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Refused refund with receipt
Posted by Debbrown on 08/22/2010
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I attempted to return a $49.00 item today to A&F with my credit card receipt. The employee stated that the register couldn't process the refund because the receipt didn't have a barcode. When I originally purchased the item, the A&F store employee had mistakenly given me the store receipt and kept my receipt. The employee/manager agreed that store policy states a customer will be given full refund with a receipt but her hands were tied....the "register" would only allow her to give me a store credit.

This is an excellent example of extremely poor customer service and I will not return to A&F. Should you choose to shop A&F, be sure that your receipt has a barcode.
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Posted by SaMoore on 2010-08-22:
Call A&F at: 614-577-6500
or contact them at: Abercrombie & Fitch*
4 Limited Parkway East
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

I'll bet they will find a way to honor your return.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-22:
you should be thankful they even offered you a store credit.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-22:
I agree with the OP on this one.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-08-22:
I wonder if you file a chargeback if that would force them to find the receipt with the barcode on it... Since you actually have the store copy they might even lose the chargeback as they won't be able to present it to the credit card company.

Just for the record, I am generally not for chargebacks - I think they are over abused and should normally be reserved for fraud. However, it might kick start those 12 year old employees into doing the right thing.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-22:
What's wrong with store credit? Just go buy an item you like.
Posted by martham on 2010-10-06:
This doesn't make sense since we don't give out "customer receipts" or "Store receipts"...just one comes out... and really without a barcode there isn't anything we can do, especially with the new system which doesn't even allow us to override prices.
Posted by Lenaofdc on 2010-10-29:
I am a former A&F manager. This is a problem I came across alot and it's easily fixed. She should have used the date on the receipt to look up the receipt in the computer and physically write down the barcode number and enter it manually.
Posted by ct1892 on 2011-01-17:
Only once receipt prints out. This isn't always the case but the way you treat the workers can make a difference.
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Return Complaint / Rude Manager / Poor Customer Service
Posted by Cindy_S on 12/24/2009
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My daughter in law purchased my son four shirts for Christmas a short time ago on 12/16. My daughter in law is eight months pregnant and due in January. Please keep this in mind as I continue with the complaint. My son saw the shirts and didn't like them and said they wouldn't fit. The tags were still on the shirts and the original receipt along with the gift boxes were still in the original bag. My daughter in law went to the store in the mall in Greenville, SC on 12/21 and tried to return the items, of which she paid cash for the transaction. The "manager" told her the shirts smelled like "smoke" and that she couldn't return the shirts. My daughter in law is eight months pregnant and doesn't smoke, obviously. She left the store in tears, because she was out $110. She waits tables and goes to college and barely gets by, and yet can't return $110 worth of merchandise with the original tags and receipt. She left the store upset and crying over this, and again is eight months pregnant. My son then went down to the store and tried to return the items, because my daughter in law was so upset and the manager still would not take them back for the same reason, even though my daughter in law is eight months pregnant and doesn't smoke. Again, my daughter in law is out $110 cash.

I personally smelled the shirts and they do NOT smell like smoke, but instead like cologne that the store uses and sells inside. I can't possibly imagine why the store would say the shirts smell like smoke. My daughter in law did everything per the return policy, and yet they still refused the merchandise.

I called the store and "tried" to speak to the manager and she said they could refuse a refund for any reason; that it even says this on the back of the receipt. She still refused to refund the cash my daughter in law spent in the store. I then asked her to have her district manager call me about it, and she told me that she would "try" to give her the message, but with the holiday doubted that she would get back in touch with me. I still haven't heard anything.

The shirts do NOT smell like smoke, but are drenched in the cologne from the store. My daughter in law had the original receipt and the tags WERE attached to the clothes, and they still refused her refund. We will NEVER shop A&F or Hollister ever again, because of their return policy. Their customer service is horrible, and they look for any excuse to deny your refund. We are going to try and sell the brand new shirts on line somehow, and try to recoup some of the money we have lost on this. Thanks A&F for stressing out my eight month pregnant daughter in law, and for making her cry over all of this, and for diminishing her Christmas holiday. As I said, she's a waitress and going to college so every penny counts. Hope it was worth your fat bottom line this year!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
I wonder if it was the same manager that was complaining about her job the other day??? lol...

anyway, I think that is rediculous and your best bet is calling the corporate office and venting your frustrations with them, or better yet, try to find the next closest ABF store to your area and try to return it there....I can't believe anyone would spend $110 for four shirts anyway? insane.....ABF is such a ripoff.
Posted by Skye on 2009-12-24:
Why would they keep saying the smelled like smoke, and not the cologne you say they were drenched in?? Did your son in law smoke while trying them on?
Go to another location, and see if they will take them back.

