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Posted by Acer hater on 03/09/2010
Believe every thing bad that you read about there service. it sucks and they don't care. i will never ever buy anything Acer as long as I live.

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ACER Products Suck, ACER Technical Support Sucks Worse
Posted by Amentor on 02/25/2010
Bought an ACER 3100 laptop computer. It got a bad virus that shut the entire thing down. I then ordered the recovery CD's from ACER. They sent them but when my computer started back up everything was in Spanish. I contacted them again and they said my computer's serial number corresponded to a Spanish unit and there was nothing they could do.

I escalated the issue higher. After a dozen emails, calls to six different toll free numbers and several weeks of trying I was asked why I waited so long to complain! Ridiculous!

I was finally told that it wasn't their fault that I bought a Spanish computer. I didn't know I bought a Spanish computer, everything in it, the instructions, etc. were all in English, it operated originally in English. So I'm stuck with a worthless computer. Thinking about buying an ACER? Think again, there are much better computer companies out there with much better customer support.

BUYER BEWARE! I'll never buy another ACER product again and I urge you not to as well.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
English and Spanish computers, really? Even if they are different I can't imagine why they wouldn't send the English recovery disks.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-02-25:
that's odd.

i've never encountered a pre-formatted computer for specific languages.

the ones i've used allowed you to pick what language you use it in
Posted by Instant Loser on 2012-08-02:
Re: PepperElf

You are correct. You choose the installation language during the installation process. After the disk formats, and windows has copied over all its files from the disc, one of the first options where it actually asks you to select something from a menu is the language selection. Clearly the OP chose Spanish when they installed the OS.
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Poor customer service and repair service
Posted by Acerhater on 02/18/2010
I am extremely disappointed with the customer care service provided by Acer Computers. I received my computer back today after its second visit to the repair center. It would not start as there was no hard drive in it. The situation now is that myself and the technician at the local computer shop are 99% sure that the hard drive was in when it first went to be repaired now over a month ago.
Initially I bought the product from a reliable shop and within two months it started going into sleep mode. After this happened 3 times it did not start up at all. I took it back to the local shop where the technician informed me that it was a hard ware problem and so would have to be returned to the manufacturers. He transferred my information off my hard drive onto another computer. I watched him replace the hard drive and seal the unit up again. I can remember the situation very well.
I tried to return the computer to Acer in early January. DHL did not turn up on the first scheduled day and did not call to explain why. I rearranged the pick up and the computer arrived with you on 14th January. I was told it would probably take a week to resolve.
After two to two and half weeks, I emailed the customer service department. The email bounced. I tried again and after a week of not receiving a reply I tried to call. I have still not had a reply to my email.
The first time I called I was told Acer were waiting on spare parts and I should continue to wait. I called again a few days later and after getting fed up with the same phrases being read from a card I asked to speak to a manager who quickly decided that I shouldn't have been waiting for so long. He told me he would call me back within three days but when he did I was out and he did not leave a message on my machine.
I called again and was told that the computer would be back with me within 3 - 7 days. I asked why the manager had not called me back and it was it explained that he had. I left my mobile number this time and asked for the manager to call me back the next day - he did not.
The computer was returned from Acer last Thursday and still had the same problem. I called Acer again was told that nothing could be done other than send the computer back, the manager at the Indian call center told me the same so I finally insisted on being put onto someone else. I spoke to Jo in Plymouth who seemed particularly disinterested in the situation. She suggested, if I was not happy with the computer, I should take it back to the shop I bought it from. She said she would send details of how to get it back to Acer, which she did, and details of how to complain, which she did not. I returned her email asking for the email address of where to complain - not realising it was the same email but she has still not replied.
I wrote my first letter of complaint and was told that I would hear from Melanie Knight in ‘about 10 days’. I have also asked to speak to Ms. Knight on the telephone but she is always too busy to speak with me.
As I have said above I now have the computer back but not working. I phoned Acer to ask what the problem might be and they could not help. I had to go to the local computer shop to be told that the hard drive was missing. I rang Acer again, and spoke to Jo again. She was again spoken to in a patronising manner. She claimed must have been taken out when I took it to have the hard drive copied because the machine could not be tested properly because the hard drive was missing. As I pointed out though if the machine had been tested properly on its first visit they would not have been able to test the machine and so either the hard drive was mislaid at their repair center or it was not tested properly the first time it was with them. I was told that they did not need the hard drive to test it properly but that raises the question as to why they needed it the first time but not the first. Is the testing inconsistent? There was no note of the hard drive being missing the first time it was with them.
My most recent conversation was with Rick who stated that it was no longer their problem and they were no longer prepared to help with this matter. So I am left with a laptop and no hard drive. The local shop have scoured there place and there is no sign of the hard drive there.
I think you would agree that the overall level of service has been very poor, not just from one area of the Acer business. I have repeatedly asked for help as I run a small business and this has caused a lot of extra time, expense and stress.
I have had to wait in on four occasions now from 9 - 5 each time for collections or deliveries from DHL. This means I have to cancel teaching work and so lose money.
I have spent approximately 4 hours on the phone at different times which stops me getting on with paid work
I am struggling to do my work on a very old, slow computer which results in me spending more time on each piece of work and having to wait until 10 - 11 P.M. for this computer to be free for me to do my work.
I am always met with the same attitude that 'there is nothing you can do'. Well in my business that pathetic attitude does not hold water. There are things you could have done but chose not to. They could have arranged for a local company to supply me with a temporary computer, compensate for any inconvenience, replace the hard drive at no cost, or actually do what you say you will do in the first place.
Please advise as to whether you think you will be able to help me in this matter. Thank you for your time.
I look forward to your reply.

