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Will I now have my identity stolen?
By -

COLORADO -- I called Western Union to wire money to my sister who was stranded with a broken down car. I live in AZ & I believe because of Arizona's new immigration law (which I, by the way, am not responsible for) that I was given a hard time for. My call was answered by a Hispanic male that I gave my credit card information to. I was then told that because Arizona had such strict laws another form of identification was needed. I gave my driver's license number, & was AGAIN told AZ was a state with very "strict laws" and he would need ANOTHER form of I. D.

He then asked for my social security number! I reluctantly gave it to him. I was then transferred to his supervisor - another Hispanic male- who told me that my transfer had been denied because they could not verity my identity. Because Arizona was a state with very strict laws, I was told once again, maybe if I gave him another form of I. D. - perhaps an alien I. D. card. I now am in great fear that my identity has been stolen!! And I am unable to get in contact with someone in charge of these two men!

Western Union Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Western Union uses every trick in the book not make a payout on money that has been paid and supposed to be were transferred. I will cut up my Gold Card and never use them again. They just plain are a pain to deal with.

Western Union Paid My Transfer to Someone Else
By -

My aunt sent me $200 as a wedding gift. When I went to collect it, I was told that it was already picked up. When we called Western Union, they said that it was collected in a different city and they gave me a receipt with a signature that doesn't match my signature or handwriting. And they are saying that they followed procedure and they are not responsible for it. What can I do to collect my money?

Western Union Bad Service
By -

Jun 2010 friend from US send me the money to Cusco Peru and Western union send money to Trujillo another state in Peru and was pick up in this place. When I tried to get some information in WU Cusco were very unhelpful telling that I pick up the money so I have made a fraud investigation and police force WU to prove my signature and they lose because my signature was falsified. But is not possible to get back the money because WU have staff of lawyer making my life unpleasant.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I attempted a Western Union Quick Collect Payment using my debit card in the amount of $1418.79. The funds were immediately deducted from my account immediately, and I was able to see this by viewing my bank account online. My bank posts transactions made against my debit card immediately. For reasons untold to me by the customer service representative, and her manager, the Quick Collect payment was not processed. I asked Western Union to release the funds so I may make my payment another way. They agreed and I got off the phone.

24 hours later I call my bank and they say that Western Union still has a hold on the funds, and they have received no notification from Western Union that they will not collect on the funds. I called Western Union back, and they say they sent my bank a fax saying they will not collect on the funds. I respond that my bank has received no notification from Western Union, and could the fax be resent. I was told no, it's against Western Union policy to resend the fax. This is ridiculous. It's a FAX. It takes two minutes to send.

I asked to speak to a manager, and was told by the manager that they would not resend the fax to my bank. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told yet again that they will not resend the fax. I have been with my bank for 11 years, and I have never had an issue with them. This is my first time using Western Union, and I will never do so again. At this time, Western Union still has a hold on my funds. I know that after 5 days, if not collected, my bank will automatically release the hold on my funds.

However, that defeats the purpose of me wanting to make the payment immediately, thus the reason for me using Western Union in the first place. I don't suggest that anyone utilize Western Union if they can help it. If there is a problem you will not get assistance.

Expensive Bad Service
By -

I made a money transfer for $1,400 from Los Angeles to New York and paid and extra $100 for an instant transfer. They said the money will be available in a minute and that the receiver can go to any nearby Western Union store to pick up the money. My friend, who was leaving the country the following day, went to the nearest store and asked for the money. He was told that they don't have the money then they sent him to a different store. He went to the second store and the printer was broken so they could not deliver the money. Because my friend was leaving the country the following day he had other stuff to do so he couldn't do the third location.

I called Western Union and asked for a refund, but they said I am not eligible for one cause I should have called their 800 number before I went anywhere. I said how would I know what to do if you don't tell me and tried to explain that the friend had to organize himself for his trip. However, they said it was my fault. I called and asked to talk to a manager 7 times. All of the supervisors told me leave us your phone number and will call you back. They never did.

Why is such a bad service so expensive? It seems like they want to keep you ignorant about how their company works so they could take you money!! A friend of mine had a bad experience with them also. I strongly recommend not to deal with this company.

Don't Go To Western Union For International Money Transfer
By -

This is very strength that when I found the different amount of money in different agents of Western Unions. I sent the money to China and I found the amount is not match to the transfer rate today. Ever thought the rate changes very second, how there is almost 250 Rmb different when I only sent 1300 Canadian dollars to China. I did 3 call to find out the problem. I went to the agent put 1300 dollars and the agent provide me 10,102.86 Rmb. I call the Western Union customer service and they tell me is 10,039.86 Rmb. I call the other agent which I found online provide me a 10,286,35 Rmb.

I check the online from the bank is 10,261.04 Rmb. Customer service tell me they don't follow the bank rate, they have their own rate. I think they said they have their own rate is the rate under the fair rate they should provide for their customers. I heard from my friend said Western Union make money with some special skill, now, I understand how they make the money from the customers.

So, if you are going to sent money by Western Union, you should better check the rate first and ask them follow the rate. One more thing is if they just write down the money amount on the paper for you, be careful. I found last time the agent print the money amount on the paper, but this time she just write down on the paper. I guess there are some other thing she was doing to me. I don't know how much money I lost because I sent money quite often.

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