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Mold on Food
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- Customer Service, Let me take a moment to tell you the problem that faced me this morning. I open my freezer to take out a plastic container of Bakery muffins, which I had purchased around the 25th of March from the Winn-Dixie store on Federal Highway in Pompano Beach. Upon returning home after shopping at Winn-Dixie, I immediately placed the muffins in the freezer. I freeze my muffins, my bread, my cookies, etc, so they'll stay fresh and I can take one out at a time. Today I remove the container from the freezer, broke the seal opening the container and what I found was disgusting.

Now, I may have expected this was my problem, if I had left the muffins out on the counter for a long time before freezing them but I didn't. If you check my account you'll find that I bought them around the 25th of March. This is my real reason for writing. 25 years ago I was dissatisfied with a purchase of a Family size Hershey chocolate bar purchased from your store in Delray Beach.

Opening the candy bar for my family to enjoy that evening I found maggots throughout the candy bar. Not only did this turn my family and me personally sour against Winn-Dixie but I never purchased anything else at Winn-Dixie for 25 years. I have just returned to Winn-Dixie buying produce and a few meat products and now similar situation presents itself again. SHAME ON WINN-DIXIE…

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Rating: 3/51

MARIANNA, FLORIDA -- The staff needs an in service on infection control. Attendant was cleaning sink when I arrived at the deli. She left what she was doing and politely greeted me. I asked for a pound of ham. She removed the ham from the case and was preparing to slice, when I asked her if she was going to wash her hands. She said she had gloves on... mind you, it was the same pair she was cleaning the sink with... she was annoyed when I said “Ya know what- I changed my mind- I think I have enough at home”. Never went back to that deli. Definitely not Publix, but everyone else has been incredibly helpful and nice... with proper training, this store would shine!

Unexpected Cashier's Response
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Had $1 left in cash, decided to purchase 6 bananas at .65 per pound. My cost was $1.01. The cashier took one banana out, FOR ONE PENNY🙈. C'mon, how about when I leave pennies with the cashiers in case someone, like I was, is short a penny. ** was the cashier at the 3275 SW 22nd St; she told me the penny would come out of her pocket. I'm sorry, but if it had been me, I wouldn't had taken out a whole banana for one penny. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I went this morning to the branch in 4th St. North because I wanted to use their Western Union Services and the personnel that is there specifically Friday mornings is awful, the person was very rude and unprofessional. I am never coming back to the store to do that transaction.

Bad Store
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Rating: 1/51

WINTERGARDEN -- I would just like to say as I am now going to be a former Winn Dixie customer as I feel I was completely misled and ripped off by your company. So as I was heading home I search Google for the closest Winn Dixie as your prices are generally better than Publix or Walmart but Google directs me to the closest Winn Dixie on it 192. I get there, the place is called market place, the carts say Winn Dixie so for all I knew I was at a Winn Dixie. The prices were a lot higher than a regular Winn Dixie and I get to the register thinking I could use a Winn Dixie card for my purchase but no can't use that either was told. Customer service was horrible. I feel completely misled. I paid 96.00 for groceries that I would have paid probably 60.00 at a regular Winn Dixie so I will no longer be a customer of this company.

Thug Employee Scares Senior and Winn-Dixie Is OK With This, REALLY!!
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Rating: 1/51

KENNETH CITY, FLORIDA -- I was in the store at 54 Ave in Kenneth City for a brief time NEVER touching one single piece of merchandise when a thug employee dressed like ghetto trash charged after me falsely accusing me of shoplifting. She was twice my size and half my age. I have repeatedly tried to get help with this matter asking for a copy of the store's security video & was referred to ** the risk management supervisor. He laughed at me when I told him in the past I was attacked & I thought this thug employee was going to attack me. He said, "This was acceptable behavior for a Winn-Dixie employee." REALLY!!!

WD needs to record what he says on the phone to find out how he treats people with serious complaints. Winn-Dixie's policy of hiring "tax credit felons" needs to change. I shouldn't have to fear for my safety just because I go to one of their stores to price check cat food.

A Shopping Cart Accident at Winn-Dixie
By -

I had entered the Winn Dixie Store, and as I was standing facing the shopping carts trying to pull one lose that was stuck together. The next thing I knew, the employee had entered the door with a load of shopping carts.. approx. 10-15, and rammed them into my back, as though he was trying to ram the shopping carts into the other ones. I started yelling "STOP", and fell to the floor. My head and my backside hit the brick wall, injuring my neck, shoulders, spinal area, mid section of my back, and the lower part of my back down to my buttocks. As the employee continued pushing the shopping carts as I laid on the floor screaming in pain.

