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Class Action Needed
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have posted my complaints on several sites. I just hate it that this company is contracted by the big appliances companies because they don't deserve to be in business. My saga with A&E began when our Jenn Air microwave shorted out (out of warranty of course). I called Jenn Air and they sent me to A&E. Made appt. and in two weeks tech shows up for repair. Let me preface this by saying the microwave is at our 2nd home, which is a 90 min. drive each way from Nashville. This company gives a window of 8am - 5pm, so appt. day is basically shot for me. Tech walks in and looks at microwave and doesn't even know how to get it out of wall space. He asked my husband to help him and at that point he admitted that he didn't know how to work on Jenn Air. I called A&E and they rescheduled appt #2 for two weeks later. I requested said tech not be sent back as he was incompetent with appliance.

Appt. 2 rolls around, new tech shows up, diagnosis problem and orders part, which I have to pay for as well as service call upfront. $129 + $16 parts. We scheduled. #3 for two weeks later. Appt. day comes and I get a call about 2pm and it is the first incompetent tech saying he's on his way. I asked if he now knew how to work on appliance and he said no. I told him not to come and called A&E again to ask why he was sent when I requested he not, and schedule appt. #4 for two weeks later.

Appt. #4 rolls around, I wait all day and get a call about 2 pm saying the tech had hit a deer and would have to cancel. Reschedule for #5 appt. two weeks later. #5 rolls around, tech shows up and fixes appliance. I asked about the deer accident and he said he was on the safety team and didn't know anything about the accident. I filled out a survey with very low scores and asked that customer service call me regarding this fiasco. All in- I spent 15 hours driving, 5 full days of waiting at second home, hundreds of cell phone minutes used making appts., trying to communicate with non English speaking call center, pleading to be connected to executive offices and endlessly on hold. I waited three weeks for customer service to call me after appt. #5 and finally broke down and called them to ask for reimbursement of service call payment, they only offered $25 which was the icing on this very big, very stressful cake.

Do not use this unprofessional, incompetent, dishonest company if you can help it. I can't believe they continue to be in business with the shoddy and shady way they treat their clients. All shameful, in my humble opinion.
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 12/06/2013:
I have had to deal with A and E service on about 4 different occasions for four different appliances over the past 5-6 years and have never had a problem with them. They came, they saw,and they fixed what was needing fixed, and it only took them about 2 weeks overall on each appliance. They were always courteous and respectful because that I was always home alone with my 5 kids.
David Barry on 02/08/2014:
Pretty much a similar situation with a washer. Delays, bad parts, misdiagnosis, and poor service calls. One guy told me what was wrong but never looked in the washer. Turns out there was an obvious fire hazard. I will have been out of my washer for at least 12 weeks all total at this point. Sears has quelled my complaints through points, but they never truly addressed the problem through their agent, A and E. The only reason I stick around is appliance is paid for as well as the protection agreement.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOFFMAN ESTATE, ILLINOIS -- First getting a technician to my house was a mess. Window was for 1-5 p. m. on a work day, which required scheduling to be off work. Technician tried to come two hours early but I was working out of town so he set up for next Saturday. Or so he said. At the same time, he reported replacing a part on the day he did not come.

Requested different technician who came during the scheduled time but would have to come back after part was ordered. New appointment set for the next Saturday [so I've burned two work days and two Saturdays}. A&E pushed back that appointment a week because I had requested they not send the first guy. But they didn't tell me. This is where it gets early. I get Denise on the phone with customer service. First she says I should know A&E's policies since they came to my house in 2009 and 2011 and I had no reason to be upset that they had change my appointment -- without telling me. She said the technician would have called on his way -- in a week.

They moved my appointment because the technician I had requested -- the guy against whom I filed a complaint -- was the only one working in my area on that day, Saturday May 18. Bottom line, she said, was I would not get service on that day. But the technician I had requested would come on May 24. On May 24, the first technician came despite my request that he not be sent. That technician said he was not -- in fact -- working on the day even though Denise had said he was the only one on duty in my area. Called and got Denise again. Call lasted less than a minute. I told her how badly I felt she had handled the first call and that I was upset that they had sent the guy I asked they not send. I told her that I wanted to let her know that I would be filing a complaint. Her response was to tell me she could no longer talk to me and that A&E would "NEVER" come to my house again. I asked if she was kidding and she said not and that she was putting it in my file. Then she hung up.

