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Rude manager at store 10402 Valley Fair,CA
By -

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA -- I was shopping with my younger sister in the Valley Fair Mall on Monday July 5, 2010. We were shopping for jeans for her and had gone into several stores to try on jeans including their sister store 'Hollister'. My mother and youngest sister were in the Abercrombie (store for kids) next door while we went into the Abercrombie and Fitch.

We had found some jeans for my sister to try on and set them aside while we went to get our mom so we could show her the jeans. My youngest sister was in the fitting room trying on some shirts and we all went into the fitting room with her to wait (since there were no chairs). My mom made a purchase of three tops for our youngest sister and we went back to Abercrombie and Fitch to try on the jeans for my other sister. My sister and I waited in the long line to try the one pair of jeans on.

When it was finally our turn we proceeded to go into the room and the girl who was running the fitting rooms told us only one person could enter the room. I had been going into the fitting rooms all day with my sister to help her try clothes on (as sometimes she gets confused about what is going on) including Hollister (sister store). I politely asked the girl if I could please just sit in the room with her while she tried on the pants. She told me that I couldn't.

At first I thought it may be a loss prevention policy, but my sister nor I had any bags, purses, or coats that we could conceal merchandise in and we were only taking in one item. I told her it would probably be OK with the manager. At that point the girl went to call him.

In the time that she was gone I was able to help my sister with trying on her pants on and we were already leaving the fitting room by the time the manager came. He asked "Do you want to talk to me?" I said that I was just wondering why they had such a policy in effect and it was ridiculous. He said "that's just our policy" and I continually asked him why, and he kept saying "because it is" with no clear reasoning.

I pointed out that a customer may have a disability and need assistance when trying on clothes. He said in that case they would make an exception, but it needs to be stated. I told him that not everyone wants to clearly state their disability, and in some cases (especially teens) it may be quite embarrassing to have to explain to a stranger why they would need help. The entire time he was speaking to me with his hands folded across his chest and in a very condescending tone.

When I asked for his district managers name and phone number he said he could not give that information to me. I am a retail manager myself and work for a very reputable company that believes the customer comes first. I was appalled by his actions and lack of compassion for the situation. I do not believe that it was a company policy (since he had no explanation, and we did the same thing in both of their sister stores that same day).

By the time we left the store my younger sister was in tears and said she never wanted to go back to that store again. She felt embarrassed and felt the manager was not sympathetic to her needs. This store or staff was very unfriendly, and clearly do not care about their customers or the potential lawsuits that could come out of a situation like this one. I have emailed the company and have yet to get a response. Please do not shop there if you feel you have been treated this way by any of their employees. This needs to stop and the only way will be if customers stop shopping in these stores. They will be forced to change their ways to maintain business.

In this economy, customer service should be more of a priority than ever ...
By -

LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband, son, and I visited the A&F store in Langhorne, PA today (Oxford Valley Mall). My son had received some A&F gift cards for his recent birthday, and was excited about shopping for some new clothes. We spent just about all of his gift card money - spending in excess of $300 - at the store today, for purchases including a sweatshirt, several long and short-sleeved shirts, and a $40 bottle of Colden cologne. When we arrived home and my son went through the shopping bag, we discovered that the cologne had not been placed in the bag with his other items.

After looking up the telephone number on the web (the sales receipt has a store location number, but no telephone number??), my husband called the store to tell them about the error. We did not want to have to make the trip back to the mall because of an error on the sales associate's part, and my husband asked the person to whom he was speaking if they would please (and yes, he used that word) ship us the cologne... which they did. In fact, find at the counter, and admitted should have been placed in our bag.

The person on the telephone said that they "are not able to send anything out of the store". When my husband asked to speak with a store manager, the person to whom he was speaking said that 'she' is the store manager. My husband then asked for the name and contact info for a regional manager. The A&F person told us that they cannot give that telephone number to customers, and directed us to go to the website to put in a complaint.

We did locate a phone number on the web that was described as an A&F customer service number, but when my husband called that number, he was told that there is no longer a telephone option for A&F customer service. Again, he was instructed to use the "customer service" option on A&F's website.

