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Cash Advance - Very Bad Bad Customer Service and Ethics Practice!
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I applied for a cash advance loan for $200.00 last week and got approved. After giving them all the required documents they asked, they promised that it would be deposited into my account within 24 hours. I checked my account the following business day and it was NOT there. So I waited 3 business days total, and still it was not there. Then the following week, I received a phone call from one of the representatives, and when I asked her what was taking so long to get my loan, she said that she saw an "ALERT" my account for them NOT to call me ever again! That is a bunch of BULL!

They told me that it happened 3 years ago when I tried to do business with them, and I do not ever recall this ever happening! But regardless, whether or not I told them NOT to call me again, they should have confirmed whether I submitted the application or not. Besides, I CAME TO THEM FOR BUSINESS, THEY DIDN'T COME TO ME! Now, why would I waste my time logging onto their website and apply for a loan if I didn't want to do business with them? They could have gone up and beyond and taken that EXTRA STEP to confirm whether I submitted a loan or not.

And when I spoken to the supervisor, she said, "Well, there was an alert on your account not to call you so we have to honor it!" Again, that is a bunch of BULL! If they were to honor not calling me, then why did one of their representative still call me even a week later to confirm application? That representative even asked me for further documentation (i.e. my SS# and latest bank statement) in which I did provide. Even after faxing it, I still did not get my money! I very furious! When I checked the status online, it said "CALL BACK". So then I called and they denied ever receiving those documents that I sent.

They then asked me to resend it again, in which I refused! Because I had proof that it was sent. I logged onto the website to check status and it shows that they did receive it. Then the representative said, "Well, I don't have access to retrieve those documents. That is a different department! So can you fax it again?" Feeling very frustrated and angry, I asked her what is going on and why can't they do their jobs right? And why couldn't they retrieve the documents that I already gave them from that department? I mean, they all work in the same company! Since it seem liked they were stalling for time, I began to suspect that they were a scam!

They denied it! I had proof that the all documents they asked for was received! It was all on the website entered by one of their employees! I have never seen a Cash Advance company conduct business so slowly and poorly such as this!! Because of the slow down, it caused me to have further financial down fall, and I could not take care of the things that I needed to take care of in a timely matter! I am now begging a friend/co-worker to see if he can loan me some money and this time I have to borrow a bigger amount than what I asked, and in which I do not want to do!

But what other choice do I have, since this Cash Advance place ruined everything! Do not believe that this company will loan you this money and deposit it into your account within 24 hours! You will never see it! Besides, them telling customers that they told them NOT to call them ever again is a BUNCH OF BULL! Besides, why would a customer come to them if they really didn't want to do business with them? ZIP 19 shouldn't look at the application and then the so-called "ALERT"! and blow them off! They should have checked!!! They don't take their business seriously!

They don't care whether or not, the customers are the reason why they have their paychecks! They don't care about bringing up their NUMBERS! They'd rather settle for low pay and minimum wages! But if they are a SCAM (which they were showing signs of), I suggest they close down their website and RUN! Because the Feds may be already be after their A's.

To all consumers, BEWARE! Don't do business with these people! I already fear because they now have my information not knowing what they will do with it!! Go to your local Cash Advance places. If you are in California/Nevada, there are places like Advance America. Check n Go..all those who are legit!

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