I'm dumbfounded. She either does not have the disposition to be a customer service person, she is having a really bad life and taking it out on others or she needs a great deal of training. I wrote A&E and its parent companies -- Whirlpool and Sears. Wonder if anyone will respond. All I can say is stay away from A&E if this is an example of how much the company values its customers.
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Worst Customer service you will ever get
Posted by on
( To start I have way more disappointment with A&E customer support then I do with the techs that installed the broken tub while being watched and timed by a QC lady. I would never use this service again since they feel no need to correct problems they make.)

Called for service because our front-load washing machine was making noises and is under warranty.

A&E shows up a week later and said they needed to order a new Half tub & new basket to replace bearings.

Parts showed up at my house 3 days later.

Called A&E to let them know parts are here and they made us wait almost another week to send the guys out to repair the washer.

Day after the techs leave we turn on the washer to find out the thing is dumping water all over the floor.
Called A&E again and was told it was just a loose connection they would send a tech out next week to look at it.

I pulled off the front cover to see if it was a loose connection just to find ground wires hanging they never hooked back up and the side of the NEW half tub they put in had a chunk missing along with big cracks. (No pieces in the washer so it was broke when they installed it).

Called A&E again and told them what the problem was and the lady got very rude and said it was not the techs problem if the parts were broke out of the box. (They installed them & this is no small piece or crack).

They set up another day for 1 week later after I requested a different tech they sent out the same guy again. He looked at the washer said I'll order more parts and left again.

Next day we get parts I called A&E again and was told they would send someone out in a week to repair the washer. I then asked the lady why it was that A&E's repair people took my washing machine from making a little noise to not working at all and it's taking them weeks to fix it?

Without missing a beat she asked if there was any other appliances I would like them to repair when they came back to fix the washing machine they put broken parts in. I told her I would never use there service again.

I have also called Maytag about this and was told once I purchased the machine it was not Maytags problem but the warranty service providers problem. (Spent $1000.00 for a washer that's always broke)

The lady at Maytag told me they make a very good product and when I pointed out the 1,000's of complaints on the Internet I was told "that's just people opinions and has nothing to do with the quality of Maytag".

All I can say is think twice before you ever buy Maytag or use A&E repair. The customer service at both places is just simple pathetic and it makes no since that A&E can install parts that even the customer can see is broken and they don't feel the need to get the issue resolved with-out taking 2 more weeks to do so.

Larry B
Pigeon Forge, TN
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User Replies:
gothictreasures on 10/11/2010:
Would like to point out that one of the original tech's came back today and installed the new parts by himself faster than it was done with two of them the last time. I pointed out to the tech that I had noticed the wires that didn't get hooked back up the first time and the fact that only one of the three screws that held on the front cover had been replaced after the first install.

The tech took care of re-attaching the wires and replaced all the screws that were left out the first time.

I am satisfied that this time he got the machine working and put back together the correct way.

I still will not use A&E again because of the poor customer service you get from them when dealing with problems. When our machine first got screwed up at their hands it should have been top priority for them to get the problem resolved not leave us hanging for two more weeks
madconsumer on 10/11/2010:
great review.

it is good to know they came back and made good on their service. to bad you had to go through such a time with this.
SearsCare on 10/12/2010:
Dear gothictreasures,

I came across your post here and wanted to offer assistance. I'm terribly sorry your washer failed and caused so much trouble & frustrations. You're very disappointing and unpleasant A&E repair experience I'm sure only made things worse. I know being without a washer is very difficult. I'm Scott with A&E Solutions, we'd like to help. At your convenience please contact our office at AEservice@aefactoryservice.com so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the washer is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name (gothictreasures) in your email so we can reference to your posting.

Thank you,

Scott J.
A&E Cares

gothictreasures on 10/12/2010:

Thanks for the post, I sent the phone number and spoke to a nice lady on the phone about what took place with your call center.

It's to bad the people in the A&E call center are not as helpful or polite as she is on the phone.

I don't want compensation or anything like that for what took place. I posted so maybe others could have the chance to see what kind of customer service A&E gives customers.

