About My3cents.com

My3cents.com is a popular consumer review site founded in 2000. We strive to provide the following services:
  • Provide an open forum for consumers to share good and bad experiences regarding any company or product.
  • Help consumers to become better educated on a company or product before making a purchase.
  • Enable businesses to provide better service to consumers, and help improve their products and services.

100% Consumer Generated Reviews

Our site consists of consumer reviews written and submitted by real consumers! We publish feedback on stores and services for home improvement, travel, food, insurance companies and more.

Recommended by Consumer Federation of America:

"We recommend that shoppers first consult my3cents.com, which not only apparently contains the largest number of recent complaints but also lists the number of comments per company, offers information about complaint resolution, and is organized in a user-friendly way." (source)

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