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NO Regard for Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, ALABAMA -- For several years I was happy with this company's service. The last two years it has been nothing but problems. Policy changes with no notification, causing additional charges; card not working when needed and minimal or no response when contacting customer service. I'm now trying to cancel the account and getting the run around again.
DO NOT do business with this company.

Wired Plastic Disputes, Authorizations, Pending, Settled. BS. They Used to Hold Your Money for 15, 30 and Even 60 Days
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- This is one of many complaints with them I have had. First off it is no consistency with what time my direct deposit money will be available on payday. One day it is 4 am then another day it is noon. On 12/09 I attempted take $80 from an ATM. I received a "decline no money dispensed" slip and I went to another ATM and got the money. The next morning when I received my balance alert the $80 dollars was taken twice. I called the Wired Plastic and was advised that it was pending and one would fall off in 72 hours.

I have had to call customer service numerous time so I know how they try to BS you to get you off the phone. So I asked how will it fall off in 72 hours. It is not pending authorization, it is showing settled. Which means the ATM bank has the money. Which I don't understand since I received the declined slip. He advised that it was showing pending on his end and it should be back on my card in 72 hours. That did not happen and when I called back was advised that it was settled and had to file a dispute. Which meant I had to fax them a signed letter requesting a dispute and it takes 60 - 90 days to settle a dispute.

I was advised that someone from the dispute department would call me in 48 hours. That did not happen. I called again. BTW I have called them 6 times at this point at 95 cents per call. The CSR advised me that it was received on 12/13 but did not go to dispute department until 12/15 and it will be 60 - 90 after sent to dispute department. I am unemployed and $80 is a lot of money right now in my life. I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager got on the phone and just LIED. She first advised that the fax was not received. I called her a liar and informed her what the CSR informed me. She told me I must have heard her wrong. After some unpleasant dialogue back and forth she put me on hold and came back to tell me that in fact it was received on 12/15. Still a lie. Bottom line is my money is being used by somebody else other than me for 60 more BUSINESS DAYS after 12/15. HOPEFULLY. I will call back tomorrow and find out where they are with the dispute. I will call the ATM bank to see if they have received anything from Wired PLASTIC. This is one of many complaints.

As soon as I receive my money I will no longer use them... Enough is enough. One more thing the CSRs are located in India and you can barely understand what they are saying. The majority of the conversation is spent with me asking the person on the phone to repeat. Sometimes if you asked for a manager you might get an American speaking person. I believe the call center is in India.

Wired Plastic: Disorganization and Very Poor Service... Is It for the Interest?
By -

BOUNTIFUL, UTAH -- I agree with other bad reviews. They've been accused of freezing and holding customers money... it's true. Wired Plastic has poor service and will ruin your financial stability instead of help you improve it. They aren't as good as their ads suggest or boast so far as easy access to customer assistance either. I agree with the complaints about poor Customer Service.

I has a card with Wired Plastic about a year and a half ago. I had the card for two or 3 years back then. I used it to Direct Deposit my payroll and to pay bills from. Other than an occasional automated line freeze up. I never experience the money freeze, but I will say this, there were moments when I felt they were scams. Usually, I would panic like the other complainants too; but I have to give it to Wired Plastic-- they would generally straighten it out before I actually got indebted or lose personal accounts and utilities.

Since I had no other card at the time; they were my only way of paying bills online and using it to purchase online. I guess when you only have one option; you just feel helpless until they make it right-- then you are so relieved that nothing bad happened, you just accept them as they are... poor service and everything.

Then, I opened up a local bank account and it came with a bankcard. I could make deposits without a fee and relying on my balance, I often didn't have card charges or monthly service charges. I used it, and the Wired Plastic. As it stood, I would have those routine weekend customer service line phone freezes- right when I had a small indiscretion with the card.

The problems never seemed to happen on a weekday when they were easy to contact. After a few more of those experiences, I begin to deposit my payroll into my Bank's account; rather than Wired Plastic. After that, my Wired Plastic card went unused for a year or so. After that, my job ended so I closed my bank account.

A year later, I still had my Wired Plastic card so I called to see if it was still active. It was deactivated due to none usage. Not a problem. When I began working again, I did my yearly taxes with HR Block and they gave me an Emerald card with my tax deposit and made it reloadable for private use; so I stuck with them. They were online bank cards like Wired Plastic; but I had access to their customer service no matter what- even late in the evening after 7:00 pm.