When my machine was taken from working to not working by your techs it should have been top priority to get back out here and fix the problem.

But at A&E there is "NO" need to take care of problems and instead if there is a problem it will be another two weeks before it gets fixed.

The old man that was here the first time working on the front couldn't even be bothered to hook the ground wires back up or replace the screws he took out of the front of the washer.

It's like I told the lady tonight I can completely overlook the broken parts or the older guy not putting the screws back in the front.

The run around & waiting game that is played when you call your service center is just crazy.

The loading laundry up and hauling it to town all the time when you have $1000.00 washing machine in your house is also crazy.
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Avoid A&E Factory Service Like The Plague - Tell Maytag You Will Not Get Warranty Service From This Company
Posted by on
The newly renovated home I purchased in September, 2009 came equipped with a brand-new Maytag side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator with water & ice dispenser. Several weeks ago, I contacted Maytag to report that the water line to the ice maker was leaking, spreading ice throughout my freezer. Even with the leak, however, the icemaker was working well, producing and dispensing a great deal of ice. The polite customer service representative scheduled me for an appointment with A&E factory service, with an 8-hour service window on a weekday.

I agreed to the appointment and took time off to meet the technician on the date of the appointment.
• The technician performed the repair and explained that the icemaker was out of alignment, causing the leak. By the next morning, no ice had been made, nor has there for almost three weeks.

Since then,
• I attempted to call the technician back on the cell phone numerous times and he has not called me back.
• I spoke daily with A&E customer service to have the technician call me and fix the icemaker.
• I booked another appointment with the technician agreed to come by my home to check on the problem at my home at 5PM. At 3:53 PM, the technician called me to tell me he was “done” for the day. I told him that I as in my office and that we had agreed, that day, to meet merely one hour from then. He said “well, I’m done so I’ll just order another icemaker and bring it over next Saturday” (a week and a half following that date).
• I called Christina at A&E escalations and complained about the unprofessional nature of the technician, and said that the icemaker had been working before the initial service appointment.
• A week and a half later, after daily calls with A&E customer service and taking yet another ½ day from work, the original technician (against my request) was sent to my home and changed out the icemaker…which has still not produced any ice.

They then called to say I was scheduled between 8 and 5 (9 HOURS!!!) the next day for service and despite my numerous requests to respect my busy work schedule (how else does one afford to buy new appliances?), a technician who DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH called me at 10 AM on a Wednesday to tell me he would be at my home in a few minutes. I was in a meeting and could not run home to accommodate this man, so I had to call back the escalations department in Texas to reschedule for Friday. At the time of my writing this, this simple repair has still not been fixed.

I cannot begin express my displeasure with A&E factory service, who took a relatively routine repair and caused a complete malfunction of an almost brand-new icemaker. Furthermore, I am extremely disappointed with the professionalism and lack of communication displayed by the local unit here in the Philadelphia area in showing less respect then the cable company in scheduling appointments.

I suggest everyone refuse to be serviced by A&E when calling Maytag/Whirlpool, so that may be they can stop contracting with these total wastes of space.

Maytag corporate and I had a long conversation and extended my warranty as well as sending a locally owned company to make the repair this week. They told me that the A&E contract was expiring soon and they may be "nailing their own coffin" (a direct quote).

Coincidentally, Renee Kehoe from A&E contacted me through my post on the Complaints Board website soon after my post and said she'd have someone from the local unit call me (something I had requested through their escalation department over 5 times with no response). Then, someone from A&E (only identifying herself as being from A&E, not giving her name, called from 484-213-3032), proceeded to got my name wrong twice, and proceeded to get in an argument with me as she took exception with my apparently calling her non-English speaking technician "stupid" while on the phone with their escalations department in Texas. She then told me it was good that Maytag assigned another company to perform the job (why would anyone in this economy want to work?) because she didn't want to call me anyway and hung up on me.

In a time where people are out there looking for work and looking to do a quality job, it's a shame that companies like this can get major contracts.

Stay away - They are absolutely terrible.
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A & E Service Complaint
Posted by on
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- This has to be the worst service I have ever experienced.

I have a Maytag refrigerator. I recent had both a warranty call as well as a product recall scheduled.

