4 post was cut crooked. Western fence did a very poor job.

poor fence installation Western Fence Atascadero fence installation

I contacted Western fence after arriving home and expressed my concerns. Joe told me it was none of my business since I did not pay for the fence and that I was cheap and wanted everything for free. He said I was just nothing but Chicken **! While I was trying to discuss this with him he kept ** and hung up on me. I will probably have to use legal action to get results as he is a very rude person. I would not recommend Western Fence of Atascadero.

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