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Cheap dentures/uncaring staff!!
Posted by Snickers0205 on 06/06/2011
SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- I went to affordable dentures to get my top plate and bought the premium package and have gone through hell ever since! I understood that I was to pick the kind of teeth and color that I wanted only to have my choices picked for me and when I told the dentist that I was not happy with the size of the teeth he told me that they would be much smaller once they were set in the plate and how great they looked on me, well they are horrible and look like horse teeth and it took all I had to get the money to get these and I can't even wear them. I went back twice before the sixty days were up to see the dentist and got the assistant or receptionist, who ever she was, she does not know how to do teeth! I will have to start saving again for another set and look around for another dentist because I can't wear these and I think its a shame that so called professionals take advantage of the poor that can't afford to go to a decent dentist. Dont waste your time or your money on these people, pay the extra cause it will be worth it!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-08:
You can report your complaint about this franchise location to Dr. Richard A. Day (Affordable Denture's owner at 4300 S. Padre Island Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78411) by calling either 361-800-8161 or 800-336-8873.
Posted by Mary Went on 2011-08-04:
I had upper and lower partials I went to affordable Dentures and had full upper and lower dentures made. BAD EXPERIENCE, I was trying to save money.
the staff was unfriendly, unprofessional and rude. I have had so much trouble and they don't care. You pay them at the time of your impressions. Once you get the dentures your problems start. Don't use them
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Dr Ryan Flemming Affordable Dentures Columbus, Ohio
Posted by Tortured on 05/21/2010
COLUMBUS, OHIO, OHIO -- I wish I had gone to a more professional dental practice. There are no shortages in the Columbus area. The staff can be Very rude especially the receptionist. The young girl that does adjustment and re linings is rather rough and so is her work. Flemming is only seen on the first or second visit, after that you are on your own.
Just went in for a second soft reline, gee I thought that they would remove the previous lining. Not at Affordable... they just slapped on some more goo and shoved it in my mouth. After my first re lining I told them that the lip support was way too high. I was told that I had to tell them before the lining was put in. It was not too high before the new lining. By dinner the upper denture had cut the skin between the gums and lip about an inch and a half. I am not a dentist, but I am pretty sure that my mouth should not bleed! It was beyond painful. Thank God I am a jeweler and have much of the same equipment as a dentist. I cut the lip support down considerably and it fit without blood. It took all of about 3 minutes to do, they don't seem to have the time.
There are some other SERIOUS problems with my dentures, but to list them here will identify me. I have six months left before I receive my Premiums so I am stuck with Affordable. $4000 to be treated like crap and shoved out the door every time. Don't think for one second that Premium means anything to these folks, it does not!
During extractions, Dr. Flemming was rude and basically called me a liar while I was in the chair. It was painful and he seemed to think that it shouldn't be. He only uses Novocaine and I am here to tell you it did hurt like hell.
In short, Dr is rude, Staff is rude, if you do not feel rushed through I will be shocked, expect no extras, dentures may not be straight (like mine), and if you wait for a while there may be a drive-thru around back. Just lean the car seat back and hold your money out.
Do not let impulse guide your decisions. Choose your dentist very carefully. I did not and do I ever regret that decision. Once they have your money, you are OWNED! Anywhere else will be more friendly and professional. I had high hopes. Saved for years. Got screwed.
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Bad Quality And Bad Service Amarillo, TX
Posted by JRY on 09/29/2008
AMARILLO, TEXAS -- I've had nothing but problems with Affordable Dentures. I have had 2 sets of theirs dentures in 3 years. They wear out in no time making the fit constantly off. I had one tooth break off and they cracked from the middle front teeth up the the center of the top. I did not drop them! The dentist was too busy and put too much goop for the impression to make me throw up. They made my teeth with the impression of my fingers trying to get the goop from running down my throat because they left immediately and I was on my own. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!! I was crying and no one helped until they were ready to take the mold out.

The teeth did not match up to my original bottom ones. The attendant told me to get use to it because she was inexperienced and didn't know what to do. I was told the teeth looked fine but ill fitting is not a good trade. The price is cheaper but I feel sorry for anyone going to these places. All of these stories above are similar to several of my experiences.