All we want is to speak with an actual living, breathing person, in "real time", who has some authority. We don't think that asking A&F to ship the cologne to us (and foot the bill for the shipping) is asking too much, considering that the error made was on the part of the store personnel. We have been polite and respectful, and we are well-educated (to respond to a couple of the comments on this site made by A&F employees that denigrate A&F customers, painting a majority of A&F customers as rude and self-entitled)... but we do think that good customer service is not too much to ask for.

I don't want to send an email out into the black hole of cyber-space, particularly since I suspect that - based on many comments here - I'll never receive anything but a canned response. Besides, I just checked the A&F website, and there is NO specific link to a customer service portal. The closest I could find was a link to "contact us", with only 500 characters permitted and only a small handful of "subjects"... that DON'T EVEN INCLUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE! (Sorry to yell - I just find that unbelievable!!)

I understand that A&F may have needed to trim some costs in today's economy, but perhaps trimming them from the customer service arena was not the best idea. I guess we'll wind up having to schlep back to the mall. I hope they don't give us a hard time when we go to pick up our cologne that we've been assured is "behind the counter." We have our receipt, but who knows? Given the prices that they charge for the clothes there, and the way their customer service policies seem to be (de-) evolving (this site has been an eye-opener), I'm not sure how quickly we'll be returning to A&F.

Cancellation of Abercrombie Ruehl Hollister Online Orders
By -

I have been a customer of A&F Co. since I used to live in the United States back in 1993. Moving back to Europe in 1998, I kept indulging myself to your casual luxury. Gradually, my interest expanded to all the brands of your company, including the infamous Ruehl. Being extremely upset, especially after learning many people share my feelings via forums and internet blogs, I quote the following excerpt: [Ruehl Initiated Order Cancellation: Although it is rare that it would be necessary for Ruehl to cancel an order...].

Concerning the above, I would like to inform you that Ruehl is highly motivated when it comes to cancelling orders of unsuspected clients. Mass order cancellations have occurred the past few months without the slightest notification. Not to mention that Ruehl_Orderservice@Ruehl.com never replied to my related enquiry. Regarding the use of credit card, since all my orders have been unreasonably cancelled by your company, I was infuriated to find out that "authorization holds" remained in my account for 15 days for each order, whereas you define 3 to five business days!!

Since I work in the bank sector, I know what that means... Ruehl policies concerning fraud are well respected. However, it seems that Ruehl manipulates those policies in an attempt to size down the online orders and considers that all customers are suspects or potential criminals.

22nd century management and marketing rules don't comply with that. If the company wishes to restrict the shipping policies, maybe you should consider excluding overseas orders once and for all. Otherwise, reinventing your company as "Rude" might give you the competitive "edge" in a market that values concept. Be sure that your current "marketing" concept and customer treatment are forming a negative public image.

By -

Abercrombie, a brand loved by all teens, old and young, is racist. There are many better clothing stores than Abercrombie, with better style. In 2002, Abercrombie & Fitch sold a shirt that featured the slogan "Wong Brothers Laundry Service - Two Wongs Can Make It White" with smiling figures in conical straw hats, a depiction of early Chinese immigrants.

The company discontinued the designs and apologized after a boycott started by an Asian American student group at Stanford University. That same year, Abercrombie Kids removed a line of thong underwear sold for girls in pre-teen children's sizes after parents mounted nationwide storefront protests. The underwear included phrases like "Eye Candy" and "Wink Wink" printed on the front.

More t-shirt controversies occurred twice in 2004. The first incident involved a shirt featuring the phrase, "It's All Relative in West Virginia", a jab at alleged incest relations in rural America. West Virginia governor Bob Wise spoke out against the company for depicting "an unfounded, negative stereotype of West Virginia", but the shirts were not removed. Later, another t-shirt that said "L is for Loser" next to a picture of a male gymnast on the rings gathered publicity. The company stopped selling the shirt in October 2004 after USA Gymnastics president Bob Colarossi announced a boycott of Abercrombie & Fitch for mocking the sport.

In 2005, the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania launched a "girlcott" of the store for selling T-shirts that read, "Who needs brains when you have these?", "Available for parties", and "I had a nightmare I was a brunette." The campaign received national coverage on The Today Show, and the company pulled the shirts from stores on November 5, 2005.

Bob Jones University and its affiliated pre-collegiate schools along with other Christian schools have prohibited Abercrombie & Fitch clothing from being "worn, carried, or displayed" on its campuses because of "an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ and an unusual display of wickedness" in the company's promotions. After Abercrombie & Fitch raised its price points in 2004, its products have been described as overpriced.

