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A&E Service should not be in business!
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On Saturday, March 8, 2008 I made a call to A & E Services to repair my Maytag Dryer. I was told I would be charged a $59.00 fee just for sending out a repair man and that they could only come next Saturday, March 15 between the hours of 8 & 12. I accepted this regretfully as I was at a loss on how to fix my dryer and when I called the 1-800 number on my machine this is where I had been transferred so I assumed this company was a referral of Maytag.

Saturday, the repair man showed up around 11am. He took one look at my dryer, found out it needed a thermal fuse and it would cost me a total of $187.74 for parts, labor, and the initial service call. Out of desperation, I told him just go ahead an d fix it and I wrote him the check on the spot. He turned on the dryer. It seemed to work, and he went on his way. I put a load in and before the cycle was even 1/4 the way through it was not working again. Not even 30 minutes had past so I called the service center again, explained the situation and was assured the technician would be out after he finished this next call he had already started on. After no one had showed up by almost 2 pm I called the service center again. I was told the service tech would be paged and he would give us a call back. By 4:12 pm we still had not received a call back not did anyone show so I called the call center again.

This time I was told the service tech was going to be paged again and be notified of the situation but he would not be able to come until he had finished his other tickets. Knowing there were other people out there who also needed this service and should not be inconvenienced like I had been I happily agreed to sit the rest of the afternoon waiting for the tech to finish his other service tickets and then come back to finish what he had attempted to proved me with the first time around. At 6:10pm still no tech and I called and was told that he was off for the rest of the day and I would have to wait until Tuesday, March 18th for him to come back. I told the "customer service" agent that this was unacceptable, that I had been waiting all day for this tech to show up and fix whatever it was he had done and I was assured each time I had contacted them that he would be out that day. The result was an entire Saturday waisted waiting for someone who was not coming and no one even had the courtesy to call me back and tell me he was not coming.

After I asked her(Linda the "customer service"agent) to contact the service tech and ask him to come out she refused. I asked to speak with her supervisor and after she refused to let me speak with her supervisor at least 6 times I was finally transferred to a "manager", Tanesha. I explained the situation to Tanesha and asked her to contact her tech and ask him to come out and finish the job, after all we had already rendered payment for services we did not receive and it was only courteous to do so. She refused to contact anyone after hours and explained that she just could do it and we would have to wait until Tuesday until he would come back. After I explained again to her the severity of the situation,(I was schedule to go on a business trip and needed my clothes to be washed and dried before Monday and why would I spend money needlessly at the laundromat when I had already paid her company to perform this service to my dryer so I could take care of my clothes at home with my own appliance) she again refused to help me.

I was not in any way rude, condescending, obnoxious, or threatening in any way to this woman or the agent I spoke to before. I never raised my voice and was actually cordial to both of them while pleading my case and just requesting the service I had been promised and already paid for. She told me the part was faulty not the service and since I had already paid that it was my fault that the dryer did not work again because it was working fine when the tech left. I thanked her for her time, explained to her that I would be stopping payment on the check and I would be happy to submit payment after the job was complete and she threatened me with their collection agency. I asked her for corporate office information and at first she refused to give it to me but finally did. Tanesha gave me the name Dale Reader and the address is 1300 Louis Henna Round Rock, TX 78664. I thanked her for time and told her I would be contacting the CEO of the company on Monday morning during my business trip and let him know how bad the "customer service" is in Houston and that I would be naming her and Linda exclusively, and the technician, Sonny Sa, who would not return the pages to the company following my phone calls of inquiry.

She said there was no reason to do that and I should contact someone locally to resolve the situation. I had to actually remind her that I had called the Houston "customer service" line to try to "resolve" the issue to begin with several times throughout the day and I ended up speaking to her after all was said and done. I again, thanked her for her time, explained to her I am not upset with her or the previous agent, Linda, and that I just wanted my dryer fixed and then I ended the conversation. After looking on my phone, I was able to obtain the cell phone number of the technician that was sent out because he called me before he came to make sure I was home. I called him 2 times and left a message for him to please call me back. I still have not heard from him or anyone else at the company and my dryer is still not fixed.

Unfortunately, I am not the only victim effected by this company. If you "Google" A&E Factory Service you will be able to see all the others effected by the horrible service by this company. I only wish I had known about this company before I contacted them to "help" me. I hope you are able to notify others so they won't make the same mistake I did.
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User Replies:
SilverWngs71 on 03/16/2008:
The sad part about this is a lot of service companies will not "clean up A&E's Messes" while the ticket is still open. There are other choices than A&E. If you go to www.maytag.com go to customer service at the top, click on service, put in make and zip code, authorized servicers will pop in screen. The main Headquarters for A&E is in Chicago Heights and they are a subsidiary of Sears/K-mart. When Maytag was bought out last year, they stopped having Maytag Factory Service, LLC. They are now having to schedule with A&E.

Gave you a thumbs up on the post!!
qualityappliance on 03/16/2008:
A&E was the name used by Montgomery Ward years ago for their service department. When they went into bankruptcy Sears bought the name and just held it for years until the bankruptcy proceedings were complete. Sears then bought a bunch of vans and painted them up with the A&E logo because the Sears service department had such a bad reputation for incompetence. If a customer complained about one of the Sears idiots they would have a guy change their shirt and drive the A&E truck. Different truck, same idiot.

Added note, They charge ridiculous prices, $187.74 for a thermal fuse, in Texas, is quite high. In the San Francisco bay area, (one of the highest service rate areas), most independents charge $80. to $90. for the service call which generally covers some labor up to 30 minutes, plus the part, thermal fuse $20.+/-. As for the part being defective, highly unlikely. In my 20 years in this business I have changed literly thousands of thermal fuses and have not seen a defective one yet.
karveurname on 03/27/2008:
I work for the a&e call center and it's really annoying to read this complaint.
1st off we do not have a manager by that name.
2nd we are located in tx. We have two call centers, with about 80 agents per center.
Do you honestly believe that we know every technicians number? We don't even know their names.
3rd the managers IN TX have no recourse after 5 p.m. your time. Want to know why? Routing offices and Upper management offices in your area are closed. No one to call.