Louisa Bain

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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Britrogue on 12/31/2009
I bought an Acer 6903G from Simplyacer on the 20.11.2009. The Hard Drive failed on the 19.12.2009. Because it was one day outside of their 28 day guarantee, Simplyacer were unable to help me, and I had to contact Acer Technical Support.
I have spoken to five different staff members, none of which speak understandable English. Despite the fact that the laptop was only a month old, they refused to replace it and said that it had to go in for repair. I had to contact the Courier company myself (Acer paid for delivery charges) and pay £12 for packaging.
It was extremely difficult to communicate with Technical Support, due to the language barriers. Not only was it difficult for me to understand them, they were clearly having trouble understanding me, and what I was trying to tell them. I tried to explain that the laptop had been a Christmas Present and was only a month old, but this went unheard. When I asked how long it would take for them to return the machine to me, I was asked if I no longer wanted it repaired! Eventually, I was able to get out of them that it takes 5 working days for them to repair an item, as long as they hold the necessary items in stock. When I asked if they hold spare hard drives in stock, I was asked if I wanted to purchase one! Being an IT Manager myself, I do know a few things about computers, and I have had enough experience with failed Hard Drives to know that it takes a few hours to replace them! Not 5 working days!
It was apparently not possible for me to speak to either the Technicians or customer complaints directly. In fact, Customer Complaints were only available via e-mail.
A week later, I was told that as the laptop had been manufactured in 2008, they were having to check if it was still covered by warranty, even though I had sent them my proof of purchase! Regardless of when the machine was made, it had ceased to perform a month after purchase, and this did not appear to be an issue to Acer. They seem more interested in the fact that the machine itself is over a year old. Not my problem, I'm afraid.
Much as I loved the laptop itself, I am now very close to contacting Trading Standards and looking into getting my money back.

