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A&E Service should not be in business!
Posted by Not a Fan of Maytag on 03/15/2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On Saturday, March 8, 2008 I made a call to A & E Services to repair my Maytag Dryer. I was told I would be charged a $59.00 fee just for sending out a repair man and that they could only come next Saturday, March 15 between the hours of 8 & 12. I accepted this regretfully as I was at a loss on how to fix my dryer and when I called the 1-800 number on my machine this is where I had been transferred so I assumed this company was a referral of Maytag.

Saturday, the repair man showed up around 11am. He took one look at my dryer, found out it needed a thermal fuse and it would cost me a total of $187.74 for parts, labor, and the initial service call. Out of desperation, I told him just go ahead an d fix it and I wrote him the check on the spot. He turned on the dryer. It seemed to work, and he went on his way. I put a load in and before the cycle was even 1/4 the way through it was not working again. Not even 30 minutes had past so I called the service center again, explained the situation and was assured the technician would be out after he finished this next call he had already started on. After no one had showed up by almost 2 pm I called the service center again. I was told the service tech would be paged and he would give us a call back. By 4:12 pm we still had not received a call back not did anyone show so I called the call center again.

This time I was told the service tech was going to be paged again and be notified of the situation but he would not be able to come until he had finished his other tickets. Knowing there were other people out there who also needed this service and should not be inconvenienced like I had been I happily agreed to sit the rest of the afternoon waiting for the tech to finish his other service tickets and then come back to finish what he had attempted to proved me with the first time around. At 6:10pm still no tech and I called and was told that he was off for the rest of the day and I would have to wait until Tuesday, March 18th for him to come back. I told the "customer service" agent that this was unacceptable, that I had been waiting all day for this tech to show up and fix whatever it was he had done and I was assured each time I had contacted them that he would be out that day. The result was an entire Saturday waisted waiting for someone who was not coming and no one even had the courtesy to call me back and tell me he was not coming.

After I asked her(Linda the "customer service"agent) to contact the service tech and ask him to come out she refused. I asked to speak with her supervisor and after she refused to let me speak with her supervisor at least 6 times I was finally transferred to a "manager", Tanesha. I explained the situation to Tanesha and asked her to contact her tech and ask him to come out and finish the job, after all we had already rendered payment for services we did not receive and it was only courteous to do so. She refused to contact anyone after hours and explained that she just could do it and we would have to wait until Tuesday until he would come back. After I explained again to her the severity of the situation,(I was schedule to go on a business trip and needed my clothes to be washed and dried before Monday and why would I spend money needlessly at the laundromat when I had already paid her company to perform this service to my dryer so I could take care of my clothes at home with my own appliance) she again refused to help me.

I was not in any way rude, condescending, obnoxious, or threatening in anyway to this woman or the agent I spoke to before. I never raised my voice and was actually cordial to both of them while pleading my case and just requesting the service I had been promised and already paid for. She told me the part was faulty not the service and since I had already paid that it was my fault that the dryer did not work again because it was working fine when the tech left. I thanked her for her time, explained to her that I would be stopping payment on the check and I would be happy to submit payment after the job was complete and she threatened me with their collection agency. I asked her for corporate office information and at first she refused to give it to me but finally did. Tanesha gave me the name Dale Reader and the address is 1300 Louis Henna Round Rock, TX 78664. I thanked her for time and told her I would be contacting the CEO of the company on Monday morning during my business trip and let him know how bad the "customer service" is in Houston and that I would be naming her and Linda exclusively, and the technician, Sonny Sa, who would not return the pages to the company following my phone calls of inquiry.

She said there was no reason to do that and I should contact someone locally to resolve the situation. I had to actually remind her that I had called the Houston "customer service" line to try and "resolve" the issue to begin with several times throughout the day and I ended up speaking to her after all was said and done. I again, thanked her for her time, explained to her I am not upset with her or the previous agent, Linda, and that I just wanted my dryer fixed and then I ended the conversation. After looking on my phone, I was able to obtain the cell phone number of the technician that was sent out because he called me before he came to make sure I was home. I called him 2 times and left a message for him to please call me back. I still have not heard from him or anyone else at the company and my dryer is still not fixed.

Unfortunately, I am not the only victim effected by this company. If you "Google" A&E Factory Service you will be able to see all the others effected by the horrible service by this company. I only wish I had known about this company before I contacted them to "help" me. I hope you are able to notify others so they won't make the same mistake I did.

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Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2008-03-16:
The sad part about this is alot of service companies will not "clean up A&E's Messes" while the ticket is still open. There are other choices than A&E. If you go to www.maytag.com go to customer service at the top, click on service, put in make and zip code, authorized servicers will pop in screen. The main Headquarters for A&E is in Chicago Heights and they are a subsidiary of Sears/K-mart. When Maytag was bought out last year, they stopped having Maytag Factory Service, LLC. They are now having to schedule with A&E.