The warranty call was schuled by Maytag who unfortunally uses A&E service. The recall I schuled through the number given for the Maytag recall. The recall was totally automated and you can not talk to a human and it does not give you a number to call.

Both calls were scheduled for the same day. The automated call to confirm the two separate calls was done and confirm to by in the 8 to noon time range.

At one o'clock I called and complained that no one has showed up. The call tech then cancelled the first call and supposedly called the repair person to contact me and put me higher in the later schedule.

Two hours later I called again since I had not been contacted. Now they only show the warranty call and try to tell me I was wrong. I again requested to be contacted and still no call.

Finally showed up as last run of the day and no parts for the warranty work which show have had a tech follow up call. Next week again and we only got the recall item fixed first 8 hours I waited.

After speaking with customer service @ Whirlpool(the makers of Roper) thy set up to have a service technician come out at there cost. This was great. The service tech from A&E came out on Saturday Oct. 13th. Well, he was not a stove guy. He worked on washers. After a couple of calls he was able to determine that it was the element that was bad. The cost of the part was $54...labor to replace $180. Seeing as though it was just a couple of screws & clipping a couple of wires on to the element I could handle this myself. One week later got the part & I installed it. The oven still would not work. I assumed we just got a bad part so I contacted A&E and they set up for another tech to come out at there cost. On Oct 27th another tech came out and found the problem to be a box, I would assume the "brain" of the stove was burnt out. We did not need the element, however since it was there error the part and labor to replace was no charge.

The tech said he would order the part on emergency & rescheduled for himself to come out the following Wednesday. The part did not arrive until Wednesday after noon so we had to reschedule for the next day. At this point not really a big problem. Thursday comes and they are to be there between 8-12(large 4 hr window). At 1:30 my mother gets a call that he is 30 minutes away. She waits. At 2:45 she calls the service department to find out what happened and they tell her she was not on the schedule, she was just being worked in & they do not know what happened to that tech but they will have another tech thereby the name of Paul by 5pm.
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Appliance Service
Posted by on
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I completely Agree. A&E and Sears/Whirlpool are a complete disaster. We're on week four for our service request on a Whirlpool Duet dryer that is only six months old. The short story is A&E came in to fix one thing on our dryer and blew out our Heating Element and that part is six weeks away according to A&E. So between October 1st and Mid December we will be without a Dryer. (Keep these stories in mind when Whirlpool asks you if you want to extend your Warranty for $100+ a year...their service stinks and it's worth the frustration).

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct (which is where A & E Sears gets their parts) and It should be here tomorrow not December. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.

Full Story: Our Dryer broke with an F 25 Thermister error and it took a week to get A & E Service (Sears and Whirlpool) to our house between 8am and 12pm (arriving at 3:30pm). They told us we needed X, Y, Z parts..The parts took a week to arrive and they were shipped from a place that was only 20 miles away (but we're not allowed to pick them up and they won't pick them up for us either). Then another week for them to come back to fix the machine (week 3). In week three they finally showed up at 3:00pm (for a 8am-12pm window) and a different technician said "These are all the wrong parts. The person that ordered these didn't know what he was doing."

This guy said that all that was broken was a safety switch and that he could permanently bypass the switch so we never have the problem again. I asked if it was safe to bypass this and he said that as long as I keep an eye on the dryer and make sure it doesn't get too hot it would be fine. I expressed my desire to keep my house from burning down and would prefer he just fix the part. After he tried to convince (bully) me for a few minutes, he finally gave up and said he could fix it a different way and replaced our Thermal Fuse. I now know that this was a temporary fix for him to get out the door.

The Dryer worked for two loads and then died again... A & E came back a week later..Yet again a different guy and he said "the previous guy didn't ground your machine properly and blew out your Heating Element". This heating element is out of stock and won't be available until mid-December.

HERE IS THE FUN PART: After complaining to A&E (owned by SEARS) for breaking everything..we calmed down and did some research. I figured out who they order parts from SEARS Parts and SEARS Parts Direct (.com). I called SEARS and they can ship the part the same day and even overnight it to us, but A&E will only talk to FSP Appliance Parts (also owned by SEARS) and A & E says they don't have a phone number for FSP Parts. So I found the address for FSP and did some web research..figured out that the number for FSP Parts (AKA Sears Roebuck Parts Dept.) in Glen Burnie, MD and called them...The part can be shipped from Texas and arrive in 7-10 days. Still a long time, but much better than A & E six weeks + one week to get a technician to come.