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Good job, Acer!
Posted by on 12/19/2009
We purchased a laptop computer and a netbook from Best Buy. They were both Acers. The netbook stopped working (I think my 5 yr old dropped it). I called Acer and they asked me to ship it to them for repairs. The computer was repaired in three days and I had it back about 8 days after sending it to them. They fixed it under warranty and it is working perfectly again.
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Posted by Diabolical on 2009-12-19:
Woohoo!! I have an Acer netbook and I adore it. I called them because I was too dumb to attach a monitor to it at first, and even though it wasn't their obligation, they helped me set it up. Yay Acer!
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Acer Refuses to repair
Posted by Shadow-Shergood on 12/10/2009
My plug to my Acer (where you plug it into the laptop) got really hot and it got harder and harder to charge the battery. you had to turn it a certain way. The stupid plug finnally got so hot it melted. So I called Acer and they said it was the cord so I had to order another one that I had to pay for. When I got I got it it did the same thing so I sent them the laptop. The sent it back saying I had spilled something on it (which I did NOT) and refused to fix it unless I paid them $300 for repairs. When I got it back they didn't even snap it back together right. I'm still trying to find someone to help me fix it because its now out of warranty.... My online business has been run into the ground because I can not be there so I have lost a lot. I am really cheesed off!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-10:
I just sent them our netbook for a repair, I hope I have better luck with them.
Posted by newvoice on 2009-12-10:
There's a reason ACER is generally less expensive. Piece of junk My daughter's laptop needed repairs three times from ACER. As soon as the warranty was up, they never heard of her.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-12-10:
Next time buy an HP. Acer, eMachines, Gateway, and Dell are all junk.
Posted by acer hater on 2011-12-16:
Acer is the biggest piece of crap! Had to repair screen twice in 9 months....ridiculous! Never again.
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Poor Service & no copy of operating system.
Posted by Glider on 11/23/2009
We purchased an Acer computer that has stopped operating. There was no operating disc included with the computer and the company is holding access to my operating system hostage by demanding that I pay them $35.00 for a repair disc, even though this computer is under warranty.
i have paid for an operating system that I no longer have acess to, most computer companies at least provide you with the copy of Windows that you purchased with the machine. I feel this is fraud and should be pursued in a court of law both civil and criminal. I will be forced to purchase another operating system and possibly a hard drive and any other damaged hardware and software that has failed. Do not purchase anything with the Acer name, unless you enjoy doing business with criminals.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-23:
You don't get the disk anymore. Haven't for several years. The computers come with an internal recovery OR the option to make the disk yourself. THAT is with ANY Microsoft product. Computer's these days come with a free copy installed.

You want them to make one for you, it cost $35. They are charging you for having to do the work you could have done for free. THAT is not part of your warranty.

NOW...what is your computer doing? Can you get into SAFE MODE or the recovery console? What version of Windows are you running?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-11-23:
yeah. i was lucky in that i got HP to mail me the disk.

they asked me why my home-made recovery CD didn't work and ... um, when i put the label on it, it didn't go on right, so i pulled it off

and it pulled the plastic data portion off the cd.

yeah, i'm not kidding. the silver stuff came up :(

took an hour to convince them to send me the CD but they finally did.

and this is why i like my mac. they come with a copy of the OS on a cd
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-23:
Pepper, Microsoft use to include a disk copy. Now they don't since computers over the last several years come with internal recover and disk creator. Saves money. If you want the disk nowadays, you pay for the licensed version in disk form.
Posted by Glider on 2009-11-24:
The disc is needed in the event the internals are so damaged the computer must be rebuilt or scrapped. In that event you would still have the operating system that you purchased. a disc is very inexpensive and the quality computers will make sure one is included. They want to make money by putting people in a bind so that they will be forced to spend money. They have you exactly where they want you, your operating system is being held hostage!
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-24:
You could have made one, you didn't. Send the $35.00, get the disc and enjoy the computer. Sometimes the issue is "do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?" For $35.00, I would rather be happy.

This falls into the category that a certain number of small things are going to go wrong in your life. It happens to everyone. This too will pass, and you will not remember it in a year. Don't pole vault over mouse turds.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-24:
Glider, they are not holding anything hostage. Your operating sysem was included free with your computer. They also included free, a program to copy your OS on disk in the event you need it. My computer is 2 months old, and prompts me every 10 days to make the disks.