By the way, we get it, your daughter is 8 months pregnant. Doesn't entitle her to speical treatment. Sorry, but if they do smell like smoke, why would they accept them back?? Nobody is going to want to buy shirts that smell like smoke.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-12-24:
Unfortunately, women that are 8 months pregnant can and will smoke. Being pregnant does not exempt one from smoking. Pregnant women drink and do drugs also. Just because you shouldn't doens't mean people don't. Just like it isn't only poor people that shoplift. OF course, I'm not saying that your daughter in law was smoking, but that argement just doesn't hold water.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
If your daughter-in-law is barely getting by, then why is she shopping at Abecrombie & Fitch and spending $110 on shirts? That's $28 per shirt. Why not just go to Kohls or JC Penny if money is that tight? Or even Wal Mart.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
110$ on 4 T-shirts. That is insane, You could buy a whole wardrobe with that kinda cash at wallyworld.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
OP seems to have skirted the obvious question here: does her son smoke?
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-24:
BA yaya and spiderman, took the words right out of my mouth. Both my smoking friends never quit when pregnant, and boo hoo, so she left the store in tears, just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she A) doesn't lie, B) doesn't smoke, and C) doesn't deserve any special treatment regarding the situation. Smoke rubs off easily. If he was around someone who smoked or in a car with a smoker, I can see how the shirts would smell of smoke.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-24:
Merry Christmas Alley...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
How much she spent or can afford is irrelevent, as is her pregnancy. She had the receipt, she had the tags on the shirts and she was within the return time period. They should have taken them back. That store is loud and smells terrible from them dousing the mannikins in perfume. They are worried about smoke? I'm with the person who said take them back to another location. Nasty, overpriced, loud, dark smelly store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
Sherdy, I couldn't have said it better myself!
Posted by localgod on 2009-12-24:
A+ Sherdy...the smell of the shirts is the red herring, A&F would refold, drown them in cologne, and resell them anyway...in retail, the idea is to avoid dead/resell merchandise...A&F has mastered return exceptions...VH to the poster, A&F/Hollister is one to avoid!
Posted by Abbie13 on 2009-12-24:
I agree with Sherdy
Posted by Cindy_S on 2009-12-25:
In response to some of the negative comments, my daughter in lawy doesn't smoke and neither does my son. The point of the story about her being pregnant was to reinforce the fact that she DOESN'T smoke. Also, I smelled the shirts as did several other people including an A&F staff member and they said the same thing...the shirts did Not smell like smoke, but cologne! I can't believe some people. Merry Christmas to you all! And thank you Sherdy. Very well said!
Posted by C'monalready on 2010-02-16:
as an associate, i will tell you that a manager does have the right to refuse any refund, however, i know at my store, if the tags are on and she has the receipt, we would have simply sprayed a lot of cologne on the "smoky" clothing and resold it...smoke doesn't last that long on clothes. I'm willing to bet the manager was stressed out over the holidays. No excuses, but that's my guess.
Posted by Cindy_S on 2010-02-17:
Thank you C'monalready, and to everyone else. AS a follow up, the funny thing is that we took the clothes to another A&F the week after Christmas and the manager took them back...no questions asked. She never said anything about the clothes smelling or even asked why we wanted to return them. She simply gave us back all of our money! Just goes to show that this particular manager at Haywood Road in Greenville wanted to make things difficult and provided zero customer service. Still will never shop A&F again over this! We still had to drive over 50 miles to the other location to get our money back. It was ridiculous, but we're happy we got our money back!
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-02-17:
personally i think the crap they spray the clothes with is stinky

i often have to hold my breath when i walk by.

Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-02-28:
Voted helpful, glad to see you followed through and got the money back.
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Unacceptable service from a store supervisor
Posted by Glasweigian on 09/23/2009
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On my way to the airport I stopped to purchase clothing from Abercromby and Fitch as gifts. The person I asked to help me find a size was arrogent and rude. I was able to find some tees and hoodies by myself but it took some time as most of the tees were on the top shelf. At the checkout the person I had spoken to was on the telephone for over twenty minutes. When I told her I had to catch a plane she said that there were other customers ( three young people who could not make up their minds) There was another employee who was spending a great deal of time folding clothing. Other than the customers who could not decide on their purchase, the store was empty. I found out that the ill-mannered clerk was the supervisor. How do I complain to a person of authority?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-23:
You can go to the ANF site here: http://www.abercrombie.com/anf/index.html

At the bottom of the page, 4th from the left, there's "contact." Click on that and submit a complaint.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-23:
Headquarters 6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, Ohio 43054
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by SL on 06/12/2009
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I placed an order w/ Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F) through their website back in Jan 2009. Price of one of the items I purchased was reduced before I received the shipment. Since there is no written store/on line policy indicating that price adjustment cannot be made for on sale items, I contacted A&F for a price adjustment. A&F replied that...