4th We schedule appointments over the computer. We don't call a person in your area. With that being said: We can only schedule what is available to click on. we cannot offer sooner service if it's not there.
5th We don't like asking people to wait because we get yelled at.
I literally have to keep my daughters picture next to my computer to keep myself focused on why I allow myself to get verbally abused.

The problem that you had was 100% customer services fault. Our agents know better than to ask a customer to wait for a technician to return. They should have informed you that he would call IF he could come back. I'm sorry they didn't for you.

Just try and realize we're not a horrible company. Our technicians are simply over booked and under staffed. That's why it's hard to get preferable service dates.
Our call agents aren't incompetent. We lack resources.

For the writer of this post: This reply is for all customers reading not just you. I'm aware you said you never raised your voice.

As for customers who cannot contain themselves: Remember the people you're yelling at probably (me included) do not make enough money to have half the appliances you do. So asking us if we have seen how nasty laundry mats are... you come off snobby! Most of us see them Every weekend!!

Tip: if you get a rude rep...call back...you might just get me! I actually care!! As long as it isn't past 5 p.m. your time there is someone we can call.

Sorry for ranting, just got off work!
Have tech will Travel on 03/30/2008:
Looks like qualityappliance has a problem with being a honset and a compentent tech. Quoted from his above statement " As for the part being defective, highly unlikely. In my 20 years in this business I have changed literly thousands of thermal fuses and have not seen a defective one yet" First of all he has changed literly thousands of thermal fuses and yet has not seen a defective one yet. This tells me 2 things he has ripped off thousands of customers, why would you change a part that is not defective. Also I don't think he knows how to check for a defective thermal fuse. Thermal fuses do fail in dryers and do so a fair amount of time. One big reason for thermal fuse failure is poor or clogged up venting on the dryer. If your dryer cannot vent, heat will build up inside the dryer causing thermal fuse failure meaning the fuse will open and cause the dryer not to run or not to heat. If the venting is not taken care of the thermal fuse will open again in due time. Also the second main reason for thermal fuse failure is when the heating element will short to ground or part of it will short to ground causing the heating element to stay on all the time when the dryer is running. Thereby causing the dryer to over heat. As for calling A&E techs idiots, Obviously in this case it takes one to know one.
qualityappliance on 03/31/2008:
There is a big difference between a thermal fuse that has burned out from use and one that is brand new and defective.
harpo79 on 10/30/2008:
I Completly Agree. A &E and Sears/Whirlpool are a complete disaster. We're on week four for our service request on a Whirlpool Duet dryer that is only six months old. The short story is A&E came in to fix one thing on our dryer and blew out our Heating Element and that part is six weeks away according to A&E. So between October 1st and Mid December we will be without a Dryer. (Keep these stories in mind when Whirlpool asks you if you want to extend your Warranty for $100+ a year...their service stinks and it's worth the frustration).

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct (which is where A & E Sears gets their parts) and It should be here tomorrow not December. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.

Full Story: Our Dryer broke with an F 25 Thermister error and it took a week to get A & E Service (Sears and Whirlpool) to our house between 8am and 12pm (arriving at 3:30pm). They told us we needed X, Y, Z parts..The parts took a week to arrive and they were shipped from a place that was only 20 miles away (but we're not allowed to pick them up and they won't pick them up for us either). Then another week for them to come back to fix the machine (week 3). In week three they finally showed up at 3:00pm (for a 8am-12pm window) and a different technician said "These are all the wrong parts. The person that ordered these didn't know what he was doing."

This guy said that all that was broken was a safety switch and that he could permanently bypass the switch so we never have the problem again. I asked if it was safe to bypass this and he said that as long as I keep an eye on the dryer and make sure it doesn't get too hot it would be fine. I expressed my desire to keep my house from burning down and would prefer he just fix the part. After he tried to convince (bully) me for a few minutes, he finally gave up and said he could fix it a different way and replaced our Thermal Fuse. I now know that this was a temporary fix for him to get out the door.

The Dryer worked for two loads and then died again...A & E came back a week later..Yet again a different guy and he said "the previous guy didn't ground your machine properly and blew out your Heating Element". This heating element is out of stock and won't be available until mid-December.

HERE IS THE FUN PART: After complaining to A&E (owned by SEARS) for breaking everything..we calmed down and did some research. I figured out who they order parts from SEARS Parts and SEARS Parts Direct (.com). I called SEARS and they can ship the part the same day and even overnight it to us, but A&E will only talk to FSP Appliance Parts (also owned by SEARS) and A & E says they don't have a phone number for FSP Parts. So I found the address for FSP and did some web research..figured out that the number for FSP Parts (AKA Sears Roebuck Parts Dept.) in Glen Burnie, MD and called them...The part can be shipped from Texas and arrive in 7-10 days. Still a long time, but much better than A & E six weeks + one week to get a techinician to come.

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct..It should be here tomorrow. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.

Jenny on 11/05/2012:
I am about to scream. My 1 yr old Sam Sung washer was already replaced once. Now it is broke again and I bought the extended warranty service from HHGregg. Guess who covers the warranty? A and E! UGH! So now I am on my THIRD day I had to take off work for this repair and once again they are not showing.

First time they were 2 hrs late (8-12 window, arrived at 2) They do not carry parts so had to order part and reschedule.We schduled an appt. They called and said they wanted to come sooner so I jumped at the chance to have them come a day earlier. I waited all day and they never called or showed.

I called again and reschedule for Monday and they said 8-12. Now here we sit at 12:16 and no one has called so we called 2 times and now they are saying 1:30. I doubt they will come by then.


BTW talk about outsourcing jobs. They all have accents at the call center. I asked where they were located and they said they are not allowed to tell. WTF???

Americans are out of work and Sears/A and E has their call center in some other country????