Gave you a thumbs up on the post!!
Posted by qualityappliance on 2008-03-16:
A&E was the name used by Montgomery Ward years ago for their service department. When they went into bankruptcy Sears bought the name and just held it for years until the bankruptcy procedings were complete. Sears then bought a bunch of vans and painted them up with the A&E logo because the Sears service department had such a bad reputation for incompetence. If a customer complained about one of the Sears idiots they would have a guy change their shirt and drive the A&E truck. Different truck, same idiot.

Added note, They charge rediculous prices, $187.74 for a thermal fuse, in Texas, is quite high. In the San Francisco bay area, (one of the highest service rate areas), most independents charge $80. to $90. for the service call which generally covers some labor up to 30 minutes, plus the part, thermal fuse $20.+/-. As for the part being defective, highly unlikely. In my 20 years in this business I have changed literly thousands of thermal fuses and have not seen a defective one yet.
Posted by karveurname on 2008-03-27:
I work for the a&e call center and it's really annoying to read this complaint.
1st off we do not have a manager by that name.
2nd we are located in tx. We have two call centers, with about 80 agents per center.
Do you honestly believe that we know every technicians number? We don't even know their names.
3rd the managers IN TX have no recourse after 5 p.m. your time. Want to know why? Routing offices and Upper management offices in your area are closed. No one to call.

4th We schedule appointments over the computer. We don't call a person in your area. With that being said: We can only schedule what is available to click on. we cannot offer sooner service if it's not there.
5th We don't like asking people to wait because we get yelled at.
I literally have to keep my daughters picture next to my computer to keep myself focused on why I allow myself to get verbally abused.

The problem that you had was 100% customer services fault. Our agents know better than to ask a customer to wait for a technician to return. They should have informed you that he would call IF he could come back. I'm sorry they didn't for you.

Just try and realize we're not a horrible company. Our technicians are simply over booked and under staffed. That's why it's hard to get preferable service dates.
Our call agents aren't incompetent. We lack resources.

For the writer of this post: This reply is for all customers reading not just you. I'm aware you said you never raised your voice.

As for customers who cannot contain themselves: Remember the people you're yelling at probably (me included) do not make enough money to have half the appliances you do. So asking us if we have seen how nasty laundry mats are... you come off snobby! Most of us see them Every weekend!!

Tip: if you get a rude rep...call back...you might just get me! I actually care!! As long as it isn't past 5 p.m. your time there is someone we can call.

Sorry for ranting, just got off work!
Posted by Have tech will Travel on 2008-03-30:
Looks like qualityappliance has a problem with being a honset and a compentent tech. Quoted from his above statement " As for the part being defective, highly unlikely. In my 20 years in this business I have changed literly thousands of thermal fuses and have not seen a defective one yet" First of all he has changed literly thousands of thermal fuses and yet has not seen a defective one yet. This tells me 2 things he has ripped off thousands of customers, why would you change a part that is not defective. Also I don't think he knows how to check for a defective thermal fuse. Thermal fuses do fail in dryers and do so a fair amount of time. One big reason for thermal fuse failure is poor or clogged up venting on the dryer. If your dryer cannot vent, heat will build up inside the dryer causing thermal fuse failure meaning the fuse will open and cause the dryer not to run or not to heat. If the venting is not taken care of the thermal fuse will open again in due time. Also the second main reason for thermal fuse failure is when the heating element will short to ground or part of it will short to ground causing the heating element to stay on all the time when the dryer is running. Thereby causing the dryer to over heat. As for calling A&E techs idiots, Obviously in this case it takes one to know one.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2008-03-31:
There is a big difference between a thermal fuse that has burned out from use and one that is brand new and defective.
Posted by harpo79 on 2008-10-30:
I Completly Agree. A &E and Sears/Whirlpool are a complete disaster. We're on week four for our service request on a Whirlpool Duet dryer that is only six months old. The short story is A&E came in to fix one thing on our dryer and blew out our Heating Element and that part is six weeks away according to A&E. So between October 1st and Mid December we will be without a Dryer. (Keep these stories in mind when Whirlpool asks you if you want to extend your Warranty for $100+ a year...their service stinks and it's worth the frustration).

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct (which is where A & E Sears gets their parts) and It should be here tomorrow not December. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.

Full Story: Our Dryer broke with an F 25 Thermister error and it took a week to get A & E Service (Sears and Whirlpool) to our house between 8am and 12pm (arriving at 3:30pm). They told us we needed X, Y, Z parts..The parts took a week to arrive and they were shipped from a place that was only 20 miles away (but we're not allowed to pick them up and they won't pick them up for us either). Then another week for them to comeback to fix the machine (week 3). In week three they finally showed up at 3:00pm (for a 8am-12pm window) and a different technician said "These are all the wrong parts. The person that ordered these didn't know what he was doing."