The employee walked over and looked down at me and said "I am sorry" and walked away. A customer asked the employee as he boldly walked away, asked is that all he is going to say is I am sorry. Can't you at least help the lady up or check and see if she is OK. The employee kept walking and said out loud, "I said I am sorry". As I laid there for a few minutes, a couple of Winn Dixie employees finally came over and asked if I was OK, and ask if I can get up. I told them to wait a minute, that I was in severe pain.

Two female employees helped me get up, and a few minutes later, the store assistant manager by the name of ** came over. He ask if I was OK, and I told him "NO". He ask if I wanted him to call EMS. I told him to wait, please, it was embarrassing enough that that horrific accident is now causing a scene. Several witness tried to explain to the manager what had happen, but ** wasn't trying to hear them. He said "OK", and sent them on their way. He did not write their names down or anything.

After a few minutes had gone by. ** ask that he take me to the office. I tried to go, but felt faint, so he found a chair and I sat there until EMS arrived. I ask ** if he is going to do an incident report. He found a yellow writing pad, and wrote my name and cell phone number down. He did not write the incident as it occurred. I ask ** to write the report so that I can get a copy of the report. ** told me that someone from Risk Management will contact me within 48 hrs.

The EMS arrived and I was taken to Dr. Phillips emergency room. Because, Winn Dixie was hesitant about taking care of the emergency room treatment. The staff in the emergency room treated me like crap. After the x-rays were taken. I was released... I phoned ** at Winn Dixie and ask if he would cover the cab far for me to get back to my vehicle. He told me that once he wrote the report, that it was out of his hands, and I had to wait for Risk Management to contact me. I then ask, if I can get my prescriptions filled at Winn Dixie, he told me that he could not authorize anything. I am beyond myself.

Today, I heard from Winn Dixie's claims department, and I was informed that Winn Dixie will not authorize any medical treatments. And, I was told by one of the witness, that an employee in the deli was very upset because the accident in their store caused them from receiving the store's $3,500 bonus. The employee was more concerned about their bonus than my accident in their store caused by "their" employee.

Why Winn-Dixie Sucks
By -

FLORIDA -- Hi I have been reading a lot of peoples reviews on here and decided that I would really break it down for the consumers that issue the complaints about Winn-Dixie. First off I would like to say that I am a former employee of Winn-Dixie and because of the way I was let go, I don't have very much respect for the company in general. But, on that note from a true inside perspective, I would like to say that the real problem with the company would have to be more so the consumers, that constantly complain about customer service.

Every time someone complains about the lack of customer service on here or any other review site, management lets go a hard worker for a not so hard worker that enjoys talking to customers more than actually performing the very demanding, strenuous work tasks involved with the grocery retail business. In doing this, the result is less production and more of the how do you do's and may I help you's. The problem with this is that if you are not able to sustain a certain level of production, overall quality and workmanship suffers especially with the harder workers that are left to deal with the not so hard workers.

A lot of people think that because you stand in a air conditioned environment that your job is easier than other jobs. This is definitely not the case. The people that work at this company are for the most part non glorified athletes, that do not by any means get the credit they deserve. When I say this I'm not talking about the part timers, I'm talking about the full time employees that are there day in and day out working relentlessly to maintain a level of stock on in dry grocery dairies and frozen food Departments (The Hardest Working Departments).

Now lets face it if most of you consumers could throw 60+ pieces of the cans isle per hour in dry grocery up to 300-400 pieces in a 4-5 hour time span, Throw 2-3 2000 lb pallets of ice per day plus 300-500 cases of frozen stock in one 8 hour day, plus file necessary paper work, or load 4 2000 lb pallets of milk alone in to a dairy cooler, plus the 300 plus pieces it takes to fill the dairy shelves in one 8 hour day, you would be doing it yourself. Very apparently this is not the case.

Within the company currently this is the major problem. There is a inside battle going on between the people that believe that it all about hard work and the people that think it's all about how good you schmooze the consumer. Fortunately kissing the consumers butt keeps you guys off there butts for customer service reasons, but not for keeping the items you want on the shelves. Now with an currently undermanned grocery environment that Winn-Dixie has to deal with, it has to really be more about the hard worker then the schmoozer.