Richmond on 08/16/2013:
I was having dinner the other night at a small of the wall retaurant/bar when I saw an A and E truck pull in the parking lot, we were on the other side having dinner with friends and the driver came in sat at the bar and proceeded to have 2-3 drinks then got back in the A and E truck and proceeded down the road, I called A and E and was told she had no idea how to give me someone in this area to tell and that she would put me into the complaint department sat there on hold and finally just got a busy signal I just hope and pray that he never kills someone out there on the road drinking and driving
ZILLA on 05/12/2014:
PEY on 08/11/2014:
On JUNE 3, 2014, I called Lowe's to get a telephone number for their repair service on my LG top of the line washing machine I'd bought just the year before. They gave me the number for A and E. The repairman came out 2 weeks AFTER I called them. Looked at the washing machine and said it needed a NEW MOTHERBOARD. Really?? The machine was only a year old. The ONLY WAY they would order the part was to use my credit card PLUS to schedule another appt to replace the part. SO FAR, I STILL have the part, they have CANCELLED 3 appts. AND, they want to "schedule" a pick up for the PART?????? WHAT about the repair on my $795.00 Washing Machine????? REFUSE TO DO SERVICE WITH THIS COMPANY....tell Lowe's either to get a NEW DEPENDABLE SERVICE COMPANY or SCHEDULE A pick up for whatever needs repair PLUS a REFUND! NEITHER of which THEY have done, either. Meantime I only have ONE cycle of about 12-14 that I am able to use! ONE!!!!!
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Atrocious Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a Bosch dishwasher and an extended warranty two years ago. In the middle of February, the dishwasher, which is located in my rental unit, wasn't completing its cycle. I called the customer service number to set up an appointment.

First, just to set up the appointment I had to answer 101 questions, including if I had tried to troubleshoot the problem. If Googling the issue counts, then yes, I had. It took a week just to get a service tech out, he showed up late, and then he didn't have the correct part to fix it. It was a simple issue and he said he could sent the part to me and I'd have the part in a couple days. Its an easy install and I didn't want to wait another week to have another service tech out so I said yes. After a week and no part, I called the company and asked where the part was.

The customer service representative didn't have any information and told me she would have someone call me. 24 hours later, I'm still waiting for the call so I call again and was told the part was delivered on Feb 27. I told them I didn't receive the part and the customer service representative gave me the tracking number for the part and told me to go to my local post office and talk to them. When I asked what would happen after I had spoken to my local post office and they couldn't give me any additional information. I was then told I shouldn't assume they couldn't help me. During this phone conversation, the original customer service representative that I'd spoke to finally called me back and gave me the number to the Claims Dept.

I went to the post office that day and gave them the tracking number and I was told that wasn't a USPS tracking number. I have a UPS Store near my house, so I stopped there to ask if they had any information. The number I'd been given was a UPS number, but was delivered via the USPS. I then called the Claims Dept and told them I didn't have any new information and still no part. The Claims representative told me she would send an email to the "parts dept." I requested the part be sent to my home instead of my rental unit. I was told they couldn't guarantee that, but would put the request in the message.

Another week went by and still no part. I'm watching for the part, as are my Tenants, because we don't know if the part is going to show up UPS or USPS or to which address. I call the Claims dept. again and was told the part wasn't ordered because only a "service tech" can do that. I complained that no one communicated that to me and this process was ridiculous. This was now the second week of March and still no part and no working dishwasher. I told the claim representative going forward I wanted a phone call when the part had been ordered and a phone call when it had shipped and that I wanted to be informed about every step of the process going forward. She said that wouldn't be a problem and said I should have the part by Thursday/Friday (March 20/21st). I then received a phone call from a service tech on Tue, March 18, at 4:30pm confirming my appointment between 8am and 12pm the next day, March 19.

When I called the Customer Service representative and informed her that this is my rental unit and I need to give my Tenant's a 24hr notice and I, as a customer, deserve at least a 24hr notice and began to complain about the lack of communication and terrible service. Everything time, I call the customer service number, I get a representative that has a thick accent and is very difficult to understand. This particular customer representative was upset that I was complaining and was angry with me, which made her speech impossible to understand. Finally, I just asked for another representative and was told to have a good day and she hung up on me.

Later that day, I received four messages from the Service Tech saying they had missed me and to set up another appointment. Apparently, the representative never cancelled the appointment when I had called. The service tech finally reached me while I was at home and I explained the situation that I needed to give my Tenants a 24hrs notice. He said that wasn't a problem and we set up a new appointment for Friday, March 21. I told him that I get off work so I'd like an appointment close to 3:30pm and that I needed a call at least 1/2hrs before he showed up so I could leave work, if necessary. He said 3:30pm would work perfect. It's Friday, March 21, and I'm waiting for a phone call from the service tech. I can't have my phone on me at work, so I'm checking messages every 10-15min. At 2:33pm I see a call from a strange number, but no voice mail, and no one picks up when I call it back. At 3:15 I get a "sorry we missed you" voice mail. I'm livid.

I called the customer service number and complain that the service tech didn't leave a message and asked how I was supposed to know what time he was going to show up. The customer service representative told me he called my number and I didn't pick up. I repeated that he didn't leave a message and how was I to know what time he was going to be there, never mind that he was early to begin with. I told the customer service representative to call the service tech since he has to still be in the area and get him back to my rental unit. She told me she would message him and he would call.

So here I sit, no call, no service tech, no working dishwasher. After speaking to my husband, he said they called and told him what time they would be at the rental unity. Never mind, that I'm the one who as being dealing with these morons and it's my number that I've requested they call no my husband. Awful, Awful company to deal with!!
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Improper Service Repair
Posted by on
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Filed against :
A & E Factory Service
3099 28th St SE
Grand Rapids MI 49512-1667