This guy said that all that was broken was a safety switch and that he could permanently bypass the switch so we never have the problem again. I asked if it was safe to bypass this and he said that as long as I keep an eye on the dryer and make sure it doesn't get too hot it would be fine. I expressed my desire to keep my house from burning down and would prefer he just fix the part. After he tried to convince (bully) me for a few minutes, he finally gave up and said he could fix it a different way and replaced our Thermal Fuse. I now know that this was a temporary fix for him to get out the door.

The Dryer worked for two loads and then died again...A & E came back a week later..Yet again a different guy and he said "the previous guy didn't ground your machine properly and blew out your Heating Element". This heating element is out of stock and won't be available until mid-December.

HERE IS THE FUN PART: After complaining to A&E (owned by SEARS) for breaking everything..we calmed down and did some research. I figured out who they order parts from SEARS Parts and SEARS Parts Direct (.com). I called SEARS and they can ship the part the same day and even overnight it to us, but A&E will only talk to FSP Appliance Parts (also owned by SEARS) and A & E says they don't have a phone number for FSP Parts. So I found the address for FSP and did some web research..figured out that the number for FSP Parts (AKA Sears Roebuck Parts Dept.) in Glen Burnie, MD and called them...The part can be shipped from Texas and arrive in 7-10 days. Still a long time, but much better than A & E six weeks + one week to get a techinician to come.

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct..It should be here tomorrow. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.

Posted by Jenny on 2012-11-05:
I am about to scream. My 1 yr old Sam Sung washer was already replaced once. Now it is broke again and I bought the extended warranty service from HHGregg. Guess who covers the warranty? A and E! UGH! So now I am on my THIRD day I had to take off work for this repair and once again they are not showing.

First time they were 2 hrs late (8-12 window, arrived at 2) They do not carry parts so had to order part and reschedule.We schduled an appt. They called and said they wanted to come sooner so I jumped at the chance to have them come a day earlier. I waited all day and they never called or showed.

I called again and reschedule for Monday and they said 8-12. Now here we sit at 12:16 and no one has called so we called 2 times and now they are saying 1:30. I doubt they will come by then.


BTW talk about outsourcing jobs. They all have accents at the call center. I asked where they were located and they said they are not allowed to tell. WTF???

Americans are out of work and Sears/A and E has their call center in some other country????

Posted by Richmond on 2013-08-16:
I was having dinner the other night at a small of the wall retaurant/bar when I saw an A and E truck pull in the parking lot, we were on the other side having dinner with friends and the driver came in sat at the bar and proceeded to have 2-3 drinks then got back in the A and E truck and proceeded down the road, I called A and E and was told she had no idea how to give me someone in this area to tell and that she would put me into the complaint department sat there on hold and finally just got a busy signal I just hope and pray that he never kills someone out there on the road drinking and driving
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The Worst Company - Service And Timing Suck!
Posted by FogCityNative on 09/26/2008
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- We own a Maytag Washer purchased from Home Depot in November, 2005. We purchased the EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN at the time of purchase. This plan is underwritten by GE Appliances and the horrible service is contracted out to a god-awful company called A&E Appliance Repair. A&E SUCKS!

The washer stopped working on a Tuesday, it's a front loader and the door is locked and the clothes are sitting in water.

The earliest appointment we could get with a service contract from A&E was 4 days later, on a Friday. They said they'd arrive between 11 AM and 5PM. They actually showed up at 5:54 PM, stayed 17 minutes, had NO PARTS on hand to fix the broken pump and proceeded to tell us that they could not return to fix the washer for ELEVEN DAYS!


Far better to just pick someone randomly out of the phone book; before I remember that I had a contract, I contact three independent service companies, all of whom knew right away it was the pump and told me they could have the washer back up and running the VERY NEXT DAY.

It'll be two entire week before this stinking dung heap of a company can repair my washer.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-26:
I'll have to add A&E to my list of what sucks in San Francisco. Thanks, and good luck!
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2008-09-27:
Please never buy a svc contract with A&E. They lock you into not being able to use anyone but them for svc. Did you call the svc contract GE before scheduling with A&E. If you did then I'm very surprised that GE is now using A&E for svc. They usually have the own selected svc companies that they use.

A&E will never or almost never have parts with them when they come to your home. The techs run from their homes and do not have all the parts for every appliance on their route for that day, nor do the call center reps know what is wrong with the appliance, therefore making it easier for the tech to come to the home empty handed. The sad thing is that even though they might have an idea (the call center reps) what is the issue or issues, they are not paid techs and the companies do not want them advising of anything other than mild trouble shooting.

