Posted by Cynthia on 10/03/2014
Their website says that they will allow membership cancellation before the contract finishes out if the member has moved somewhere with no WoW gym within 25 miles. Well, I'm in NC, and the closest WoW is hundreds of miles from me. Yet despite me sending them the cancellation fee, and a filled out form for membership cancellation by certified mail (another cost out-of-pocket), they would not allow me to cancel. [More]
Posted by Mary on 09/15/2014
Count on Alamo to leave you stranded, broken down and helpless. On our short honeymoon, we rented an Alamo car from Bozeman, Montana Alamo to tour Yellowstone Park. On our way back to Bozeman, we were driving up a highway incline in the middle of nowhere, when the car slowly came to a stop. [More]
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