Complaint Description:
I had A&E come out to my home to repair a dishwasher. The dishwasher was making a grinding noise 1 1/2 hours into the cycle. The repair guy came out and said we needed a new pump. We authorized the pump and he replaced it. Paid $335.77 total for repair. That night we ran the dishwasher. The same thing- 1 1/2 hours into the cycle the washer began grinding. NO CHANGE. I was furious. I called the company and they rescheduled to come back out over a week later. Meanwhile I had Apex Appliance repair come out and check my dishwasher the next day. They tested the pump and found that it was not NOT BAD. They said they could not figure out what was wrong with the unit and they did not charge me for the visit. I then put a stop payment on the check after finding out the pump was not bad. Then the second service tech from A&E came out a week later and aplogized for the problem. He determined that the dishwasher needed a new circuit board. I said OK. He oredered the circuit board from my home and told me they would settle up on the billing when they returned to install the circuit board. the circuit board showed up about a week later. I called and rescheduled for the board to be installed. Then a few days later the THIRD tech from A&E showed up to install the board. His name was Steven. he determined very quickly that the circuit board was likely not hte problem. he said that he could install the board but that it would not make a difference. he said that the drain on our dishwasher did not have a vent and that the water was syphoning out of the washer when it should be holding water. I told him that I stopped the check from the original pump repair because the pump was not the problem and I offered to pay for the service call for him to determine the drain problem. He said "that this issue should have been resolved by the last two techs from A&E and he would go back to the office to tell them both what the problem was." He also said " he was not going to collect for the service call because that it should have been diagnosed the first time a tech was thereby them and that we had waited long enough to have this resolved." He took both the pump and the circuit board back with him and I thought the whole matter was resolved. that night I installed the vent in the dishwasher drain line and ran the dishwasher and Wallah! NO MORE GRINDING! Problem solved!! Now, I am getting collection calls everyday from TRS recovery trying to collect on the stop payment check. Everyday two and three times a day!!! I had called A&E multiple times and they would not call me back to resolve. The collection company won't drop the issue unless A&E drops the issue. I feel that being charged for a repair that was not needed, is Consumer Fraud. I feel that I am also being harassed by a collection company that has no business in this matter. I don't know what else to do.

Your Desired Resolution:
I would like the A&E to follow through on what their last technician said he would do. He said that he would take care of this matter and that there would not be any charges. I also would like the collection company to respond by sending me a confirmation that this matter is resolved.

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User Replies:
Alain on 02/24/2011:
A & E Factory Service seems to have a lot of problems repairing appliances from the reviews I've seen.
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Poor Business Practices, Delinquent Refund, Gross Overcharge
Posted by on
DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA -- In mid-January I called Whirlpool and requested the name and telephone number of an authorized repair service for my two year old Whirlpool Cabrio Automatic Washer (an $1,000. top-of-the-line washer – the one year factory warranty had expired – and the lights were flashing, it would not complete a cycle, etc.).

Note: I have learned the local neighbor repairmen are not normally trained to service these computerized appliances. Further, the trained technicians don’t appear to have much experience since the appliances are fairly new to the market.

I was referred to A&E Factory Service. The first service call was on 1/17/09. The technician was friendly, had his lap-top and all the impressive toys. After inspecting the washer, attempting to run a cycle, reading the manual, calling his in-house technician…he determined it needed a new interface control board ($337. part and labor). He ordered the part to be delivered to my home and scheduled a return visit to install the part. (I also signed up for a 3-year extended warranty after his scary stories of all the things that could go wrong with the appliance = $172., it would not become effective until after the machine was repaired) Within 4 days a $414. charge was billed against my Vista, balance due upon repair.

Upon A&E Service’s return visit on 1/27/09 I notified their technician I wanted to keep the part he was going to remove and replace. He said ‘they’ want the part returned. I asked who ‘they’ were. He hesitated and responded, Whirlpool. I stated, I paid for the part when I purchased the machine. If ‘they’ want it back, ‘they’ can make me an offer. He said he would check his computer he see if the part was required to be returned. We didn’t discuss the return of the part again.

He installed the part, there was no improvement in the machine’s operation. The technician then determined the initial part was not the problem, rather a part costing more than twice as much was required.

I was not willing to invest $557.49 (part and labor) in a two year old washer which is not extensively used (it’s only a two person household). I expressed my concern to the technician. He subsequently called his supervisor. A refund of $344.32 was authorized. I was required to pay for a $70. service call. The technician took all parts and packaging.

I was concerned with the quality of my Whirlpool washer and called Whirlpool on 1/28/09 to express my disappointment that a two year old washer would require a $557.49 repair. I learned the part their authorized dealer (A&E Service) was charging $362.58 (plus $29.91 tax) for listed for $161.81 (if Whirlpool retails the part for $161., I assume their authorized dealers would be able to purchase it at a reduced cost – does that mean, A&E Service marks up their parts over 400%). Whirlpool called A&E Service to confirm the part number I had been given was correct. It was! I also told Whirlpool about the ‘they’ want the used part back story. The Whirlpool person I spoke to was unaware of the policy.

I called A&E Service to further inquire about the cost of the part. The only telephone number I had was the number I used to schedule the service. They could provide NO information. I called directory assistance and requested a number based on the business card given to me by the technician – no number was listed. I requested a number based on the address on their receipts – no number was listed. They didn’t exist!

I called Whirlpool back and requested the number they had used to verify the part number. On 1/28/09 using the new number I spoke to a couple of people and finally to Francis, supervisor (1-800-771-3029), to no avail. She said she would request a Customer Relations representative call me (I never received a call back – so I still don’t know if the price was a mistake or they if they inflated the price because I had purchased an extended warranty and they knew this was their last chance for three years to get more money from me – I can’t get anyone to discuss the situation with me). During my conversation with Francis, she did confirm a refund of $344.32 was being processed.

I called again in early February to confirm the refund was being processed – it was confirmed.

On 2/25/09 I called A&E Service and Patrice confirmed the refund was being processed. She did say the hold-up may be that I never called to give them my credit card number. I responded I had given my credit card to their technician on 1/17/09 and 1/27/09, there had been no delay in billing the initial $414.32, how would I know I had to call – they must have the number, and if they didn’t why wasn’t the number requested in earlier conversations or why didn’t they call me? She said she would request a Billing Department representative call me.

On 2/26/09 I spoke to Adela, A&E Service, Billing Dept. (1-800-821-1417). She requested my Vista number. I asked all the ‘why’ questions again – to no avail. I gave her the number and she stated the credit may be posted as early as 2/28/09 to my Vista account. On 3/3/09, after no action from A&E Service, I filed a billing dispute with Vista against A&E Service. A&E Service finally credited my account on 3/6/09 (38 days after the refund was authorized, after several calls initiated by me and I don’t know if Vista took any action – Vista’s policy allows merchants to take up to 30 days to credit a customer after the refund is authorized).