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct..It should be here tomorrow. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
I hear ya!!! I had the misfortune of having to deal with A & E a couple of months back. Three visits, three wrong parts, finally I fixed it myself. Horrible incompetent service.
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
You have other choices.Do not settle for A&E,they are the worst repair company in the industry.Call around to see if there are local appliance shops that can handle Whirlpool warranty work...you will get taken care of faster..

Good Luck!
hello dolly on 10/31/2008:
FSP= factory service part and is made by Whirlpool. Sears neither manufactures or owns this.
As for the return address on the label it is not where it is shipped from but rather where it will be returned to in the event it is not deliverable.
As for your deplorable service experience 1-800-549-4505 Nat'l Customer Relations. Call and state your case tell them what you want and when - be reasonable and you should see results.
qualityappliance on 10/31/2008:
As for Sears/A&E, you might as well give up, you have other choices in your area. This is from the Whirlpool website,
Alt. #: (703)288-1776

Alt. #: (703)569-5014


ROOST on 12/15/2008:
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The Worst Company - Service And Timing Suck!
Posted by on
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- We own a Maytag Washer purchased from Home Depot in November, 2005. We purchased the EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN at the time of purchase. This plan is underwritten by GE Appliances and the horrible service is contracted out to a god-awful company called A&E Appliance Repair. A&E SUCKS!

The washer stopped working on a Tuesday, it's a front loader and the door is locked and the clothes are sitting in water.

The earliest appointment we could get with a service contract from A&E was 4 days later, on a Friday. They said they'd arrive between 11 AM and 5PM. They actually showed up at 5:54 PM, stayed 17 minutes, had NO PARTS on hand to fix the broken pump and proceeded to tell us that they could not return to fix the washer for ELEVEN DAYS!


Far better to just pick someone randomly out of the phone book; before I remember that I had a contract, I contact three independent service companies, all of whom knew right away it was the pump and told me they could have the washer back up and running the VERY NEXT DAY.

It'll be two entire week before this stinking dung heap of a company can repair my washer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/26/2008:
I'll have to add A&E to my list of what sucks in San Francisco. Thanks, and good luck!
SilverWngs71 on 09/27/2008:
Please never buy a svc contract with A&E. They lock you into not being able to use anyone but them for svc. Did you call the svc contract GE before scheduling with A&E. If you did then I'm very surprised that GE is now using A&E for svc. They usually have the own selected svc companies that they use.

A&E will never or almost never have parts with them when they come to your home. The techs run from their homes and do not have all the parts for every appliance on their route for that day, nor do the call center reps know what is wrong with the appliance, therefore making it easier for the tech to come to the home empty handed. The sad thing is that even though they might have an idea (the call center reps) what is the issue or issues, they are not paid techs and the companies do not want them advising of anything other than mild trouble shooting.

Does your washer have the control board at the front of the appliance or at the back top? Does it have a wavy looking control board? Do you still have clothes inside the appliance or did Mr Better Late than Never get it open for you to remove the clothes?
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Maytag/Jenn Air is Worthless
Posted by on
TEXAS -- Dale Reeder, CEO
A&E Corp
1300 Louis henna Blvd,
Pound Rock Texas, 78664

Re: Employee 911818

Mr. Reeder,
I have had the misfortune of having purchased problematic appliances made by Maytag/ Jenn Aire. My misfortune has increased exponentially after having been exposed to the unprofessional service staff your company has employed to represent the ideals of customer satisfaction.

