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Denounce the Company Ygnition Networks
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My name is ** from Orlando, Florida. I hereby denounce the company Ygnition Networks. First, the service is absolutely the worst, customer service employees as employees of service schemes broke the bad treatment and customer service. Never had such unpleasant experience, when call request I miss the services much your name, for never in my 14 years living in Florida had heard that company but otherwise had no choice because the company was available in the area where I live.

Contact this company was a production, first because it is located in another area outside the limits of Florida therefore time is not the same. I was about 45 minutes to make the connection with customer services. The customer service staff is rude and unhelpful and basically does not care if they solve your problem or not. Your statement in indecipherable - there are so many expenses and fees is a joke!

Service was never installed corresponding day, when Ygnition service representative came to my house demonstrated all the time attitude. I put the box online where you felt like if you follow the instructions you gave turn did not have the tools necessary to carry out the connection. Add to this that I put an old equipment and incomplete. I asked him several questions about equipment and said that responsibility for customer services, that their duty was only to install the equipment.

How nice to start as a new customer. I was very disgusted with the abuse and bad service Ygnition. Call the next day to cancel all, because I did not like how I dealt with from the beginning and things that start bad end badly.
When I went to cancel my service, I still want to charge for the month, plan and equipment old site that sent me, a lack of respect, the girl I went to customer service to Ygnition stated that "You have to give 30 days notice so we can pro-rate the law.”

That is unfair because it does not give notice of such requirement; also notify me that the internet box it had to send them back to Texas. I asked him why his local representative could not pick it up and his response was simply that they did not do that, now you can leave the equipment, but not picked to ridicule. I guess they use this tactic to discourage people to stop this terrible service. I told him to send me the bill, that I would talk to my lawyer. Not even 5 minutes passed and the manager called back to give me credit and aha! Why? If I had not eaten anything from this service I said, I will invoice you automatically.

Not once this company gave me any document, until today I have not received any contract, only bills with a high amount when I canceled the next day. This company is thieves consumers making his fortune swindled customers. Please create a class action, is not money, is the dignity and respect us as consumers, we cannot let these things keep happening. Enough of the abuse of trade monsters. However, demand collective worth it.

Ygnition/Access Media DON'T USE THEM
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Under no circumstances use this service. I will be moving to get away from this service when my lease is up. The service goes out frequently, especially the internet. When you call, you are disconnected from customer service repeatedly. I was disconnected 17 times once before I could complete the call. Technical and customer service reps do not answer questions consistently. I've talked to 3 different technicians about one problem and all 3 told me different stories.

When I pointed out the inconsistencies, one hung up on me and the other 2 just stammered and said they didn't know what the problem was. One time, when I asked for someone to come out after I hadn't been able to watch TV for 4 days, I asked for them to send someone in the afternoon when I would be home. I received a call at 8:30 am the next morning from a technician trying to find my address. The reason he couldn't find it was because they were trying to send someone from Ft Worth, which is 200+ miles away.

They will not credit your bill, even when you haven't been able to use the service. They consistently blame the customer for any problems. My internet was out for 4 days and they kept blaming me. It suddenly came back on, so it wasn't anything to do with me. Lately the TV has become unwatchable because of freezing, pixelating, and skips during the program. Do not get this service. If you do, you'll regret it.

Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

PHOEINX, ARIZONA -- Internet service is the worst I have ever had, worse than Cox and Cox is terrible. I constantly have to reboot my modem to connect and most of the time it is slow. Television service is even worst, the channel line-up consist of local channels and a lot of news channels and crap that nobody cares about, home shopping and religious garbage. I experience lost channels daily and have to call tech support which is a long long long wait. Most of the time they don't know what the problem is. This company is by far the worst I ever dealt with.

Incredibly Bad Service
By -

Stay away from this company. They have no idea of how to service a customer from the technical help standpoint to charging you fees when they have the product returned to them. Unfortunately my apartment complex chose them as the provider and so I had to undergo the task of becoming a customer, but I was very wary from the start as they had multiple bad reviews on the internet. I underwent two occasions that I had to contact to correct a situation either with technical help or customer service.

Customer Service
By -

This company must have a policy of lying to its customers, because I have spoken to at least 12 different people over the last 6 months trying to get my $150 refund back and have been lied to almost every single time.

Company Response 09/07/2010:

Good morning,
My name is Amber and I am with the Ygnition Cares Team. My goal is to discuss any issues that you may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past and help connect you with the proper Ygnition department to get these issues resolved. Ideally, we would like to be able to come up with a solution that works for you and help you become a satisfied customer again. We understand though, that you may have had unsatisfactory experiences and may be very frustrated. We truly want to work with you to discuss these issues so that you know that your voice is being heard. We also may already have solutions for you to several of the complaints that I have seen in this forum.
Please let us know how we can assist you.
-Amber C.
Customer Relations Associate

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