"We are happy to process a price adjustment if your item (the same color and size) has been reduced within 14 days of the original purchase date. We only offer a price adjustment for merchandise purchased at the original price (items originally purchased from the Clearance section are not eligible for price adjustments).

Unfortunately, since your Alexandra was not purchased at its original full price, we would be unable to offer an adjustment."

My request to A&F for a price adjustment was unsucessful so I contacted American Express, my credit card company for advice. American Express advised that they will investigate the incident, if A&F is unable to provide a store policy for declining price adjustment on sale items then American Express will deduct the adjustment from our payment to A&F.

After investigation, American Express decided that our claim was legitimate and gave us $20 credits for the price adjustment.

Since this incident, I have attempted to place 6 other orders on line with A&F between Jan-Jun 2009, and they declined every single order I placed. I inquired A&F via email to find out why my orders have been canceled. A&F replied on 06/12/09...

"Our records indicate that you have disputed a charge with us in the past. We reserve the right to decline further transactions related to the disputed charge.

Abercrombie & Fitch
Research and Resolution
orderservice@abercrombie.com "

Yet before I received A&F's reply on 06/12/09, I successfully made a purchase at their Valley Fair, San Jose store on 06/11/09 using my American Express card, the card that I have been using to place my on line orders in the past 6 months and got declined by their on line operation.

I believed A&F has an unfair business practice at their on line operation that is not in accordance to their store policy.
- The Company does not put their price adjustment policy in writing on their website.
- The Company failed to address to their client's legitimate request of price adjustment.
- The Company failed to provide proof of company price adjustment policy to credit card company but decline client's orders as a result of credit card company's decision.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-12:
Well, you won the battle but lost the war, congrats.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-12:
Basically, if they don't want your business, they don't deserve it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-12:
I wouldn't want your business either. As Boki says, you won, so just take your $20 and go someplace else to do your shopping.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-06-12:
A quick search turns up the policy quoted to you. It is readily available. The adjustment through your credit card company was unjustified.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-12:
you were told the item was not sold at full price, and no adjustment was in order. sounds reasonable. then you went and whined to the credit card company and got one anyways. i suspect after the store disputes this, and shows evidence as to their reason, your credit card company will reverse the charge back.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2009-06-12:
But A&F DOES have their price asjustment policy on their website - - under Site Use, Ordering On-Line Terms and Conditions, Help With An Existing Order, Price Adjustments. It's all right there in black & white (literally). You were 100% wrong and Amex should not have issued a $20 credit as your request was NOT legitimate. A&F also "reserves the right to refuse service to any customer" which now means YOU. Was all this hoopla worth $20???
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Public.wam on 02/11/2014
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was read my email and I find a lot backorder from my purchased that I did last week, and them I decided to call and find out more information about it.
so I got a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE OVER THE PHONE from the number ...

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
866.681.3115 or +1 614 219 3026

i got hang up 2 times.

the guy that I was talk too, he canceled my order with OUT my permission, and I CAN proof that because when I called the message says "THE CALL WILL BE RECORDED"

i call on 02/11/2014 at 12:24 AM

So what I do not understand, how he canceled my order with OUT my authorization?

How the company ABERCROMBIE expect the customer continue purchased from them when customer like me have the HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICES likes this?

How I will be able to fix this?

i lost a lot time looking over Abercrombie website and select item for me to purchased and I will like to be better treat them what I got tonight.

i HOPE you guys from management team will be able to fix that or otherwise I won't be purchased from ABERCROMBIE AGAIN.
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No Refund And Only Email Contact
Posted by Raines37 on 01/25/2014
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I purchased 2 pairs of jeans and cologne for my son for Christmas. He did not want them so he took them back. They refunded the jeans on my credit card, but the cologne they gave back in in-store credit. I wanted my money back on my credit card because we do not normally shop there. The manager gave me an email address to reach the refund department. THERE IS NOT A PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT ANYONE. The refund department wanted a photo of my receipts. I did that, and they said I would get my $63.36 refund in 3 weeks. Well, it's been 3 weeks and now they want a photo of my credit card statement to see if I really got it or not. I will NEVER shop at any of their stores again. Totally ridiculous treatment of it's patrons. And, the fact that they are unreachable. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?
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Never Order Online
Posted by Thibs89 on 12/20/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I ordered on December 1st 2013, 4 Hoodies for my sisters and mum for Christmas. I had a Fedex tracking number and was able to see where my package was. But during 2 weeks I had the same exact status saying that the expected time of delivery was N/A. I called Abercrombie to have some ore information, I also called Fedex just to make sure. They guarantee I will have it before I leave to my parent's house on the 24th.
I thought it was strange that they would take 22 days to ship a small order like mine. I usually use Fedex and it takes 2 or 3 days tops!
I decided to chat online with a representative and after telling me that I will have it soon, he finally told me that my package was lost for 10 days and that they couldn't send me another one because they sold out 3 of the 4 items I have ordered. Nobody ever informed me by email. The team they have there is the most incompetent and they are not helpful at all. I asked for a complete refund and to cancel my order. I waited for an email confirmation, I received it but when I clicked the link it didn't correspond to my order. I had to call again and again to make sure I will get my money back.
Worst experience ever. If I have an advise to give you, NEVER ORDER ONLINE! If you need to shop there, just go to the store. This was the first and last time I ordered online, and after this experience, also the last time I will ever enter an Abercrombie store.
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Valley Fair Store Abercrombie
Posted by Varunvikramsingh on 12/18/2013