Approximately 1 week ago I made a call to A&E for service on my dishwasher and was given the first appointment for 8/2/08, between the hours of 8am and 5pm. I was not thrilled with either the one week wait, nor the breadth of the time frame, considering that the first of my two days off from work would be engorged waiting for your technician, but helplessly accepted the appointment.
From morning into afternoon, we anxiously waited for your technician to arrive. At 5pm when he hadn’t arrived, I called A&E to figure out what time he would be here. Sarah explained that at 10:23 am the technician determined no one was home and he moved on to service the next client. I was baffled by this explanation as my entire family was home all day, having been inconvenienced waiting for this professional to arrive. She said she would send a message to the technician to return my call within the hour.
Livid by the callous misrepresentation that no one was home, I began to rethink my day. At 10:23am this morning during a thunder storm, while having breakfast, my phone rang and a man with a heavy accent asked for an unfamiliar name. Without a second thought I quickly informed him he had the wrong number. I checked the called id, redialed the number and the person answered the phone “hello?” I asked if this was the A&E tech and he said yes. At first he denied that he was the technician assigned to fix my dishwasher, but after having posed some irrefutable questions, he admitted that he had called and made the assumption no one was home. He then explained that all his fellow technicians were through for the day and he still had two appointments to complete, so he would not return to fix my dishwasher. He suggested I call for another appointment.
I immediately called and was told by Sarah that I needed to call tomorrow to make another appointment, as my file was still with the technician. I requested the services of a manager and Misty dismissively reiterated similar sentiments. She went on to explain that she could place a note in the employee’s file, but there was nothing she could do to resolve the immediacy of my need to have a working dishwasher. I requested an emergency appointment and was told the company does not engage in that practice. She suggested that I call back at 8pm to reschedule another appointment, as that was the earliest the technician would send his update to the company. I became even more incensed when I was told the next possible appointment would be six days later on Friday 8/8/08, a day my husband and I work.
Mr. Reeder, needless to say I am enraged by the manner in which your company does business. Firstly your technician did not identify himself as an employee of A&E when he called my home. If he had, the occasion would not have arisen for me to write this letter. Secondly, he seemed either manipulative not wanting to leave the warmth of his truck during a thunderstorm to execute his duties, or he was overwhelmed by his workload, so he chose not to service my appliance, or he is grossly inept that he could not figure he was calling the wrong person. The fact that I have to wait another week for an entire day again is egregious. When cutomers are inconvenienced in this manner, the company should take onus and extend itself to repair the damage done. The practices demonstrated by your staff, and the ideals of your company does not seem to epitomize customer satisfaction. Conversely, it serves to infuriate your customers. We pay astronomical amount of monies for the appliances and the service contracts and to be treated with callous disregard is egregious. Changes should be made to the way in which this business is operated, because it in not customer friendly and your customers are growing increasingly disenchanted.

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User Replies:
qualityappliance on 08/03/2008:
A&E is owned by Sears and they are worthless. Find a local authorized service center and you will be much better off.
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Worst Service & Company In History
Posted by on
ROY, UTAH -- A&E Factory Service is the most wretched company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I was foolish enough to listen to Maytag who recommended them to repair my fridge (1st mistake). When the tech came out to repair it he sold me an extended warranty which I again was stupid enough to purchase (2nd mistake). 3 months after the first repair on my 5 year old Maytag fridge (NEVER, EVER but a Maytag), it died again. The tech came out and outlined what parts had to be replaced. It was the same parts they replaced before, only now it would take them 10 days to get them here. 18 days later my fridge was working again. Ever tried living without a fridge for 18 days? Its not pleasant. 3 months after this episode the thing died again, the problem was the same.

Called the center and got a tech out and again, parts would not be available for 10 days. Considering I can ship anything to anywhere in the world in 24-48 hours and based on the fact that I located local vendors with those parts that day I find 10 days to be beyond pathetic. This alone screams of their total lack of customer service and dictates what a horrid company they are. Well the day before the tech was to come back and fix my fridge I get a call saying that one of the parts needed is on back order. I tell them I can get them locally and wanted to know what their problem was.

Apparently they have "standard processes" they have to follow. 8 days after this the parts arrive and I, not they, call to scheduled the tech. The night before the tech is to come out I get a call confirming the appointment for the next day between 8-12 am. 10 minutes later I get another call saying the appointment is to changed to 1-5 pm. I refuse this change saying I have a doctor's appointment that afternoon and was told the appointment would be left between 8-12 am. I took the day off work to wait for the tech and at 1230 no tech. I call the "service" center to find out they changed the appointment to 1-5pm anyway.

