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333 West San Carlos Street Suite 1500
San Jose, CA 95110
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Acer Sucks both product and customer service
By -

DON'T Purchase this item or any other Acer computer be it desk top or laptop. They are all equal trash trash from a trashy company. Trashy people don't even deserve such trash. Can I rate it less than one star if so a negative one million! It should be named annoying instead of Acer. All of the customer service reps were foreign and the accents were extremely thick and very hard to understand, spent hours on the phone. You have to pay for your own shipping to the company if you want your computer repaired. And then it comes back to you in worst shape than before you shipped it to them.

You would be wiser to just purchase a new computer as opposed to dealing with their horrid service. It is by far the worst experience I have ever had in my 53 years of life! ACER YOU SUCK! You are EVIL! Any company willing to sell an Acer is a bad company! My computer was just 8 months old when it was laid to rest! I could have got a better deal out of a cracker jack box. I feel like this was a gag gift.

ACER- Poor Repair Facility
By -

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I bought my daughter for college a top of the line Acer Aspire laptop. The first year, everything was good. Starting year two, things started to malfunction. First the camera (trip one), then the heat sink/fan (trip two). Since my extended warranty was about to run out, I wanted to have the left side USB ports replaced (not working) and DVD drive replaced. Trip three yielded a non-working USB ports upon return. Another round trip to install current drivers for the USB ports at ACER. They must think I am stupid. Another boot up, STILL yielded no USB. I suggested back on trip three that the motherboard needed replacement. Back to Texas again.

New motherboard this time and new battery. Thought I was done. Five days later-dead-nothing-nada. Back to Texas again. ANOTHER motherboard with new keyboard and battery. I have to be done now, right? 10 weeks without my laptop so far, and thousands of FEDEX miles traveled. I gave my delivery guy a big smile yesterday with my laptop in hand. NOW the battery will not charge. ACER tells me that the battery is NOT the problem.

I will TELL you the problem. ACER techs are sending out faulty machines without repairing them professionally. I had my lawyer draft a letter demanding a current top of the line new replacement laptop with the same features I had before. Let's see if ACER live up to their name and takes care of me and stand behind their products.

You call that SERVICE?
By -

I have, on two occasions, had problems with Acer Laptops. The first experience was with my wife's laptop, the cd/DVD drive stopped functioning. Now mind you, I have been building and servicing computers since 1996. I did all the trouble shooting to verify in my mind that the problem was the drive. I called Acer Tech support and went through their steps (all the things I had already done) except for their final step... Restore the pc to its original factory settings... WIPE OUT THE HDD! Just a little excessive I thought so I said I would just send it in.

Well their first trouble shooting step at depot repair is to wipe out the hdd and restore to factory. Awesome, they deleted everything we put on just to find out they needed to replace the cd/DVD drive. My second experience wasn't any better. A customer brought me a laptop where the DVD portion of the cd/DVD drive worked but the cd didn't... Audio, data, even blank cds were not recognized. Again removed the drive and let Windows find it, same problem. Called Acer Support, asked to purchase a drive.

I was informed that the laptop was under warranty and they would send the drive if that was the problem. I again went through all their steps and again the last step was to wipe out the drive. I let the customer know and he said ABSOLUTELY NOT. Too many service documents and programs that risk being lost. I let Acer know this and that we were willing to purchase the drive at $140 just send it. I was told that Acer's policy is not to send out any parts unless the system has been restored to factory settings. End result... Customer purchased a good external drive for $60 and Acer lost a customer.

Acer should take a page out of Dell's Service Manual... When you send your laptop in to Dell, they tell you to remove your hard drive and battery. Acer could do that, insert a ready to go hard drive and find out that the cd/DVD drive was bad without having to delete everything. Poor ** user that isn't familiar with or know how to use backup and restore software!! And what if the drive quits working again after restoring?

My Acer Laptop Won't Turn On
By -

This is our first PC in our home. We have 3 Macs... It was purchased when Circuit City was about to close, around Sep or Oct 08 for about $400 after rebates. I thought I got a good deal. Not even a year and the computer simply won't turn on... Tried everything: disconnecting cable, removing battery, nothing will turn on the computer after going to sleep or sometimes after we close the lid. Customer service says that the problem is a known issue and that there is nothing I can do except disconnect the computer, remove the battery, hold down the power key for 30 secs then reconnect it, then turn it on.

