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World's Worst Airline?
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Having flown with many airlines and experienced many unfortunate delays, I have never experienced such terrible customer service and treatment during a delay as with Zoom Airlines. I booked a short break flying with Zoom (which was far from cheap) from London to Canada for a special birthday trip. The flight being delayed for a number of days resulting in birthday events being ruined and missed was bad enough, but the rudeness of staff, bare-faced lies, expense in phone calls to Canada trying to obtain information about the delays and the cost to us financially (considering we never made it with Zoom to Canada) was totally unacceptable.

We were not offered any hotel accommodation at the airport for the duration of the delays, no alternative flight options either with Zoom or on other airlines (there was availability with Zoom to other destinations in Canada which we would have taken), no refunds for our wasted hotel costs, car hire expenses in Canada, or wasted party expenses and - most disgustingly and despite repeated requests and numerous phone calls to Zoom management in Canada - no disabled assistance or facilities were offered or provided which meant we could not travel on the flight when it eventually took off.

All we were given is a measly refund for the flight. No compensation for our other expenses or any sort of gesture of goodwill from Zoom for the ruined birthday party and surprises were provided. What a disappointment! We didn't make it at all to Canada with Zoom and despite numerous letters and telephone calls, we have not received a satisfactory explanation or any compensation for our losses from Zoom.

This is the worst company, let alone airline I have ever dealt with. On the contrary, one of the hotels with which we booked has demonstrated excellent customer service by offering us a free voucher to stay at their hotel in an upgraded suite when we re-book our trip. What a contrast to Zoom!

By -

VANCOUVER -- Warning!!! Zoom Airlines is an appalling airline. I had a flight to London this February that ended up being a complete nightmare. The plane was delayed because of engine problems and all of the flight attendants abandoned the passengers in the basement of the Belfast airport for over eight hours without any food or Zoom representatives!!!

After twelve hours, a person working in the Belfast airport saw how horrendous the situation was and tried to buy the passengers flights out of Belfast on her own credit card!! Half of the passengers ended up buying tickets out of Ireland on their own on whatever airlines they could find. I got on a plane on a different airline after 14 hours!!

We were given business cards to make a complaint. When I got home and made a complaint, I was avoided by Zoom continually for months. After consistent attempts through mail, email, phone, and fax to reach them, I finally spoke to a person in Customer Relations who agreed that I should be compensated and told me that I'd get a voucher in the mail. Then they didn't do it!! They lied!!!

I finally got a manager on the phone and told her what had happened and she was venomously rude, saying that it was not Zoom's problem and that what I had been promised was withdrawn because I "should not receive any compensation at all"!! She said that if I had a problem, I should take it up with my travel agent and curly announced that the 'case was closed.' Beware! Beware if you're thinking about flying with Zoom.

Poor Customer Service
By -

I too had a nightmare experience with Zoom. A major accident on the way to Glasgow, Scotland airport resulted in hundreds of passengers being late for flights. All airlines put their passengers on later flights, all airlines that is except Zoom. We were 2 mins past the check in deadline along with other passengers and were refused the chance to check-in. The flight was not scheduled to leave for 45 minutes.

I am a mother travelling alone with a small child and was left stranded at the airport. I asked to be put on a later flight and was told that there was seats available 2 days later, but that the rep I was speaking to could not transfer me - I would have to call and do it myself. I called and called and got no answer. I had to purchase another seat on Thomas Cook airlines who were more than helpful. Kudos to them.

After approx. 10 emails and numerous letters, I got nowhere with Zoom. They would not even refund me for one of the tickets, let alone the two. What an abomination. I even send a letter marked PRIVATE to their president but it never go to him. It is impossible to get past customer service who send you the same B/S response. BE WARNED PEOPLE, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. DON'T FLY ZOOM.

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