After discussing this problem with Nancy, a supervisor who stated that the notes showed I declined the change and agreed the appointment should not have changed, assured me that the tech would be to my house before 2:30pm. At 3pm no tech. I call back to learn that they rerouted the tech to another call and skipped me. Apparently no have a working fridge for 4 weeks doesn't make you a priority with this wretched company. I got the corporate office address; they couldn't provide me with a phone number, and rescheduled for another week out.

Let my mistake be a lesson. DON'T USE A&E Factory Service for ANYTHING. They are awful! DON'T buy Maytag, they break with very light use!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/16/2008:
A&E service does suck,they are the lowest of the low.10 days to get parts on a dead refer?BS!! Those parts should have been expedited to get the unit working again.

I would find another service company that can do extended warranty,and dump A&E all together.

Never,I mean never call the factory for service,they couldn't care less
m-izzle-328 on 10/27/2008:
Firstly okay this situation was not handled well. There are a few things to consider. The shipping that you mentioned is a standard. Most companies use ground shipping for parts which can take 7 to 10 business days. Once the tech puts the order in he does not know if the parts are on back order. One thing to remember. Just because you can ship something 24 to 48 does not mean everyone else will do that and also parts that are shipped quickly can be damaged. Just something to consider. Yes I have gone without a refrigerator before for an extended duration it is inconvenient but can be done. Cavemen did it before us.
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Worst Service
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DES MOINES, IOWA -- I am writing this review as I am unable to locate a web site for the company itself. This has to be the worst service I have ever experienced.

My elderly mother has an electric Roper stove. Approx 5 weeks ago while she was cleaning her oven she burnt her hand. The element was heating up though the oven was off. After speaking with customer service @ Whirlpool(the makers of Roper) thy set up to have a service technician come out at there cost. This was great. The service tech from A&E came out on Saturday Oct. 13th. Well, he was not a stove guy. He worked on washers. After a couple of calls he was able to determine that it was the element that was bad. The cost of the part was $54...labor to replace $180. Seeing as though it was just a couple of screws & clipping a couple of wires on to the element I could handle this myself. One week later got the part & I installed it. The oven still would not work. I assumed we just got a bad part so I contacted A&E and they set up for another tech to come out at there cost. On Oct 27th another tech came out and found the problem to be a box, I would assume the "brain" of the stove was burnt out. We did not need the element, however since it was there error the part and labor to replace was no charge.

The tech said he would order the part on emergency & rescheduled for himself to come out the following Wednesday. The part did not arrive until Wednesday after noon so we had to reschedule for the next day. At this point not really a big problem. Thursday comes and they are to be there between 8-12(large 4 hr window). At 1:30 my mother gets a call that he is 30 minutes away. She waits. At 2:45 she calls the service department to find out what happened and they tell her she was not on the schedule, she was just being worked in & they do not know what happened to that tech but they will have another tech thereby the name of Paul by 5pm. 5 comes and know tech. She calls back and is told there is no tech by that name she would have to reschedule for Saturday. Of course she is upset and hangs up on them. I call within 5 minutes to schedule the appointment for Saturday. They can not do Saturday would have to be Monday November 5th between 8-12.

A tech would call before coming and she must answer or they will not come. Well here we are, my mother waiting for a phone call. At 10AM she opens the curtains on her sliding door to find a note that says "sorry we missed you. We were here at 10AM." No phone call to her or myself (I am the one they were to call for now on). I contact the service center to get the excuse that she was first on his route and they do not call the first appointment. 1. They did not tell us this, if they had I would have told them they need to call because she may not here anyone knocking on the door. 2. 10am is there first appointment!

Why tell us between 8-12? Well after 3 request for a supervisor I get a "lead". She tells me she will contact the tech who is at is 2nd appointment, though it has only be 10 minutes since he left the note, to see if he could go back after that appointment instead of end of the day. She will call me right back to let me know what she found out. That was 1hr 45 minutes ago. This has to be the worst service company ever!!! What is a person to do?
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User Replies:
bargod on 11/05/2007:
Just cancel it, find someone else to do it. Tell them as the saying goes "If you don't take care of the customer,someone else will" Good luck.
Principissa on 11/05/2007:
Don't let them keep giving you the runaround. As bargod said, if you have another repair place in your area use them. You might have to pay for those repairs but at least the work will get done.
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