What type of answer is that? Now we leave the computer all the time as we never know when it's maybe going to die for sure. I am very sad that we did not purchased a MacBook again, pay for a cheap PC and you will get that, a cheap performance.

Acer Is Bad Bad News... Stay Away
By -

Acer's advertising campaigns punch line is "Life is busy, Acer make it easy". Well, in reality owning an Acer product is completely the reverse which goes like this "Life is easy, Acer makes it difficult." Acer's cheaper and good looking laptops are tempting, but please consider other factors like product Quality and Service. Here's my ordeal: I purchased an Acer Aspire 5920 Laptop, and in less than a month, 20 days to be exact, I started getting "memory failure" errors. I tested the RAM with memtest 86+ and found the ram to have defects.

I called the call center, and after three 45 minute calls which included being taken through the same diagnostics and being asked the same questions over and over again, I was refused a case ID as they were not convinced that there was a problem with the ram. The, technically clueless, advisors at the call center insisted that I take the laptop to the nearest service center (which happens to be very far from where I live) and have it checked by the technician and then have the technician call the call center with the results.

Despite the long commute involved, I took the laptop to the service center and guess what, in less than five minutes the technician comes to the reception and informs me that the RAM is defective and needs to be replaced. I am told it will take 2 to 3 days to have it fixed and will be contacted as soon as the job is done. So I leave the laptop at the service center, and wait for three days. On not hearing from the service center, I contact them only to be told that the replacement parts have not arrived from Acer and will take another 5 days. I wait 5 days and contact them again only to be told, that the parts have still not arrived and I need to wait another 2 days.

Two days later the same story, so I called Acer call center and after a whole lot of discussions and being transferred to several different people, I am told they will look into the matter and I will be contacted with the results, but nobody calls. I waited another 4 days and then contact the service center only to be told that the new replacement parts had arrived, "but were found to be defective" and had to be sent back and so I needed to wait another 5 days. Twenty five days have passed and I am still waiting for Acer to get their act together and come up with functioning spare parts.

Not only are brand new laptops fitted with defective parts, but even new replacement parts are also defective. Imagine the quality of hardware being used by Acer. All these problems, in the first month of operation, of a brand new laptop which functioned only for 20 days. Acer offers lower prices and better configurations at the cost of quality and service. I may have saved some money on the cost of the laptop, compared to other popular brands, but I am paying a much bigger price now.

If my ordeal does not convince you, go to Google and type "Acer sucks" and you can read many more similar experiences. YouTube even has videos of people smashing their Acer laptops, in frustration. I leave it to potential customers, considering purchasing a Acer product, to decide if they want to invest their hard earned money in sub-standard products from Acer. As for me, I will never ever buy an ACER product again.

Bad Product And Worse Customer Service (Best Buy & Acer)
By -

Today, I decided that trying to get this desktop fixed by Acer is a lost cause. I've had a problem with this computer since purchasing it a year ago from Best Buy. This is my history with this product and I hope it is helpful to others. This computer was purchased on 6/29/07.

1) Within two months after purchase, the computer would power down and turn off and restart on its own. Then one day it powered down and would not come back on so I took it back to Best Buy on 8/24/07 for repair. After 15 days of purchase the computer cannot be exchanged at Best Buy so they sent it out to be fixed. The Motherboard and Power Supply were replaced.

2) After this last repair the computer began to freeze up, sounded very noisy and error messages began to appear. The computer was taken back to Best Buy on 9/15/07. Best Buy disassembled the unit and inspected it and "reloaded, restored, repaired" the software for the unit. 3) The computer then began to freeze up not too long after it came back. Sometimes it would freeze up immediately when turned on after getting to the welcome screen and other times I would be working on the computer and it would freeze up. On 11/2/07 I took the computer back to Best Buy. The hard drive was replaced.

4) A few weeks later the computer began to freeze up again and I lost internet connection. I decided to deal directly with Acer and contacted them by phone to relay this lengthy history. I sent the computer out via FedEx on my own dime because they wouldn't pay for it. They received the unit on 11/28/07. The computer came back two days later and the defective modem was replaced. Wasn't long after that I realized that the computer had the same problems. The holidays, life, work and everything else happened. I secured a laptop from work to use and pretty much gave up on it.

5) At the start of June 2008 I thought I would give it one last try before the warranty from Acer expired. The computer went out to Acer and came back on 7/3/08. The computer was turned on and immediately froze up. I contacted Acer immediately and they said that Best Buy needed to repair the hard drive and the problem was not with them. The customer service agent also said some pretty ridiculous and contradictory things.