This email is regarding the today’s incident dated 12/17/2013 around 6.00PM.

Complaint : Store : 10402, Complaint against : Store Manager ( Paige [snip]

I was having coupon with 15% discount to be offered during 12th till Dec – 19th Dec on $ 75 USD purchase, I selected full item price fragrance $74 dollar & clearance item.

After standing 15min in billing line, the billing executive told that only full item price would be allowed for discount, hence he asked me to select another item and be in line again for billing.

After 1 hour of search in whole showroom, we were unable to find single item on full price, because today 12/17/2013 the whole showroom was offering 50% discount on every item.

I came in to line again, waited for another 15min to get to billing person & asked him to bill only item selected from clearance and asked him details about the coupon.

He mentioned that coupon is not valid on clearance or sale 50% off item, I told him that then what is the fun of giving coupons to customers of specific date when on that date store would be offering 50% discount.

This means none of the coupon will work and make no sense to offer coupons to customers, he said he doesn’t know and would not be able to answer anything.

Then store manager pitched in and she said it’s all company policies and they will not be able to do anything and these offers come from company and not from store.

She had the same view of coupon not working because entire store is on 50% off, then another sale executive came in and told this may work on 50% off, they asked me to select 50% off item now.

This was another waste of time to select another item which is 50% off and be in line again. I asked manager to give this in written to me.

I have written version from manager and also coupons still intact. This was complete waste of my time and complete dissatisfaction.

I will take this to legal department as I have written statement from the store manager.

Varun Singh
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Posted by Likesbeefpies on 2013-12-19:
Having something in writing in this case doesn't mean you have some sort of legal magic key....keep that in mind.
Posted by James on 2013-12-19:
So you're going to the legal department over the store following their rules and policies? Good luck with that one. The coupon is good for a range of dates, just go back when the entire store isn't 50% off. You have to read the small print on coupons, every store has their own rules and regulations. Some stores are able to be more lenient, while others are not, it all depends on corporate. These people were just doing their jobs and I'm sure didn't want to put their job in jeopardy.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-19:
Does the coupon state that it's not vaild when used with any other promotion or something to that effect? Usually you cannot combine a coupon with another promotion. If they were running a 50% sale on the entire store then your coupon wouldn't be able to be used.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-12-20:
If the whole store was 50% off, you'd be getting a better deal without the coupon anyway. Let this one go.
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Pretty But Clueless Employees
Posted by Kellijack66 on 10/05/2013
RIVERCHASE GALLERIA, ALABAMA -- The first was an exchange on the same exact jeans except for size. I'm thinking no problem, even exchange, just need 1 size up. Wrong!!! I bought the jeans on sale so the girl said I would have to PAY the difference of sale price and regular price!!!! I tried telling her no, it's an even exchange, but she didn't listen. I returned them and left the store without the jeans. Well I decided to read the return & exchange policy and sure enough I was right. I had to explain the policy to the employee. She had it backwards, if I had paid full price and they went on sale, depending on length of time determined & receipt becomes a factor in the difference. After much explaining I was finally able to make the even exchange.

Now that was in the boys dept, I also had to make an exchange in the men's. The girl helped pick out more jean for my older son, different jeans, different price so not a problem. Unfortunately they still didn't fit right so my son was just going to return them. It had been a few weeks but within the 60 days and he had the receipt . Well they told him it was credit and said they had to have the credit card so he drove back home and got my credit card. He returned only for them to say it wasn't on that card.

Well the only other card I had was my debit card and after researching had long since cleared. The employee should have given cash back ( which they refused to do), debit card is same as cash.

Needless to say I will have to go back for the 4th time to get credit. I read how they hire pretty people but geez could they have brains too, or maybe tun the music down just a tad so your not having to shout over it. Fed up!!!
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Loud loud loud
Posted by Sepah on 11/21/2012
Terrible customer service. So loud that the sales person couldn't hear me yelling for a different size from the dressing room.. I hate this store.
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