Good News:
When I initially called Whirlpool, they immediately offered me the needed part 50% off their list price (approximately $80. with a no return policy). They were very helpful and courteous to work with.

I requested additional authorized service dealers in my area. I was given Dockstader Service, Whittier, CA (562 – 696-1184). I called and requested the price of a control board. I was quoted $161.81 --- great an honest repair service! He asked how I knew that was the part I needed. I shared my story. He suggested I obtain the part from Whirlpool at a lesser price and he would come out and install the part for just the cost of the service call $74. since it would only take minutes to install.

I called Whirlpool back and after talking to several persons, I was transferred to Andy, Consumer Relations. I explained my experience with their authorized dealer, A&E Service – who I considered a Whirlpool representative since they referred me to them. The fact I had paid $70. and still had a non-functional two year old top-of-the-line washer, the first part A&E Service said I needed didn’t work – how did I know their second suggested part would work, if I paid $80 to Whirlpool for the non-refundable second part and $74. to have it installed, I could be out $224. and still need a new washer. I requested Whirlpool to give me the control board at no cost based on my frustration level and the fact I had spent one complete day on the phone attempting to resolve this situation. Andy generously agreed to immediately ship me the part at no cost. I received it within a couple of days. Dockstader Service immediately came out and installed the part for a mere $74. THANK YOU Whirlpool and Dockstader.

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User Replies:
hello dolly on 03/11/2009:
congratulations. You are the kind of consumer I enjoy seeing win. You stated your case without having to cuss or behave in a degrading manner and you were successful. My hats off to you.
Soaring Consumer on 03/11/2009:
Voted helpful. I am glad everything worked out for you.
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800 Service Call Center Unable To Resolve Appointment No Show
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- A&E is not the service company to call!

I called A&E (800)905-9505 Service Call Center. The call center is an offshore contractor that handles scheduling repair appointments. I own a 6 year old KitchenAid 47" Side by Side, Built-In Refrigerator, Model KSSC48FMS01. The service call was because the fridge compartment had stopped cooling while the freezer side continued to hold a temperature at 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

FYI A&E is Sears. In case you opt to call Sears, you'll get the same company and the same results.

A&E's tech arrived on time for the appointment to diagnose the issues causing the fridge compartment to not cool. The end result and diagnosis was a failed electronic board that caused the evaporator fan motor to also fail. A&E required payment for all parts in advance and a charge to my credit card totaling $406.48. Parts and miscellaneous service list included the following.

30240H CC Electronic Components - $27
32110G CC Evaporator - $217
64510E CC Condenser (Clean) - $18

46 046 CC RFR-CCS 1 - $209.98
46 106 CC W10255195 1 - $90.52

Charged in advance for labor is unbelievable!

A noteworthy issue regarding Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Maytag and JennAir appliances are too often not available. They are the same company. In this case the electronic control board had to be removed and shipped off for refurbishment. I will not purchase a product brand in this group again. They should be bankrupt and hear they are very close to the tipping point. I have had the same experience with parts for for a Kitchen Aid oven and JennAir

Back to the issue with A&E. The tech charged the $406.48 made a return appointment in 11 days and left. In the mean time 2 parts arrived via FedEx a refurbished board and an evaporator fan motor. A&E called to confirm the appointment and to verify the repair parts had arrived which is actually a recording telling me to call and confirm all parts had arrived. I was out of town and never heard either messages until late Sunday. Monday morning at 7 AM I called A&E 800 Customer Service.

They asked if parts had arrived. I said yes.But these shipped via FedEx so why didn't A&E track the parts? After all THEY are the people that ordered them and they know what is supposed to deliver. I didn't. All the same I called at 7AM to my appointment between 8-12 Monday AM was still scheduled and that 2 parts had arrived the week prior..

At 12:15 the tech had not arrive. I'd received no call and I call the 800 offshore service center. The CSR was no help and told me the appointment had been cancelled because there as no confirmation of the parts being received. I explained calmly and very courteously that I confirmed the parts were here at 7AM.

The CSR said my appointment had to be reschedule for the next day. I told her it was not acceptable and asked to speak with a representative in the Dallas Service Dispatch office. The CSR refused to provide a local Dallas number which I could call to resolve the issue instead of having to put aside a 2nd day waiting on an A&E tech to arrive. With a policy for charging in advance there was no way I was willing to accept an appointment rescheduling especially because they tried to say I hadn't confirm information they already have access to.

With a calm voice I politely informed the CSR this was not acceptable and I was very happy. She provided an obligatory apology that we know provides no benefit. Who cares if they apologize? Answer; no one cares. After her apology I told her twice again, it was not acceptable and I was not happy. She offered nothing more. For the 3rd and last time I repeated it was not satisfactory, that I was not happy at this point the CSR was speaking under her breath. Whatever it was she was saying I'm sure it wasn't "Let me see how I may resolve this." End of call....

My next call was to Visa to initiate a dispute for the charge of $406.48. I reached level 2 with the Visa Reps and was asked to discuss the details. The representative agreed but wanted to see if we could resolve the issue before processing the dispute and I agreed to try.

In less than a minute the Visa Rep used Angie's List to search and find the A&E Dallas Service Dispatch tel#. I put the Visa representative on hold, called the number and spoke to an A&E Dallas persson. She apologized and said they were behind because my tech was sick and asked me to hold. Hmmmm that sounded like BS which was confirmed when she came back and said the appointment was cancelled because (I love this) they didn't have confirmation the repair parts arrived.

End of story; I informed A&E Dallas Dispatch that I'd called 800 Customer service at 7AM and confirmed "parts are here". BTW how was I supposed to know what parts were supposed to deliver? Dallas Dispatch apologize but this apology came an acceptable solution. A&E's tech would be here at 2PM today. Right now it's 1:59. The door bell or telephone has been rung since I hung up.

