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Mmmmmm Yummmmmmy
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I remember when I was a small child, mom used to buy the double box of Mrs. Grass soup, actually, I think she still does. It's a flavorful noodle soup with real chicken broth and it uses a golden "egg" you drop in with the noodles and it dissolves into mouth watering flavor. Mom used both boxes of noodles and saved the egg and seasoning packet for her own noodles at another time. Add a tuna sized can of mixed white and dark chicken if wanted, with broth.

In going through the old fuller's market the other day, I saw that Mrs. Grass has come out with sealed bags of vegetable beef soup, beef stew mix and a couple different types of chicken noodle soup. Omg... talk about dying and going to heaven!!! The veg/beef soup mix is all the stock you need and some freeze dried veggies, cut up some beef stew meat real small, brown it and add it and a couple handfuls of extra macaroni shells, it is to die for. Just make sure that you whisk the seasoning real well with the water or it comes out "lumpy". The flavor is out of this world!

The chicken noodle soup was far better than the boxed Mrs. Grass soup, just add soup cut up, pre-cooked chicken... delicious!! Now, for the beef stew mix... what an incredible taste treat!! I have a shaker cup from tupperware that I put the seasoning in, split it in thirds, adding 12 ounces of water and shaking like crazy for about 30 seconds top make sure the seasoning was well absorbed into the water and so it didn't get lumpy, then added the remainder of the needed water. I don't use a whisk in my good pans... started this in my west bend slow cooker...while it heated.

I browned a good sized package of stew meat, added that to the slow cooker, peeled and cut up a half dozen small potatoes and added those raw....and some frozen sliced carrots I wanted to use up, although there are some freeze dried carrots in the mix, I didn't feel there were enough.... talk about a thick, wonderful gravy this makes... Yummm... there are a couple other flavors I want to try, now that I have experienced three of their new packages.

The new packaged soups each make a half gallon... great to cook up and freeze in individual servings in the Ziploc or Glad bowls. Wyler's is distributed by Heinz North America. Try their website... I'm normally not real crazy about these type of soups, but if the name Mrs. Grass is on them, I got to try it. Starlord even said that the Mrs. Grass onion soup mix is far better than Lipton's for making dip for his chips!

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