I am so sorry for anyone who has had to lose their teeth. I would hope some day that with the technology we have that something can be done to help us all.
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Posted by steve101 on 2008-09-29:
"Affordable Dentures" Eyes Rolling. Why do you keep going back? Why,why,why? Pay a little more and get a premium set of dentures that will last for ten years. Would you go to Affordable Appendectomy, or Affordable Tonsillectomy. Would you?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-09-29:
don't buy period
1. cheap/quick made dentures
2. cheap/quick made glasses
You are gonna suffer in the long run.

Posted by marty on 2013-05-01:
I needed a partial made as mine broke. All I needed was an impression and a new one made. The dentist refused to make me a new partial stating I needed the rest of my teeth pulled and a full plate made. I DO NOT NEED ALL THAT. she just wanted more money. I will go toothless if affordable dentures is my only choice. Rude uncaring uneducated people work in the office territorial me customer service
Posted by mark s on 2013-07-01:
You would not have had that happen In Amarillo tx
Posted by Mark S on 2013-07-15:
Up date . Mimi B Harmon DDS . from what I understand Is no longer at afforbable Dentures in Amarillo tx . I and all of my family just loved her. She had to leve do to family . my heart goses out to her.So she did not do the work on my teeth. ok on a nother note . Untell thay get a Denist that is going to stay in Amarillo tx . dont go . the staff is stell great tho.
Posted by Susie Sundermier on 2013-12-20:
My regular dentist wants around 750 for just a remake of my upper denture, that's a lil pricey but they did a fantastic job on my old one, my bottom teeth are mine but I think I will go ahead and pay a lil extra, knowing my luck they will break my old one then I will be screwed, but they seemed a lil eager to get my buissiness n I'm hearing some horror stories so I'm just going to follow my first instinct and go. With Coast dental
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Beware They Are No Good
Posted by Jp7080 on 05/22/2013
BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- I went to Affordable Dentures in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2011. The employees were very nice and helpful at this time. I bought their full economy set for new wears. I got my temporary set before I got my teeth extracted. They worked out great, had no problems with them. After a year, I went in to get my permanent set. That's when the trouble started. While eating frozen yogurt one day, with CRUSHED UP, powder like candy bar, my lower denture broke in half. I went into Affordable Dentures that day, to see what could be done, since they have a year warranty. They said that they could repair them for no cost. I thought wonderful. I came back the next day to get them. They did repair them by adding a very small, thin metal piece and melted them back together. They put them back in, and checked my bite. And sent me my way.

No more then a month later, I was eating a salad. Nothing hard or crunchy!!! Just lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. I felt my dentures splitn half again. This time, the metal piece was holding the dentures together. So I went back to the office, and was told there was nothing they could do. Because I was eating hard food. I thought to myself "hard"? And walked out. And told myself, well the metal is holding it together pretty much, maybe they will be ok.

Well, I was wrong. For the next 3 months this lower denture caused me so much pain. While talking and eating my tongue would get caught in the spilt, which caused sores. I had a big gap that people could see, which was embarrassing. And it was hard to talk, and eat. So my husband decided to make me appointment to go in and see what they would do.

Just got home from the appointment. They are going to "repair" them again to be NICE. Even though I still have a warranty for 4 more months. But I was informed, that eating even ice cream, YES ice cream could break the dentures again. Let see how long this repair last. They said this will be the last time they will fix it, matter what.