Here is undeniable proof of how poor the service from A&E is. I explained in detail how 800 Service Center was unable to communicate in real time with A&E Dallas Dispatch. The Dallas dispatch trouble shooter answered, Yes, Mr. Perry, I've heard this "milllion" times. Like Bill Engvall says...Here's your sign.

I called A&E Dallas Dispatch. They say 230 now.

1) A&E provides very poor service.
2) A&E over charges.

If A&E service was free, even at that price, it still might not be worth the cost.

Company Response :

My name is David and I am a member of our A&E Solutions team. I saw your comment and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. We are very sorry to see that you are having such a frustrating experience with your refrigerator. We certainly can see why you are so disappointed and upset over what has occurred with your service. If you would like, we would be happy to contact you directly to discuss this situation and assist in addressing your concerns. At your convenience please contact our office at AEservice@aefactoryservice.com. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the service is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name (ppswinc) in your email for reference to your issue.

Thank you,

David W.
A&E Solutions Team
A&E Cares
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WORST Customer Service EVER
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Less than 3 years ago we purchased appliances at Lowes (washer and dryer)". We also purchased the extended warranty offered'. On July 2nd, my dryer quit heating so I called the company on the brochure to submit a request for repair'. I was told that the next available appointment wasn't until July 12th so I scheduled for the 8-12 time slot?. Having a family of 5, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going so long without a dryer and having to haul my 8 month old BABY to the dirty laundromat but I didn't have any other options..

July 12th, the technician finally shows up at my house shortly before Noon/. I had to run and pick up my son from swimming lessons and when I returned the tech said that he had figured out the problem--it was indeed the heating element'. I thought "well duh"---THEN he proceeds to tell me that he has to order the part!!!! When I questioned him as to why they wouldn't carry the parts with them he said that the "company" doesn't want to spend the money to ship the parts until they know what part they are going to need--because if it wasn't the heating element--the "company" would have to spend the money to return the part!. The poor guy probably feared for his life at this point---he said that he "emergency ordered" the part and that it would ship directly to me in 2 days or perhaps 1 week...he didn't know. THEN he told me that the next available appointment in our area wasn't until August 2nd. This would mean that I will be without a dryer for an entire month. Are you kidding me????

He told me that I would have to call the "company" to try to get the date moved up. He also indicated that A&E Factory Service is actually owned by Sears...so on the days he works on a product purchased at Lowes, he wears his A&E uniform and hands out those business cards, but when he works on Sears items, he wears that uniform/business cards.

After he left, I called the number on the A&E card. Spoke with three different people (repeating my story three times) about my disappointing situation..the final person being a "manager" at some call center in who-knows-where who basically told me that there was no way to speed up the process, track the part, etc. I mean seriously, these people could not care less. I then find out that the part (remember the "emergency order"?) won't be here until maybe July 20th. Maybe before--but no guarantees.... Ugh! I'm so frustrated by this point. The lady tells me that she can't even schedule my appointment until tomorrow (July 13th) and that I would have to call back then. I asked her if there was a way I could contact her again so that I didn't have to go through the agony of explaining my situation another 5 or 6 times. No--of course not.

So today (July 13th) I have spent a great portion of my day trying to get somewhere with these crooks. I have called Sears, and then they transferred me to A&E because I'm sure they got tired of listening to me complain and as such pesky questions about the service I paid for but wasn't getting....A&E (call center again) was no help either....

Meanwhile, the laundry piles up--and I have to make another trip to the laundromat. As I read other reviews about this company I'm just saddened by the fact that we as consumers are being ripped off by these huge companies like Sears and Lowes. We go there because they offer a better deal than the smaller hometown guy but we end up paying MORE in the long run because these big companies don't CARE about us.

The absurdity of the situation is insane. I have no idea where the technician had to drive from because we live in outstate Minnesota (rural) but how efficient is it for him to have to make this journey TWICE? I'm guessing that it would have been cheaper to pay the shipping for the part and then they'd actually have a slighty-less-offended customer.

I really can't say enough about how disappointed I am by this companies service. I should add that in defense of the technician...he was very nice and professional. It's not his fault that these companies have no idea what they are doing. 994201

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/13/2011:
I hear your frustration, but this all sounds pretty standard. It seems typical to wait 2 weeks for appliance service.

Also, it may seem intuitively obvious that the technician should have brought the part with him that had failed, but the fact of the matter is that information was not known until he took it apart. Could have been at least a few other things. What he said makes perfect sense - they can't ship parts all over the country because technicians assume they are the ones that failed, prior to actually diassembling the failed appliances.
Crazyredhead on 07/14/2011:
I just had super service from A&E. My dryer went down last week (7 July). I called in and they came out the next day, and although he didn't have the parts with him, he put an emergency order in for them and they arrived last Tuesday, 12 July (I was shocked). I called once they arrived and they gave me the time for today to fix it. My motor went out and the dryer would not tumble. He ordered the blower assembly as a precaution, just in case and said that they would just return it if it is not needed. It took me about a week to get my dryer fixed from start to finish.

Although it was inconvenient for my dryer to be out it wasn't impossible. Since the washer still worked I had shirts hanging all over the house, and I had all the other wet clothes draped over the fence outside, they actually dried faster outside in the sun (96-100 degrees in the sun) than if I had dried them in the dryer. Also, the inside of my little now smells like April Fresh Downy, mmmmmmmmmm.

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The Complete Saga
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Originally posted on 4/21/2009
I purchased a new oven at HHGreg. When it was delivered to my house on April 1, it was delivered with a broken control panel. This means I have not been able to set the clock or control the cooking temperature on my oven for 20 days. The only assistance they have offered is a minimal refund and A&E repair service. I invite you to read my review of their service!

This is the worst company I have dealt within customer relations. April 7 a technician came to my house to repair an oven that had been delivered on April 1 by HHGregg. The technician took pictures of the model and serial numbers of our oven and used that to order a part. He told my husband that he would return the following Tuesday.