Whenever there was a problem; I could reach them and resolve the problem. No weekend phone freezes, no denial of access to Customer Service without a card number (they won't allow you to contact Customer support without your card number). Plus, they never froze my money (thank goodness).

Now I'm not trying to doom Wired Plastic to a mob rule mentality or anything. They are simply another small struggling American Business, and I know things can go wrong. They served their purpose with me as an online card provider, but their service and access leaves something to be desired. Here's the current story on them. You be the judge: I received a new card when the old card expired. I activated it over the phone to another "automated line". It kept looping (IT and Telecom techs will understand). I couldn't complete the activation.

I called in and did it manually through their Customer Support and informed them (this is where customers feel as though they ignore their request) that the card was giving me trouble and I was planning to have my IRS Direct Deposited to them. I almost pleaded with them to be sure this time; because the deposit would be a large amount and I had a lot of bills to pay with the funds. I got a little jittery and called again to the line to double check. I checked my online site daily for two weeks.

Now here's the clincher: Jan 28th, the deposit posted. It was a Friday. I called customer support to check the balance and asked them to double check that the card was properly activated. They confirmed the balance of $5,358. I relaxed a little, because I did not want to be humiliated and made to look like a crook when trying to purchase something; if my card declined me in a public retail store. I proceed to wire some money to a family member in a crisis up state. Guess what? The card declined and I was told by Western Union that my bank declined the payment.

I contacted Wired Plastic to inquire. They reassured me that they did not decline the card and again- that it was active with my balance. I was online with and was also looking at the balance... logged in and everything. I left the page open and made a trip to the supermarket for my father. I tried to use the store's ATM and again, the card declined. I went to the cashier and tried to make a purchase. Again the card declined. I was so angry and irate, I went straight home to call Customer Support.

When I sat down to my desk; I notice that had logged me out. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't typing around on it (some sites shut down for your security after 15 or 20 minutes of inactivity), so I tried to log in again. At the same time; I tried to call Customer Support. This was all on a Friday; so I was a little nervous when I called. Sure enough, the phones to Customer Support were frozen and in a loop. It refused to acknowledge my card and politely said "goodbye". I called several times. No access. I panicked and immediately tried to go online and transfer my funds to my Chase Bankcard account.

I logged into It logged in and I could see the balance was still showing. Then I opened another tab on the internet and pulled up my Chase Online site. I went to the page to check for my routing and account number so I could type it in at mywiredplastic and wire transfer my funds to Chase. Suddenly, shut down. The page just logged out within minutes of me accessing it. I looked and said "WHAT THE"... and tried to log back in. It was suddenly inaccessible. It shut me down and said account not found.

Now I don't know if anyone else would consider this "BAD CUSTOMER SUPPORT" or not; but I became livid. I called them all day for the remainder of the day and even into the night. I repeated tried accessing my website for Wired Plastic and it kept telling me it was closed for my security; and I should call the (801) 383-1003 number which is the one that is telling me my user information is not in their system and refusing to allow me to even talk to a Customer Support representative. That's absolutely ridiculous. Since they charge every time you talk to them physically, I suppose that if they can't access something to charge; they don't even want to hear from you.

Now that's probably the reason people feel they hold your money to collect interest for the period it stays. They don't even pay the interest earn from the Bancorp or Zion Bank they use for the card members. They keep it. That's why the banks will tell you; you do not have an account with them. Wired Plastic simply has an account with them and they collect interest on all their customer deposits and just issue it out to the card members.

They even occasionally refuse the card holder access to their own funds, due to security even when it's the customer that may have made an error (keyed the wrong password, changed a pin number that Wired Plastic's system wouldn't accept due to technical phone problems, or when Wired's system improperly activates the card, etc.) and the customer needs to contact them to clear it up.

I think if they want to be considered a reputable company, they need to provide online chats or technical support outside of their standard Customer Support line; for when the customer can't get through to them. I'm sure they are aware that the phones freeze up and that they occasionally have technical issues. I know this, because over 6 to 8 years of having the company and having these problem occur- they know it's necessary. They must not want to afford a separate technical support staff. You would think they would opt to provide a contractor for IT and CHARGE IT TO THE CUSTOMER IF THEY USE THEM.

They charge them for everything else. It would at least give the customer a peace of mind over the weekend if they are only having technical issues. It will let them know that their life's savings or their bill money to sustain them is not being ripped off. They would rest assured that by the end of the weekend (the following Monday) they may have the opportunity to clear up any problems. YOU THINK! :-( Signed, Incredibly Poor Organization and R&D. Bad for longevity in the business.