Does your washer have the control board at the front of the appliance or at the back top? Does it have a wavy looking control board? Do you still have clothes inside the appliance or did Mr Better Late than Never get it open for you to remove the clothes?
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AE Factory Service Parts Markup
Posted by AtMan93 on 04/06/2009
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I recently scheduled repair service via Whirlpool's website with AE Factory Service to repair a "new" Duet washing machine purchased in December 2007. (The problem is the "SUDS" warning followed by a F35 error code. I did research on the internet to discover the error is caused by a faulty W10156252 Switch, Analog Pressure Sensor).

The service was scheduled for 8 am to 12 pm Monday April 6, 2009. At 11 am I called the 800 number to find out when the technician would arrive as I was anticipating a call from him at the last appointment. The operator had the tech call me back at 11:20 am. At this time he said he would be here "around 2". He called again at 3:10 pm to say he would be here in 20 minutes. At 4 pm he pulled up in front of my house - he left at 5 pm without making repairs as the part would need to be ordered and take 3 or 4 days...at a cost of $159. I had already asked him at 11:20 am call to be sure he had the part. He said he could come back after he got the part to install it for $315...I asked for a written estimate and he said "we do not do that". It was clearly indicated in my confirmation email when I scheduled service that I would get an estimate.

I told him the price of the part was too expensive and he made a call to a local parts store which had it for $115 and I "could go pick it up. But we won't install it."

I have since ordered the part from Amazon for $85.95 and it will arrive in 3-4 days. I will install it myself as it only takes a single screw to replace it.

All said and done, I paid $86.17 to have no service provided and my washer is still broken. Perhaps Whirlpool should reconsider recommending AE Factory Service as it clearly is neither "factory" or "service".
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-06:
It is as simple as this: You paid for service, they came out and did nada and had the audacity to refuse to do what you paid them to do since you refused to rip yourself off and buy the part from them (that they should have had in the first place).

I think you should dispute the charge with your credit card company.
Posted by Christy113 on 2012-10-22:
I am in agreement, as I also live in an area that only uses A and E Factory Services, I have a Whirlpool range that they refuse to work on, and I have had a heck of a time resolving the situation. As it is under warranty, they still refuse. I say we should boycott SEARS. Had the same problem with them when they installed my AC in June. Took 2 months and 6 service calls. According to our attorney it is like they (SEARS) are on the throne, and we their subjects are just not having a leg to stand on. They offered the boycott option. No one cares. We the consumer get shafted. New machine purchased means our gross national product grew by a %. Think that over before you vote.
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Poor Business Practices, Delinquent Refund, Gross Overcharge
Posted by Cjmorgan5 on 03/11/2009
DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA -- In mid-January I called Whirlpool and requested the name and telephone number of an authorized repair service for my two year old Whirlpool Cabrio Automatic Washer (an $1,000. top-of-the-line washer – the one year factory warranty had expired – and the lights were flashing, it would not complete a cycle, etc.).

Note: I have learned the local neighbor repairmen are not normally trained to service these computerized appliances. Further, the trained technicians don’t appear to have much experience since the appliances are fairly new to the market.

I was referred to A&E Factory Service. The first service call was on 1/17/09. The technician was friendly, had his lap-top and all the impressive toys. After inspecting the washer, attempting to run a cycle, reading the manual, calling his in-house technician…he determined it needed a new interface control board ($337. part and labor). He ordered the part to be delivered to my home and scheduled a return visit to install the part. (I also signed up for a 3-year extended warranty after his scary stories of all the things that could go wrong with the appliance = $172., it would not become effective until after the machine was repaired) Within 4 days a $414. charge was billed against my Vista, balance due upon repair.

Upon A&E Service’s return visit on 1/27/09 I notified their technician I wanted to keep the part he was going to remove and replace. He said ‘they’ want the part returned. I asked who ‘they’ were. He hesitated and responded, Whirlpool. I stated, I paid for the part when I purchased the machine. If ‘they’ want it back, ‘they’ can make me an offer. He said he would check his computer he see if the part was required to be returned. We didn’t discuss the return of the part again.

He installed the part, there was no improvement in the machine’s operation. The technician then determined the initial part was not the problem, rather a part costing more than twice as much was required.

I was not willing to invest $557.49 (part and labor) in a two year old washer which is not extensively used (it’s only a two person household). I expressed my concern to the technician. He subsequently called his supervisor. A refund of $344.32 was authorized. I was required to pay for a $70. service call. The technician took all parts and packaging.

I was concerned with the quality of my Whirlpool washer and called Whirlpool on 1/28/09 to express my disappointment that a two year old washer would require a $557.49 repair. I learned the part their authorized dealer (A&E Service) was charging $362.58 (plus $29.91 tax) for listed for $161.81 (if Whirlpool retails the part for $161., I assume their authorized dealers would be able to purchase it at a reduced cost – does that mean, A&E Service marks up their parts over 400%). Whirlpool called A&E Service to confirm the part number I had been given was correct. It was! I also told Whirlpool about the ‘they’ want the used part back story. The Whirlpool person I spoke to was unaware of the policy.