In summary, Best Buy has less than mediocre customer service but I expected much more out of Acer. Besides the obvious of having a broken computer, there is a very long wait time to get through to customer service via some cases 20-30 minutes. I requested to speak to a manager and the last representative I spoke to said that there are no managers available and just customer service reps available. A lot of personal time has been wasted trying to get a product working that was never really used.

Imagine having to take my computer to Best Buy each time, wait in line and describe the problem over and over again. Imagine having to tell the same story to Acer, over and over again, after being on hold for a long time. Imagine the frustration of just giving up after repeatedly expecting that the unit would be repaired.

I've decided to copy this complaint to any and every consumer blog that I can find. If Best Buy or Acer would like to resolve this problem they know how to find me just use your technology. Resolve at this point means a brand new computer which is nothing compared to my frustration. After I finish blogging I'll send a letter to both companies with all of the sites in which I've posted my complaints.

ACER Vista Upgrade Redemption Fraud?
By -

NEW YORK -- Acer doesn't take any responsibility for the Vista Upgrades that they pledged with the purchase of any of their laptops and PC's. Acer offered Vista upgrades for the cost of shipping when Vista was late to market and it was the big holiday sales season of 2006/7. Acer is blaming Moduslink for all the Vista Express Upgrade problems and Moduslink wants nothing more to do with the program and is unreachable. Moduslink was unprepared to deal with the volume and this resulted in a substantial number of complaints.

If you talk to Microsoft they say talk to Acer. Though I get some comment from Microsoft that many other vendors that used Moduslink had unhappy customers. The difficulty is that Acer who made the promise isn't honoring their promise when a subcontractor like Moduslink lets down their customers. I'm sure the lawyers have crafted all sorts ways to avoid liability, however this is a much bigger issue than the fine print or mechanics of how I was to receive the upgrade. In my opinion it was Acer's sale and their responsibility, however they act and feel like Moduslink gives them some sort of deniability.

I suspect the whole problem is related to redemptions rates. No vendor expects everyone will redeem their right. There is good reason to suspect the redemption rates were higher that estimated and this resulted in not enough to go around.

Typically vendors create a number of hoops to jump through for redemption programs, so that many get exhausted by the process and fail to follow-through. The next time you look at any redemption, you should verify what sort of aggravations they'll demand from you and of course the reputation of the company offering it. You may jump through all the hoops only to find it was a huge waste of time. For example when Acer Reneged on the Vista Upgrade they offered me. These are good things to know before considering any redemption offer from this company.

In my case Moduslink sent me an email with my order number and advised it was shipped. They charged my credit card as well. So everything was in order June 15. Then I didn't get the shipment so I patiently waited. Then the next thing I get from Moduslink is an e-mail saying they are no longer involved in the Vista Upgrade program and I've been trying to get this fixed ever since. Moduslink is hiding, Acer is denying and I'm amazed that companies behave this way in North America. Now I really understand why Dell is so successful.

After my initial response to an e-mail support inquiry, I get a request for info from Acer, I have to dig up copies of everything I sent last winter, a time consuming effort. This was provided though it quickly became apparent that this was just another hoop to jump through. Then I received this message the day after the info was provided.

The reality here is that Acer has reneged and this is no different then steeling from their customers and hiding behind Moduslink. It is plainly greed and the belief that if they simply make it difficult enough and long enough a process then people will simply go away defeated and that their self serving bad behavior will be ignored. Shame on Acer.

Flimsy Screen, Useless Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

Less than 6 weeks after I bought the Aspire ES1-511-C0DV-US laptop, the LCD broke for no apparent reason. Acer automatically refuses to honor the warranty because it is a screen issue. Apparently the screen is exceedingly fragile and cannot handle normal use. They lost a loyal customer on this one.

I Have Bought 4 Acer Laptops in the Last 5 Years and They Are Great!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have purchased Acer laptops for my wife, 2 sons, and myself over the past 5 years and have not had any trouble with them at all. I purchased the lower priced ones and have been very happy. They are great computers.

Computer Service And Customer Service Is A Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- Never able to speak to a human and this is the second return of the computer I had one week! Service advice comes from techs from India and they are like robots! Temple Texas has had my laptop for 11 days since FedEx delivered it to them and when I call they say they cannot identify my phone number with the serial number. Advice, never buy Acer. Never buy Gateway and stay the heck out anything related to Texas!!!!

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