After the company opened its flagship in London, the brand was criticized in the UK because the merchandise that was offered to the customers cost double (or even a direct $/£ swap) the prices found in the United States. Who wants to wear Abercrombie when you can wear things that do not promote sex, violence, or racism!?

Lack of Communication and Customer Service
By -

NEW ALBANY, OHIO -- I purchased a dress and some other items from Abercrombie Kids' website. After returning to the website to verify the dress color that I had ordered, I noticed that the dress went on sale. I immediately checked my receipt for the confirmed price, and toll-free customer service number (there isn't one). The company prefers that all correspondence go through e-mail. So, I e-mailed that I would like a price adjustment for the dress (plus two other items that had been purchased at full price and also had been marked down) that had been ordered and not even left the warehouse.

The correspondence I received back was "Since you've already had the opportunity to take advantage of our clearance section [there were 4 other sale items in my order] and purchase your merchandise at a marked down price, we're unable to provide any further discounts. As stated on our website, 'we only offer price adjustments for merchandise purchased at the original price." The item in question is: 289004360 purchased for $59.50. All full-priced items end in. 50 and all sale items end in. 90. I assumed that this was an oversight on ** part, and wrote back that the items in question were purchased at the full price.

There was no response. I attempted to further my e-mail correspondence to get my point clearly across, but they did not respond. Thus, I contacted the Customer Service Department via telephone. This is when I was told that because the dress was no longer available on-line that they were under no obligation to give me a price adjustment for anything in order ** (again, there were two other items on this order number still available on the website that had since been reduced).

**, the telephone representative would not let me speak to her supervisor to resolve this issue. The Customer Service Representative was not interested in investigating when I had originally e-mailed Abercrombie, nor was she interested in righting an injustice (which at this point I was assuming was an honest mistake). I had to call back and get another representative to give me the adjustment to the other two items (items to which I was entitled an adjustment -- and I still haven't received my items).

I am now accusing Abercrombie & Fitch of Bait and Switch. The customer service representatives (whether out of lack of training and faulty corporate communication -- or purposeful negligence) delayed any appropriate action on my original request until the item became unavailable and foreclosed on their policy of a fair 14 day policy/or if it is still available on the website price adjustment policy.

In all good faith attempts at communication (e-mail and telephone correspondence) the customer service representative inaction not only ignored my rights (the dress was available on the website through my first 3 e-mail attempts at communication), the corporation purposely designed the customer service system so that the contact information that would resolve the customer service issues in a timely manner isn't the most available information. Further, they prolong e-mail correspondence so that items become unavailable, and hence ineligible for a price adjustment stated in their corporate policy. This is a classic bait and switch tactic €”and illegal.

Bad Customer Service
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I placed an order w/ Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F) through their website back in Jan 2009. Price of one of the items I purchased was reduced before I received the shipment. Since there is no written store/online policy indicating that price adjustment cannot be made for on sale items, I contacted A&F for a price adjustment. A&F replied that...

"We are happy to process a price adjustment if your item (the same color and size) has been reduced within 14 days of the original purchase date. We only offer a price adjustment for merchandise purchased at the original price (items originally purchased from the Clearance section are not eligible for price adjustments). Unfortunately, since your Alexandra was not purchased at its original full price, we would be unable to offer an adjustment."

My request to A&F for a price adjustment was unsuccessful so I contacted American Express, my credit card company for advice. American Express advised that they will investigate the incident. If A&F is unable to provide a store policy for declining price adjustment on sale items then American Express will deduct the adjustment from our payment to A&F. After investigation, American Express decided that our claim was legitimate and gave us $20 credits for the price adjustment.

Since this incident, I have attempted to place 6 other orders online with A&F between Jan-Jun 2009, and they declined every single order I placed. I inquired A&F via email to find out why my orders have been canceled. A&F replied on 06/12/09... "Our records indicate that you have disputed a charge with us in the past. We reserve the right to decline further transactions related to the disputed charge."

Yet before I received A&F's reply on 06/12/09, I successfully made a purchase at their Valley Fair, San Jose store on 06/11/09 using my American Express card, the card that I have been using to place my online orders in the past 6 months and got declined by their on line operation.