I called A&E Service to further inquire about the cost of the part. The only telephone number I had was the number I used to schedule the service. They could provide NO information. I called directory assistance and requested a number based on the business card given to me by the technician – no number was listed. I requested a number based on the address on their receipts – no number was listed. They didn’t exist!

I called Whirlpool back and requested the number they had used to verify the part number. On 1/28/09 using the new number I spoke to a couple of people and finally to Francis, supervisor (1-800-771-3029), to no avail. She said she would request a Customer Relations representative call me (I never received a call back – so I still don’t know if the price was a mistake or they if they inflated the price because I had purchased an extended warranty and they knew this was their last chance for three years to get more money from me – I can’t get anyone to discuss the situation with me). During my conversation with Francis, she did confirm a refund of $344.32 was being processed.

I called again in early February to confirm the refund was being processed – it was confirmed.

On 2/25/09 I called A&E Service and Patrice confirmed the refund was being processed. She did say the hold-up may be that I never called to give them my credit card number. I responded I had given my credit card to their technician on 1/17/09 and 1/27/09, there had been no delay in billing the initial $414.32, how would I know I had to call – they must have the number, and if they didn’t why wasn’t the number requested in earlier conversations or why didn’t they call me? She said she would request a Billing Department representative call me.

On 2/26/09 I spoke to Adela, A&E Service, Billing Dept. (1-800-821-1417). She requested my Vista number. I asked all the ‘why’ questions again – to no avail. I gave her the number and she stated the credit may be posted as early as 2/28/09 to my Vista account. On 3/3/09, after no action from A&E Service, I filed a billing dispute with Vista against A&E Service. A&E Service finally credited my account on 3/6/09 (38 days after the refund was authorized, after several calls initiated by me and I don’t know if Vista took any action – Vista’s policy allows merchants to take up to 30 days to credit a customer after the refund is authorized).

Good News:
When I initially called Whirlpool, they immediately offered me the needed part 50% off their list price (approximately $80. with a no return policy). They were very helpful and courteous to work with.

I requested additional authorized service dealers in my area. I was given Dockstader Service, Whittier, CA (562 – 696-1184). I called and requested the price of a control board. I was quoted $161.81 --- great an honest repair service! He asked how I knew that was the part I needed. I shared my story. He suggested I obtain the part from Whirlpool at a lesser price and he would come out and install the part for just the cost of the service call $74. since it would only take minutes to install.

I called Whirlpool back and after talking to several persons, I was transferred to Andy, Consumer Relations. I explained my experience with their authorized dealer, A&E Service – who I considered a Whirlpool representative since they referred me to them. The fact I had paid $70. and still had a non-functional two year old top-of-the-line washer, the first part A&E Service said I needed didn’t work – how did I know their second suggested part would work, if I paid $80 to Whirlpool for the non-refundable second part and $74. to have it installed, I could be out $224. and still need a new washer. I requested Whirlpool to give me the control board at no cost based on my frustration level and the fact I had spend one complete day on the phone attempting to resolve this situation. Andy generously agreed to immediately ship me the part at no cost. I received it within a couple of days. Dockstader Service immediately came out and installed the part for a mere $74. THANK YOU Whirlpool and Dockstader.

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Posted by hello dolly on 2009-03-11:
congratulations. You are the kind of consumer I enjoy seeing win. You stated your case without having to cuss or behave in a degrading manner and you were successful. My hats off to you.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-11:
Voted helpful. I am glad everything worked out for you.
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Terrible Customer Service, Stay Away From!!
Posted by Xrunner on 02/10/2009
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My Problems start with buying Maytag products, but ends with their preferred appliance repair company, A & E Factory Service. My complete overall dissatisfaction of how A & E Factory Service treats their customers. Having problems with your appliances is acceptable, their service and attitude towards customers is completely unacceptable behavior. I bought these appliances on Maytag’s name alone and though they make a great washers and dryers, their presence in the kitchen appliance department leaves a lot of room for improvement. I find it in these tough economy times, that Maytag and their preferred service A & E Factory Service (Sear’s?) can stay in business with the service that they provide.

1. In 2004, I bought all new kitchen appliances from Maytag, right from the beginning the appliances started to break down, mainly with the range and the dishwasher. Somewhere in the range of 3 times each.

2. Dishwasher is now on its 3rd main brain. I now can diagnose the problem better than some of their own techs.

3. I was treated unfairly and rudely, not only by numerous agents, but the supervisors as well. I never wanted anything for free, just wanted them to stand behind your products.

4. Finally with no help from Maytag, I turned to their “preferred” appliance repair company. A & E Factory Service. I have had nothing but problems with these people and a month later, I am seeking another company to come in and take care of my appliance. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of companies in the appliance business willing to help me out. For this, I am grateful.

5. A & E Factory is now is possession of $158.00 of my money, like a idiot, I paid them up front, thinking they were a reputable business. (Maytag recommended them.) I will try through the court system to get this back.