The employee at this office, are very kind and helpful when you are looking into getting dentures, but once they get your money, watch out they are not there to be nice or helpful. And very disrespectful!!!!! They talk to you like you are scum. They don't stand behind their warranty, or their dentures. BEWARE!!! wouldn't recommend Affordable Dentures to anyone!!!!
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Unpleasant Experience
Posted by Bjsmith on 10/24/2012
CHATTANOOGA, WISCONSIN -- Waiting room was filthy. Dental chair cracked & torn, no removeable towel on back. Who knows who had their head there before you. Wide open w/ no privacy. Help looked unkempt. Was told must leave my dentures for an hour, why when these didn't fit properly would they want my teeth? Found out other dental places don't do this. Left & don't recommend them to anyone. This place needs some serious cleaning up & a good janitorial service.
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Very Happy
Posted by Tmobley016227 on 12/01/2011
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I went to Affordable Dentures and was skeptical after reading a few reviews. I had already had a bad experience at Aspen Dental a week prior. Aspen dental was a huge rip off. I had lost a crown on a front tooth and needed a partial denture due to the fact that it broke off at the gum. I also had two upper molars that were broken off and had been told tht they would need to be I have been to many dentists over the years and I must say thatremoved surgically. Iris J. Watkins the Dentist at Affordable Dentures was the best experience I have ever had, She made me feel at ease and was proffesional. I had three teeth removed and a partial upper denture the same day. The staff was very good and Sherry at the front desk was informative. I was very happy with my end results and would recommend them to all.
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Posted by Driver on 2012-09-11:
You must work there. These people are RUDE. I sat in the waiting room and saw most people disrespected except guys got the Dr. Giggling like a school girl - very unprofessional. . Every worker seemed to really hate their job and took it out in their attitude with us. And their comments to each other about patients. So sad they cannot be nice. I wish it was like you said.
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North Charleston, South Carolina
Posted by Ljohn1999 on 01/27/2011
NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I needed a broken tooth extracted and my health insurance paid very little in regards to dental work and it was the end of the month and it could not wait until the first of next month to be done. I had looked up reviews on line about Affordable Dentures and my goodness the negative reviews, so many of them, if it weren't for me being short on money I would not have gone but I had to take a chance and boy am I glad I did. Every person I had contact with there was very polite and helpful. Dr. Kilgore did a wonderful job as did his nurse in helping me to relax due to me being nervous for I hate to have teeth pulled and felt no pain during the procedure. The following day I was barely sore at all and really did not need any pain medication which he prescribed just in case. All my fears are relieved and I will not hesitate going back should I require their services again and will tell anyone of my friends how good they were to me. Also if you put a $25 down payment which will be applied to your total bill in the end they will set you up an appointment so you do not have to wait in line for services, that is a plus! With so much negativity being said about Affordable Dentures I thought someone should know this location is a good one and that not all of them are bad. Glad I took the chance and will do business with them again in the future.
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Refuse to honor warranty
Posted by Hillgal on 01/03/2011
I bought the intermediate priced upper plate in April or May and only wore it maybe once a week. Last week when taking a bite it broke in half, started to choke me so I spit it out and when it hit the floor it broke into several pieces. My husband took it in and they said they have a warranty but only if it's "not too broke", which is not on the paperwork, and refused to fix them.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-03:
I'm so sorry and thank goodness you did not choke. This sounds like a case for small claims court, especially since the reason they gave you for not honoring the warranty. Not too broke? Never heard such a thing.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
I am guessing that the problem is the plate is broken to bits, no longer just broken. A broken plate might be repairable. They may consider this to be abuse beyond normal wear and tear.
Posted by Inat on 2011-01-04:
lol...define "too"
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Posted by Deb in Ohio on 03/13/2010
ZANESVILLE, OHIO -- In January of 2007 I went to Affordable Dentures in Zanesville, Ohio to have my teeth extracted and get my first set of dentures.
I paid for the best package and what I got was a nightmare.
I was told they can only extract half your teeth at one time, which is not true. Many places do them all at once, I found out later, but here's what happened.
They extracted my top teeth and sent me home with a prescription of pain medication that I was allergic to, even though I informed them repeatedly about this beforehand. When I tried to contact them in severe pain that Friday as soon as I got home, they didn't get back to me until Monday.
I was scheduled to get my top teeth done on Monday. They called me in the correct pain meds and then rescheduled me for Wednesday due to the 2 inches of snow they got, they were closing. Wednesday they called me and rescheduled me for Friday stating they were playing catch-up due to being closed Monday and Tuesday from the 2 inches of snow.
Friday they finally seen me, but due to the medication in my system, 4 of my front bottom teeth wouldn't numb. I insisted he wait and let me stop the meds for a few days and let me return, so they could be numbed.
The Dentist told me NO, he couldn't stop now!
So he pulled 3 teeth that were not numb while I screamed and cried and fought him and then cut the last one out that was also NOT NUMB!
When I walked out the door, I had blood all over my face, I was shaking in shock, crying and collapsed into my sons arms, who had to physically carry me to the car.
The Doctor was insane, the women working there were witches and the whole atmosphere was a terrible environment.
I had to go back to that horrible place for my fittings as the swelling went down and these people were awful.
They violently force the dentures into your mouth, even an 80 year old man and a woman in her 70's in other rooms moaned and cried while only getting replacement dentures!
These people are heartless and cruel!
I recently received a notice that they have a new Dentist there now.
No doubt the old one lost his license, I hope! BEWARE, the same evil women probably still work there!
I should have sued, but instead I settled for my money back and was given it from their corporate office happily after my story!
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Posted by oldisgood on 2010-05-05:
Why, oh why, did you ever go back!!! If my dentist was going to pull my teeth WITHOUT them being numb I would physically hit him, get up and leave. I would have found another dentist to finish. My god, it must have been awful.
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Affordable Dental Care - Think Outside Of The Box
Posted by Judy in Waco on 03/04/2009
WACO, TEXAS -- Despite the fact that I have very good dental insurance, I have not been able to afford the extractions and upper dentures I desperately needed. Every time I thought I had saved enough, I would receive another estimate from a dentist with designer office furniture and gorgeous wallpaper and carpet that was several thousand dollars beyond my budget as a public school teacher. Finally, I discovered Affordable Dentures and their out-of-the-box philosophy. There are no bells and whistles. They simply do what needs to be done for a reasonable price. The office is very clean and pretty, but not "designer" quality. The people are very polite and nice. Do you have to wait? Yes. One way the practice saves money is by not scheduling appointments. I made it a point to show up well before the office opened. I was one of the first to sign in. I was seen about an hour later. They immediately took a panoramic x-ray, and I was examined. My options were then discussed. I had done my research, so I knew that I wanted 9 extractions and an upper denture. I chose the non IV conscious sedation.