So on Tuesday, April 14 we received a call asking if we had our part yet. My husband said no and they rescheduled our appointment. When UPS finally delivered the part that evening at 530 it was the wrong part. So I called the 800 number to attempt to talk with someone. After speaking with 2 people I was finally able to talk with someone who said he was going to have the parts department send the correct part and that it would arrive in 7 days. Later in the evening, around 8 pm, the rescheduling department called me and wanted to reschedule. The lady on the phone told me that her job was to call and reschedule missed appointments and that she could not answer any of my questions.

Two days later I was contacted by the company wanting to send another tech to my house to take another picture of my oven so that they could reorder the part. So I called the 800 number again. Again after talking with 2 different people, I was finally able to speak with someone who helped me. However, the most help she was able to offer me was to have a local manager in my area call me.

The manager finally returned my call. She couldn't accept that we had the wrong part. I finally said 1) the control panel you ordered has tactile buttons and my over is a touch screen, 2) the panel you ordered only has 6 buttons and mine has 28, and 3) you ordered a Maytag and my oven is a Samsung. So at this point she finally realized that I was correct, but I still had to convince her that she had the necessary information in her office to order the part without the need to send another tech to my house.

This was Thursday, April 16. She ordered the part to be expedited to me through UPS and scheduled for a Saturday appointment that I had been told earlier in the week was not available in my area. Yesterday, Monday, April 20, there still had not been a part delivered to my house. I called the 800 number and was told that it had been "shipped" according to their system, but there is no way to track it. I then called my local manager back who also could not track the part that she claimed she had ordered to be delivered within 3 business days. She told me she would have an answer for me by 930 the next day. I am still waiting and it is past 930. In fact, I called her and left a message at 930 and still have not heard anything. I guess this is going to be day 21 of having a brand new oven sitting in my house that does not work.

My advice is to stay away from HHGreg and A & E.

Since my post I have been yelled at on the phone by the local manager for asking too many questions regarding the delivery of my part, I have spoken with her supervisor's assistant in Nashville, I have spoken with One Source, and the customer information Team (CIT) at the A&E 800 number. None of which have been able to tell me anything or do anything to help me other than to confirm that my part was shipped today (rather than yesterday as I was told by Debbie, the local manager, last night), and that my part will be delivered Thursday!

All I want is a little understanding and someone to make this experience better.
Originally posted 4/24/2009 (modified version here)
Here we go! On Tuesday I was told that my oven part would come on Thursday, and this is Friday...no part! On Wednesday I called the Bax Global company based in Atlanta, GA that was responsible for the shipping of my part. The lady I spoke with on the phone had no clue what was going on because she couldn't find the tracking number I had been given in her computer. Odd, I thought. But, I let it go. So yesterday I anxiously awaited for UPS to drive by, but before they did my phone rings. It was Trent from the Nashville, TN office of A & E. He was giving me a courtesy call to let me know that there was a mishap with my part. He says "the part missed the truck in LA and will not arrive to your house until tomorrow". His only response to the torture this company has put me through was this is the shipping company's fault not ours ma'am and I apologize for your inconvenience. His mother should have taught him how to properly apologize because I assure you I was not feeling empathy or sympathy from him. And as we as humans know an apology is meaningless unless there is sincerity expressed. As I hung up the phone with him my other phone rang. It was the owner of Bax Global calling. This is great!!! He was calling to let me know that "there was some miscommunication with your freight. It was mistakenly shipped to Texas. We are going to do our best to have it delivered to our distribution center in your area tomorrow." However, this did not tell me when the distribution center would be able to deliver the part or when we would be able to reschedule a technician to come to our house to completely remedy this problem. So that is when I began trying to call HH Greg again, and I called Samsung. Samsung offered to have the oven fixed by a local company and began the process for this. So I called my friend Debbie to let her know that I would not be needing her service after all and I canceled my work order with her company.

I will keep updating until the oven is working. So far the new company and Samsung have been exceptional to work with. Within 5 minutes of ending my phone call with Amyr I received an email confirming my problem and their solution. The email even included ALL of the contact information for Amyr, Samsung, and our repair company. Who knew you could work with customers so well!!!

Wait!!! I forgot something hilarious. The technician showed up while I was on the phone with Trent. He actually told my husband that the wrong part was ordered on April 7 because the tech didn't look up the correct part number. He said, "he has had to order a bunch of those for ovens so he thought that he knew the number and didn't look it up before he ordered it". What quality service technicians this company offers!

So the moral of the story is consumer beware of companies that lack honesty, integrity, and humanity.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/24/2009:
Voted helpful. A&E is the worst excuse for a repair company in the world.

I am glad that Samsung is helping you with this. Finally, a good hopeful resolution.
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
I'm sorry I didn't read the whole post..I saw A&E and new already what the meat of the complaint was about...They are the absolute worst service company out there.They constantly don't show up,or come unprepaired.They are poorly trained and clueless..Its a shame that most of the big appliance manufacurers are using them to provide warranty service.You would think that these companies would want a good service company representing them...guess not.
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
Why would you accept a repaired stove? You bought a new one. Didn't the store do anything to correct this? If it were me, I'd have been screaming at them.
qualityappliance on 04/25/2009:
The reason that manufacturers and extended warranty companies use A&E is because they offer them discounted and flat rate all inclusive rates. Their plan is to get into the house and sell their own service contract, which we all know really means no service.
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Terrible Customer Service, Stay Away From!!
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My Problems start with buying Maytag products, but ends with their preferred appliance repair company, A & E Factory Service. My complete overall dissatisfaction of how A & E Factory Service treats their customers. Having problems with your appliances is acceptable, their service and attitude towards customers is completely unacceptable behavior. I bought these appliances on Maytag’s name alone and though they make a great washers and dryers, their presence in the kitchen appliance department leaves a lot of room for improvement. I find it in these tough economy times, that Maytag and their preferred service A & E Factory Service (Sear’s?) can stay in business with the service that they provide.

1. In 2004, I bought all new kitchen appliances from Maytag, right from the beginning the appliances started to break down, mainly with the range and the dishwasher. Somewhere in the range of 3 times each.

2. Dishwasher is now on its 3rd main brain. I now can diagnose the problem better than some of their own techs.

3. I was treated unfairly and rudely, not only by numerous agents, but the supervisors as well. I never wanted anything for free, just wanted them to stand behind your products.