In closing, buying Maytag has cost me a lot of time, money and frustration. Its not so much about appliances breaking down, its how their company deals with it.

A & E Factory Service is one of the most anti customer service companies I have ever dealt with. Their agents are rude, uncaring, out right lie, never show up for their appointments and from agents, techs, supervisor’s, just don’t give a damn.

What’s ironic is after I decided to have someone else come in and fix my problem. A & E Factory Service immediately sent someone over to pick up the part (Maytag had paid for this, not them) The only time I could get them to do something is when it involved their money. I’m still out $158.00! LOL. I would never allow anyone in my house that acted like this. They are bullies and I will deal with them in court.

I can only hope for potential new customers, Maytag does the right thing and stand behind their products, but at all cost, stay away from A & E Factory Service, believe me, only head aches and frustration will prevail!!!!

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Posted by moneybags on 2009-02-10:
Your first problem was buying Maytag
Posted by dan gordon on 2009-02-10:
Maytag is now part of Whirlpool. There are very few independent companies these days everyone is part of someone else. Not much choice
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-02-11:
You have many other choices for service besides A&E/Sears, (especially in LA). Go to the Whirlpool website and under the customer suport tab you can hit a link to find a local service provider near your zip code. These are factory authorized independent servicers and should be much better.

Good Luck.
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Do Not Do Business With Them
Posted by Nbsotiri on 09/05/2008
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I contacted Whirlpool to get my dryer serviced. They told me to call A & E Factory Service. I made an appointment and was told they would be here between 1 and 5 pm. I finally called around 5pm and they said no one is coming because they were too busy. After taking a day off of work I lost money to wait.

Ok... Manager Nancy said they will schedule for next day. She said someone will call me to let me know they are on the way. This time I have to wait from 8am until 5pm (all day). Finally I called again around 5pm and spoke to Mitra. She read to me what was on the log. It said no one was available to come. It also said I wasn't home. I was here and no one tried to contact me or came over. I don't believe anyone should be treated this way. Do not do business with this company....

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-05:
Its really too bad about Sears' service these days.I knew some great technicians that worked for Sears...before the whole A&E thing.

Is the unit under warranty? If not your not obligated to use them for service.Even if it was covered under warranty you can find a local servicer that can do work in and out of warranty.They will show up on time,if running behind will call to advise.

Good Luck
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2008-09-05:
I know that when you call into A&E the day of the appt and it has been canceled, typically the A&E reps will not schedule an appt till the next day (unless the tech has already closed out his route).

I agree with TrainwrecK you can find better service with someone other than A&E.
Posted by Mimiraye on 2009-10-20:
Oh my, I am sitting here reliving the past 3 months of my life. Is this not totally crazy. My patience is now gone and I would not recommend A&E to anyone. Guess what, today is my day, same story, next chapter. My refrigerator is under warranty and there is not enough room for me to go into details about how many appts. and days off work we have been through. There is no pride in workmanship anymore, my old refrigerator worked better than this piece of stuff ever has. It puzzles me as to why you cannot get an educated so-called "tech" to repair a "new" refrigerator.
Posted by Jillianne on 2010-05-25:
Posted by Maryann on 2013-06-18:
I have just experienced the same with my washing machine. They were to arrive between 8and5 - called after noon to make sure the repairman was on his way...to my surprise I was told he was going to be late about 5:15 pm. After waiting all day I call them again at 5:45pm...well can you just guess...HE WENT HOME...I was not happy...asked to speak to a supervisor ...they hung up on me...will never- ever use A and E ... Poor service, poor reps, poor everything.
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Worst Service
Posted by Darcy on 11/05/2007
DES MOINES, IOWA -- I am writing this review as I am unable to locate a web site for the company itself. This has to be the worst service I have ever experienced.

My elderly mother has an electric Roper stove. Approx 5 weeks ago while she was cleaning her oven she burnt her hand. The element was heating up though the oven was off. After speaking with customer service @ Whirlpool(the makers of Roper) thy set up to have a service technician come out at there cost. This was great. The service tech from A&E came out on Saturday Oct. 13th. Well, he was not a stove guy. He worked on washers. After a couple of calls he was able to determine that is was the element that was bad. The cost of the part was $54...labor to replace $180. Seeing as though it was just a couple of screws & clipping a couple of wires on to the element I could handle this myself. One week later got the part & I installed it. The oven still would not work. I assumed we just got a bad part so I contacted A&E and they set up for another tech to come out at there cost. On Oct 27th another tech came out and found the problem to be a box, I would assume the "brain" of the stove was burnt out. We did not need the element, however since it was there error the part and labor to replace was no charge.

