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Don't Trust This Company. They Are Out to Get You!!!
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Rating: 2/51

JASPER, INDIANA -- This loan is fraught with difficulty. You have to be extraordinarily careful with every single step or they will sock you with hefty fines. I have had to call customer service several times which is an Odyssey in itself trying to get to a human being. I have not had any late fees, etc. but believe me it's only because I stayed right on top of everything checking and double checking that all the paper work and withdrawals went through correctly. I wouldn't trust this company. They are just laying in wait for you to forget something so they can throw all sorts of extra charges at you. Get a bank loan. MUCH SAFER!!

The Worst Company We Have Ever Dealt With.
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISIANA -- Did not receive invoice for monthly payment. Unable to reach person to ask for invoice for several days. When finally get a representative told us there would be no late fee assessed. Received invoice 10 days later with a $37 late fee charged. Never late for payments in our 50+ years of finances. Paid off balance in full. Avoid this company and any company who uses them. How many others have they ripped off?

0% Financing
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Rating: 1/51

MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- In May of 2012 I made a purchase of a Zero Turn Mower. The dealer said that he had a company that would finance the purchase for 0% for 48 months. I said "let's go for it." I received paper work from Yard Card stating that my due date was the 14th of the month. I use B.O.A. online banking and have done so for years. I set up my bank to pay on the 8th of the month. The first month, June, went fine, just like it was supposed to do. Just like all my other payments have done over the last 6 years.

Then the 2nd month came by and then that is when problems started. B.O.A. sent the payment on July 9th it was delivered on July 12, was subtracted from my bank account on the same day. But guess what TD Ameritrade, Yard Card didn't apply my payment until July 26th making the payment of course late and they of course applied a late fee $38.00.

The next month B.O.A sent them my regular payment it was sent on Aug 7th delivered on Aug 9, withdrawn from my account on Aug 9th but again this payment set around somewhere until Aug 13th when they finally applied the money. This month since I only paid the regular payment and not the late fee another late fee was charged, and this time they sent me a letter telling me I was past due. I thought this was just some simple accounting mistake because I knew I had made all the payments before the due date of the 14th.

I looked up my payment history on this account and that is when I found that only the 1st months payment had been applied to my account on the date that my money was taken out of my bank account. The other months the payment was applied randomly but only the one in July was applied after the due date. I then checked my other bank payments and found that every one of my payments were applied to my accounts on the day the money was taken from my account. Every single one of them Month after Month after Month my payment was applied to my account on the day the money came out of my checking account.

So I thought something is just going on here and I can call TD Ameritrade Yard Card and get this fixed and we'll be on our way. No problem. Man was I wrong. They blamed me for the July payment being late. They could offer no explanation of where my payment was from July 12th when it was taken out of my checking account until July 26th when they finally applied it.

They could offer no explanation for the other months payments that were not applied on the day funds were withdrawn. I spoke to several other individuals at the Mahwah NJ office and got the same line from them all. The late fee for July stood and the other months late fees did too, even though every payment I have made to this company have been taken from my B.O.A. account days in advance of the due date. So I turned it over to B.O.A.

My bank was finally able to get TD Ameritrade to drop the July late fee but could not get them to drop the other months late fees. I have called them several times and they tell me that getting the $$$ to them on time is my responsibility. Short of hand delivering this payment I can't see how I could get it to them any better or faster. They give me the same kind of speech like the ones at the start of this blog back from 2010. So I would probably guess those bloggers work for the company. So I wouldn't pay much attention to their remarks.

Finally today was the last straw. I sent them 2 payments. One for the regular monthly payment and one for all the late fees. They were both taken out of my account on the 8th. The payment was applied the late fee payment was not. Another late fee added on. After what all I have read about this company. They are a real piece of work. I am now looking for an attorney to file a class action against them. I am sure I am not the only one to fall into this 0% for 48 months scam.

Late Fees on Payments Made Two Weeks Before Due Date
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Rating: 1/51

MAHWAY, NEW JERSEY -- Don't fall for the zero interest charges, they deposit the checks late. Payments in future will all be sent certified. They won't take autopay so you're under their mercy. When I asked to speak to supervisor, they're out sick??? Never had a late payment in my life.

Terrible Company to Do Business With! Stay Away From Yard Card!
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I too, have had a nightmare dealing with this company ever since I received their card. When I received their paper statements, there was always something that I had to follow each month, because of the way they calculate their interest charges and divide up the payments. I had a promotional item that I paid $100 to set up interest free for one year due in June 2012. In May of 2012 they stopped receiving auto pay and when I phoned to inquire about it, many times not being able to get through, sometimes on hold up to 2 hours, they prompted me on how to set up the new account.

After much time and effort, I tried to arrange auto pay, but by paying with the new system, it would only pay the minimum amount. They also sent me an e-mail to make a payment, but it would only allow me to pay the minimum of $151. Each month I pay $380, which should cover my promotional purchase and then some, but now it doesn't, because with their 28.99% interest charges and the previous interest charge amounting up.

