Frequently Asked Questions

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What is is a consumer review website founded in the March of 2000 and we've been gaining momentum ever since thanks to the efforts and contributions of our team. We strive to provide the following services:
  • Provide an open forum for consumers to share good and bad experiences regarding any company or product.
  • Help consumers to become better educated on a company or product before making a purchase.
  • Enable businesses to provide better service to consumers, and help improve their products and services.

What are browser "cookies" and how do I enable them?
Browser cookies allow websites to maintain a "state" regarding a visitor. For instance, to show certain features only available to users who are logged in, we use cookies. To verify cookies are enabled on your web browser, do the following:

- Open your web browser.

- Go to the menu option: Tools -> Internet Options

- Go to the Privacy tab, then click the Advanced button.

- Here you can specify whether or not to allow cookies. If you select the Prompt option, your web browser will tell you each time a website is trying to use cookies, and give you the option to accept it or deny it. Alternatively, if you choose the Accept option, your web browser will just accept every cookie request without asking you.

I have not received my email with my initial password to edit/update my review. What can I do?
Be sure to check your junkmail folder for our email. Sometimes our registration email can get caught up in your junkmail folder. Particularly if you have filters setup to only receive email from friends on your trusted list. If you are still unable to locate our email, and it has been over an hour, you can e-mail us and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Why do I need to give you my email address to post a review on this site?
Your e-mail is used to help validate your identity to allow future updates/edits of your reviews. It also helps the company you wrote a review/complaint about to get in touch with you regarding a resolution to your issue(s)!

Do you give my email away to spammers?
NO. Of course not! We take your privacy very seriously. We also keep your email address encrypted in our database to further protect your information.

Does the company I am writing about get notified about my review?
We offer you the option to forward your review to the company, and companies can also opt to receive notifications when reviews are posted on their company. You will receive a notification if a company posts a response to your review, or reaches out to contact you regarding a resolution.

Why should I post my review on
Our site is one of the top consumer review forums on the web. If you want to get the word out about a particular company or product, we can help by publishing your review on our site and exposing it to search engines. Along with helping make other consumers aware, our site is also frequently visited by news reporters doing research for stories. Another great benefit is our user community. If you are having a particular problem, posting your review on our site will open the topic up for discussion. Our dedicated user community will offer advice and tips for solving problems whenever they can. The community working together to help solve consumer problems is what My3cents is all about!

I'm a representative from a company, how can I respond to reviews/complaints about our company?
We offer a number of options for companies to respond to their customers.

Why did my review not show up on the homepage?
Our homepage is not updated real-time. Sometimes it can take up to 5-10 minutes for an approved review to post to the homepage. Not all reviews are approved for the homepage. If your review was too short or lacked details it may not make the homepage.

I cannot find my review on the site? Where did it go?
Check your profile page. If you don't see your review there, it may have been removed. Reviews in violation of our site rules or terms of service may get removed by our moderators. You will not get notified when this occurs.

How do I respond to another user about comments made on my post?
At the bottom of your review you should see an "Comments/Discussion" section. You can add a comment/response there to interact with other users regarding your review.

Do you have any recommendations for non-profit, government, or legal resources that help consumers?
We have compiled a list of government, non-profit, and legal resources that may be of assistance to consumers. Check our consumer resources page for more information.