4. Finally with no help from Maytag, I turned to their “preferred” appliance repair company. A & E Factory Service. I have had nothing but problems with these people and a month later, I am seeking another company to come in and take care of my appliance. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of companies in the appliance business willing to help me out. For this, I am grateful.

5. A & E Factory is now is possession of $158.00 of my money, like a idiot, I paid them up front, thinking they were a reputable business. (Maytag recommended them.) I will try through the court system to get this back.

In closing, buying Maytag has cost me a lot of time, money and frustration. Its not so much about appliances breaking down, its how their company deals with it.

A & E Factory Service is one of the most anti customer service companies I have ever dealt with. Their agents are rude, uncaring, out right lie, never show up for their appointments and from agents, techs, supervisor’s, just don’t give a damn.

What’s ironic is after I decided to have someone else come in and fix my problem. A & E Factory Service immediately sent someone over to pick up the part (Maytag had paid for this, not them) The only time I could get them to do something is when it involved their money. I’m still out $158.00! LOL. I would never allow anyone in my house that acted like this. They are bullies and I will deal with them in court.

I can only hope for potential new customers, Maytag does the right thing and stand behind their products, but at all cost, stay away from A & E Factory Service, believe me, only head aches and frustration will prevail!!!!

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User Replies:
moneybags on 02/10/2009:
Your first problem was buying Maytag
dan gordon on 02/10/2009:
Maytag is now part of Whirlpool. There are very few independent companies these days everyone is part of someone else. Not much choice
qualityappliance on 02/11/2009:
You have many other choices for service besides A&E/Sears, (especially in LA). Go to the Whirlpool website and under the customer suport tab you can hit a link to find a local service provider near your zip code. These are factory authorized independent servicers and should be much better.

Good Luck.
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The Worst Service I've Ever Used
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Rating: 1/51
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- The worst service I have ever received from a company ever. Over priced, no one knows what they are doing at this company. huge mess

I called regarding a 2 year old refrigerator that was not cooling properly. Repairman came out, barely looked at the fridge, did not take anything apart, and decided it needed a new evaporator cover, $400 to repair and I needed to wait two weeks until my parts could be delivered to my house and for the appointment.

The day before my appointment comes and I realize I have not received the part. I called A&E and they told me the part was delivered somewhere in Cleveland and they don't know where. I have to wait until the day of my appointment and hope the repair man has it. 2 hours into my appointment time slot, I receive a call, my part is at a warehouse in Cleveland and supposedly there's no one there and they can't pick up my part.

So, I rescheduled for 5 days later, called the parts department 3 times to try to arrange to get my part somehow, no return phone call . The day before my new appointment I demanded the repair man pick up my part and I get confirmation of this from A&E.

The day of my confirmed appointment comes and goes by. I called A&E and they said I don't have an appointment scheduled today! It is scheduled for the next week, an appointment I didn't make!

At this point, I have to cancel the service altogether, they've missed 2 appointments, and have no idea what they're doing.

I started all over again with a new company and turns out I need 4 things repaired not just the evaporator cover. So, the repair that A&E wanted to do wouldn't have even fixed my fridge.

Oh and by the way. The new company repaired 4 things in my fridge for the same cost that A&E wanted to charge to repair and replace one.
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Class Action Needed
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Rating: 1/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have posted my complaints on several sites. I just hate it that this company is contracted by the big appliances companies because they don't deserve to be in business. My saga with A&E began when our Jenn Air microwave shorted out (out of warranty of course). I called Jenn Air and they sent me to A&E. Made appt. and in two weeks tech shows up for repair. Let me preface this by saying the microwave is at our 2nd home, which is a 90 min. drive each way from Nashville. This company gives a window of 8am - 5pm, so appt. day is basically shot for me. Tech walks in and looks at microwave and doesn't even know how to get it out of wall space. He asked my husband to help him and at that point he admitted that he didn't know how to work on Jenn Air. I called A&E and they rescheduled appt #2 for two weeks later. I requested said tech not be sent back as he was incompetent with appliance.

Appt. 2 rolls around, new tech shows up, diagnosis problem and orders part, which I have to pay for as well as service call upfront. $129 + $16 parts. We scheduled. #3 for two weeks later. Appt. day comes and I get a call about 2pm and it is the first incompetent tech saying he's on his way. I asked if he now knew how to work on appliance and he said no. I told him not to come and called A&E again to ask why he was sent when I requested he not, and schedule appt. #4 for two weeks later.

Appt. #4 rolls around, I wait all day and get a call about 2 pm saying the tech had hit a deer and would have to cancel. Reschedule for #5 appt. two weeks later. #5 rolls around, tech shows up and fixes appliance. I asked about the deer accident and he said he was on the safety team and didn't know anything about the accident. I filled out a survey with very low scores and asked that customer service call me regarding this fiasco. All in- I spent 15 hours driving, 5 full days of waiting at second home, hundreds of cell phone minutes used making appts., trying to communicate with non English speaking call center, pleading to be connected to executive offices and endlessly on hold. I waited three weeks for customer service to call me after appt. #5 and finally broke down and called them to ask for reimbursement of service call payment, they only offered $25 which was the icing on this very big, very stressful cake.

Do not use this unprofessional, incompetent, dishonest company if you can help it. I can't believe they continue to be in business with the shoddy and shady way they treat their clients. All shameful, in my humble opinion.
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 12/06/2013:
I have had to deal with A and E service on about 4 different occasions for four different appliances over the past 5-6 years and have never had a problem with them. They came, they saw,and they fixed what was needing fixed, and it only took them about 2 weeks overall on each appliance. They were always courteous and respectful because that I was always home alone with my 5 kids.
David Barry on 02/08/2014:
Pretty much a similar situation with a washer. Delays, bad parts, misdiagnosis, and poor service calls. One guy told me what was wrong but never looked in the washer. Turns out there was an obvious fire hazard. I will have been out of my washer for at least 12 weeks all total at this point. Sears has quelled my complaints through points, but they never truly addressed the problem through their agent, A and E. The only reason I stick around is appliance is paid for as well as the protection agreement.
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