YOU chose not to read your manual or follow the instructions for making the disks when you first set up your system. You held yourself hostage.
Posted by Glider on 2009-11-25:
Nothing is free in this world, I can assure Microsoft does not give away operating systems. You paid for that operating system when you purchased the machine.I choose to deal with integrity and principle over those who are out to make a buck by providing poor service and a cheap product.
The computer would not make a copy of the operating system, which is another indication of poor quality control. Software can be damaged internally, rendering many of the functions unusable. having a disc with the operating system is a much safer process than not having one. as for the $35.00 I would rather spend it on my grand children and have a technician at my office save the contents of the hard drive and repair the system, provided the O.S. can be retrieved from the hard drive. The PC system is inferior to Mac system, I will pay more for a quality product.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-25:
So the first time you used the computer you couldn't make the disks? And you didn't contact them for repair on a brand new laptop that did not work?

I have a hard time beleiving that.
Posted by Glider on 2009-12-01:
Lady scott,

What you choose to believe or disbelieve is your perogative.
My next computer will be a Mac not the sort of cheap junk that is being dumped on the market. Quality and good service are the signs of a stable product manufacturer. Your comments are far too subjective and have been made in the absence of many of the facts, some are totally incorrect.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-01:
Glider, I ask questions because I know there is always more info. YOU are the one who says you did not contact them for the problem when it first occurred when you initially bought the computer.

Computers with Microsoft Windows do not come with the disk anymore. Haven't for years. YOU make it yourself. If you could not make the disk when you first got the computer and did not contact Acer then, YOU are the one who dropped the ball and YOU are the responsible party.

And if facts are missing, look in the mirror,. YOU wrote the complaint, not me.

You can complain all you want, but you are the one who did not do as you should and now you are paying for it.
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Poor Product Poor Service
Posted by Ceilidh on 11/17/2009
This companys motto should read "Don't email me I own an Acer". What a piece of junk. My repair man tells me they are so cheap they still use aluminum in the laptops instead of copper. Of course when you purchase they don't tell you that the warranty is a mail in warranty. After 4 months it started by not booting up and ended with a fried hard drive. I'm not going to bother with warranty coverage because they will just install another of their hard drives.

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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-11-17:
My son has one which is less than a year old and I had to replace the power cord for a whopping 110.00 for a generic brand.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-17:
I have had my Acer Aspire for about a year now and its working great. I hope nothing happens to it. $110 for a power cord? What was it made out of, platinum?
Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-11-18:
I have had an Acer Extensa for over 2 years and have had no problems. They aren't all junk.
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Acer - What customer service??
Posted by Cousin Pike on 10/11/2009
I have a had a problem with Acer. During warranty it would not turn on. I sent it in (four times); each time it came back in the same condition it was in when I sent it in. Now I am told that the warranty has expired and it will cost me to send it back in. What a piece of trash, equaled only by their lack of service.
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Posted by bcd on 2009-10-11:
Yes, they manufacture crap.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-11:
Are you talking about a Netbook?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-11:
Was the battery charged?
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Acer Aspire
Posted by Julieholton on 08/24/2009
I bought an Acer aspire less then 6 months ago, the battery started getting hot and I would have to shut it down so it would cool. The battery would get hot within 2 hours of turning it on, and never would show 100% charged. While using it one day I started smelling burning wire smell and immediately shut it down, when I picked it up it shocked my left hand, thats when I noticed that the plastic cover on the battery was cracked on the left side. When I turned it on the next day my screen was a split screen, a computer tech I know told me the crack was from the battery over heating and that I had a bad battery, the split screen was also caused by the battery over heating, he said the left side is where the graphics card is located. This person is also an Acer dealer, he said my warranty should cover it. I tried to go online to acers online service, and the web site does not work, I called the service line, only to be told it was my fault the battery was bad, and I would have to pay $190.00 to fix it, the warranty does not cover damages that are my fault. This jerk told me I over charged the battery, bull crap, I never charged it for more then 8 hrs. Acer company is crooked, I guess you get what you pay for.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-24:
acer computers suck.

very helpful.
Posted by MRM on 2009-08-24:
Acer computers rock!
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