The tech said he would order the part on emergency & rescheduled for himself to come out the following Wednesday. The part did not arrive until Wednesday after noon so we had to reschedule for the next day. At this point not really a big problem. Thursday comes and they are to be there between 8-12(large 4 hr window). At 1:30 my mother gets a call that he is 30 minutes away. She waits. At 2:45 she calls the service department to find out what happened and they tell her she was not on the schedule, she was just being worked in & they do not know what happened to that tech but they will have another tech there by the name of Paul by 5pm. 5 comes and know tech. She calls back and is told there is no tech by that name she would have to reschedule for Saturday. Of course she is upset and hangs up on them. I call within 5 minutes to schedule the appointment for Saturday. They can not do Saturday would have to be Monday November 5th between 8-12.

A tech would call before coming and she must answer or they will not come. Well here we are, my mother waiting for a phone call. At 10AM she opens the curtains on her sliding door to find a note that says "sorry we missed you. We were here at 10AM." No phone call to her or myself (I am the one they were to call for now on). I contact the service center to get the excuse that she was first on his route and they do not call the first appointment. 1. They did not tell us this, if they had I would have told them they need to call because she may not here anyone knocking on the door. 2. 10am is there first appointment!

Why tell us between 8-12? Well after 3 request for a supervisor I get a "lead". She tells me she will contact the tech who is at is 2nd appointment, though it has only be 10 minutes since he left the note, to see if he could go back after that appointment instead of end of the day. She will call me right back to let me know what she found out. That was 1hr 45 minutes ago. This has to be the worst service company ever!!! What is a person to do?
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Posted by bargod on 2007-11-05:
Just cancel it, find someone else to do it. Tell them as the saying goes "If you don't take care of the customer,someone else will" Good luck.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-05:
Don't let them keep giving you the runaround. As bargod said, if you have another repair place in your area use them. You might have to pay for those repairs but at least the work will get done.
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Improper Service Repair
Posted by MichaelG on 02/23/2011
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Filed against :
A & E Factory Service
3099 28th St SE
Grand Rapids MI 49512-1667

Complaint Description:
I had A&E come out to my home to repair a dishwasher. The dishwasher was making a grinding noise 1 1/2 hours into the cycle. The repair guy came out and said we needed a new pump. We authorized the pump and he replaced it. Paid $335.77 total for repair. That night we ran the dishwasher. The smae thing- 1 1/2 hours into the cycle the washer began grinding. NO CHANGE. I was furious. I called the company and they rescheduled to come back out over a week later. Meanwhile I had Apex Appliance repair come out and check my dishwasher the next day. They tested the pump and found that it was not NOT BAD. They said they could not figure out what was wrong with the unit and they did not charge me for the visit. I then put a stop payment on the check after finding out the pump was not bad. Then the second service tech from A&E came out a week later and aplogized for the problem. He determined that the dishwasher needed a new circuit board. I said ok. He oredered the circuit board from my home and told me they would settle up on the billing when they returned to install the circuit board. the circuit board showed up about a week later. I called and rescheduled for the board to be installed. Then a few days later the THIRD tech from A&E showed up to install the board. His name was Steven. he determined very quickly that the circuit board was likely not hte problem. he said that he could install the board but that it would not make a difference. he said that the drain on our dishwasher did not have a vent and that the water was syphoning out of the washer when it should be holding water. I told him that I stopped the check from the original pump repair because the pump was not the problem and I offered to pay for the service call for him to determine the drain problem. He said "that this issue should have been resolved by the last two techs from A&E and he would go back to the office to tell them both what the problem was." He also said " he was not going to collect for the service call because that it should have been diagnosed the first time a tech was there by them and that we had waited long enough to have this resolved." He took both the pump and the circuit board back with him and I thought the whole matter was resolved. that night I installed the vent in the dishwasher drain line and ran the dishwasher and Wallah! NO MORE GRINDING! Problem solved!! Now, I am getting collection calls everyday from TRS recovery trying to collect on the stop payment check. Everyday two and three times a day!!! I had called A&E multiple times and they would not call me back to resolve. The collection company won't drop the issue unless A&E drops the issue. I feel that being charged for a repair that was not needed, is Consumer Fraud. I feel that I am also being harassed by a collection company that has no business in this matter. I don't know what else to do.

Your Desired Resolution:
I would like the A&E to follow through on what their last technician said he would do. He said that he would take care of this matter and that there would not be any charges. I also would like the collection company to respond by sending me a confirmation that this matter is resolved.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-24:
A & E Factory Service seems to have a lot of problems repairing appliances from the reviews I've seen.
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Service Scam and Fraud
Posted by Donjeff on 04/24/2009
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I called Maytag Dependability Plus last Monday 4/20. The fridge was warming just like the 1.6 million recalls that Maytag initiated from those manufactured between 2001 and 2004. Mine wasn't on the list so I had to wait until Thursday afternoon (4/23) for A&E Appliance Repair (the sub-contractor) to show up. Knowing in advance that there was a compressor issue, of course the A&E serviceman came without the part and rescheduled repair for 4/28. That's eight days that will have elapsed without repair from 4/20 to 4/28 and of course everything spoiled. The scam here is that when buying the service contract, Maytag doesn't tell you that their subcontractor's response will NOT be timely. The A&E scam end of it is that they can make two visits and get paid the extra time and labor for a second visit.