Money Held Hostage. Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- This is not the first time Wired Plastic has held onto my hard-earned money in a way that should absolutely be illegal. It is also not the first time I have complained. But it is the last of both these things. I will never give this company a single dime of my money again, and I will go every length to make sure they never harm another family again. I have had a Wired Plastic card for years. I have direct deposit to this card and I use it for specific bills and expenses. Unrelated to WP, I recently decided to switch from a bank to a credit union. As such, my funds are in transit and I can't access them.

To make SURE I had enough cash to live on in the interim, I went and paid to cash a check and put it on my Wired Plastic card. Around the same time, I saw some iTunes charges I didn't recognize, and emailed Wired Plastic, NOT to dispute them, but to ask if they had transaction records I could refer to when calling Apple. Without calling me, emailing me or saying they were going to do this in their reply message on Wired Plastic's site, the company canceled my card. I went to get medicine for my son tonight and the card was denied. When I called in, they tell me my card is canceled and I need to order a new one, which will take 2 weeks to get here.

They have shut off my ability to transfer my money to a bank account, or any other way to access my own hard-earned money. Instead, they get to keep it and earn interest on it, while my family goes without gas money, grocery money and money for my son's medication. To me, this is criminal and these people need to be held accountable, and to be stopped.

They also need to refund me the load fees for cash I can't access. In the past, I have charged $25 at a gas station and had them hold $100 for two weeks against the $25 charge, and have experienced many other such sneaky dealings by this company. But this time takes the cake, because my child cannot be treated for an illness or even fed because of behavior by Wired Plastic that is downright criminal.

It's one thing to cancel a card, but to not communicate and to not give me immediate access to my cash through bank transfer or other means, is highly unethical, and if it isn't illegal, it should be. This time, they have gone too far. I will do all I can to make sure no other family is hurt by Wired Plastic and Bank of America, ever again. If this review helps even one person not be victimized by these companies, my time spent has been worth it.

Piece of Crud
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- You can't get through to talk to someone. Never sign up for this card. They don't care anymore.

Good Company Gone Bad
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Hi all. I'm writing this because I am a current holder of the Wired Plastic Visa Prepaid Debit Card. I've been a customer with them since January of last year. I applied for this card because my bank at the time wouldn't issue me a new debit card and I needed convenient access to my money so that's what brought me to this company. I've had only one major problem up with double transactions leading to a negative balance in July of last year.

Well here goes. I was originally set to move to a different town this coming week but the place I'm moving to requires information directly from the current bank you have and obviously Wired Plastic is my current bank. Well when it comes to faxing needed information they like to play around and lie and say they sent the fax when it really was never sent. I had to renew my 30 day move out notice at my current apartment because of these incompetent people. Both the person in charge of the apartment applications and myself have been asking for the average balance of the past 6 months for this entire month.

This wouldn't be such a big deal if this wasn't required as part of the apartment application process. I would call and call to see if it was sent and I would get told repeatedly that no one was there to answer the fax. I found out that what I was being told was a lie. I called up the apartment place I applied for and I was told that the fax machine is never turned off and faxes go through regardless of time or day.

So my advice to people who are in situations that require financial places to be contacted directly, do not get this card. Having this card will only hurt you when you are in third party communication situations. I just hope that these idiots will learn how to operate a fax machine so that my apartment application process can finally continue.

Horrible Service!
By -

ALABAMA -- Whatever you do, do not use visa prepaid Wired Plastic!!! I had direct deposit into my account and still cannot get my money! I have spent several dollars on long distance fees calling them and trying to get my money. They will not help me and I told them that my child was sick and needed to go to the doctor so I needed my money and they did not care! As of now I still cannot get any of my money and cannot take my child to doctor and get medicine because they would not correct my account and refund me my money! I will cancel my card and never do business with them again!!!

Poor Customer Service
By -

DRAPER, UTAH -- I hope no one ever signs up with this company. I have never dealt with anything like this in my life. I had a debit out of my account for 113.00, it took me 3 months to get it back. When they finally sent it back to me, I didn't realize it and they put a double credit on my account and now they have frozen my account.

I have more than 113.00 in this account, so they have froze my whole account and when I called up to deal with the issue, of course their recourse was that there is only one person that handles these situations and that person is not in. So now I will have late payments to my utility companies that will well be over that 113.00. Please do not sign up with this company, they are fraud.

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