When the plan had been decided upon, I was given two prescriptions to have filled at my pharmacy. One for pain and one for antibiotics. I was told to return at 1pm, so I went out to lunch. When I returned, I was given a Valium-type pill and the receptionist and my ride kept an eye on me in the waiting room.

About an hour later I was given an additional amount and thirty minutes later, a little more. I was feeling comfortable, but I didn't really feel drugged at all. Just calm. At 3:20 or so, I was taken back, and I have no real memory of the procedure. The next thing I know, I am being wheeled out of the office by my ride and going home. I had the upper denture in and careful and complete instructions about how to care for myself and my dentures. The dentist (Dr. Powell) even called me a couple of days later to check on my progress. It was a good experience overall, and I am very pleased. They did not file my insurance. I paid it all upfront, and I am filing my own paperwork. They provided the paperwork I needed to do that.

The denture I purchased was the economy package. This is the least expensive option. I was given a temporary denture that looks very much like some permanent ones I have seen, and I will receive my permanent one in about six months when my gums have healed. Yes, there will be follow up visits, but I did have it all done in one day. I had my first adjustment and the woman who did the adjustments was very nice and she did a great job. If you do your research and know what to expect, you will be very pleased. Affordable Dentures in Waco, TX provides a safe and affordable alternative if you need dental care and struggle to afford it.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-03-04:
this is a great review. i have heard mixed reports of them, and yours sounds like one of the best experiences. i think i would have asked for another valum!

very helpful.
Posted by StarringU on 2010-12-30:
Good to see another good review. I had heard NOTHING but good good good reports about them all round the tristate area (IN OH KY MI) and when i reviewed the different teeth they all looked VERY VERY realistic!@! Something i had been so afraid of , the main reason i had put off because my teeth have always been so beautiful! Florence KY office have excellent friendly knowedgeble staff and they go out of way to help and assure you!!! So those of you who are now LEARY of your experience...DONT BEEEEE!!!!! OF COURSE do your research but dont go by ONE or TWO disgruntled souls. I love it !!!
Posted by poor richard on 2012-04-25:
They did an excellent job for both my wife and I. We recommend them to everyone needing care or dentures.
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