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Thinking about cosmetic surgery in Mexico?
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CALIFORNIA -- I was a 29 yr old mother of three, in excellent health having never smoked and drank only occasionally. After the birth of my third child via cesarean section and having breastfed all three, I was unhappy with the appearance of both my breasts and abdomen. After talking to a coworker that had cosmetic surgery in Mexico by Dr. **, I contacted Jessica (a facilitator) and scheduled a consultation with Dr. **. Having seen and heard the horrors of botched surgeries in Mexico, I voiced my concerns to the doctor.

He then assured me that he stood by his work 100% and if there were any complications he would correct them. After several conversations and reassurance from my facilitator Jessica, I was scheduled for a breast lift with implants and tummy tuck in March 2006. The day after surgery I returned home bandaged and unaware of the ensuing complications. On the third post-op day I removed the bandages to my breast (per the doctors instructions) and was alarmed to see that my left nipple and areola was black in color and oozing green puss and my right breast was hanging as if it had never been lifted.

I immediately went to my local hospital and was told by a number of physicians that my left nipple and areola was necrotic (meaning dead tissue) because the blood supply to that area had been cut off for too long during the breast lift. I also acquired a severe infection from my breast augmentation. Understandably distraught, I contacted Jessica and informed her of my complications. Jessica assured me that she would not only contact the doctor but that he would correct these problems.

After several trips back to the doctors Tijuana office, extensive antibiotic treatment, almost losing my left breast, and 2 more surgeries just to remove the dead breast tissue, I was verbally guaranteed by Dr. ** that he would correct the mistakes he had made to my breast and at no additional charge to me. Being that he couldn't make any corrections until my breast had completely healed, he suggested that I wait 9 months before scheduling another surgery. Nine months later (and a completely healed and disfigured left breast) I contacted Jessica via email to schedule the reconstructive surgery.

Both Dr. ** and Jessica were very supportive until the day of my surgery at which time I saw a totally different side of them. From the time I first spoke to one of the doctors nurses and until I left his office in tears I was called a liar and lied to, belittled, and told I would have to pay $1,000 to have the doctor correct HIS mistakes. After paying Dr. ** and a total of $8,000 I now have one mutilated left breast and a right breast that hangs lower than it did before the surgery. In time I will need at least two more surgeries to correct the obvious blunders that this so-called plastic surgeon made.

In my opinion is nothing more than a group of con-artists who lure unsuspecting women looking for an alternative to the high-priced plastic surgeons here in the United States into a lions den waiting to take their money and give them less than what they paid for. I have the mangled breasts to prove it!!

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