I still have no assurance from Maytag Dependability Plus or A&E that they can do the job.

Obviously I am not alone complaining about these heartless gruff employees who couldn't care less about your hard earned money wasted in spoilage nor the inconvenience caused to a family who cannot store their food.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-24:
I do work for Maytag Dependability Plus' customers.You should find a local servicer that can do MDP extended warranty work for you,rather than calling MDP for service.You won't have to deal with A&E(cause thats who they are going to send).

A&E is the worst,IMO this refer should have been repaired the first day out.They never come prepaired to get it done in one visit,they always have to order parts...
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2009-04-24:
I agree with Train. Find a local repair service that takes the MTDP.

A&E wouldn't know their tush from a hole in the wall if they were looking with the light from the sun. A&E never has the parts on the trucks the first call out. When they order the part, the part order does not go in until the next day. Then it can take 3-4 days to ship the part to you by UPS or USPS. Once the part arrives, it is actually the consumers responsibility to call A&E and let them schedule the next appt. They don't make it easy, for anyone.

Good Luck.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-04-25:
I agree with both of the above and would like to add that there is a very good possibility that the compressor is not bad at all and the problem is in the relay/overload. capacitor. I have seen this many times.

Not that I am defending A&E, but they get paid a flat labor rate no matter how many trips it takes, 2 or more likely, 20.
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Who Owns A&E Factory Service
Posted by L Lake on 03/11/2009
I called up Whirlpool's extended warranty department, because I wanted to make sure that my only alternative to repairing my appliances covered wasn't A&E.

I was informed that they do use A&E, but that I can use any Whirlpool authorized repair service in my area.

I replied good, because I won't do business with A&E, because it's owned by Sears. Their representative claimed it isn't owned by Sears and that it is or was made up of old Whirlpool technicians.

I have read many reviews here saying A&E is owned by Sears. I thought it odd that Whirlpool's representative would claim that it isn't.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-11:
Great post! A&E is the worst service company out there.
Posted by hello dolly on 2009-03-11:
A&E is owned by Sears and is staffed by the techs that used to be the Whirlpool techs. I guess whirlpool factory direct service used to suck too since its the same guys with a differnt name.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-03-11:
The person you spoke with may have been a Sears employee, some of the phone numbers in the whirlpool manuals automatically redirect to Sears/A&E dispatch and they were told to deny that Sears and A&E were the same people, just different shirt and truck. Sears, after they activated the A&E name that they bought from Montgomery Ward through bankruptcy tried to hire as many of the old Whirlpool guys as they could. Then when whirlpool bought Maytag and disbanded that service organization A&E tried to hire up those technicians as well. The vast majority of these technicians are long gone from the Sears/ A&E network due to poor working conditions and very substandard pay so now they will hire anything they can get.

You would think that hello dolly would have told you the real story since she is a Sears employee.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-03-11:
More underhanded dealings by the Sears/A&E operatives, Today while I was speaking to a regional parts representative they were contacted by the area A&E manager who requested that they reserve all of the available rework kits for the Maytag refrigerator recall and he would send a truck to pick them up. The rep refused the request and within 15 minutes he recieved a call from a Sears person demanding the parts, he again refused. I guess they figure that if they get all the parts the will get all the work and customers will be mad at the independent servicers due to lack of parts. It's all OK, the job is complicated enough that soon we will be geting the requests to exchange the refrigerators that A&E caught on fire or otherwise destroyed.
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2009-03-12:
I remember (used to work for Maytag) when we had techs calling into us letting us know when they had finished their day or to have us call a consumer to let them know that the tech was on his or her way. I know alot of techs that had worked for A&E under the Monkey Wards name. Once they found out that unless they switched to A&E (when Whirlpool bought out Maytag) they would have to look for work elsewhere. Whirlpool fully understands how A&E works and that's why they have them work on the appliances.

There was a post from a former A&E tech within the last week and it portrays exactly what happens when u make your first call for service.
Posted by Jack on 2013-08-22:
Samsung set up an appointment with A and E two weeks ago and they failed to show up. I was on hold twice for lengthy waits. The first guy couldn't speak English so he hung up. The second one claimed that I canceled the appointment by e-mail, which I didn't (I even left my sick mother so I could be here for the repairman). They even called late yesterday to remind me of the appointment which they wouldn't do if it had been canceled. I'm on hold for a half hour now waiting to speak with "Lawrence's" (he couldn't pronounce his name well so he said like Lawrence of Arabia but I think he meant Lawrence of India) manager. Very low level operation which reflects badly on Samsung.
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