I believed A&F has an unfair business practice at their online operation that is not in accordance to their store policy. The Company does not put their price adjustment policy in writing on their website. The Company failed to address to their client's legitimate request of price adjustment. The Company failed to provide proof of company price adjustment policy to credit card company but decline client's orders as a result of credit card company's decision.

Excellent Quality/Great Value
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

I'm surprised at all the negative reviews. I never write reviews but I do read them, especially because I purchase most things online. Let me first say, I purchase A LOT of stuff from Abercrombie and Abercrombie Kids, and Gilly Hicks (when they were still open). I have rarely purchased anything from Hollister, the quality doesn't seem as good as Abercrombie. Anyway, I have probably easily placed over a hundred orders, several hundreds of items over the years for myself and kids. I think the quality is excellent, styles are on trend and it's not ridiculously priced though I usually only purchase when they have some sort of promotional discount going.

There has only been 1 time that I have had to return something because of quality. A sweater I purchased had ripped up the seam after wearing a couple times. I sent an email to customer service and they responded I think next day and said they would ship me out a new one, no charge. I was actually kind of shocked that it was so easy.

Otherwise, quality on all the items over the years has been great. I think the quality of their coats/jackets Is especially good. I just purchased a faux fur lined parka for myself that I absolutely love. It weighs a ton, is so comfy, warm and cute and looks and fits just like some similar ones that cost 10x the price. I will continue to purchase from this company with confidence.

Gift Card Canceled
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE STORE -- I had a terrible experience! I bought a gift card for my brother as a birthday present. I live in Florida and my brother in Massachusetts. After 5 days, I found out he did not receive the gift card. I talked in online chat and the clerk told me that my order was canceled!

The other day I called the central customer service, by the way it sucks! I could talk to an attendant after the seventh attempt! And I asked why they canceled my order, she simply said she did not know! And if I wanted to, she could give me an email so I figured out what happened! What??? This attitude was a great lack of respect for me as a customer!!! I was completely frustrated, because I wanted to surprise my brother, who for all that happened was not present and thinking I had forgotten on his birthday.

Although I like the brand, or rather, I liked the brand before this episode, because now I have disgust and decided NEVER buy, or enter this store! Abercrombie, Congratulations, you guys just lost another customer! Keep it up, treating your customers disrespectfully and you guys end up bankrupt !!!

Great Place and People Are Fun and Friendly
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Hi, my name is George and I visited a store in Memphis, TN about 2 weeks ago. I was highly impressed with the customer service that the store presented. My grandchildren loves to shop at your store and as we were in Memphis visiting family we decided to stop at Wolf Chase Galleria.

I don't often send emails about great customer service but, when it is excellent I definitely want to reach out to companies to provide them. I am an old man as my kids would say but when I walked in your store I was greeted as if I was just an average aged person. I was asked if I needed help. I asked one female if she works off commission and she said no.

One girl I had a conversation with told me she was working that day with 3 managers. I took down all the names, it was a girl name Ira I spoke with, I am hoping I heard her correctly and she was very helpful. She gave me her manager's name and it was Dejun, Joceline, and Melanie. I really wanted to reach out regarding everyone's help because I was in the store with 4 grandkids and I could not help them.

One got on a ladder to grab jeans, another was helpful with dressing rooms, and the guy helped my grandson find a lot of stuff. I purchased a large amount of items that day. This will be the only store I will visit when I come back to see Elvis Presley's home. Thank you for finding helpful people for a great store. I did not know who to email. My grandkids loves Abercrombie.

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ALBANY, OHIO -- I have been dealing with Abercrombie customer service for over four months. I returned four separate orders using their return mailing instructions. Even after receiving my items they did not process my returns. For over a month they were unable to find my items. After giving proof they did get the items, it took another month plus multiple phone calls and emails for then to issue a return. I then only received a refund for one of the four orders and was told it was an issue with my bank. I contacted my bank, they completed an investigation and concluded they were never issued the money.

I have given bank statements and bank reports to show I did not receive the refunds. I was then told they could issue the refund via Paypal. I gave this information to them a month ago and have yet to see a return. I am continually told by phone representatives they will contact the return credit department and they will contact me through email. This has yet to happen. Do not return items to Abercrombie through their mail process. You will never get your money.

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