They have everything to gain by being deceptive. They set up a new system in May and stopped my auto payments. In June a promotion had ended. I called in May to explain that I had a promotion ending in June and want to make sure that I have the payment covered. They said that I made a payment and I don't have any further obligation at this time. When I explained that I haven't paid enough to cover the balance due, they explained that it will be noted when they get their system fully up and running it will be sorted. I only owed an additional $107 and if they had let me pay $380, I would have been covered.

Because I only paid the minimum amount, which was all that they would allow at the time, I was charged $368.89 in interest for that promotion. Since that time, I now have another $370.39 charged from the second purchase made last year. This is a result of a) stopping auto payments, b) not communicating or c) not mailing me a statement as they claimed to have done. They did not because when I set up the new account I opted for e-mail statements. It is a factor of all the above. Their right hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.

Today was the first day that I have been able to review a statement, which is how I found out about the interest charges. I spoke with a representative and a manager and they both repeated repeatedly, "The interest charges are valid in accordance to the purchase agreement."

Would you want to give me back $738.89 and waive those interest fees if you could find a way to keep it? They were irresponsible in setting up their new website, payment system and not providing a visual of the account's activities. As I mentioned today was the first day I was able to review my purchase history and see any type of activity online, other than to make a payment. Now GT accounts, who finance the Yard Card accounts are up and running and will take no responsibility for the grief they have caused me, the consumer, while they were rebuilding their system.

They were impossible to get a hold of by e-mail or phone. They mentioned that I could have sent a payment by mail. Yes, I could have. But, since I was set up to pay on line, I should not have had to. They aren't taking any responsibility in admitting that by building their new infrastructure they actually inconvenienced a lot of people. There should make an acceptance to provide waivers during May and June of 2012, when they were rebuilding their system. Yard Card and TD Bank are not worthy of honest people's business. I pride myself on paying my bills each month, but they are a force to be reckoned with. Stay away from them unless you want a lot of grief!

We Paid Extra Every Month
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Rating: 5/51

NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA -- We finance a zero turn mower in 2014 at zero interest for the life of the loan. We always pay 2 payments every month. Then I see some neg reviews so I got concern. We hold $400 on the card, so last month we sent the whole amount. I called them today. Said I have a zero balance so I'm quite happy. I give them a 5 star. Thank you.

Yard Card and TD Banking is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- From my understanding the Better Business Bureau has dropped them. Yard Card and the TD banking payment system SUCK and in my opinion are running a scam! They changed their banking system in May & June 2012, just when a promotional item was due to be paid, and made it impossible to make payments, other than a minimum payment for about a month. It was extremely time consuming to get back on track and pay by auto pay. In the meantime $368 was charged interest, then again, not being able to see an activity statement online, they imposed another $369 in interest to the bill.

Their comment, "They are valid charges in accordance to the purchase agreement!" Yes, if they hadn't changed their payment system, my scheduled payments would have been made on time. They insisted that they sent me paper statements and e-mail flashes. They did not. When I sorted out the new payment plan, I went paperless. When I received info from them each month, other than the payment window, everything else was unavailable to view. You can see it now, but not back in May, June and July. I would have to call to get a balance and find out where I was at. Two out of three times I was on hold for more than an hour.

They gave another excuse and said that their prompt to pay online is available 24/7. It is now, but it wasn't then. They truly have their head up their asses and take no responsibility for inconveniencing their customers during this time frame. Also, when making a purchase, Yard Card financing charges $100 to set up a payment plan, on top of 28.99% interest. They truly suck! Stay away from YARD CARD and TD Bank, unless you want a headache.

The Worst Company
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Rating: 1/51

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE -- This company acts as though they don't want a payment. The only time I received a bill is when it was late and I just have so many things to do in a day that I am just not interested in sitting on hold waiting to be told a bunch of excuses, so I thought well they go through TD bank so I will just pay it there. Went to TD bank and they said NO, Yard Card was using a back door method for financing. I was like "what the hell does that mean?" And of course they had no real answer. So I am making my last payment and dumping the yard card.

This company will ruin your credit score, and just plain drive you crazy. I will be careful the next time I get a credit card. If I can't pay online or get paperless statements I will not be doing business with that company.

By -

I bought an "O" turn lawn mower at a local dealer in Coxsackie NY in the early spring. They financed it with 0% for 3 years through a company named "Yard Card" from Mahway NJ. I have had nothing but problems with this finance company from the beginning. They don't have an online payment program, so you have to mail the payments in. The very first payment was late because they didn't get me the paperwork to mail the payment to until it was late. Then right from the start, I was charged a late payment of 39.00 and was probably reported to the credit agency.

I mailed the next payment on time, ( a week before it was due ), but they didn't credit my account until it was one day late. Again another late payment charge. To my surprise, the 3rd payment was credited on time, cause I mailed it 2 weeks in advance. Well the last payment I mailed 6 days before it was due still hasn't been credited to the account, making it 8 days late.

This company is no good in my opinion, and I have now read other reviews from customers using this company, and they all feel the same way. If you plan on financing yard equipment in the future, please do yourself a favor, and don't use the company called "Yard Card."

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