Because lets face it, if we go out of our way to constantly ask you how you are doing and see if you need anything, we will not get enough done on the production level and you the consumer will complain about your items not being there. Not to mention the fact that most people will go out of their way to complain rather than compliment. You the consumer would have to realize this before the company can do better. When your in the store and you see a hard working stocker doing his job and he does not notice you, this is most likely because he is on a designated time frame set forth by his superior not because he does not care.

If you were to actually ask the stocker or associate while they are engraved in there work they will almost always try to answer your question timely and efficiently, but if you simply stare at them they don't have eyes in the back of their head nor are they psychic, or they may realize that you are staring and don't want to slow themselves within there designated time frame. Potentially losing there job over not meeting production standards in a very demanding environment.

It's nothing personal toward you the consumer. But like I stated above if you ask, they will most likely have an answer. Now after stating all of what I have above and seeing the common complaints about management and their lax behavior, I would like to point something else out before I depart. In my personal opinion I would have to say that the reason for the lax behavior among the half of the stores management teams out there, at least in the county I reside in is because of a decrease in pay out all over the board. Forced turnover has created a lower payout for management with only younger men and women seeing the pay as good pay.

This breeds room for young less experienced people that have less life experience to mishandle management decisions that would be better implemented by someone of an older age with kids and responsibilities and such of their own. The current half of the company's misguided management that are the schmoozers are following company guidelines to strictly and not using enough of their own judgment.

This I believe stems from customer complaints that are mistreated by the schmoozers because of hard workers being traded for but kissers. The overall demands of the schmoozers to the employee base has caused a decrease in production and an increase in the how do you do's and how may I help you's, that the company currently has little time for unless asked. Thank you for your time and please really think about this one because if we all start analyzing the butt kisser as the hard workers because they're always there to talk to as the one that deserves the most credit, where will the rest of the losing company's threw out America be soon.

Hard work is the back bone of America not how good we rub each other. And also remember in a perfect world maybe you could get both, but in the world of reality you usually cannot. Take Publix for instance, store nearly is overmanned to provide you with the level of workmanship they deliver but at the same time Publix is stationed next to an old fart home while they capitalize off of the elderly, retirement's offering high priced convenience items wile targeting 55+'s. How honest is that. Just Food For Thought.

Winn Dixie
By -

PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA -- I have been working for Winn Dixie for three years and have been a customer service lead for almost a year of it. My position is one of the managers. I have to say that my store and some others that I have been to in the pinellas county area are really clean. We also focus in on our customer service and freshness policy. Our managers work hard to make sure we are the best. We have special meetings just to discuss that our customers are number one. It is almost hard for me to believe some of these complaints that I have read on here.

My store manager and all of my other fellow managers would have listened completely and done anything to make you leave happy. If we are out of a sale item we make sure to get it in a timely manner and are instantly trying to find something else to replace it with or write a raincheck. If something would have happened with chair deal we probably would have given for the others price.

We do everything in our power to make the customer happy. My store is really clean as well we have nightly chores that all our front end people are responsible for. The bathrooms are another story. Did you know there are people that come in and completely destroy them I know that I have had to clean them up before, and I did not feel so good afterwards. Sometimes we do not know that the bathrooms are messy and the second we have a customer tell us about, we are out there cleaning asap... a couple times we have had to completely shut down the bathroom, it was so bad.

We also have never stuck out old meat with new tags. I am sorry to say every store including everyones precious favorite Publix has had bad meat before. I also have to say that Winn Dixie does have a lot of cheaper prices than Publix. Of course some of their products might be cheaper than ours but overall I find our products to be cheaper. Our sales are also a lot better. There are somethings I do not like about Winn Dixie but mostly it has to do with internal things such as raises and some of the idiotic things that the upper managers say. But I believe that will be in any company you find.

I also have to stick up for my store manager and co-director. They work their butts off and deserve every dime they are making. OK I think that is all for now. I was just so p.o'ed about some of the customer complaints. One more thing, when a customer comes in on Easter, one of our busiest days of the year and gets mad because we are out of french fried onions... and says next time I am going to go to Publix... just want to let you know they are not FREAKIN open... only we are, aka the reason we are sold out. OK for real that is all now!

Southeastern Grocers Is a Terrible Replacement for Store Brands.
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Rating: 2/51

CRAWFORDVILLE, FLORIDA -- The new WD store brand is horrible. The Southeastern Grocers cheese has the taste and texture of wax. The Southeastern Grocers ice cream is over sweet and has NO flavor. Taste like sugar and candy not chocolate or vanilla. Bad choice WD. I will not be buying any of your SG brands. The fact that you are closer than Publix is the ONLY reason I trade with the Crawfordville, Florida WD.

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