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Cabela's Visa Card
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My husband and myself were totally surprised when we called Cabela's Visa to make sure that our payment was posted to our account. And after talking to the customer service representative we were informed that we needed to speak to another dept. and was then transferred. The representative informed us that our account had been closed. What? Who closed it, as we just paid our account off in full 2 days before? And the representative told me that since our score dropped below 700 that they closed the account.

I was livid and to wait until the account was totally paid in full and the following day they closed the account out. We always pay our bills on time and have even paid the account off 3 to 4 times already. NO WARNING, not even a letter. But they took our money. If I knew that they were closing the card out we wouldn't of paid it off & would of paid monthly payments instead. To top matters off we were treated as if we were in collections and or something. They were the ones who kept asking us to open a card and then treated as if we never paid our bills on time.

This is no way to treat customers who pay their bills. That's for sure. other card companies have raised our credit limits and Cabela's Visa closes accounts out. We also checked our credit and it hasn't fallen below 700. So make up another story Cabela's. Watch out people, don't pay off this card. I have also seen reviews that Cabela's has done the same to others also as well World's foremost bank is one that we will never deal with again. That's a given.

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